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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 35


Chapter 35

Will Not Cause Herself Grievances

Yao shi had tears in her eyes: ’’It's all mother's fault for causing problems for you and Zi Rui. If you weren't the granddaughter of the Yao family, then you wouldn't have suffered from that disaster.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’If we had no relation to the Yao family, then I fear Feng Jin Yuan would not have had you sit on a marriage litter and carried in to the manor. If that happened, then Zi Rui and I would not exist.’’

Hearing her directly call minister Feng by his formal name, although Yao shi did hold some resentment for that husband of hers in her heart, she still felt it was somewhat inappropriate. She advised her daughter: ’’No matter how bad that person may be, he is still your father.’’

Feng Yu Heng raised the corner of her mouth, her face showing a slight surprise. She said: ’’Could it be that dear mother still has feelings for him.’’

Yao shi actually seriously pondered this question for a while, then she shook her head, ’’If it's feelings, then they disappeared when we were chased from the manor. But A-Heng, you must realize, in this lifetime, women do not have any other choice. Leave home and get married, regardless of how the husbands family treats you, that is a woman's life.’’

’’Life is your own. It has never been the case that men have the last word.’’ Feng Yu Heng reminded Yao shi: ’’The Three Obediences and Four Virtues applies to both parties. If he treats you like trash, then you should not treat him as an honored guest.’’

Yao shi smiled bitterly and caressed Feng Yu Heng's face, ’’Silly child, how can there be such fairness. You think it applies to both, but others do not think the same way. Mother actually gave up hope a long time ago. Even if we were to live out the rest of our lives in that little mountain village, it would not be too bad. But it would be causing trouble for you and Zi Rui. Only then did I consider wanting to return to the capital, but I did not expect for the ninth prince...’’

’’The ninth prince is very good.’’ Feng Yu Heng was reluctant to try and persuade Yao shi further, but her heart already had an idea set. In the future, she would need to find a chance to understand the matter of divorce in this era. If Yao shi wanted, then they might as well break up after we properly get back at everyone in the manor. ’’Dear mother, do not worry. A-Heng is happy with this marriage. I am most happy with it.’’

’’But...’’ Yao shi still worried, ’’Ignoring the other problems, that matter of children...’’

’’Dear mother really cares, could it be you want us to have the Emperor make a verdict? Or could it be that the Feng family has the courage to ask Prince Yu to cancel the engagement? Since there isn't any way to change this, wouldn't it be better to look for the other sides good points? At least everything that happened today has been quite fulfilling, in my eyes.’’

Indeed, Feng Yu Heng was very fulfilled, quite fulfilled. As she watched the small Willow courtyard become filled with those chests, she felt even more fulfilled.

’’Dear mother, look. These are all nice gifts from his Highness Prince Yu. Ignoring the other things, these are moon palace silk, commoner's brocade, heavenly gauze, forged condensation and smokey silk gauze. If you think he does not truly care for me, then would he send these things to the manor? Also...’’ She covered her mouth and let out a small laugh, as she told Yao shi the happenings of today with lady Zhou. Everything from the betrothal gifts to the Feng manor to her personal betrothal gifts, was told. Seeing that Yao shi's face relaxed in to a smile, she too finally calmed down.

’’Those are all treasures that even the imperial concubines can not attain. The ninth prince really is sincere.’’ Yao shi brushed a tuft of hair that had dropped down to Feng Yu Heng's forehead behind her ear. ’’Our A-Heng has grown up. You are your own person with your own ideas. Mother will always wish for you to do well. If he can sincerely take care of you, then the other things...’’ Yao shi suddenly stopped and pondered to herself a while. She got close to Feng Yu Heng's ear and whispered: ’’The matter of a ruined face and broken legs are easy to ignore, but the matter of having children. In the future, find a chance to send a letter to your grandfather, it might not be that there's no hope for recovery.’’

Feng Yu Heng attentively nodded her head: ’’Dear mother, do not worry. A-Heng definitely will not cause herself grievances.’’ As she spoke, she passed the box in her hand to Yao shi: ’’In here are silver and gold bank notes from his Highness Prince Yu. Please take care of them for me!’’

Yao shi frowned and pushed the box back: ’’My A-Heng is a child with ideas. Mother trusts that you will allocate the money appropriately no matter how much is given to you. Keep it yoursef, mother does not want it. In a few years, you will get married and need to raise your own family. For now, learning a bit more about it is best.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not insist and said: ’’A-Heng definitely will not neglect mother and Zi Rui. You two are my only true family in this world. We must live happily, and we must attentively watch what will retribution will befall those that mistreated us before.’’

Yao shi saw a flash of Feng Yu Heng's determination. Although it quickly disappeared quickly, she still sighed internally.

A mother knows her daughter best, and her daughter was not the same as she was before. She had felt this way for quite some time. But whatever the case, she was still her daughter. Whether she was forbearing, indifferent or strong as she was now, they were all good, and she recognized all of them as her daughter. But there were no mothers that wished for their children to live lives full of hardships. If possible, she hoped that the ninth prince really would treat A-Heng well. Allowing her to leave the despair filled place known as Feng manor, she could live happily with a bright and warm family.

Feng Yu Heng noticed Yao shi's emotional eyes but did not say anything. She lightly caressed the back of Yao shi's hand, and for the first time, moved closer to her like a young daughter and curiously said: ’’Dear mother, everything will be fine. Everything will be fine.’’

