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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 330


Chapter 330

Still Dare to Insult Prince Yu?

Feng Jin Yuan helped support the person that had crashed into him. Looking carefully, he found that it was Fen Dai.

He then saw Fen Dai with a panicked expression. Desperately grabbing Feng Jin Yuan's arm, she said in a panic: ’’Father! Father, you came back just in time. Quickly, quickly go see concubine mother Han!’’

Feng Jin Yuan furrowed his brow, as he could not help but feel irritated.

He had drank too much last night, leading to him being dragged to Yu Lan courtyard. This led to Kang Yi staying in the bridal chamber alone. Thinking about it now, he felt regretful. Moreover, something like that had happened during the day to Ru Jia, yet he did not stay with Kang Yi to comfort her. This could already be put in the past. After all, while he was drunk, he was a little resistant to Kang Yi. Only thanks to that did he do as Han shi desired. But Fen Dai came once again today. This mother and daughter were too unreasonable!

’’Let go!’’ He forcefully pushed her away, causing Fen Dai to retreat multiple steps, ’’Stop causing trouble for no reason, otherwise, do not blame father for never setting foot in Yu Lan courtyard ever again!’’

’’Father!’’ Fen Dai was extremely shocked, but she immediately realized that Feng Jin Yuan might feel that she had come to scam him into visiting Han shi, thus she hastily explained: ’’That's not it. Fen Dai is not lying to you. Concubine mother Han is bleeding. She's bleeding!’’

’’What?’’ Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch were both very shocked. The matriarch quickly rushed over and anxiously asked: ’’Is what you said true?’’

’’It's true. It's all true. Father, grandmother, quickly go and take a look!’’

Upon hearing that Han shi was bleeding, Feng Jin Yuan could not choose to not go. Together with the matriarch, he went to Yu Lan courtyard. Before even entering Han shi's bedroom, he could hear a maidservant shouting from inside in an anxious voice: ’’What should we do, there's blood!’’

The two were given a fright, and Feng Jin Yuan loudly ordered: ’’Quickly go invite a doctor!’’ Having received his instructions, the courtyard's maidservant hurriedly went to invite a doctor. Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch entered the room then immediately saw Han shi lying on the bed with a pale-white face. With her legs curled up, she had a very pained expression. With a layer of blood on the bedsheets, her underwear had been dyed red.

The matriarch's heart dropped, as she thought that it was over. They had been extremely careful with this pregnancy, yet they were unable to protect it.

Feng Jin Yuan became furious: ’’She was perfectly fine yesterday. What exactly happened?’’

The people in the room did not know how to respond. Fen Dai was crying in fear, and her personal servant A Ju said: ’’Originally, she was perfectly fine. After master went to court this morning, concubine mother was in very good spirits. She even wanted to drink some fish soup. But... but...’’

’’But what?’’ The matriarch became anxious, ’’Say it quickly!’’

A Ju dropped to her knees, ’’Elder madam, concubine mother has always been careful while pregnant. Normally, she is even exempted from paying respects to elder madam, but today, she spent so long kneeling in the front yard. How cold is the ground? I fear that at that time...’’

’’Right!’’ Fen Dai reacted, ’’It must be like this. That ninth prince had us kneeling the entire time. My legs even began to hurt from kneeling, and my entire body felt cold. Concubine mother is pregnant, so how could she endure it? Father! The ninth prince is the murderer! Him and Feng Yu Heng are definitely partners. They are both murderers!’’

She began screaming, as the love she once felt for Xuan Tian Ming was cast to the back of her mind. She had great hope for Han shi's child. Although Kang Yi entered the manor, and the Empress' two nieces also entered, as long as Han shi gave birth to a son, her position in the Feng manor definitely would not be low;however, she did not think...

’’Quickly shut her mouth!’’ The matriarch desperately used her cane to slam the ground, and granny Zhao quickly went forward to cover Fen Dai's mouth. They then heard the matriarch say: ’’Who are you insulting? Do you not want to live? Do you not know how Ru Jia was beaten?’’

These three questions managed to wake Fen Dai up. What followed was being bathed in a cold sweat.

