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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 331


Chapter 331

The Ninth Prince is my Bottom Line

Kang Yi had made mental preparations long ago. She was the head wife that had just entered the manor, and there was a concubine mother that was already pregnant. Once anything happened, it would be easy for people to misunderstand and think that she had done something.

She looked at A Ju then nodded, saying: ’’I did indeed go out this afternoon to take a look at concubine mother Han's supplements. At that time, they were preparing Chinese yam and black chicken soup, and I even told the kitchen staff that they had to pay close attention to not mess up the heat and timing.’’ After she said this, she turned to Feng Jin Yuan and said: ’’Kang Yi only just entered the manor, and I even went to the kitchen with so many people watching. Husband, Kang Yi would not be so dumb.’’

Feng Jin Yuan also felt that this was a little too egregious, but given his current position, he could not be biased in any direction. Kang Yi was aggrieved, but Han shi was in the middle of preventing a miscarriage. He could not allow her to become too agitated.

He looked to the matriarch: ’’What does mother think?’’

The matriarch silently snorted then ordered the servants: ’’Go bring the chef in charge of concubine mother Han's supplements.’’

On this side, they were busy investigating. On Feng Yu Heng's side, she was busy examining Han shi's body. Han shi had recovered a bit of her consciousness. Opening her eyes, she saw Feng Yu Heng busily taking care of her, and her heart felt a little more at ease. She originally wanted to say thank you, but when she saw that expressionless face, the words that had reached her lips could not be spoken.

Feng Yu Heng had performed acupuncture and given her medicine. She also gave her an injection. Han shi only knew that this injection would be very painful. It seemed as though a white liquid was being injected into her belly, but Feng Yu Heng did not allow her to move or scream. She could only grit her teeth and endure until the liquid was completely injected. She began to feel a bit afraid.

’’Your fetus has been preserved.’’ Feng Yu Heng straightened out her body and put away all of her instruments. She then said: ’’For the next seven days, I will come and give you an injection. After seven days, you will have recovered your stable state.’’

Her voice was not quiet, and it was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan were originally interrogating people. Upon hearing this, they quickly came over and asked with surprise: ’’Is everything really fine?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’If we can make it through these seven days, it will be fine.’’

The matriarch let out a long sigh of relief and muttered: ’’Amitabha, thank Buddha, thank Buddha.’’

An shi reminded her: ’’Elder madam, it was second young miss' hard work.’’

’’Right, right!’’ The matriarch grabbed Feng Yu Heng's hand and said: ’’It was all A-Heng's hard work.’’

Feng Yu Heng pulled her hand away and glanced around the room, suddenly asking: ’’Just now, where did that doctor come from?’’

Everyone was stunned, as a servant replied: ’’It was a doctor from Life Preserving Hall. Our manor regularly goes to Life Preserving Hall to invite doctors.’’ Ever since the time when Zi Rui was nearly given medicine, the Feng family never had another guest doctor. Every time that something happened, they would either go to Life Preserving Hall to invite one or take Feng Jin Yuan's seal to invite an imperial physician.

Hearing that it was one of Life Preserving Hall's doctors, Feng Yu Heng nodded then said to Huang Quan: ’’Later on, remember to send that doctor 100 taels in banknotes. Just say that the county princess thanks him. If it were not for him clarifying the situation, I fear that concubine mother Han would have placed this debt on his Highness the ninth prince.’’

The members of the Feng family trembled, and Feng Jin Yuan subconsciously said: ’’No way, no way. You have overthought it. They all thought that it was your mother.’’

Everyone facepalmed, as they all thought that this lord prime minister was truly too lacking in his speaking ability when faced with his second daughter.

There was also nothing Kang Yi could do, but she understood Feng Jin Yuan, and she supported him saying this. After all, that ninth prince was not someone that could be offended so lightly. If the Feng family could close its gates to resolve things, that would be best.

Feng Yu Heng knew that Kang Yi was not responsible for this. If the eldest princess of Qian Zhou were that stupid, she would not have been able to enter the Feng manor.

