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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 89


Chapter 89

Privately Meeting a Man

What could Princess Ding An say? It was as Feng Yu Heng said, Qing Le did not have the right to fight with Feng Jin Yuan. Since Feng Yu Heng had mentioned Feng Jin Yuan, it would not be too good for them to continue.

Thus she changed her tune: ’’Then would the Feng family's eldest young miss play a song!’’

Feng Chen Yu hated that she could not quickly leave this place. She was the Feng family's daughter to the first wife, why did she need to suffer this humiliation?

But she did not believe this humiliation to have come from Ding An palace. All of the wrongs came from Feng Yu Heng.

Fiercely glaring at Feng Yu Heng, Chen Yu stood up and walked towards the seven-stringed zither with a face full of grief. The sound of the zither picked up. She had practiced bitterly for many years in anticipation of a magnificent occasion to play the zither. Instead, here she was playing for a group of dancers and a bunch of madams and young misses who would never truly be relevant.

Feng Yu Heng did not care for her grievances. The evil plans she had come up with herself would need be dealth with herself.

Feng Chen Yu's zither abilities were good, very good. Over the years, the Feng family had failed to develop any of Feng Chen Yu's talents;however, the zither was different, and she actually began practicing it.

She truly was the daughter to the first wife of a first rank official's family. Normally, these madams and young misses who were irrelevant would have a hard time even seeing her in person, much less personally hearing her play the zither.

The zither abilities she had hoped would attain the admiration of all those watching was played for a group of dancers. The sounds of Chen Yu's song were filled with sadness and hatred.

Feng Yu Heng, the humiliation you have given me today, I will definitely repay you many times over.

However, at this time, a young servant girl was carrying some refreshments towards Feng Yu Heng, wanting to place them on the table. However, she slipped and spilled tea all over Xiang Rong.

Xiang Rong immediately leapt up in surprise and quickly patted at the water beads on her clothes;however, she was just a little too slow, as the tea seeped in to her clothes.

’’This servant has made a mistake. Would young miss please forgive this servant!’’ The young servant was also quite nimble, as she knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness. This kowtowing and begging made Xiang Rong feel bad.

’’It's alright, get up.’’ Xiang Rong helplessly allowed the servant to stand up. Looking again at her wet clothes, she was not certain what she should do.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the kneeling servant. Her intuition told her that this was not an accident. Feng Chen Yu and Qing Le found that the first plan had failed and moved to their second. She worried that this second plan would be used on Xiang Rong.

Sure enough, the servant stood up and said: ’’Young miss, these clothes can no longer be worn. The days now are colder. Wearing these clothes will cause you to catch a cold. Would young miss come with me to get a change of clothes.’’

Xiang Rong was a little embarrassed and looked at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing Feng Yu Heng nod to her, she followed the servant.

Feng Yu Heng continued to sit at the table, eating fruit and watching the performance. When she glanced at imperial daughter Qing Le from the corner of her eye, she found that she was also looking towards her. She looked as though she were watching a play, absolutely certain that Feng Yu Heng would fall for the trick.

She naturally did not know what sort of plan Qing Le came up with;however, she was a little curious. She really wanted to see how good this imperial daughter was at harming others.

Not long after, another new servant came over, stopping by Feng Yu Heng. Saluting, she quietly said: ’’You are the Feng family's second young miss, right? The young miss who just went to change her clothes called for you to help her.’’

Feng Yu Heng thought to herself: Speak of the devil.

’’Very well.’’ She rose and turned her head to look at imperial daughter Qing Le, faintly smiling. She turned towards Wang Chuan and quietly said: ’’Wait for me here. I will go over alone.’’ She then followed the servant in the same direction that Xiang Rong went.

The two walked to a row of side rooms behind the garden. The servant who led the way kept her head lowered the entire time without speaking. When they reached the third last room, they stopped. Turning around, she said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’That young miss is in here. Would second young miss Feng please enter.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at her then suddenly smiled, ’’My third sister from little has been a scaredy cat. It must be that she is not used to being taken care of by unknown maidservants, which is why she called me here.’’

Seeing her speak of her own accord, the servant found it hard not to respond, thus she also smiled and said: ’’That's right. Second young miss Feng and third young miss are very close. Third young miss Feng said that she is often taken care of at home by second young miss, so having second young miss for something like changing clothes is best.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and took the initiative in opening the door. As she pushed it open, she said: ’’But I left the capital while I was still young. Since I returned to the manor, I could only see third sister when paying respects to my elders in the morning and at night. When she sees me, she is always timid and from far away. I really do not know where she found the courage to ask me to help her change clothes.’’

After she said this, she stepped into the room, not caring that the servant's face became even whiter. She only pondered what sort of thing would happen next.

The servant who had led the way did not follow Feng Yu Heng into the room. Instead, she closed the door from the outside.

Feng Yu Heng let out a ’’hm?’’ sound. When she turned her head around, she heard the sound of the door being locked.

She smiled. So it was this sort of plan.

’’Why do you want to lock the door?’’ Wanting to play along fully with this act, she turned around and hit the door, ’’Quickly open the door!’’

Unfortunately, how could there still be anyone outside. That servant had ran away long ago.

Feng Yu Heng turned back around and curled her lips in to a smile. Looking all around the room, her gaze settled on a small room behind a screen.