She began to feel afraid, as she subconsciously looked to the door. At this time, Kang Yi just happened to be bringing Jun Man and Jun Mei in. Fen Dai continued to look for a little longer then let out a sigh of relief when she did not see Feng Yu Heng. Her legs gave out, nearly causing her to fall to the ground.

She was truly afraid that her insulting of the ninth prince would be heard by Feng Yu Heng. Ru Jia's misery yesterday was something that she would not be able to forget in this lifetime. The dignified princess of another country was whipped to that degree, much less her.

While she was thinking, Kang Yi's group of three had already walked over. Kang Yi nodded to Feng Jin Yuan then went to look at Han shi. Jun Man and Jun Mei walked over to Feng Jin Yuan then kneeled, saying in unison: ’’This concubine greets husband.’’

Feng Jin Yuan had already been called by the Emperor while in court to discuss this matter. In regards to these two concubines, he had an understanding. Many years ago, he had met these two once. At that time, they were still young. When greeting him, they had even called him uncle Feng. But he never thought that they would be sent sent into the Feng manor today to be his concubines. When Feng Jin Yuan thought of this, his forehead became soaked in sweat. The Empress' niece, someone with that sort awkward background caused him to feel rather helpless.

’’There is no need to be so courteous.’’ He waved his hand and had the two stand up, as he sighed, ’’This sort of thing happened in the manor today, and you are no longer outsiders. Let's enjoy the years together.’’

Only then did the two walk over to the bedside. Upon seeing Han shi's situation, Jun Man began frowning.

Kang Yi busily asked A Ju: ’’Has a doctor been called?’’

A Ju nodded, ’’Replying to madam, someone has been sent to call a doctor.’’

Kang Yi stood up and looked at Feng Jin Yuan: ’’What does husband plan to do about this matter?’’

Feng Jin Yuan sighed, ’’What can be done? Could it be that we should go find his Highness the ninth prince to reason with him?’’ When had that person ever been remotely reasonable? ’’Or should I go into the palace to complain to his Majesty?’’ Whenever it came to the ninth prince, the Emperor also became unreasonable.

The matriarch was so angry that tears began to drop, ’’My poor unborn grandson!’’

Kang Yi looked at Han shi once more then ordered a servant: ’’Quickly go to the storage and fetch the wormwood to burn. We cannot come to any conclusions right now. In any case, we must wait for a doctor to arrive. Quickly!’’

Kang Yi determined attitude gave the matriarch a trace of hope, but even though everyone was hurrying about to do their best to preserve the child, their hearts were truly filled with panic.

Fen Dai watched Kang Yi direct the servants around with her aura of a head wife. The anger that she could not vent on Xuan Tian Ming was directed entirely on Kang Yi. She glared at Kang Yi then began screaming loudly ’’Stop pretending to be a good person! Also, eldest princess, you could not even teach your own daughter properly! If it were not for her offending the ninth prince, would he have come to visit?’’

There was nothing Kang Yi could say. This matter was indeed caused by Ru Jia. Now that Fen Dai assigned her blame like this, she could not defend herself.

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to scold her, but when he saw Han shi's uncomfortable appearance, he felt uncomfortable. The Feng manor only had one son, so he also held a great deal of hope for Han shi's child!

In this room, Han shi cried out bitterly in discomfort, and Fen Dai would occasionally shout some abuse, while Jun Man and Jun Mei quietly whispered words of comfort. Kang Yi steadily directed the servants to burn the wormwood. The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan sat to the side, angrily shaking their heads.

In this time, An shi and Xiang Rong also arrived. After a little while longer, Jin longer, Jin Zhen and Chen Yu also rushed over. The number of people in the room quickly increased. Although it did not seem crowded, the atmosphere was oppressive.

Finally, the doctor arrived.

The people of the Feng family all gathered around, telling him the situation with Han shi kneeling. They then saw the old doctor feel Han shi's pulse time and time again. From the initial doubt to his later confirmation, he finally let go and said to everyone in the Feng family: ’’The madam losing her fetus is not because of kneeling too long. It is from being poisoned.’’

’’Poisoned?’’ Everyone was extremely shocked, as Feng Jin Yuan urgently asked: ’’What sort of poison is it? How could she have been poisoned?’’