’’A-Heng will come every evening to examine concubine mother Han. I hope father will have people pay more attention to the food concubine mother is eating. If this sort of thing happens again, even if there is a more miraculous medicine, this child's life could not be preserved.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’Naturally.’’

She walked towards the door and said: ’’As for who did the poisoning, there is no need for A-Heng to worry about it.’’

From Feng Yu Heng's arrival to her departure, no more than an hour had passed. Everyone watched as Han shi had gone from having a pale-white complexion while bleeding endlessly to now slowly regaining some redness in her complexion. The bleeding had also stopped. They could not help but once again silently admire Feng Yu Heng's medical ability.

The matriarch angrily said: ’’Daring to poison my Feng family's children. Once this person has been found, regardless of who it is, they will be executed!’’ Saying this, she glanced at the chef and the servant that had brought Han shi her medicine then coldly said: ’’Take them out and and beat them to death.’’

Immediately, some strong grannies came forward and dragged the two out. At the same time, they covered their mouths to prevent their screams from shocking Han shi.

Fen Dai looked at everyone and tried to say to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, tonight...’’

Kang Yi quickly interjected: ’’Husband must stay to accompany younger sister Han tonight. First, it is to ease her shock. Second, younger sister Han has just gone through some things, and her body is weak. If someone did something at this critical juncture, that would be truly disastrous!’’

Upon hearing that Kang Yi could say such a magnanimous thing, the matriarch could not help but nod repeatedly.

The sisters Jun Man and Jun Mei looked at each other, as Jun Man said: ’’When we left the palace today, our aunt said that the dowry for us sisters will be arriving tomorrow. There will definitely be plenty of supplements. These concubines will personally come and deliver them at that time.’’

The matriarch became even happier, repeatedly saying: ’’This is right. A family should be like this. Now that our manor is flourishing, once these days have passed, I will be hoping that you can give me some grandsons!’’

These words caused the three to lower their heads, blushing.

At this time, the strong grannies that had taken the two away had returned. They nodded to the matriarch, and one of them extended her hand to the matriarch ’’This was found in the kitchen. It does not appear to be something that a maidservant could afford.’’

When everyone heard this, they all gathered around, as the granny held a pink jade earring in the shape of a gourd. It was nicely embellished and looked very delicate and beautiful.

The matriarch received it then looked at Kang Yi. Kang Yi quickly said: ’’Daughter-in-law went to the kitchen, but I did not wear this sort of earring. Moreover, in terms of both color and appearance, it is not something someone of my age can wear!’’

The matriarch nodded. Kang Yi was right. This sort of thing was something younger people would wear, and Kang Yi would not wear it. She helped the earring in her hand and said to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Perhaps this is a clue.’’

Feng Jin Yuan, however, frowned and did not look at it. He felt that he had seen it somewhere before, but he could not quite remember where.

The matriarch then spoke once more;however, this time, she said to everyone: ’’Don't assume that because I am old, I don't know anything. To be able to do this sort of thing in the inner courtyards, they are definitely in this room. If that person has a heart, come to Shu Ya courtyard first thing tomorrow morning to admit your mistakes. I will spare her of the death penalty. Otherwise, even if she is cut by a thousand knives, death will not be enough!’’

These words caused everyone to tremble.

The Cheng sisters looked at each other. Before other. Before they left the palace, they had heard that the large families outside were very profound;however, they did not think that on the first day that they entered the Feng manor, such a thing would happen before they could even catch their breath. Attempted murder of a child, and they had chosen such a timing. If it were not for the doctor diagnosing it as poison, perhaps this matter really would have been pinned on the ninth prince. Although the Feng family could only suffer in silence, they would also think things over.

Feng Yu Heng understood this logic. At this time, she was walking back to Tong Sheng pavilion with Huang Quan, as she coldly said: ’’Borrowing Xuan Tian Ming's hand to deal with Han shi. The Feng family does not dare speak, so they can only suffer in silence. She really played this well.’’

’’Young miss knows who did it?’’ Huang Quan frowned with a face filled with anger.

