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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 334


Chapter 334

If You Want the World, I Will Win it for You

Xuan Tian Ming was dragged out of bed by that damn girl. He was in the middle of a dream where he saw Feng Yu Heng getting bullied in the Feng family by her father and grandmother. They did not give her food, and they stole her nice things. He was curious as to how, based on this girl's personality, she could possibly be bullied by those idiots in the Feng family. He was just about to get his whip to seek revenge when he heard a sound, as his door was pushed open.

Xuan Tian Ming was momentarily shocked, as he could not understand. The Yu Palace was very well protected. Even if the Emperor came, it was impossible for him to enter without any warning. As for the people of the palace, not even Bai Ze dared to suddenly barge into his room in the middle of the night.

Of course, the exception was if there was a fire.

But before he could ask if there was a fire, a small hand reached under his blanket. At the same time, the small body that had come over brought along a familiar scent. The nerves that had been put on alert was immediately soothed.

That's right, only with this girl coming to the palace would his servants and hidden guards not dare to or want to stop her. And only this girl could wander around to any part of the palace, including his own bedroom. In this world, only this girl had the courage to go to his bed and grab his arm from under his blanket.

He curled his lips into a partial smile and lazily sat up. He saw that the girl in front of him seemed to want to say something, but her lips moved a few times without a single word coming out. After a while, for some reason, she began to cry.

Xuan Tian Ming became anxious and pulled the child into his embrace. While patting her back, he asked her: ’’Heng Heng, what happened? Could it be that someone bullied you? I will tell you, no matter who it was, I will go get revenge for you.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, holding him tightly and crying loudly.

In truth, she had originally wanted to say ’’Xuan Tian Ming, come and teach me how to use the whip’’ but the words that had reached her lips could not be said no matter what. When she could make a sound, they were cries.

Feng Yu Heng had not cried so hard in a long time. On this sort of night, the sounds of her cries echoed around the Yu Palace, causing everyone present to feel confused. Nobody knew what exactly happened to whom in the Yu Palace.

But Feng Yu Heng understood that she was just feeling aggrieved. She had simply remembered the things that had happened in the mountains of the Northwest. Xuan Tian Ming's legs were bloody and injured. She had always been someone that had to get revenge;furthermore, she had to seek revenge immediately. Unless she was deliberately playing tricks on the other, she definitely would not allow her enemies to enjoy a single extra day.

But she could not seek vengeance right now. She had to endure, and... it was a vengeance pertaining to Xuan Tian Ming.

She cried out all of her grief, as though she was a child, lying in his embrace. Part of his robe had become wet from her tears and snot.

After tiring herself out from her crying, she lay in his embrace and slept. A few tears clung to her eyelashes. Every now and then, her eyelashes would move a little. Moving against Xuan Tian Ming's chest, they caused him to both feel itchy and sad.

’’Xuan Tian Ming...’’ She began to mutter. He did not know if she was asleep or awake, but her sentence was clear, as he heard her say: ’’F*king Qian Zhou, this grand aunty will definitely blow that shitty little place up until nothing remains!’’

He laughed and gently pinched the girl's cheeks. Recently, she had begun to grow a little. With rounder cheeks, it was exceedingly fun.

’’Don't worry.’’ He gently replied to her: ’’Let's blow it up together. From the imperial family to all of their kin, I will have someone investigate all of the aunts and uncles of Qian Zhou's imperial family. We will not allow a single one to escape.’’

’’Un.’’ The young girl in his embrace drowsily complied then said: ’’Although Qian Zhou is a bit colder, I will tell you, those mountains have snow lotuses, and they are worth a lot of money! How about we just take over Qian Zhou and convert it to Da Shun land. In the future, we can go and take whatever we want.’’

Xuan Tian Ming considered it seriously for a moment then nodded: ’’Good! If you want Qian Zhou, I will go and win it for you. Even if you want the world, I will win it for you.’’

The girl in his embrace laughed for a while then moved her mouth a few more times before hugging him a little tighter. Her head then leaned to the side, as she fell asleep.

Xuan Tian Ming smiled wryly and gently patted her a couple times: ’’Heng Heng.’’ The person in his embrace did not react.

He then asked: ’’You're going to fall fall asleep like this?’’

Still no response.

He pondered a little. This could be considered a beauty taking the initiative to send herself to him, right? Unfortunately, this girl was still too little, as her body still had not developed fully. Even if he wanted to eat her, there was no place for him to get started.

He could only helplessly pick her up and begin removing her outer clothes. He then removed her shoes and socks then undid her hair. Only then did he hug her and fall asleep under the blankets.

This girl had a very unique scent. He had smelled it before, and she had called it some sort of perfume. He could not recall the odd name. Either way, it smelled very good.

Xuan Tian Ming lazily hugged her close, placing his chin on her forehead, as his lips curled into a sly smile, but this smile was filled with joy and satisfaction.

’’Damn girl.’’ He quietly said: ’’Like this, we will have slept together. If you wish to break off the marriage in the future, this prince will ask you to take responsibility.’’

Thus Feng Yu Heng had slept with Xuan Tian Ming like this.

Ban Zou had been forbidden to go in and was left in the yard to keep watch for a long time. At first, he was still able to hear the sound of some crying, but after a while, there was not a sound that could be heard. He was hesitating the entire time about whether or not he should go in to take a look.

It was Bai Ze that had a good understanding of the situation, as he came over to say to Ban Zou: ’’The masters have definitely rested. You should find a place to get some rest.’’

