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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 324


Chapter 324

Shitty Impudent Servant

Xuan Tian Ye sat down in an empty chair next to Feng Yu Heng. Seeing that he had come over, all of the young misses at the table lowered their heads in silence. Nobody wanted to cause any trouble, and even Fen Dai did not dare to look in Xuan Tian Ye's direction.

Xuan Tian Ye was different from the other princes. This person seemed to be angry from birth. Just looking at him was enough to cause people to break into a cold sweat.

Feng Yu Heng did not look at him either;however, she did not fear him. Instead, she was just really hungry. If she did not make use of her time to eat the food on the table, it would be going to waste.

Xuan Tian Ye stared at her like this until she finished eating half of a fish. He was finally unable to continue watching, as he lowered his voice and said: ’’Didn't county princess say that you lost the golden phoenix hairpin?’’

When Feng Yu Heng finished eating the fish, some servants happened to bring up a soup. She took a sip then shook her head, ’’This doesn't taste too good.’’ She then put down her spoon and finally began to speak with Xuan Tian Ye;however, she began with a question of her own: ’’Who said that my phoenix hairpin was lost?’’

Xuan Tian Ye was startled and finally remembered that the rumor of county princess Ji An losing the phoenix hairpin was just a rumor! The rumor about her being punished by the Emperor with confinement in the manor because of this matter was also just a rumor! Who exactly was it that said Feng Yu Heng had lost the golden hairpin? This was truly a debt that could not be collected.

His expression became even more gloomy, and his face appeared to become even more angry, scaring the other girls at the table into lowering their heads even more.

At this time, a young servant ran over and stood beside the table, saying: ’’The new madam has already returned to Tian Xiang courtyard. Elder madam has called the young misses to go over.’’

Feng Yu Heng finished drinking the last of the tea in her cup then glanced at Xuan Tian Ye. She then glanced at the attendant before turning around and leaving with a cold snort.

Xuan Tian Ye was so angry that his lungs were on the verge of exploding, but what could he do if they exploded? He could not hit her, and he could not curse at her. If word of him, a grown man, getting mad at a young girl like her found its way to the imperial palace, the one taking a loss would be him. Xuan Tian Ye felt that Feng Yu Heng was naturally irritating. Anyone that fell into her palm and did not die from vexation would have to be very lucky!

When the Feng family's daughters entered Tian Xiang courtyard's main room, the matriarch was already seated inside and talking to Kang Yi. Neither of the two mentioned Ru Jia's matter. Kang Yi, who had been crying in the front yard, had reapplied her makeup, and she had regained her magnanimous aura.

Seeing the children enter, the matriarch waved to them: ’’The matter earlier had happened suddenly, and you have not yet greeted your mother properly. Come quickly and salute your mother.’’

Chen Yu led the way and walked forward, bowing: ’’Daughter greets mother.’’

The other three children also stepped forward and saluted, saying: ’’Greetings mother.’’

The smile on Kang Yi's face became even more pronounced, as she quickly helped them up, repeatedly saying: ’’Quickly get up. You are all very good children. In the future, we will be a family. There is no need for all of these formalities.’’ After saying this, she looked at Feng Yu Heng and held her hand, saying: ’’A-Heng, do not blame Ru Jia. She was truly spoiled silly by her uncle emperor. As I see it, this is also good. This will allow her to understand sooner that being in Da Shun is unlike being in Qian Zhou. She made the mistake today at home, but if there comes a day where she makes this mistake in the palace, we would not be as fortunate as today. Mother will apologize to you on Ru Jia's behalf. If you have any problems, please come and tell mother about them. If mother is able to help, I will definitely support you?’’

Kang Yi's words were very elegant and graceful, and even the matriarch had to nod. She sighed and thought that this truly was the eldest princess of Qian Zhou. Her own daughter had been beaten to that degree, yet she was still able to put on a smile after a short period of time. This sort of ability was not something a normal person had.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Kang Yi's decent expression and did not mention the matter from earlier. Instead, she changed the topic: ’’If mother says this, then I truly have thought of something.’’

