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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 350


Chapter 350

Touch My Mother, and I Will Rip Their Heads Off

Mei Xiang was Xiang Rong's servant. Hearing Feng Yu Heng ask, An shi also recalled that the servant accompanying Xiang Rong was not Mei Xiang, thus she asked: ’’That's right, where is Mei Xiang?’’

Xiang Rong said: ’’Mei Xiang took the day off this morning. She said that her stomach was not feeling well. I did not think much of it and let her rest in the courtyard.’’

An shi looked at Feng Yu Heng and thought about the situation then suddenly realized something important: ’’Was it Mei Xiang? Second young miss means to say that something is wrong with Mei Xiang?’’ She immediately ordered a servant: ’’Quickly! Quickly go call Mei Xiang over! Go quickly!’’

The servant quickly ran off, and the matriarch also came forward. While walking, she said: ’’A-Heng, your meaning is that servant did something? That is also possible. She is a personal servant, so she will have plenty of chances to do take action.’’

Kang Yi also said: ’’Right, call her over and question her thoroughly.’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head, ’’I fear that it is already too late.’’

Xiang Rong thought in a similar fashion, saying: ’’These past few days, less fruit was sent. I used the pears that were sent the day before yesterday to make a paste to be put in yesterday's pastries. But there were no fruits that came in yesterday. Concubine mother and I discussed it, saying that it was possible that we would not be able to make any pastries. Lady Yao likes eating pastries filled with fruit. If some were made without fruit filling, they would be rather bland. When we were talking, Mei Xiang was always at my side. Could it be...’’

Kang Yi followed up on her thought: ’’She knew that pastries could not be sent today, and Lady Yao would definitely fall ill after just one day. Moreover, the amount sent yesterday was already lower, right?’’

Xiang Rong nodded.

An shi immediately fell to the ground. Mei Xiang was Xiang Rong's personal servant. No matter what, they could not be absolved of responsibility for this matter.

Gritting her teeth, she crawled forward then kowtowed to Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’Second young miss, this concubine knows that this matter is one that will require punishment. But I beg second young miss to be graceful and allow this concubine to bear the entirety of the punishment while pardoning third young miss! Even if this concubine is sent to die, that is also fine.’’

Xiang Rong was extremely shocked and quickly went to pull An shi: ’’Concubine mother, how could that be fine. What would Xiang Rong do if you died?’’ She cried and went to beg Feng Yu Heng: ’’Second sister, we really did not have any ill will, and we never thought of harming Lady Yao. Lady Yao usually treats Xiang Rong extremely well, and anytime she received something nice, she would leave some for Xiang Rong. Xiang Rong is extremely grateful to her. How could we harm her? I beg second sister to not blame concubine mother An. I beg you.’’

Feng Yu Heng felt her head hurt. She finally understood why the matriarch would sometimes express her impatience and irritation when faced with the cries of her grandchildren. When one's thoughts are not in order, any external sounds are extremely annoying. Even she was no exception.

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand and said with a frown: ’’Stop crying and shouting in front of me. If you continue, I might just bring out my whip and start hitting people!’’

She spoke in a stern voice with a stern expression, causing the two to not dare cry. They then heard Feng Yu Heng say: ’’Right now, things have not been investigated thoroughly. I do not wish to hand out blame incorrectly. Concubine mother An, Xiang Rong, I, Feng Yu Heng, very rarely trust people;however, I will never doubt people without rhyme or reason. In this large Feng manor, there are not many people that I get along with, but you two are the closest. I do not wish to be too lonely;therefore, I will investigate this matter very thoroughly. But...’’ She suddenly turned her gaze to the matriarch, ’’Your Feng manor should pray that I cannot investigate this matter thoroughly, otherwise... anyone who dares touch my mother, I will be sure to tear their heads off!’’

The matriarch trembled. If it was not for granny Zhao and Kang Yi supporting her, she would have collapsed to the ground. But in that instant, she thought about plenty of things.

It was not possible for Mei Xiang to want to harm Yao shi for no reason. An shi and Xiang Rong had a good relationship with Feng Yu Heng, and they did not have the heart to harm others. That was why there had to be someone behind Mei Xiang. Then who could this person be?

She summoned some courage and looked at Feng Yu Heng. Upon seeing the eyes that looked at her as though she was the enemy, she suddenly thought of Feng Jin Yuan. The matriarch was panicked. Was this something that her son had done? It was possible! At the time that Yao shi divorced him, Feng Jin Yuan was always feeling unreconciled. He was angry, but he had no place to vent. Perhaps he had to do something to Yao shi's side. There was also Chen Yu. Chen Yu could not escape being implicated. At the time of Chen shi's death, Feng Yu Heng's actions could not be be ignored. It was possible that Feng Chen Yu still bore a grudge.

The matriarch was panicked because this meant that the person responsible was still from the Feng manor. She understood Feng Yu Heng's personality too well. When this girl became enraged, she would disown her own family. What father, what sisters, she dared to point directly at people and begin cursing or simply begin whipping people with her whip. When had she ever spared anyone over feelings? Feng Yu Heng already hated the Feng manor to the extreme because of the three years in the Northwest. If it was discovered that someone from the Feng family dared to do something to Yao shi, she may as well contact the ninth prince and have him set fire to the Feng manor!

The matriarch's heart shuddered, as her legs trembled. In this room, she felt that neither sitting nor standing were right. Kang Yi could see an opportunity. Thinking a little, she said: ’’Mother's body is unwell. How about daughter-in-law sends you back?’’ She then said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Thinking about it, husband should be back soon. Look, how about having husband invite an imperial physician to come and take a look?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’No need. An illness that even I can't treat, what is the point in calling an imperial physician.’’ She waved her hand, ’’You have already seen the situation on this side. Just go back for now.’’

