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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Personal Pharmacy


’’Me? What about me!’’ She became very unhappy and pointed at the pair of injured legs. ’’If you have no intention of pardoning those that harmed you, then you have no right to accuse me of any wrongdoing. Bad deeds have always been repaid in kind. If they don't harm me, what bad deed has been done to me?’’

Never before had he been spoken to and treated this way. She did not grove, nor did she try to curry his favor, nor did she show any courtesy or respect. She had her own ideas and wouldn't hesitate to boldly retort. When he would say something, she would retort and leave him speechless.

Seeing her pouting angry face, with cheeks puffed to the point of bursting, the man's angry expression quickly became a smile, as his lips curled up ever so slightly. Looking towards the already visible stream, he asked. ’’Are we going?’’

Feng Yu Heng dropped to a seated position on the ground. ’’Not going. Tired.’’

The two, sitting side by side, watched the fire from the mass grave slowly start to die down. It seemed there were almost no more corpses left to burn.

At this moment, a couple of shadows danced on the rocks near the crevice they had just departed. They belonged to a couple of people who appeared to be looking for something.

Feng Yu Heng stood up, eyes glistened as they looked around for a while. She then looked towards the person next to her. ’’Hey, they're looking for you right?’’

The man replied, ’’Why can't they be looking for you?’’

’’How's that possible?’’ Feng Yu Heng's demeanor became slightly erratic at the thought of this possibility. ’’My mother is very ill and cannot get out of bed. My little brother is but six years old. The other villagers want to harm us or avoid us.’’

She pointed at the shadows and raised an eyebrow. Her pink lips slightly puckered, she tilted her head enigmatically. She exuded an air of profound wisdom. ’’They went straight for the mountain crevice. They definitely knew you were there.’’

The young man sluggishly raised his eyes and looked at Feng Yu Heng's aloof yet clever appearance. This girl was extremely amusing. Truly quite amusing.

Ceasing this line of thought, he gently raised his right hand. Using his index finger and thumb, he whistled loudly. The two people quickly came in their direction.

It was a young man with an elderly man over 50 years old. The elder was carrying a medicine kit on his back, so he should be a doctor.

The young man had a full set of black clothing, with a sword at his waist. He was clearly a bodyguard. After seeing the man in the brocade, he visibly let out a sigh. ’’After young master could not be found, this subordinate feared that something had happened.’’ The bodyguard reached out to the out-of-breath old man and pushed brought him forward. ’’This is a doctor I found in the capital. Let him see to young master's wounds.’’

The brocade-wearing man nodded, glancing at the doctor. ’’I'll be troubling you.’’

The old man wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, ’’I don't dare.’’ In saying so, he hurried forward to inspect the injuries.

Only then, did the bodyguard set his eyes upon Feng Yu Heng. He furrowed his brows asking, ’’Who are you?’’

’’An arsonist.’’ The brocade-wearing young man responded for her.

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow. ’’Which eye of yours saw me start the fire?’’

’’Both of my eyes saw it.’’

’’Young master,’’ The old man began, ’’Your kneecaps have broken.’’

These few words attracted the few people to look at the legs.

The brocade-wearing man nodded. ’’I know. Sir, do you know how to set broken bones?’’

The old man hesitated briefly, then immediately responded: ’’I do indeed know how, but doing it causes a great deal of pain. I am afraid a normal person couldn't handle it! This old man was...’’ He looked at the bodyguard. ’’Was on the path to visit a patient when this little brother grabbed me and brought me along. This medical kit only has some common medical supplies;there is no anesthetic.’’

’’If there is no anesthetic, then you might die of pain.’’ Feng Yu Heng added coldly.

The old man agreed: ’’Further, in addition to setting the bones, the flesh in the area must first be scraped clean. The area this old man is looking at is already swollen. I worry... ay, this mountainous, abandoned region... How about letting this little brother carry you, then follow this old man back to the clinic in the capital.’’

’’No.’’ The brocade-wearing man firmly denied it. ’’Just do it here.’’

The old man repeatedly wrung his hands. ’’No, no, there's no anesthetic. This kind of injury, this old man does not dare treat.’’


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