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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 353


Chapter 353

Mess With my People, my Money or my Food and You Deserve to Die

Mei Xiang's legs were tied together by Huang Quan with a rope. She was then dragged to the Feng manor. Wang Chuan remained in Tong Sheng pavilion to take care of Yao shi. Qing Yu, who had rushed back to the manor, also accompanied Feng Yu Heng to the Feng manor.

Mei Xiang cried and screamed endlessly along the way, alarming everyone in the Feng manor.

An shi and Xiang Rong were the first to hear the news. At first, they wanted to go to Tong Sheng pavilion, but along the way, they ran into Feng Yu Heng's group heading towards them. Their faces blanched with fear.

But Feng Yu Heng did not even look at them. Quickly passing by them, her goal was Feng Jin Yuan's Pine courtyard.

If it were based on the horoscopes of the 21st century, she, who was born on May 20th, would be a Taurus. She had some traits typical of a Taurus. she was very aware of the things that she loved and hated.

Her people could not be touched!

Her money could not be touched!

Her delicious foods could not be touched!

As long as it belonged to her, even if it was something like a chair, she definitely would not allow anyone to sit on it without her consent!

Ru Jia insulted Xuan Tian Ming and was nearly whipped to death. Now, someone actually dared to reach out to do something to her mother. Was this person just tired of living!

Although there was always someone responsible for every wrong, the one that had perpetrated the poisoning, Mei Xiang, was to be punished with death! The Feng family that been supporting the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, also could not be pardoned so easily!

She walked at the front with Qing Yu and Huang Quan following behind her, as Huang Quan dragged Mei Xiang along. Behind them were An shi, Xiang Rong and some curious servants from the Feng manor.

Eventually, Fen Dai, Jin Zhen, the Cheng shi sisters, Kang Yi, and even the matriarch joined the group.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was seated in his study in Pine courtyard but did not dare leave the room because a servant told him: ’’Second young miss found Mei Xiang. She had her legs tied up and has brought her to Pine courtyard's entrance.

Although Feng Jin Yuan did not know who exactly was behind Mei Xiang, she had already been caught. Feng Yu Heng had naturally interrogated her. Now that she had been dragged to Pine courtyard's entrance, he was not stupid, in fact, he was quite smart, he immediately knew that it was the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye.

But Feng Jin Yuan was completely unable to understand. How did a simple servant from the Feng manor manage to become related to Xuan Tian Ye?

The servant asked him: ’’Will master be going out to take a look? Madam and elder madam have both arrived.’’

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, ’’Tell the servants of Pine courtyard to not act recklessly. Without my orders, nobody is permitted to go to the gate.’’

The servant complied then left. Feng Jin yuan stood up and walked over to the brazier and added a piece of charcoal. Why did he feel so cold?

At the entrance of Pine courtyard, Mei Xiang had already been hoisted up. The girl already looked very ragged. Having also been whipped by Feng Yu Heng then dragged along by Huang Quan, her body had become covered in blood. Normally speaking, this much duress should have caused her to faint, but Feng Yu Heng had given her an injection. Who knew what was in that injection, but it caused Mei Xiang to become far more alert. She had practically no feeling of being on the verge of fainting.

But the more alert she was, the more pain and discomfort she felt. Hanging upside down from a tree, all of the blood in her body flowed backward and rushed to her head. She felt as though her head was about to explode, as her eyes bulged. The rope still swayed, so she could see many upside down people, including Xiang Rong, An shi, the matriarch and the other concubine mothers and young misses.

Mei Xiang became more and more afraid. She suddenly realized that falling into the second young miss' hands was far more terrifying than going straight to the underworld.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng held her whip and looked into Pine courtyard through the front gate. The inside of Pine courtyard was very quiet and devoid of people;however, everyone in the Feng family knew that Feng Jin Yuan was inside.

The matriarch trembled and asked: ’’A-Heng, what are you doing?’’

She turned around and pointed at Mei Xiang then said: ’’Did grandmother not see? The culprit has been caught, so she has been brought to get a judgment from father.’’

The matriarch was puzzled, ’’Why do you want a judgment from your father? She's just a servant. You can kill her.’’ Feng Jin Yuan had clearly told her that he had not done this, nor was it Chen Yu that did it. That's why the matriarch had a bit of an understanding. ’’A-Heng, I know that you are angry, but there is always someone responsible for a wrongdoing. This matter is unrelated unrelated to your father!’’

’’That's right!’’ Feng Yu Heng loudly said: ’’If it was related to father, the person hanging there would not be Mei Xiang. It would be him!’’ The last four words were practically screamed. Feng Yu Heng was still angered to the extreme. Waving the whip in her hand, she fiercely whipped Mei Xiang.


The sound of a whip cracking left a bloody mark on Mei Xiang's body.

The matriarch did not think that she would just begin hitting her. Trembling in fear, she took many steps back.

Mei Xiang's shrill screams caused everyone's hearts to tremble;however, nobody pitied her. A servant actually dared to do something so vile. She really did deserve worse than death.

Feng Yu Heng whipped her three times, causing the blood to begin to drip from Mei Xiang's hair onto the ground. After just a short while, the blood began to cover the ground. But she was still awake and could only watch her blood slowly flow from her body. That feeling was truly more horrific than death.

Kang Yi had a few guesses, but she was not very certain, thus she gritted her teeth and asked: ’’A-Heng, who was this servant receiving orders from?’’

Feng Yu Heng turned to look at her, her gaze containing a profound cold.