The doctor stood up and saluted Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Please forgive this old doctor for only being able to tell that madam has taken a large amount of medicine to promote blood circulation. But...’’ he thought a little then said: ’’Madam has not yet completely lost this fetus. If my Lord is able to bring in a better doctor within two hours, it would be best to invite an imperial physician from the palace, perhaps the fetus could be saved.’’

’’Really?’’ The matriarch immediately became spirited upon hearing this, ’’Jin Yuan, quickly, quickly go invite an imperial physician!’’

Feng Jin Yuan frowned and said: ’’The head imperial physician was on duty today in the palace, but they have already closed their doors at this time. Nobody will be able to call him out!’’ He said this while thinking. In the end, he stomped his feet and loudly said: ’’Go quickly! Invite the second young miss!’’

For fear that Feng Yu Heng would be troublesome, Feng Jin Yuan played it smart and sent An shi to invite her. An shi was a frank person, and she did not have any desire to fight for favor. Upon seeing that Han shi had lost so much blood, she was also quite anxious. She practically trotted the entire way to Tong Sheng pavilion then managed to invite Feng Yu Heng over.

When Feng Yu Heng heard this news, she had her doubts. She had especially felt Han shi's pulse in the morning while she was still kneeling. She was completely fine. Her fetus was stable, so how was it that she ended up bleeding at night?

While walking, An shi said to her: ’’Fortunately, that doctor noticed that she was poisoned, otherwise, perhaps second young miss and his Highness the ninth prince would have been blamed.’’

Feng Yu Heng frowned, ’’But for anyone that is a little smarter, they would not have any ideas of framing others. The one that forced Han shi to kneel was his Highness the ninth prince. Even if the fetus was lost because of this, what could be done? Could it be that the Feng family would go to the Yu Palace to argue? What sort of joke is that? They could only suffer in only suffer in silence and cry a little in the back.’’

An shi thought a little and felt that this was right. Not to mention that this was an unborn child, even if it was Fen Dai that had died, did the Feng family dare to get into a fight with the Yu Palace?

’’Since it was poison, did they check what Han shi ate in the afternoon?’’ She could determine that Han shi was definitely suddenly poisoned in the afternoon because she had checked her pulse when Xuan Tian Ming was still present. At that time, Han shi was perfectly healthy.

An shi shook her head, ’’I don't know if anyone has been sent to investigate. That doctor said that there might be hope of saving the child if it was handled within two hours. Perhaps they are thinking about this.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not ask any further, as she increased her pace toward Yu Lan courtyard.

She did not hope that Han shi's fetus would be lost like this. Like this, the Feng family would only have lost a child. In the worst case, Feng Jin Yuan would begin to feel pity. She had to ensure that this child would be born to make sure it was worthy of Han shi and her daughter's incessant scheming. Only like this could the Feng manor's days become even more exciting.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived, the doctor had already been sent away. Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch personally went to welcome her. Like this, they appeared to be Bodhisattva, as they had never been this warm and welcoming before.

It was not just those two, as even Fen Dai stepped forward. With a pleading expression, she sadly said: ’’Second sister, I beg you to save my younger brother!’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’Who told you it was a younger brother?’’

Fen Dai could not be bothered to argue with her over this, as she immediately expressed herself: ’’Younger brother or younger sister, both are fine. I just beg second sister to give a helping hand.’’

The matriarch also said: ’’A-Heng, you are our only hope.’’

While this was being said, she moved to Han shi's side and reached for her wrist. After just three breaths, she put it back down. ’’Large quantities of jelly ear powder increased blood flow and disturbed the fetus.’’ While saying this, she received the medicine case from Huang Quan. Taking out a silver needle, she lifted the sheets and clothes before sticking ten or so needles in Han shi's belly. She then said: ’’Have someone go investigate what concubine mother Han ate. If there was raw fish, bring it in for me to see.’’

Once this was said, they heard A Ju suddenly say ’’ah’’ and look at Feng Yu Heng in horror: ’’Second young miss means to say that someone did something when concubine mother was eating?’’ After saying this, before Feng Yu Heng could say anything, she threw a glare at Kang Yi.


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