Kang Yi smiled and said: ’’Speak.’’

Feng Yu Heng said: ’’I have taken an interest in the Liang Xin pavilion that is not too far from Tian Xiang courtyard. I was going to find an opportunity after the wedding to mention it to grandmother to see if I could move into to Liang Xin courtyard. Since mother has said it, A-Heng will ask mother to support me!’’

Kang Yi had truly been worried that she would make a request. Now that she heard that she just wanted a courtyard in the Feng manor, she could not help but secretly let out a sigh of relief, ’’Alright, mother will promise you.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded then looked at the matriarch, ’’Now that mother is able to handle the family's matters, grandmother will be able to enjoy a little more free time.’’

The matriarch was unhappy, but it was not because she did not not want to give Feng Yu Heng a courtyard. She had originally planned to tidy up a courtyard in the Feng manor for Feng Yu Heng to live in. After all, she was a daughter that had not yet married. With such a distinguished status, regardless of how one looked at it, the Feng family could not treat her poorly.

But that was only if she was the one doing it. Now that it was Kang Yi giving her this, did it not make it clear that she was sharing her power?

Seeing that the matriarch's expression became ugly, Kang Yi quickly coaxed her, saying: ’’Mother, please show some understanding for daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law is hoping to repair relations with A-Heng. Please see this as a costless favor to daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law definitely will not forget mother's grace. As for the larger matters of the manor, daughter-in-law is just a foreigner. How could I understand the rules of Da Shun. I will be unable to manage them.’’

Hearing her say this, the matriarch's heart finally felt at ease. Nodding, she said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’You are a child of the Feng family. You should have a courtyard of your own to live in. Although Liu courtyard is also available, it is a bit too shabby. Liang Xin pavilion is quite good, and it is on slightly higher ground. There is even a three-story tower inside. It is best for seeing the sights. It is very suitable for you to live in.’’

Liang Xin pavilion did indeed have a three-story tower, and this was what Feng Yu Heng had become interested in. First, it was a higher place, and second, she wanted to convert this tower into a pharmacy. It would be more convenient to use.

’’But...’’ The matriarch was troubled and said, ’’There has never been anyone to live in Liang Xin courtyard. Cleaning it up is easy to handle, but the furniture... normally, the manor's young miss should receive money to furnish their courtyard, but the treasury has no money!’’ Saying this, she glanced around the room, and some anger appeared on her face.

How could Kang Yi not understand that this was a problem that she had caused, thus she quickly said: ’’Husband did this for daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law understands. Mother, please do not worry. Husband treated Kang Yi well, thus Kang Yi will definitely do my best to make considerations for our Feng family. A few days ago, daughter-in-law already sent a letter to my imperial brother. Thinking about it, the special envoy should already be on his way. Taking care of furnishing A-Heng's courtyard will naturally be left to daughter-in-law. Mother, please be at ease. As for Shu Ya courtyard, I will also provide some things. Mother, think about it for the next few days and think about what you would like to procure.’’

Hearing Kang Yi say this, the matriarch also calmed down. Thinking about it, this was also the case. As the eldest princess of a foreign a foreign country, the dowry coming from Qian Zhou definitely would not be shabby. It seemed that Kang Yi was a reasonable person. Along with her daughter, the two would be living in Da Shun. Without any support, if they wanted to establish themselves in Da Shun, they had to first set up in the Feng family. If they wanted to establish themselves in the Feng family, they would definitely need to bribe this matriarch.

A smile appeared on the matriarch's face, as she said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Then we will do it as your mother said. It is no longer early. Let's no continue to sit in this room. Xia Chan’’ She called the servant that was to the side, ’’Take good care of the madam. In a while, call in the woman in charge of taking care of the new wife. The rules of Da Shun still need to be observed.’’