On this side, the mother and daughter were having a heart to heart, while Feng Zi Rui had already become exceedingly excited by the chests being carried in.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and walked over to an already opened chest. From inside, she picked out a small, white nephrite tiger. It was only the size of a child's fist. It was attached to a brown string with a tassel dangling below. It was most definitely exquisite.

’’Come.’’ She pulled Zi Rui to her side, ’’When the new clothes are ready, we'll let sister Huang Quan help you put this on your waist area.’’

Zi Rui was very happy. He held the small tiger, unwilling to put it down.

Yao shi laughed: ’’Zi Rui's sign really is a tiger, what a coincidence.’’

Huang Quan giggled and told Yao shi: ’’How is it a coincidence. His Highness specially prepared some gifts for the madam and young master. This small tiger is just one of them.’’

Waves of emotion crashed against her heart once again, as a hard to conceal smile reached her lips. Feng Yu Heng rarely allowed emotions to show on her face.

’’Many thanks for his Highness' consideration.’’ Yao shi's heart felt significantly better. Though it was not because she had received great gifts, but it was through this matter that she could see that the ninth prince really cared for her daughter. This was great.

As the last of the chests were being carried in, He Zhong quickly rushed before Feng Yu Heng and asked: ’’Second young miss, there are still some chests that won't fit. They have been placed just outside of Willow courtyard. This servant hopes second young miss will give some directions. The moon gate at the Northern wall, should it be opened immediately?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Open it, open it immediately. I don't need for it to be pleasing to see, nor do I need it to be too large. If it can fit two people, then that's enough. I hope the workers can work quickly. It would be best if it would be finished in two days.’’

He Zhong nodded and bowed obsequiously, accepting the assignment. He quickly scurried to begin work on opening up the moon gate.

Yao shi became confused by the conversation, ’’Why open up a moon gate on the Northern wall?’’

Feng Yu Heng answered with a question: ’’Does dear mother know that his Highness Prince Yu gifted me a residence?’’

Yao shi nodded, ’’Yes, I have heard.’’

’’It's the residence on the other side of the Northern wall.’’

Yao shi bit her tongue. She had grown up in the capital and naturally knew the origin of the residence that neighbored the Feng manor. She never thought that the residence sought after by lords, generals and officials would fall in to her own daughter's hands.

After the things were moved, the servants retired and the small Willow courtyard finally settled down.

Granny Sun came forward and asked Fen Yu Heng: ’’His Highness gifted a good number of teas, should this servant go brew some tea for madam and young miss?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded: ’’Brew some. Just use the tea set gifted by his Highness.’’ Then she turned and spoke to Huang Quan: ’’Later, help granny Sun take out the food stuffs among the betrothal gifts. Store them separately. When we move to the residence next door, keep a room separate to store them. For the others, sort them in to categories. If possible, it would be best to keep a record.’’

Huang Quan received the orders: ’’Young miss, don't worry. If someone dares to even think about touching the gifts, Prince Yu's contingent would be the most unforgiving.’’

As these words were spoken, Chen shi's greedy face flashed through Bao Tang's mind. Bao Tang trembled and made a mental note to remind the head wife to be incredibly careful. It was imperative that she no fall in to conflict with Prince Yu's contingent over some wealth.

Prince Yu's contingent had acted, so the people of Feng manor no longer dared to trouble Yao shi. At least they did not dare to publicly.

This point first manifested in the food!

As noon arrived, the main kitchen's management immediately had a group of servants go towards Willow courtyard. Some carried plates, some carrying food containers, they were a group of no-less-than twelve people.

That manager was an older woman around 50 years old. She had a fat body much like Chen shi. When she laughed, her eyes would almost be completely hidden by the flesh on her face.

When she arrived at Willow courtyard, they did not pay too much attention to Yao shi and directly bowed to Feng Yu Heng- ’’This old servant, Wang shi, pays respects to the second young miss! It's noon, so this old servant has come to deliver food!’’

Feng Yu Heng hated this type of person who would try to curry favor with those that have power. The food that was delivered before was not even good enough for pigs. Now, in the blink of an eye, the food was improved to such a degree that it was quite impressive.

She waved her hand and pulled Yao shi and Zi Rui back in to their room, as she handed the matter in the yard to a servant.

Not long after, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan personally brought the food in to the room. Unfortunately, the original table was not able to hold that many plates. In the end, it was Man Xi and Bao Tang who carried over a table from their wing room. Only then did they barely manage to fit everything.

Feng Yu Heng was not in the slightest polite, as she sat down and began eating.

Yao shi was always susceptible to overthinking, as she asked Feng YU Heng: ’’Will we be criticized for this?’’

Feng Yu Heng first asked Zi Rui what he wanted to eat then picked some for him, then she responded to Yao shi: ’’Hah, if they want to criticize, then they can criticize. Could it be that if it were not for this table, we would not have been criticized since returning to the manor?’’

Yao shi pondered a while and arrived at the same conclusion. Thus, she did not say any more and concentrated on eating.

How could the three finish this many dishes. In the end, many dishes were left untouched. Feng Yu Heng spoke up: ’’In the future, the servants of Willow courtyard are not to eat in the main kitchen. The dishes that are untouched will be eaten by them. As for the leftovers, if there is anything you like and you do not mind, then you can also take it away. After we have moved to the residence next door, granny Sun will take care of establishing a canteen.’’

Haung Quan was very happy and took care of carrying the dishes to the wing room to eat. Man Xi did not speak more than was necessary. Whatever Huang Quan told her to do, Man Xi did. Bao Tang felt that there was something that wasn't quite right. Finding a chance, she asked her: ’’Have you been frightened by the second young miss?’’


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