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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 58


Chapter 58

Say Betrayal and Betrayal will Come

Chen shi retreated a few steps out of fear, shakily saying: ’’How have I hidden money? For such a large Feng manor, how could there not be many expenses. The money been put in to the manor. Also... Also, the fifty to sixty thousand that I mentioned was just an estimate and something that I threw out. Right!’’ She had an idea, ’’It was because I was angry at that girl! I was angered to the point where I couldn't even speak! Husband, you also know my personality. Whenever I get angry, I can say just about anything. I truly speak harshly but without bad intention.’’

Feng Jin Yuan also thought this to be true. Chen shi was just a brainless person. Once she became angered, it was possible that she'd start spouting nonsense. He could not help but believe it a little.

Feng Yu Heng did not get flustered and quietly said: ’’It's fine. Today, when I went out, I happened to run in to his Highness Prince Yu. his Highness saw that I was quite tired from managing the shops and said that he would send someone over to help audit the accounts tomorrow. When the accounts have all been audited, mother can naturally be proven innocent.’’

’’Second sister!’’ Feng Chen Yu felt that if she continued her inaction, then her mother's position would be impossible to maintain! Once Chen shi fell, what sort of daughter to the first wife would she be? Thus she quickly said: ’’Regardless if mother did anything wrong, elder sister will apologize to you now. As for the money...’’ She turned her head and looked at Feng Jin Yuan, ’’If father understands and sympathizes with this daughter and wants to provide some more dowry for when this daughter marries out of the family, then can this daughter use the dowry to pay second sister?’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt very emotional. This eldest daughter of his was truly understanding.

’’Chen Yu.’’ He lightly patted Chen Yu's shoulder, ’’Whatever father says, it will not cause you any grievances. Your dowry will be the Feng family's face. None can take it away.’’ As he spoke, he looked toward Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu heng raised an eyebrow: ’’Why is father looking at me? A-Heng did not announce a desire for elder sister's dowry. In short, Prince Yu's contingent will send someone to help this daughter audit the accounts, so this daughter will first make her stance clear. If it is discovered that the shops were losing money, then the money the family put in, this daughter will naturally repay. If it is discovered that there was a profit, then that money, this daughter does not want. Consider it compensation to father and grandmother for taking care of family matters all these years.’’ Then looking at Xiang Rong and Fen Dai, she added: ’’Un, A-Heng hopes that the money, no matter how much or little, can be used to supplement my little sisters' dowry.’’

Fen Dai just loved hearing this sort of thing and immediately laughed. With a clear voice, she responded: ’’Thank you, second sister!’’

Xiang Rong also rose and gave thanks in a clear voice: ’’Xiang Rong thanks second sister.’’

Han shi giggled with her mouth closed for a while before turning her head and saying to the matriarch: ’’Head madam has already said that the shops can earn fifty to sixty thousand. Even if these numbers are overestimates, I don't think it would be to the point of losing money. This concubine really must thank second young miss on behalf of fourth young miss and thank mother-in-law for her consideration.’’

Feng Yu Heng knew that she could never recover the profits of previous years. She may as well spread the wealth evenly. When wealth is hoarded, people will disperse. When wealth is spread, people will come together. This logic was something she understood. With this, she not only accommodated Xiang Rong and Fen Dai, she also honored her father and grandmother. Feng Jin Yuan might be able to resist wanting that money for the sake of his face, but the matriarch definitely would not be able to resist this chance.

As expected ’’Then tomorrow, we will welcome the person that Prince Yu's contingent sends to carefully audit. If there really was a profit, Chen shi, I will give you ten days to bring out all of the money!’’

The matriarch had announced the final resolution to this problem. Chen shi did not have the strength to argue. Feng Chen Yu also did not know how else to act. The mother and daughter simply felt mentally exhausted from Feng Yu Heng's meddling.

Mother and daughter looked at each other. Their gaze shared a common message: Get rid of Feng Yu Heng.

That night at Tong Sheng pavilion, when the lights were dim, Feng Yu Heng handed a bottle of medicine to Huang Quan: ’’Go to Jin Yu courtyard and deliver this to Man Xi. Remember to be stealthy and not be seen by anyone.’’

Huang Quan immediately understood: ’’Then Man Xi is on our side?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded: ’’Yes. In the future, this must be sent once every five days. Remember to remind me.’’

Huang Quan complied: ’’This servant has remembered it and will leave immediately.’’

Huang Quan hurriedly left but did not go through the main gate. It's unknown what turns she took, but she disappeared without a trace.

When she returned, she carried news from Man Xi: ’’Young miss, Man Xi said Chen shi has already secretly sent a letter to her maternal family, but she does not know what is written in the letter. But she said people from Chen shi's maternal family have recently been in the capital. She figures it would take at most an hour to deliver.’’

Feng Yu Heng was very satisfied that Man Xi had passed along this sort of information.

Huang Quan asked: ’’Do you want to intercept it?’’

She shook her head, ’’No need. I also wanted to meet the people of Chen family. I wanted to see what sort of ability that family of lords had.’’

’’Good.’’ Huang Quan did not say more. After she helped clean Feng Yu Heng, she retired.

Feng Yu Heng was still not accustomed to having a servant girl in her room while sleeping. Despite the pleas of Yao shi after the incident with Feng Zi Hao, she still felt that she could not sleep if someone sat in her room.

Moreover, if there really were someone desperate to kill her every night, she would at worst just sleep in her pharmacy's break room.

