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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 327


Chapter 327

Ninth Prince, Will You Die If You Don't Spout Nonsense?

The matriarch had just brought her cup of tea to her mouth and was about to take a sip. Hearing what the servant had said, the tea that had been sipped was immediately spat out, nearly causing her to choke.

’’Th-the ninth prince? Wh-what has he c-come for?’’ The ninth prince suddenly came to visit. The tongues of everyone in the Feng family became tied, as they began to stutter.

Even Kang Yi became a bit nervous. She could not help but glance at Feng Yu Heng, thinking to herself that it was no wonder she was so calm earlier. It was the calm before the storm!

’’Elder madam.’’ Seeing that everyone in the room was surprised but did not react, the servant became anxious, hurriedly reminded everyone: ’’The ninth prince is waiting in the front yard.’’

It was Feng Yu Heng that stood up first and said: ’’Why not invite his Highness to sit in the hall? It's a cold day, so why is he waiting in the front yard?’’

The servant trembled then pondered before replying: ’’I don't know if his Highness has gone to the hall, but when his Highness just arrived in the manor, his Highness said that he would be going to the front yard.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Did his Highness say what he has come for?’’

The servant responded: ’’He said... he came to vent second young miss' anger.’’


The matriarch's hands trembled and caused a cup of tea to fall.

Vent the second young miss' anger? Didn't Feng Yu Heng already vent it on her own? She had whipped Ru Jia to that degree, yet it was not enough? What sort of trouble had Prince Yu come to cause?

The matriarch was thinking along those lines, but she did not dare say such a thing. Kang Yi took the initiative to go and help her up then said: ’’His Highness came to visit, so we should go and see him!’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’Mother is right.’’

The Feng family nervously walked to the front yard and immediately saw Xuan Tian Ming surrounded by a group of people in the middle of the yard. That person still wore a set of purple robes and sat in his wheelchair. It seemed that the golden mask on his face was new, as it was even shinier than the one before. Behind him stood a group of imperial bodyguards, and they all carried some large boxes, placing them in the middle of the yard. All of them looked very serious and daunting.

The matriarch and Kang Yi both stepped forward, leading everyone in the Feng manor to bow and kneel. Kang Yi was clearly not very accustomed to performing this ceremony. Ever since the current emperor of Qian Zhou rose to his position, she never had to salute anyone. Even on the first day of the new year, when she met the Emperor, she did not perform the ceremony of kneeling.

But now, her status was different. She was the wife of the Feng family. Since the matriarch had kneeled, it would be improper if she did not, thus she also kneeled along with the matriarch.

With everyone kneeling, it seemed as though Xuan Tian Ming did not even notice, as he waved to Feng Yu Heng and called her over. He then had her turn around a few times before saying: ’’Not bad, you didn't get hurt.’’

Upon hearing this, Kang Yi's forehead became covered in dark lines. Feng Yu Heng was beating someone, understand? It was clearly a flogging, so how could she get hurt?

Just as she began to frown, Xuan Tian Ming finally began to pay attention to the people of the Feng family, as he said: ’’This prince heard that during Prime minister Feng's wedding yesterday, our Heng Heng became quite angry?’’ He said this while wringing the whip in his hand. The cold sound of his voice caused them to shiver. ’’Elder madam Feng,’’ He began calling out names, scaring the matriarch into collapsing in a heap, ’’Can you tell this prince who it was that bullied our Heng Heng?’’

The matriarch had long since been scared stiff. How could she possibly still be able to speak. She could only kneel there and tremble.

Feng Yu Heng glared at Xuan Tian Ming a little then helplessly said: ’’Grandmother is already so old. What are you scaring her for?’’ She then looked at Kang Yi and scratched her chin, ’’Ask someone else.’’ After saying this, she took the initiative to walk over and help the matriarch up, ’’Grandmother, quickly get up. This matter is unrelated to you. There is no need to be afraid.’’

