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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 340


Chapter 340

Second Young Miss, What Are You Wearing?

Hearing what Feng Jin Yuan said, Kang Yi let out a long sigh.

She understood that Feng Yu Heng was putting on a play, and she was the main suspect, but this was not something that she had done.

’’I don't know.’’ She shook her head, looking at Feng Yu Heng, ’’Qian Zhou also has specialty soldiers, but my princess' palace has never trained any.’’ These words were making it clear to Feng Yu Heng, ’’After marrying into the Feng family, I became the wife of the Feng family. To me, you children are the same as Ru Jia. You are all my daughters. Regardless of whether or not the enemy sends more people, A-Heng, you absolutely must be careful.’’

When Kang Yi spoke, Feng Yu Heng's gaze never left her eyes. The two looked at each other, allowing Feng Yu Heng to see every contraction and dilation of Kang Yi's pupils. This allowed her to determine that this was not one of Kang Yi's schemes.

But a new problem arose. If it was not Kang Yi, who was it? Was it Xuan Tian Ye?

For a while, neither side spoke.

The stalemate lasted for the duration of a stick of incense before the matriarch finally managed to recover from the sight of the corpses and said: ’’A-Heng, how about you move back into the manor? You living here alone is truly too worrying.’’

Feng Yu Heng blinked then said in a clear voice: ’’Thank you, grandmother. A-Heng was planning to move back in today, but I did not know what father and my other sisters thought.’’

Xiang Rong was the closest to her and quickly said: ’’Second sister coming back is also good. Like that, we can look after each other.’’

Feng Jin Yuan did not say anything, but Chen Yu said: ’’The county princess' manor has 100 imperial guards and so many hidden guards. If second sister moves back in, these guards will need to be moved to the Feng manor's side, right? But if they go over, what... what will happen to lady Yao?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’The imperial guards and hidden guards will naturally be left here to protect mother. As for me...’’ She spoke then looked at Feng Jin Yuan, ’’With daughter living at home, father should be able to keep me safe, right?’’

With the conversation already reaching this point, how could Feng Jin Yuan continue to remain silent? Although he absolutely did not want to have Feng Yu Heng live in the Feng manor, this was his daughter. No matter how much he disliked the idea, he could not say no. He could only helplessly say: ’’Then just move in!’’

’’Alright.’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Then I will move tomorrow! It's late into the night. Everyone should go back, but you absolutely must be careful. What if the culprit goes to the Feng manor to cause trouble after failing on my end? If any innocent people became hurt, that would be terrible.’’

Feng Jin Yuan thought about it and also thought this way. Quickly leading everyone back to the manor, he then arranged for hidden guards to protect the courtyards.

With the people of the Feng manor leaving, quiet descended on the small courtyard once more. Ban Zou appeared and asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Will you really be moving back into the Feng manor?’’

’’Un.’’ She nodded, ’’Not only will I be moving back in, I must make this news known. Just say that I am no longer living in the county princess' manor.’’

Wang Chuan thought a little then said: ’’Is young miss worried about implicating the madam? But if all of the hidden guards are left here, young miss will be left in danger!’’

’’It's fine.’’ She waved her hand, ’’My safety is not a problem. Just your thoughts are enough. Every night after I have slept, even if someone enters my room, there is no need to worry. I naturally have my own plans to deal with them.’’

Ban Zou felt the corner of his lips twitch, ’’What sort of plan do you have? Raise your whip and go at it with them?’’

Feng Yu Heng profoundly said: ’’Of course not, but what exactly I will do is not something that I will tell you. Go do your own thing!’’ While saying this, she smiled and ran back to her room. CLosing the door, she loudly said: ’’I am going to sleep. Just disperse after the yard has been cleaned up!’’

The people outside looked at each other. Having experienced this storm, their young miss was still able to fall asleep. She truly.. was even-keeled!

