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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 349


Chapter 349

Spirit-Altering Drug

’’Elder madam.’’ The servant from Shu Ya courtyard spoke first, ’’A servant came from Tong Sheng pavilion saying that she was looking for concubine mother An.’’

Looking for An shi?

Everyone was stunned. Even An shi seemed to be surprised, as she looked at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing that she was also frowning, An shi felt her heart drop, as she quickly asked the servant: ’’What is it?’’

The servant from Tong Sheng pavilion stepped forward and eagerly asked her: ’’Has concubine mother finished making today's pastries?’’

An shi was startled then said: ’’I have not had a chance to make them yet. Why is there such a rush?’’

The servant said: ’’Concubine mother did not make many pastries yesterday, so madam was always hoping for more after finishing what she had yesterday. She even continued thinking about it well into the night, causing her to not sleep well. First thing this morning, she began to hope that you could send some more over.’’

Everyone laughed upon hearing this, and Fen Dai was the worst at keeping her words to herself, rushing to say: ’’She really is amazing. She even chased all the way to grandmother's place for food!’’

The matriarch was also puzzled, as some unhappiness filled her heart. Yao shi was a divorced woman. An shi sending her pastries was already quite good, so why did she come chasing for more when they were sent a little late? Going straight to An shi's courtyard to ask for them was fine. After all, they had a good relationship, but coming here was a problem of manners. This was treating the situation much too lightly!

She was unhappy and wanted to say something;however, at this time, Feng Yu Heng said: ’’The pastries made by concubine mother An are indeed very delicious, but fourth sister's words have reminded me. Concubine mother An, remember to also send some of those delicious pastries to concubine mother Han later.’’

An shi did not understand what was going on at all, but she could not ignore what Feng Yu Heng had said, thus she nodded, ’’Then this concubine will send some to Yu Lan courtyard when they are done.’’

When she spoke, Feng Yu Heng carefully observed her expressions;however, she did not notice anything. Looking then at Xiang Rong, she also had a confused expression. This caused her to begin to think.

Before the end of the year, she had felt that something was off about Yao shi's condition. Because of this, she had even swapped out all of the kitchen staff in Tong Sheng pavilion. She had even investigated all of the servants once more, but she could not find a single clue.

Who knew that the problem would lie in the only place that she did not check: An shi's pastries.

Upon hearing that pastries would also be sent to Yu Lan courtyard, she immediately refused: ’’Concubine mother will not eat anything that anyone sends. She will only eat the things made by the manor. There is no need for concubine mother An to trouble herself.’’

The matriarch felt annoyed from seeing them argue, thus she dismissed An shi: ’’Just quickly go back!’’

’’Wait!’’ Feng Yu Heng suddenly spoke in a cold voice then asked the servant from Tong Sheng pavilion: ’’Is mother asking for it urgently?’’

The servant said: ’’Very urgent, extremely urgent. Madam has not even eaten breakfast today. She is only waiting to eat the pastries. Before this servant came out, madam just broke a vase in the room because the pastries did not come.’’

Feng Yu Heng immediately stood up. A ferocious look suddenly appeared in her eyes, as she glared towards An shi and Xiang Rong.

At this time, everyone in the Feng manor felt that something was not quite right. Kang Yi was the first to stand up and ask the servant from Tong Sheng pavilion: ’’Is your madam acting very emotional?’’

The servant said;’’Yes, she could not sleep last night. When she woke up today, she was even more anxious.’’

’’Then are there any other things? For example, any discomfort? Or is there any dizziness?’’

The servant thought a little then shook her head, ’’No, she has been in quite good spirits lately. It seems that she is doing much better than before the end of the year.’’

Kang Yi was extremely shocked, as she turned around and said to the matriarch: ’’Not good, I fear that there may be something similar to spirit-altering drug.’’

The matriarch was given a shock, ’’Spirit-altering drug?’’

The others were also shocked. Spirit-altering drug was a narcotic that caused people to develop addictions. If it was used over a long period of time, it would indeed cause people to appear much more spirited. But once the dose stopped, that person would act extremely irritated. In fact, it was possible that they might do something that could harm others or themselves.

The matriarch realized the severity of the situation. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng's face was becoming colder and colder, she became a little afraid. Thinking quickly, she immediately glared at An shi: ’’An shi! How could you put spirit-altering drug in your pastries?’’ She had to immediately throw An shi out to prevent Feng Yu Heng going crazy and blaming the entire Feng manor.

An shi was also ignorant of this! She dropped to her knees, however, it was not to the matriarch but to Feng Yu heng: ’’Second ’’Second young miss, this concubine really did not do it! Not to mention how difficult it is to acquire something like spirit-altering drug, even if this concubine could obtain it, I would not use it on sister Yao!’’

Xiang Rong also kneeled. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she said: ’’Every time concubine mother makes these pastries, I am with her. Sometimes it's pears, and sometimes it's grapes. Either way, whatever fresh fruit the manor has, it is Xiang Rong that fetches them. We just thought that Lady Yao liked eating them, thus we devoted ourselves to making them. We have never added anything before.’’

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and pondered for a long time. At the same time, she had observed the two's expressions. She even observed the contractions and dilations of their pupils. Her many years of experience told her that this matter was unrelated to An shi and Xiang Rong.

She took a deep breath and said: ’’Come back with me to take a look.’’

’’Yes.’’ An shi quickly pulled Xiang Rong and stood up together, ’’If there really was a problem with the pastries, regardless of whether or not we did anything, this concubine will not avoid responsibility. After all, we were the ones that made the pastries.’’