After the matriarch stood up, she looked at Feng Yu Heng blankly and wanted to ask, if she did not need to be afraid, who did? Was it Kang Yi?

Sure enough, she heard Xuan Tian Ming speak up once more, directly asking Kang Yi: ’’Since the Feng family has a new head wife, this prince will ask the madam. What exactly happened during the wedding yesterday?’’

Kang Yi's scalp felt numb, as she began to recall the rumors relating to Xuan Tian Ming. But since he had already asked, she could not choose to not reply. Kang Yi pondered a little and raised her head;however, she remained kneeling on the ground, as she said to Xuan Tian Ming: ’’It was this humble woman's daughter that lacked discipline. She said some things that caused county princess to become quite upset. Having been accorded county princess' teaching, I trust that, thanks to this lesson, my daughter's daughter's temper will definitely improve, as she will sincerely mend her ways and become a good sister to county princess.’’

’’Oh?’’ Xuan Tian Ming looked at her with a cold gaze, ’’You are telling this prince that county princess Ji An already vented her anger, so this prince should not have come today to do something unnecessary?’’

’’Your Highness is mistaken, this humble woman did not mean that.’’ Kang Yi felt that Xuan Tian Ming was truly hard to deal with, and she felt that a grown man like him coming to the manor to seek revenge was quite petty, so she could not help but say: ’’Ru Jia was already taken by his Highness the eldest prince into the palace to be taught manners. Husband also went to court and has not returned. Your Highness brought so many imperial guards, so there must be something you wish to discuss with husband, right? Otherwise, would your Highness like to come and sit in the hall as a guest?’’

Once this was said, everyone in the Feng family trembled. The matriarch only thought that Kang Yi's mouth was truly too troublesome. Would she be able to understand the situation in Da Shun?

Xuan Tian Ming, however, suddenly began laughing. It was as though he had heard an extremely funny joke, as he pointed at Kang Yi and said: ’’You are saying that this prince has come to the manor while Feng Jin Yuan is not present to come and bully the old and the weak, and I am very lacking in manners?’’ He said this while laughing. While he laughed, he shook his head, ’’Something like manners is something that this prince has not known from the day I was born. This prince only knows that someone troubled my future wife and caused her to feel unhappy. Today, this prince came to your Feng family to get an explanation.’’

Kang Yi was also filled with anger. Upon mentioning this matter, she recalled Ru Jia's bloodied appearance. She was both angry and distressed, and she could not help but say: ’’Yesterday, my daughter made a mistake during the wedding, and county princess Ji An already punished her!’’

Xuan Tian Ming raised his head and looked to the skies, ’’Heng Heng punishing her is because she insulted this prince. This prince came today to collect a debt for causing Heng Heng to become angry. These are two totally different matters. How could they be lumped together? Also, madam, you should be thankful that it was Heng Heng that did the whipping. If it was this prince, that daughter of yours would have gone to meet King Yama long ago.’’

Two words appeared in the minds of the members of the Feng family: Totally unreasonable!

Damn, could this ninth prince be reasonable just once?

Who knew if Xuan Tian Xuan Tian Ming knew how to read minds, as he looked at the expressions of everyone in the family and actually said: ’’Do you feel that this prince is being unreasonable?’’

The Feng family's members all shook their heads, with none daring to reply. Feng Yu Heng, however, spoke up: ’’How could that be. Under the heavens, who doesn't know that his Highness the ninth prince is the most reasonable person.’’


The members of the Feng family looked at each other. To say that Xuan Tian Ming was reasonable, was that not the worst argument in the world? Ever since this prince had been born, had he ever even remotely been reasonable? It was not just him. It was also his imperial concubine mother and his future wife, Feng Yu Heng. When had any of them ever been reasonable?

Kang Yi stared at Feng Yu Heng and felt that these two really were a suitable couple. Their ability to spout nonsense with a straight face was completely unrivaled in this world.