Kang Yi, however, said: ’’I will send mother back then return. In any case, we can wait for the person to return with Mei Xiang. Your medical abilities are good, but for other things, it would be better to let the adults handle some of the other things. Let me help you.’’

Her words were quite sincere. Feng Yu Heng looked at Kang Yi then suddenly said to her: ’’I gave Ru Jia her medicine yesterday. That medicine requires three days before it is given again. There is no need for me to enter the palace today.’’

Kang Yi was startled then immediately said: ’’That's not what I mean. I naturally trust that you can treat her well. I just want to help you.’’

’’No need.’’ Feng Yu Heng smirked, ’’The things mother is thinking of doing are written all over your face. I am not an idiot. How could I not see it.’’ She said this while glancing at the matriarch, ’’I understand all of your thoughts. Forget it. I will not bother exposing it. If you have the ability, go and do whatever you want. This is perfect. We can compare and see whose servants are more reliable.’’

Kang Yi was extremely embarrassed by what she had said. She had indeed seen through what the matriarch was thinking. She wanted to quickly leave the leave the room to inform her servants to stop the escaping Mei Xiang. Only with Mei Xiang dying could this matter die down without any witnesses. Feng Yu Heng would also have no way of blaming the Feng family.

Unfortunately, she did not think that this girl would be so sharp and so clear-minded.

She naturally could not express this and could only helplessly say: ’’I really do not have any other thoughts. I was just thinking that there are no other adults over here at your side, and I am worried that there will not be anoyne here to help you. But since A-Heng can handle it on your own, I will not disrupt you.’’

After saying this, Kang Yi helped the matriarch and led everyone out.

For a while, aside from Tong Sheng pavilion's servants, only An shi and her daughter remained in the room.

An shi and Xiang Rong's servants both went to find Mei Xiang. At this moment, they still had not returned. Wang Chuan saw both of them still kneeling then looked at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing her nod, she went to help the two sit in chairs.

An shi's heart was flustered. Xiang Rong was also flustered. The two would look out the window from time to time, waiting for the two servants to return.

Feng Yu Heng tried to perform some acupuncture for Yao shi. Although it would not have much effect, it could slightly provide some relief from the suffering brought about by the addiction. Yao shi was still unconscious, but her brow was furrowed tightly. It was clear that she was not very stable.

’’Ban Zou!’’ Feng Yu Heng suddenly raised her head and called out. A figure immediately appeared from the air, scaring An shi and Xiang Rong. ’’Send out some of the hidden guards sent by his Highness the ninth prince and his Highness the seventh prince. If I have not misunderstood, Mei Xiang is definitely no longer in the Feng manor.’’

Ban Zou nodded: ’’I will have a group go give chase outside the capital and leave another group to search around the capital. In such a short period of time, she cannot have run very far. We cannot only worry about chasing outside and forget about simple hiding.’’ After saying this, he did not wait for Feng Yu Heng to say anything else. Disappearing in a flash, he could no longer be seen.

An shi's heart was also suffering. With this sort of expert here in Tong Sheng pavilion, it would be very difficult for anyone to do anything. But because Yao shi trusted her, she would eat the food that was sent over without ever suspecting anything. Who knew that it was this trust that caused Yao shi to become like this.

The more An shi thought about it, the sadder it, the sadder she became. At this time, the two servants had returned. Feng Yu Heng's expectations were correct. The news that they had brought back was: ’’Mei Xiang is already missing. These servants searched the entire courtyard but could not find a single trace of her.’’

Huang Quan anxiously asked: ’’Did you go inquire with the guards at the front entrance?’’

One of the servants replied: ’’We went to ask. They said that master left in the morning to attend court. After that only people in charge of buying necessities have left the manor. They did not see any of concubine mother An's servants.’’

An shi once again began crying, as she said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’It is all this concubine's fault. This concubine has mistreated elder sister Yao's trust. Second young miss, if you have any anger, just vent it on this concubine. This concubine is willing to accept anything.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not speak, but Wang Chuan did: ’’Concubine mother An, stop saying such things. They will cause young miss to feel upset. Right now, the most important thing is to treat madam's illness. We have already dispatched people to chase after Mei Xiang. Right and wrong are clearly distinguished. Sooner or later, the day will come when the truth is revealed.’’

Feng Yu Heng also sighed then turned her head: ’’You should go back first. Before this matter is resolved clearly, I will not assign any blame. I have already said it. There are not many people that I am close to in this manor, but I will not be merciful because of these feelings. If it is discovered that you are unrelated to this, then everything will be easy to resolve. But if you are involved, do not blame me for lacking in mercy.’’

Xiang Rong quickly stood up to give her a guarantee: ’’Second sister, if it does turn up that we are involved to this matter, concubine mother and I definitely will not try to escape responsibility. Even if we are unrelated, the pastries came from us. We still will not try to avoid punishment.’’

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand. She did not have the heart to say anything. The two saw that she was indeed exhausted physically and mentally. If something like that had happened, it was improper for them to remain and provide help. They could only get up and bid farewell, thinking of how they would try to find that Mei Xiang.

After the matriarch returned to Shu Ya courtyard, she immediately said that she wanted to rest. Kang Yi left on her own, but as soon as Kang Yi left, she hastily said to granny Zhao: ’’Send someone to wait at the entrance of the manor. Once Jin Yuan has returned, have him come here immediately! Go quickly.’’


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