Remembering her pharmacy, she very naturally would remember Xuan Tian Ming's legs.

Although much better than this world's, in truth, Feng Yu Heng was not too certain in this era where medical equipment was scarce that she could mend such a serious comminuted fracture.

Caressing her birthmark, she entered her space and went straight to the second floor.

The second floor of the pharmacy mainly contained medical supplies. There was some simple medical equipment, but most importantly, there was a surgery kit in her break room. There was not only all kinds of medical knives, there were also some commonly used surgical supplies.

Feng Yu Heng began digging around the surgery kit. Not long after, she picked out some boxes of bone stabilizing steel nails. She also took out some boxes of pins. She then went outside to a personal counter and found some plaster for a leg cast.

Although this was too little for a proper surgery, there was no alternative. In the current emergency circumstance, what was important was skill and not equipment.

She trusted that she was a technical person. Remembering that year in the Middle East, when they had rescued a comrade, the circumstances were far worse than they were now. He was splattered all over the ground, yet she still managed to bring him back to life.

Feng Yu Heng picked various things from the second floor of her pharmacy. Her search had taken a full four hours before she finished preparing everything necessary to mend Xuan Tian Ming's bones. She had even prepared a pillow, saline, a glucose injection and an infusion bag.

She really rejoiced over how she had properly put her efforts in to this pharmacy. It had every kind of medicine desirable. She really rejoiced over how she had been sufficiently greedy. From time to time, she would take some nice things from the Marine Corps and bring them here to sell. Remembering the moments before transmigrating, she had just taken some medicine. Before she had a chance to label and sell it, the helicopter crashed and exploded with a bang, along with her life.

Looking at this pharmacy of hers, Feng Yu Heng felt that nothing in here should be wasted. In a world where there are no prepared prescriptions, the entire world existed in the era of drinking bitter medical soups. If she slowly released these medicines, wouldn't money just drop in to her pockets!

At that point, she could transform in to Ms Perfect and get married to Mr Perfect and reach the pinnacle of life?

In an instant, it seemed like she saw the Xuan Tian Ming who sat in a wheelchair stand up! Un, that guy stood up for the first time in front of Feng Yu Heng... But before she could feel happy, she heard some reaction from the outside world.

Feng Yu Heng's eyebrow trembled. The nerves that had jumped out of line were quickly brought back in order. Recalling her positioning, she went down half a story and took a few steps to the left before touching her birthmark.

When she reappeared, she hung perfectly from a beam in her room. From there, she saw a shadow carefully move from the door through the outer hall, heading towards the inner room.

Feng Yu Heng used her legs to grab hold of a column connected to the beam. Her entire body flipped upside down. It was as though she were leisurely watching the scenery, as the shadow approached her bed.

She swung her body a few times, almost like a swing set. When she reached a certain height, she could see over the screen and see that person's every move.

The person simply walked over to her bed, bent at the waist and threw something under the bed. The person then quickly walked back out, without ever looking back. He lightly opened the door a crack and squeezed out.

Feng Yu Heng finally kicked off. Suddenly in the air, she did a flip and landed smoothly on the ground.

She got some exercise in. Trying high-difficulty moves for the first time in this body, she was satisfied with the results of the experiment.

But the person that just came in...

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly. Thinking for a while, she relaxed her brows.

Granny Sun was within her expectations.

The three had been sent to the northwest for three years. Feng manor had chased out a great number of servants previously, so why was granny Sun alone kept behind. Also being able to continue to serve Yao shi, this really could not be understood.

But for the sake of avoiding suspicion, even when so many things happened, the other side took their time, and granny Sun was not made use of. Feng Yu Heng pondered long and hard. The hidden employer did not seem to be Chen shi.

In truth, she did not have too many doubts about granny Sun. For the most part, it was just guesses and conjecture. From her personal feelings, granny Sun betraying them was not too big a problem;however, when Yao shi found out, she worried that she would be very hurt.

But Feng Yu Heng did not think that she could hide it. The more she experienced the ruthlessness of the Feng manor, the more she felt disappointed. Sooner or later, there would come a day when she had finished all she wished to do, or if she suddenly lost interest in those things, she would just leave. At that time, Yao shi and Zi Rui would definitely leave with her.

She had to slowly increase Yao shi's sense of disappointment. Only by doing this, would she not refuse to leave when it came time to leave.

Quickly walking over to the side of the bed, Feng Yu Heng squatted down and reached under the bed. With half her body under the bed, she finally pulled the thing out.

She strolled along the side of the bed. Borrowing the moonlight that came through the window, she saw that it was a small cloth doll stuck full of sewing needles. Flipping the doll over, she saw a piece of paper that had the three words ’’Feng Zi Hao’’ written in large print. Below it was his birthday.

Feng Yu Heng laughed. What an old trick.

But she never thought, although it was an old trick, the other side would prepare such a persuasive tool...

That day, when going to pay morning respects, Yao shi and Zi Rui also went, so granny Sun naturally had to go and take care of them.

Feng Yu Heng had paid attention to her words and actions, but she found that the other side acted naturally. If she hadn't seen her personally, then she would not have been able to see any problems.

They proceeded to Shu Ya courtyard. Just as they passed the small pond, Zi Rui was bumped from behind by a rushing servant.

Granny Sun was first to speak: ’’What are you being so rash for?’’

When that servant saw Feng Yu Heng, she immediately let out a ’’Oh’’ sound then quickly said: ’’This actually has to do with the second young miss. Second young miss, quickly come see the matriarch with me!’’


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