Kang Yi spoke up: ’’Let's all go over and take a look. Staying here will leave us feeling worried and anxious.’’

’’Right!’’ The matriarch also stood up, ’’I will also go and take a look.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at them for a bit and did not refuse, simply saying: ’’Tong Sheng pavilion has never enjoyed having too many guests. Just having mother and grandmother go is fine. There is no need for anyone else.’’ After saying this, she left.

An shi and Xiang Rong immediately followed behind her. Kang Yi supported the matriarch and left the room. At the same time, she informed granny Zhao: ’’Quickly prepare a chair for mother.’’

Fen Dai and Jin Zhen were both very curious, but Feng Yu Heng had already spoken in a resolute manner. They also knew that Tong Sheng pavilion was not a place that anyone could enter. Now that Feng Yu Heng did not spare any personal feelings, they did not dare take any risks.

Feng Yu Heng returned to Tong Sheng pavilion as fast as she could. The others could only trot behind her, but they were still left quite far behind.

When she entered the courtyard, she heard a hysterical cry come from inside ’’Quickly go fetch me some pastries! Go quickly!’’ Her voice was abnormally loud, as she nearly tore her own vocal cords. She was completely different from the usually calm Yao shi.

Immediately following this was the sound of sound of more things being smashed. One after another, she figured that Yao shi had probably already smashed most of the things in the room.

With a group of servants gathered around the door, all of them were very worried, but they could not enter the room, as the things that Yao shi smashed would occasionally fly out. Feng Yu Heng saw that a few of the servants already had wounds on their foreheads.

Seeing her come back, the servants finally let out a sigh of relief. They all ran over to her to report on the situation: ’’Young miss, you finally returned. Madam has already been smashing things for the entire morning. Can you go and take a look to see what is wrong with her?’’

There was also a servant that questioned: ’’Just how delicious can a pastry be? How come madam became like this after not being able to eat them for just one day?’’

At this time, Wang Chuan, who had been left behind at Liang Xin pavilion had chased over. She had received the news later than Shu Ya courtyard. Fortunately, Wang Chuan has always been proficient in qinggong. She had rushed over the entire way using qinggong, so she was faster than other people.

Feng Yu Heng immediately ordered Wang Chuan and Huang Quan: ’’You two, enter the room and calm mother down first. We can talk about things later.’’

The two servants received their orders then quickly rushed into Yao shi's room. Not long later, the sound of things being smashed stopped, but Yao shi continued to shout: ’’Give me pastries! Give me pastries! Let go of me. I want to eat pastries. Quickly go and get me some pastries!’’

Feng Yu Heng then entered the room. Upon seeing Yao shi's appearance, she was given a fright. Her lips were dry and white, and there was no color in her face. Her eyes appeared misty, and her pupils could barely focus. Her hair was also scattered, and her clothes were a mess.

She immediately recognized the situation. This was clearly an addiction to drugs. Spirit-altering drug, did Da Shun call it spirit-altering drug? Put plainly, it was really just a drug. Yao shi was actually drugged and had become addicted under her nose. This caused Feng Yu Heng to suffer a huge blow. She was completely unable to forgive herself. She had taken every precaution, yet she had still been plotted against. Who exactly was it that was so bold?

While she was thinking about such things, she stood in place, frozen. At this time, the other members of the Feng family also entered the room.

When An shi and Xiang Rong saw Yao shi's appearance, they were scared they were scared silly. Xiang Rong ran over to Yao shi in a daze. Just as she was about to ask what had happened, who knew that Yao shi would become even more excited upon seeing Xiang Rong, loudly shouted: ’’Could it be that you've brought the pastries? Where are my pastries?’’ As she spoke, she actually managed to break free from Wang Chuan and Huang Quan then dove onto Xiang Rong. Holding her firmly, she was about to take a bite.

Xiang Rong was scared and let out a scream, but Yao shi said: ’’Pastry, my pastry has finally arrived. Delicious!’’ She viewed Xiang Rong as a pastry and went to bite at Xiang Rong's face.

Xiang Rong did not have time to protect herself and was bitten. Fortunately, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan reacted quickly enough. Wang Chuan reached out and pressed on one of Yao shi's pressure points. Yao shi felt that she could no longer exert any strength in her jaw. This bite only barely grazed her and did not cause any direct damage to Xiang Rong.

But this still scared everyone, as Kang Yi loudly said: ’’She has begun to hurt people. Quickly grab a hold of her. Also, her tongue, be careful that she doesn't bite her own tongue!’’

Feng Yu Heng saw that she could no longer wait and simply pulled out an anesthetic shot from her space. Quickly walking forward, she injected it into Yao shi's neck.

Yao shi's eyes rolled back, as she passed out.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan moved her to her bed then turned to Feng Yu Heng and asked in unison: ’’Young miss, what should we do?’’

Feng Yu Heng walked forward and checked Yao shi's pulse, once again confirming that she had indeed become addicted to a drug. She was a little irritated. This sort of poison was not something that could be cured or treated. No matter how skilled she was as a doctor, she could not pull out a miraculous drug to cure the poison. It was not that she did not have a medicine for it, but it was not an effective medicine. Even when science had advanced as far as it had in the 21st century, there was still no effective medicine. They could only replace it and gradually reduce the dosage to relieve the suffering and begin to cleanse the poison.

Either way, no matter what, it required the addict to cooperate and to persevere;however, given Yao shi's appearance, could she do it?

Feng Yu Heng pondered for a long time then suddenly turned to look at everyone. Her gaze landed on An shi and Xiang Rong then asked: ’’Where is your servant, Mei Xiang?’’


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