Ban Zou angrily rolled his eyes: ’’Rested? The two of them together?’’

’’That's right!’’ Bai Ze nodded very naturally, ’’There is only one room inside and only one bed. If the two do not rest together, could it be that you want one to sleep on the ground?’’

Ban Zou gritted his teeth: ’’They still have not married!’’

Bai Ze advised him: ’’Why are you so old-fashioned? Sooner or later, those two will become married. Sleeping together sooner or sleeping together later, they'll be sleeping together all the same. What's the difference?’’

Difference? Ban Zou pondered very seriously for a while, concluding: ’’There was indeed not much difference.

Thus he followed Bai Ze, feeling very at ease.

The servants of the courtyard also felt that the two sleeping together was very natural. They had already called her princess for half a year. The entire world knew that the Feng family's second young miss was the woman that Prince Yu had taken a fancy to;furthermore, she furthermore, she already began calling the Emperor father Emperor. Could this matter possibly change?

Thus everyone began to speak about the joyous ’’consummation of marriage’’ between Prince Yu and Princess Yu.

Feng Yu Heng slept until noon the next day. When she opened her eyes, she was a little confused, as she felt something covering her face. It seemed to be a wall of flesh. It was soft and smelled faintly of rosin.

She could tell that this smell came from Xuan Tian Ming, thus she thought that she was dreaming. She then leaned against this wall and even rubbed her nose against it. She even smacked her lips against it... un, delicious.

The wall of flesh lost ’’Are you going to gnaw on my bones?’’


It's alive?

Feng Yu Heng immediately regained her senses and suddenly jumped up. Her actions were a bit too grand, as her forehead bumped into a beam.

’’Ah!’’ She cried out in pain, her hands covering her head. Sitting on the bed, she looked at Xuan Tian Ming: ’’Why did you climb into my bed?’’

Xuan Tian Ming reached out: ’’This is my bed.’’

’’Your bed?’’ Feng Yu Heng was confused and looked around. Oh, it seemed that this really was his bed. ’’Then why did I climb into your bed?’’

’’How should I know?’’ He sat up and looked at her with a sly smile. This smile seemed to make the lotus on his brow appear to be an even darker color.

Feng Yu Heng was a little fascinated and subconsciously swallowed some drool, ’’You even wear your mask when sleeping. Will you die if you let me see!’’

’’I will.’’ He nodded seriously, ’’My face is too ugly. I am afraid that you'll die from fear.’’

’’Tsk!’’ Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes, ’’If you won't let me see, then forget about it.’’ She turned around and began to put on her socks and shoes. Her belly then let out a cry. She rubbed her belly and said to Xuan Tian Ming: ’’I'm hungry.’’

Xuan Tian Ming looked at the girl in front of him with great interest, ’’Speaking reasonably, shouldn't you consider the changes in our relationship at a time like this?’’

Feng Yu Heng simply gave up on putting on her shoes, as she sat back down on the bed. Partially kneeling on the bed with her hands supporting her weight, she asked him: ’’According to reason? When have you ever been remotely reasonable?’’

’’Huh?’’ He was confused, ’’Just the other day, who was it that said that I was the most reasonable person in the world?’’

Feng Yu Heng poked at his mask with a smile, ’’That day was that day, and now is now. Also, what change has occurred in our relationship? That many people have many people have already called me princess. What's the difference between me sleeping or not sleeping with you? Moreover, I am only 13 years old. The places that should grow have not yet grown much. You are not a beast, so what can you do to me? You will at most hug me while sleeping. You won't take a bite out of me.’’

Xuan Tian Ming was speechless. What sort of nonsense was this? It turns out that if he had made his move last night, he would have become a beast? His wife really was different from others. Truly different!

He gave up.

Feng Yu Heng got up and put on her shoes and clothes. When she turned back around, she found that Xuan Tian Ming was still sitting in bed. She could not help but be stunned: ’’What are you doing? Get up!’’

Xuan Tian Ming pointed to his own legs: ’’Aren't I paralyze!’’

’’It still isn't better?’’ She was a little doubtful: ’’How is that possible. Even if it still has not returned to the point of being able to move naturally, you should be able to get out of bed!’’

He shook his head, ’’I can't.’’

Feng Yu Heng frowned and wanted to go examine him for a bit;however, she was stopped, ’’No need, no need. I can already tell that it is much better. I figure that I will be able to get out of bed after a while.’’

’’Oh.’’ Hearing him say this, Feng Yu Heng felt that she could not continue to insist. Thus she personally helped him get dressed.

She moved very naturally;however, she did not notice Xuan Tian Ming lowering his head to look at her with a sly smile that made it clear that he had gotten away with his scheme.

A maidservant came in to help the two get cleaned up, and Xuan Tian Ming said to her: ’’Normally, my courtyard doesn't have any maidservants. I guess that because you are here, lady Zhou arranged for one to come.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not think much of it. While washing her face, she said: ’’Using a maidservant cannot be helped. They help take care of your daily life. It's not like they sleep with you in the same room.’’

Xuan Tian Ming was brushing his teeth and nearly spat out a mouthful of water, ’’Stop speaking nonsense. Who would do something stupid like that.’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, shifted closer to him with an evil smile plastered on her face, as she said: ’’You are a grown man. You don't have a woman come sleep with you, and you don't have a concubine, and I have not married you yet. How do you usually take care of that thing?’’


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