Huang Quan helplessly shook her head for a while then called another hidden guard out to clean up the scene. In the room, Feng Yu Heng also began to move, as she took out the blankets and pillows from the dresser then stuffed all of them into her space. She then entered along with them and tidied up her rest room very quickly.

Seeing the fruits of her efforts, Feng Yu Heng was very satisfied. In the future, it would be best if she slept in her space. Although there were a large number of experts on her side, first, with her moving back to the Feng manor, a portion of them would be left to protect Yao shi. Second, being woken up in the middle of the night really was frustrating. She wanted to sleep peacefully.

That night, Feng Yu Heng slept in her space until the sun came up the next day. When she came out of her space, Huang Quan just happened to enter with water for for her to wash up. Suddenly seeing Feng Yu Heng drowsily standing there, she was given a fright.

’’Young miss, why are you standing here?’’ Looking again, she was stunned, ’’Young miss, what are you wearing?’’

Feng Yu Heng looked down. Very well, it was a sleeping gown that she had found in her space.

’’Clothes that are worn when sleeping.’’ She said, ’’Newly made.’’

Huang Quan raised an eyebrow, ’’When was it made? Why does this servant know nothing about it?’’

She very shamelessly replied: ’’I had it made behind your backs.’’

Huang Quan no longer asked. She had already built up some immunity to the sudden appearance of such unreasonable things, as she automatically viewed those things as: Things that were taken from young miss' sleeve. Either way, she knew that her young miss had a mystical sleeve from which things could be taken and stuffed back in. It was very well possible that even a living person could be stuffed inside.

Huang Quan did not know, but Feng Yu Heng's sleeve could indeed have a person stuffed inside, and it was not limited to just one.

After eating breakfast, Wang Chuan led the servants to take care of the move. Feng Yu Heng brought Huang Quan to pay respects to the matriarch.

Today, Shu Ya courtyard was a little lively because Feng Jin Yuan had spent the night in Jin Fu courtyard and had consummated his marriage with Cheng Jun Man. Concubines were different from lower concubines. Although they could not be compared to the head wife, in the manor, they had a proper standing. After the consummation of marriage, Cheng Jun Man had to very properly pay respects to the matriarch, and the matriarch had to express herself.

When Feng Yu Heng entered the courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan was also walking towards the courtyard while holding Cheng Jun Man's hand. Cheng Jun Man was not more than 20 years old. When the two stood together, they looked like father and child. Everybody liked young and beautiful women. Having spent the night with Jun Man, Feng Jin Yuan also felt much younger. Even his footsteps seemed to have become lighter.

Seeing that Feng Yu Heng had also arrived, Cheng Jun Man quickly called to the county princess and saluted. Feng Yu Heng stopped her and smiled, saying: ’’We are a family. When it comes to age, you are my elder. In the future, just call me A-Heng.’’

Feng Jin Yuan also said: ’’That's right. Speaking of, she is also considered your daughter.’’

’’This concubine does not dare!’’ Cheng Jun Man lowered her head, a bashful expression appearing on her face. Her gaze, however, glanced towards Feng Yu Heng without leaving a trace. The two exchanged glances and saw good intentions in the other's eyes.

Normally speaking, although a concubine's standing was much higher than that of a lower a lower concubine, they were still of lower standing than the head wife. The children of the manor only called the head wife mother. Now that Feng Jin Yuan had said such a thing, it seemed that he was very satisfied with this concubine.

Feng Yu Heng thought to herself, a new madam had entered the manor;however, her place was stolen by a concubine. Who knew just how much more Kang Yi could endure.

’’Daughter must congratulate father on this understanding concubine mother!’’ She looked at Feng Jin Yuan, her eyes containing a smile, ’’I wonder if concubine mother Jun Mei also has a similar personality to her elder sister. Father absolutely must not exclude her.’’

Cheng Jun Mei and Cheng Jun Man were born looking very similar, but unlike Jun Man, Jun Mei was more lively. Her bright and cheerful eyes had long since captured Feng Jin Yuan's heart. With Feng Yu Heng saying it now, he became even more resolute. He would definitely be going to Ri Yue pavilion on this night.