Feng Yu Heng sneered, ’’Just wait and see. Someone will come to our courtyard and kneel tonight.’’

Huang Quan pondered and immediately said: ’’Then this servant will advise the guards that if anyone comes tonight, allow them in.’’

That night just before 9PM, someone entered Feng Yu Heng's courtyard wearing a dark-grey coat and a hat that covered their face. Facing the closed gate, they did not say a word.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng was sitting in her room and eating a pear. She held on in her hand, while Huang Quan peeled another one for her.

’’I really never thought that it would be her.’’ Huang Quan was extremely angry, ’’Young miss helped her out plenty of times in the past. At the time that she was being bullied by Han shi, it was young miss that sent someone to rescue her. It could be ignored if she did not show her appreciation, but to dare use poison to cause trouble his Highness. I really don't know what she was thinking.’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not feel that it was unexpected, ’’Previously, her roots were not stable in the manor, so she had to be careful at all times. If she did not stand on my side, perhaps she would have died even before Chen shi died. But now, she views her man as her pillar of support, and she believes that me going against Feng Jin Yuan will affect her. Naturally, she will not be close with me. Now that more and more women are entering the manor, three women with a higher standing than her suddenly appeared, while Han shi was pregnant with a child, and An shi also had Xiang Rong. Only she alone is without anyone to rely on. There is no doubt that she would be anxious.’’

’’Is young miss pitying her?’’

’’Pity?’’ Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’Perhaps. Her situation is indeed worthy of pity. But that does not mean that I can tolerate her placing the blame on Xuan blame on Xuan Tian Ming!’’ An explosion of fury appeared in her eyes, ’’To have the heart to harm someone but lack the ability to do things without leaving clues, what use would I have for such a person?’’ She snorted coldly once more, ’’She was already someone that tried to harm Zi Rui. I gave her a new life and opportunity. She herself did not handle it well and insisted on seeking ruin. Then the only possible outcome is death.’’

Once this was said, Feng Yu Heng stood up then personally walked over to the door. Pulling the doors open, she shouted into the yard: ’’Jin Zhen, come in.’’

The person kneeling in the yard was none other than Jin Zhen. Upon hearing Feng Yu Heng call her, she quickly stood up from the ground. Her legs had gone numb from kneeling so long, so walking was painful. She practically staggered into the room.

Huang Quan fiercely glared at her then closed the door. Turning around, Jin Zhen kneeled once more, as she held the hem of Feng Yu Heng's clothes and begged bitterly: ’’Second young miss, save me. I beg second young miss to save me!’’

Feng Yu Heng forcefully pulled her clothes back, immediately freeing them from Jin Zhen's grasp. She turned around and returned to sit in her seat before saying: ’’Why must I save you? You don't have the ability to harm someone, yet you still have the heart to try. What use is there in me saving someone so stupid?’’

Upon hearing this, Jin Zhen's heart trembled. Feng Yu Heng was her last lifeline. If Feng Yu Heng chose to watch from the sideline, based on the earring, the matriarch would sooner or later find out that it was her!

’’It's all because this servant was nervous that I dropped the earring and did not notice. Now that it is in the elder madam's hands, if second young miss does not help this servant, this servant will only be left with a dead end!’’

’’What?’’ Huang Quan immediately let out an angry laugh, ’’You even left something in their possession? Good heavens, just based on your brains, you wanted to harm someone?’’

Feng Yu Heng was also helpless, ’’When you originally helped me by handing me a handkerchief, I could smell the jelly ear powder;however, I never thought that there would be even more holes in your plot.’’ She snorted coldly, as she looked at Jin Zhen without any expression: ’’Everyone has a bottom line. You absolutely should never have used his Highness the ninth prince's arrival at the manor. Jin Zhen, me not killing you personally is already quite good.’’

Once this was said, Jin Zhen immediately collapsed on the ground.

Before she could speak, the sound of three knocks came at the door. Wang Chuan then pushed the door open and whispered something into Feng Yu Heng's ear. Feng Yu Heng was a little shocked then asked with doubt: ’’When did it happen?’’


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