Xia Chan said: ’’Yes! Elder madam, please do not worry. This servant will definitely take care of things here.’’

Only then did the matriarch feel satisfied and take everyone out of the room. Seeing Feng Yu Heng walk at her side, she thought a little then said: ’’You did quite well to make an initial show of force. Although her marrying over is good for your father's career, she still needs to be a little more restrained in the manor. She cannot continue to view herself as a foreign princess. In another two years, I fear that she will be unable to continue living in the manor.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’Without mentioning other matters, I fear that grandmother will need to hand over your duties.’’ She said this then increased her pace and headed towards the front yard.

The matriarch stopped moving. Upon thinking of her duties, she immediately began to feel sorrowful;however, Feng Yu Heng was correct. With a head wife entering the manor, as the elder madam, it was unreasonable for her to continue taking care of these things.

At this time, the banquet was in full swing. Feng Jin Yuan accompanied the guests and drank. With this, he ended up drinking quite a bit. But the princes did not want to drink like this. The second, fourth and fifth princes had already left, while the eldest prince was waiting for the imperial physician to check on Ru Jia's injuries. After they were checked, he would be leaving with Ru Jia. As for the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, he sat down at a pavilion slightly further away from the banquet with his attendant. From time to time, he would look at Feng Jin Yuan, and it looked as though he was waiting for him to finish with his business before saying a few things to him.

When Feng Yu Heng returned, she looked at Xuan Tian Ye from far away and thought a little. She casually picked up a plate of fruit from the table and walked towards the pavilion.

Xuan Tian Ye pavilion.

Xuan Tian Ye watched her walk towards him, and his right eyebrow twitched uncontrollably a couple times. Out of every time that he had spoken with Feng Yu Heng, he had not come out victorious even once. Now that this girl was taking the initiative to come speak with him, Xuan Tian Ye could not help but begin to speculate, what exactly did she want?

Before he could understand fully, she had already arrived. With clothes made of refined cloud silk and the golden phoenix hairpin in her hair adding to Feng Yu Heng's clever aura, it gave off the feeling of her having an even higher status than he. Da Shun did not have any princesses, but even if there were, perhaps they could not hold down this county princess!

’’Your Highness is quite aesthetic, running over here to hide and relax.’’ She arrived at the pavilion and immediately said: A-Heng saw you sitting here alone, and you looked quite lonely, thus I came over to give you a plate of fruit. Treat it as something to quench your thirst.’’

She did not walk too close, and she did not personally place the fruit on the table. Instead, she reached out and handed it to the attendant.

The attendant did not think much of it, after all, he was a servant. This was something that he did quite often;however, he did not think that before he could receive it, Feng Yu Heng would suddenly let go. The entire plate of fruit immediately fell to the ground.

Fruits and melons rolled all over, and the plate had shattered into many pieces, but the pieces of the plate were quite concentrated. Each of them landed between the two of them.

Feng Yu Heng became furious ’’Impudent servant! This county princess brought your master a plate of fruit in goodwill, yet you actually dare to toss it away? What sort of crime is this?’’

This shout was truly frightening. Not only was it shrill, it was filled with anger and force. The attendant had been with Xuan Tian Ye for a long time, so he was a little immune to the gloomy expressions of others;however, for some reason, when he saw Feng Yu Heng's angry gaze, he could not stop himself from being shocked. His mind was immediately thrown into a panic, as he did not know what he should do.

Feng Yu Heng added: ’’Shitty servant, kneel!’’

Once this was said, Huang Quan immediately circled around him and kicked at his knees. A sturdy man roughly 7 feet tall dropped to his knees from the kick.

What was most unfortunate was that the attendant had kneeled on the broken shards of the plate. Blood immediately seeped from his knees.

Not only this, in the instant that he kneeled, he felt that aside from the broken plate, there seemed to be needles. There were many sticking straight up, and they all entered his knees. The pain nearly caused him to bite off his own tongue.


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