Jun Man could see the change in Feng Jin Yuan's mood, and she managed to guess what he was thinking, thus she said: ’’As a child, Jun Man learned to paint, while Jun Mei learned to dance. Husband must remember to have younger sister perform a dance for you tonight.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was pleased to hear what she had said and began to laugh. Pulling Jun Man closer, he entered the hall.

Feng Yu Heng followed in behind them, her lips curled into a sly smile. Not only were these two the Empress' nieces, they were also personally sent to the manor by Xuan Tian Ming. She had every reason to trust them.

In the hall, the females of the Feng family had all arrived. After Feng Jin Yuan and Feng Yu Heng sat, Cheng Jun Man stepped forward and kneeled to perform a grand salute to the Feng matriarch.

The matriarch solemnly advised her, saying: ’’Since you have married into the Feng family, you must do everything you can for the manor. I hope that you two will be harmonious as a couple and can provide our Feng family with a new child soon.’’

These words caused Kang Yi to feel extremely awkward, while Feng Yu Heng nearly suffered internal injuries from holding in her laughter.

Who had taught the matriarch to say such things? Harmonious as a couple?

She looked at Kang Yi and saw that her face had turned purple like an eggplant from holding it in. She felt that this was extremely entertaining, thus she also stood up and added: ’’A-Heng hopes concubine mother and father will live happily together for a hundred years and can bear a child as soon as possible.’’

Once she said this, Xiang Rong also stood up and repeated it. Fen Dai had always been had always been one to go with the flow when it came to such matters, thus she also stood up and repeated it.

Chen Yu already felt that it was improper, and she had wanted to remind the matriarch to change her choice of words, but her three younger sisters had already expressed themselves like this. If she did not say it now, it would be rather awkward. Moreover, she had noticed Feng Jin Yuan's reaction;however, she saw that not only did this father not mind, he seemed quite happy.

Chen Yu immediately understood. Her father liked this concubine.

She sighed to herself and helplessly stood up, also saying: ’’Bear a child as soon as possible.’’

The matriarch was very satisfied with the children's expressing themselves. Raising her hand once more, she immediately had her servants carrying in a jade Guanyin. The matriarch said: ’’This is the venerable child-granting Guanyin. Jun Man, today, I will give it to you. Bring it back with you and enshrine it. I trust that you will be able to bear a child very quickly.’’

Cheng Jun Man quickly thanked her for her grace then raised both hands above her head and received the venerable Guanyin.

Feng Jin Yuan personally helped her up from the ground. Just as she stood up, Kang Yi also stepped forward. Her face had returned to normal, as she acted very familiarly and grabbed Cheng Jun Man's hand and said: ’’Congratulations to younger sister. Being able to take care of husband is good fortune. Elder sister does not really have anything too presentable right now’’ She said this as she removed a jade bracelet from her wrist and placed it in Jun Man's hand, ’’ This is something that father emperor gave to me while he was still alive. Elder sister will now give it to you in hopes that younger sister will be able to share more of husband's burdens and provide him with relief.’’

Cheng Jun Man looked at the jade bracelet. A little hesitant to make a decision, she looked at Feng Jin Yuan and shyly asked: ’’Husband, can this concubine accept it?’’

This attitude was truly too much to Feng Jin Yuan's tastes! The Empress' own niece not only called out to him in a doting voice, she did not flaunt her status, instead, she treated him with such respect. She truly was exceptionally understanding.

Feng Jin Yuan was celebrating on the inside, as he nodded and said: ’’Madam is giving it to you, so you can just accept it.’’

’’Yes. Then Jun Man will accept it. Many thanks, madam, for showing your concern.’’ While saying this, she felt the jade bracelet, her expression showing that she liked it.

However, at this time, Feng Yu Heng suddenly asked: ’’I wonder, when did the late emperor of Qian Zhou give this bracelet to mother?’’


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