But she did not answer Kang Yi's question. Instead, she turned to face Pine courtyard then used her qi to shout into Pine courtyard: ’’Father chose a good person! The Feng family has chosen a good path! Feng Jin Yuan, listen well! The third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, directed Mei Xiang to harm my mother. This debt will not be considered cleared with just the death of one servant!’’

The matriarch was nearly scared to death. The third prince did it? The third prince's reach extended this far? He could even order around the servants of the Feng manor?

Kang Yi was slightly shocked, but at the same time, she blamed Xuan Tian Ye for being sloppy with his work. Since the matter had already been exposed, why did he not send someone to just deal with the girl? To actually allow Feng Yu Heng to catch her and drag her back, was this not just causing trouble for himself?

She looked at Feng Yu Heng's blood-red eyes. Her heart went ’’thunk’’, as she felt an extremely unpleasant thought come to mind. Why did she feel... as though the third prince was about to suffer a huge loss?

But thinking a little more, that could not happen. Although Feng Yu Heng was domineering, she was still just using her prestige and power in the manor. No matter how much the Emperor favored her, could he tolerate her harming her harming a prince?


Kang Yi shook her head to comfort herself.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng's whip cracked once more. Every time she flicked her whip, she would shout into Pine courtyard.

The people of the Feng manor just listened to her speak one word at a time.

’’People inside, listen well. I will whip to death the ones who have ganged up for their own personal interests!’’

’’I will whip to death the bastard that is aiding a tyrant!’’

’’Anyone who dares to poison my mother should be sent to the 18th layer of hell!’’

’’Since no living beings can come out of Pine courtyard, let me wash it with blood!’’

Every single word was targetted at Feng Jin Yuan. Every single sentence absolutely disgraceful. But nobody dared to say a word. Even Kang Yi chose to keep quiet.

As they saw it, Feng Yu Heng had already lost her mind. Although the Feng family's support of the third prince was not clearly stated, everyone in the family was clear on the matter. Now that the third prince tried to harm Yao shi and was found out, they could only blame him for not being thorough with his work. As for Feng Jin Yuan, since he had chosen to support him, he could only stand on the same side as him. There was not much grief to be suffered from just a few insults and curses.

But... the matriarch was still filled with fear! She feared that Feng Yu Heng would not be satisfied with just whipping Mei Xiang and cursing Feng Jin Yuan. What if she decided to vent her anger on them?

She trembled and leaned against granny Zhao. Looking at the pool of blood under Mei Xiang, she nearly fainted. But Feng Jin Yuan continued to hide inside without coming out. This action caused the people of the Feng family to feel a bit of contempt towards him.

You have already been insulted by your own daughter to this degree, yet you can still endure? How hopeless of a father was he to become like this?

Feng Yu Heng was also truly too disgusted by the body's original owner's father. Was this person still a man? His wife and children were already standing outside, yet he could still hole up like a turtle?

She gritted her teeth and used her inner power, flicking her whip one last time. This time, she went straight for Mei Xiang's neck. Then, who knew how she found so much strength in her tiny body, but she actually used the whip and wrapped it around Mei Xiang's neck and pulled back, cleanly tearing Mei Xiang's head from her body!

The person hanging upside down suddenly lost its head, causing its head, causing the blood to erupt like a volcano. Rushing towards the ground, it sprayed onto everyone.

The matriarch fainted, while Fen Dai and Xiang Rong shrieked. An shi and Jin Zhen both felt their legs give out, as they fell to the ground. Out of fear, some of the servants threw up, some fainted, some ran away and some soiled themselves.

Even Kang Yi, who was accustomed to seeing such murderous killings felt a surge of nausea. Subconsciously turning away, she did not dare to continue looking. It was the Cheng family's sisters that were a little bolder. Staring at the corpse, they were even more certain of the words their aunt had said before they left the palace: County princess Ji An absolutely must not be offended. Whether or not you will have good lives at the Feng manor does not depend on Prime minister Feng Jin Yuan. It will depend on Feng Yu Heng.

Mei Xiang was finally bled dry, as the area in front of Pine courtyard was completely dyed blood-red. Although the servants inside the courtyard had received an order not to act rashly, they were also scared witless from this scene. Someone even scrambled all the way to report to Feng Jin Yuan. At the same time, they heard Feng Yu Heng loudly say from outside: ’’I already said it. Once I have found out who dared to touch my mother, I would definitely tear their heads off! Mei Xiang was the knife, and this county princess has now taken care of her. Following this, I should go and meet with the person that wielded this knife!’’

Once this was said, Kang Yi trembled, as she looked at Feng Yu Heng in disbelief. Could it be that this girl would go and look for the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye? Heavens! Where exactly did she get the courage? How much ability does she actually have to compete with Xuan Tian Ye?

While Kang Yi was shocked, Feng Yu Heng shouted: ’’Guards!’’

At some point, a group of imperial guards that had been guarding Tong Sheng pavilion appeared in the Feng manor and gathered at Pine courtyard. Upon hearing Feng Yu Heng call for guards, they quickly stepped forward. Feng Yu Heng ordered: ’’Place the corpse on a stretcher.’’ While she spoke, her voice suddenly became louder, as she spoke toward Pine courtyard: ’’The woman being raised by his Highness Prince Xiang at the Feng manor has died. Let's return her to the Xiang Palace!’’

This shout caused the prime minister, who had been hiding inside, to finally come out, as Feng Jin Yuan shouted in horror: ’’You cannot go! You cannot go!’’


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