Steam could faintly be seen coming from behind that screen. She lightly stepped forward through the hall towards that small room. Craning her neck, she saw a man completely naked seated in the steaming bath tub with his eyes closed. His clothes were tossed on the ground, while his socks and shoes were spread all across the floor.

Feng Yu Heng remembered that she had just spoken with the servant and slammed on the door, yet this man had kept his eyes closed. Noting his steady breathing rate and the way he steadily kept a beat with his fingers, he did not seem to have been drugged.

Then this guy already knew about this play and was waiting for her to approach.

She sneered and deliberately made some noise outside the screen.

Sure enough, the man in the bathtub's expression changed slightly, becoming a little nervous and a little hopeful.

She stood still and did not move, carefully taking in the area surrounding the screen. She then took note of how far everything was, using steps as the measurement.

Not long later, some hurried steps could be heard from outside. Feng Yu Heng's ears were sharp and could tell that there was a large group outside.

Thinking about it, it should be the troublemaker along with a group of people who were interested in a rowdy scene.

Very quickly, the sound of footsteps stopped outside the door. The lock was opened, as Qing Le's voice sounded out: ’’What did you say second young miss Feng came here to do? Privately meet with a man? Damn! What does she take my Ding An palace for? She actually dares to do such a filthy thing!’’

As Qing Le spoke, she rushed into the room. The man in the bathtub was a little panicked! The story that had been arranged in advance was not complete. That girl still had not arrived before him, so how could imperial daughter Qing Le have arrived?

In his hurry, he only thought of completing his mission. Remembering that he had heard some sounds behind the screen earlier, he figured that the girl should be standing right there, thus he simply stood up from the bathtub and grabbed for Feng Yu Heng.

But as he reached out, he found that he had grabbed nothing. He had clearly seen someone's figure when he opened his eyes, but his hands came up empty when he reached out.

The man thought it was odd, but at this time, Qing Le's steps came closer. As she walked over, she said: ’’Was it not said that she came to meet with a man? Where is she?’’

A servant then responded: ’’Does imperial daughter wish to go inside to see?’’

Qing Le raised her voice, using a voice that allowed everyone to hear, she yelled: ’’Inside? Is that not a bedroom? Second young miss Feng privately meeting with a man actually went directly to the bed?’’

Seeing Qing Le was about to come over, the man had no choice. He could only shrink back into the bathtub.

Just as he sat be down, Qing Le arrived nearby. But where was Feng Yu Heng's figure to be found. She could not help but frown and quietly ask the man: ’’Where is she?’’

The man shook his head: ’’This servant does not know. I had not seen the person before imperial daughter arrived. Could it be that you arrived early?’’

Qing Le turned and asked the servant, ’’Did she actually come in here or not?’’

The servant quickly replied: ’’She did. This servant personally saw second young miss Feng come inside. I even locked the door from the outside.’’

Qing Le anxiously said: ’’ Quickly, look around the room.’’

The young servant nodded and rushed towards the outer rooms.

Qing Le turned around and prepared to say a few more things to the man, but as she turned around, she was suddenly and ruthlessly pushed.

In this moment, she was not only pushed, someone actually pulled open the belt for her clothes. Then, her hair was pulled, as was her collar.

Qing Le felt as though, in that one moment, she had been tangled up by a ghost. Her clothes were messy and her hair loosened. Worst of all, it seemed that her collar had been ruined, revealing a large area of snow white skin.

Then, that ghostly hand pushed with some more force. Combined with her unsteadiness, she fell straight into the bathtub.

With a ’’plop’’ sound, imperial daughter Qing Le completely fell into the bathtub. She ran head-first into the man and ended up in his lap.

The two were extremely shocked, as they looked back but found that there was not even a shadow of a person present.

The servant who had been searching around the outer rooms for Feng Yu Heng heard the sounds and ran over. As she ran over, she asked: ’’Imperial daughter, what happened?’’

But at this moment, the group arrived outside the door. With Princess Ding An at the front, she was followed by Feng Chen Yu and a great number of others guests into the room. Feng Chen Yu could be heard saying: ’’Second sister would not do that sort of thing, would princess please believe me.’’

Princess Ding An cold snorted, ’’I only trust my own eyes! Feng family's second young miss was not sitting around the performance area watching the song and dance. What was she doing coming to this back area?’’

As she said this, everyone passed through the hall and headed for the inner room. There, they saw a young servant standing next to the screen with both her hands covering her eyes. She had been frightened by something that she became completely pale.

Princess Ding An shouted: ’’Bold servant, what are you doing?’’

Feng Chen Yu felt a little joyous in her heart. This servant was acting precisely as they had planned. She should have seen Feng Yu Heng in the bathtub with a man.

She quickly followed up: ’’What did you see?’’

The servant was scared witless, as her voice quivered but could not say anything. Pointing towards the area behind the screen, her face showed a sense of horror.

Princess Ding An was impatient and walked forward to see. Behind her, Chen Yu and the other female guests also went over to look.

Going to look was not important, as everyone was extremely shocked.

They saw Ding An palace's imperial daughter Qing Le with her hair wet and sticking to her face. Her clothes were partially removed, as she was soaked in a bathtub with a naked man. That appearance, that action and that expression, they truly... made a person's mind wander.


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