’’Then your Highness means to say...’’ Kang Yi did not want to go around in circles. Either way, this matter could not be resolved. It would be better to have him say something positive.

Kang Yi was ready to take a risk, but the members of the Feng family were scared! What if he wanted to whip every member of the Feng family once? What could they do?

Just as everyone in the family was trembling, Xuan Tian Ming turned his wheelchair and moved to Feng Yu Heng's side. Very arrogantly, he took her from the matriarch's hands and grabbed her small hands. He then finally spoke up: ’’This prince did not have any intentions. The girl that caused Heng Heng's anger probably cannot endure this prince whipping her, so this prince will forgive her for now.’’

Upon hearing this, Kang Yi's eyes light up. Without saying another word, she kowtowed, ’’Many thanks, your Highness, for the grace of pardoning her life.’’

’’Un.’’ Xuan Tian Ming accepted her kowtow very naturally;however, he then said: ’’But, even if she has been spared the death penalty, her living punishment cannot be pardoned!’’

Kang Yi was startled, ’’Living punishment?’’

’’That's right.’’ Xuan Tian Ming raised his voice. The lazy tone that he had been using disappeared slightly. The members of the Feng family then heard him say very shamelessly: ’’Our Heng Heng is pampered and valuable. Getting angry is not a small matter. If she were to fall ill, her vitality would become ruined. If her vitality is ruined, it would require an extremely high-quality medicine to help her recover. This prince usually does not even dare to offend her and will do everything according to her desires. I give way to her every time, and when I hold her, I fear that I will hurt her. Father hurt her. Father Emperor also favors her, fearing that she would be bullied by others given her weak constitution. That was why he conferred her the title of county princess Ji An, thinking that in any case, she could use it to scare people, but who knew that there would still be people who would not take it to heart.’’

He just spoke for himself, causing the members of the Feng family to break into a cold sweat.

Feng Yu Heng was weak? She would be bullied by others?

Ninth prince, will you die if you don't spout nonsense?

It would be good enough if she did not bully others, alright?

Of course, this was only what they thought to themselves. They absolutely would not dare to say it out loud. Not only did they not dare to say it, they had to put on a very agreeable appearance. They had to stand in place and nod, carefully waiting for Xuan Tian Ming to continue.

Xuan Tian Ming looked around then said: ’’The reason this prince said so much is to tell madam, the cost of our Heng Heng falling ill once is quite high.’’

’’Cost?’’ Kang Yi was puzzled. Thinking a little more, she carefully asked: ’’Is your Highness talking... about money?’’

’’Smart!’’ Xuan Tian Ming nodded, ’’Let me say it like this, in the end, you were originally guests. It would not be good for our Da Shun to remain unrelenting over a single mistake, right? That's why the mistake will be paid for with money. It will be enough to pay for the supplements that Heng Heng will be taking.’’

Kang Yi let out a long sigh of relief along with everyone else in the Feng family. Being able to use money to solve an issue was not a problem. This time, the ninth prince was truly being graceful!

Kang Yi very generously said: ’’We accept the punishment. Would your Highness please tell us the cost.’’

Xuan Tian Ming counted on Feng Yu Heng's fingers until he counted to five ’’Five million taels.’’

The members of the Feng family all began sweating. Even if one were to eat medicine made of silver, it would not be that expensive, right?

Kang Yi's heart also trembled for a while. When they demanded this much, it was definitely a scam. But even if it was a scam, what could be done? He was clearly trying to scam them, but what could she do? She could only suffer in silence. Unable to speak of her suffering, she could only grit her teeth and say: ’’All right, this humble woman accepts the punishment.’’

’’Un.’’ Xuan Tian Ming nodded then added: ’’Five million taels of gold.’’

The members of the Feng family collectively collapsed.

TN: Tael is a unit of measurement for mass, usually silver. That is why shattered silver can be used to pay for things.


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