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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 322


Chapter 322

I Gave You Face, But You Want Trouble

Feng Jin Yuan was already standing side by side with Kang Yi when she came out. In truth, based on their looks, the two were very compatible. Feng Jin Yuan was extremely handsome. Although he turned 40 this year, he did not look to be older than his early 30s. This in addition to being elegant and having a noble air from being a prime minister for many years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a beautiful man. But based solely on Chen shi's appearance, how could Chen Yu have been born with such beauty.

Seeing his four daughters come forward, it would be nonsense to say that Feng Jin Yuan did not feel proud in this instant. Although he was a little estranged from Feng Yu Heng, that was just a familial matter. How many people on the outside would know about it? To the outsiders, the famous county princess Ji An was his second daughter. The most beautiful girl in the capital, Feng Chen Yu, was his eldest daughter. This was definitely a reason for someone to feel proud.

Moreover, just as the four children walked forward, another person also came forward from the other side. It was none other than Ru Jia, who had entered the manor with Kang Yi.

Feng Jin Yuan felt even more moved. Take a look! Right now, even the princess of a foreign country had to call her father. Looking around the entirety of Da Shun, who else could say that they were able to marry a foreign princess?

With this joy, he helped Kang Yi sit down and prepared to receive his children's salute.

After it stopped snowing, the sky also began to clear up. Just as the five girls kneeled in unison, a light just happened to shine down. Coincidentally, it illuminated the golden hairpin in Feng Yu Heng's hair.

Kang Yi felt that it was a little too blinding and subconsciously frowned;however, before Feng Yu Heng's knees reached the ground, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly shouted: ’’Stop!’’

Everyone froze, including the guests that were getting a new cup of tea, who look towards him. Kang Yi was puzzled and looked at Feng Jin Yuan in confusion;however, she saw Feng Jin Yuan suddenly stand up then almost rush over to stop Feng Yu Heng from kneeling.

At this time, aside from Feng Yu Heng, the other four were already kneeling. Ru Jia saw Feng Jin Yuan stop her and was very puzzled, asking: ’’Uncle Feng, what are you doing?’’

Kang Yi quickly scolded her: ’’You must call him father.’’

Ru Jia also knew that she had misspoken, as she quickly apologized: ’’It was Ru Jia's mistake. I hope father will pardon me.’’

But Feng Jin Yuan did not have time to worry about her. His attention was entirely focused on the golden hairpin in Feng Yu Heng's hair. The more he looked at it, the more shocked he was, and the more he looked at it, the more panicked he became.

The phoenix hairpin! She actually wore the phoenix hairpin!

It was fortunate that the sun had come out, and it was fortunate that he had seen this thing;otherwise, if he had Feng Yu Heng kneel while wearing the phoenix hairpin, would he still be permitted to live?

The number of people that recognized the phoenix hairpin was not low, but there were not very many either. For example, of the guests in attendance, aside from the princes, lords, imperial daughters and the government officials, nobody else recognized it. Nobody understood what was going on with Prime minister Feng. Why was he so shocked by the hairpin that his own daughter was wearing?

Ru Jia was even more confused, so she stood up from the ground and looked towards Feng Yu Heng's head. She was three years older than Feng Yu Heng, so she was naturally a little taller. She immediately got a good look of the golden hairpin, and her eyes could not help but light up, as she quickly said: ’’Such a beautiful golden hairpin!’’ While saying this, she reached out to touch it.

Feng Yu Heng looked at her coldly, the corners of her lips curling up into a wicked smile, as she quietly said: ’’Princess, if you dare to touch this thing, do you believe that your hand will be chopped off?’’

’’What did you say?’’ Ru Jia became angry, ’’Isn't it just some damn hairpin. It is indeed beautiful, but it is just made of gold. It cannot even compare to something made of jade. What is so mystical about it? So what if this princess touches it?’’ She did not believe it, so she continued to reach over.

But she heard Kang Yi loudly shout from the other side: ’’Ru Jia! Stop!’’

At practically the same time, Feng Chen Yu also shrieked: ’’You can't!’’

As for Feng Jin Yuan, he frankly grabbed her wrist and stopped her hand in midair.

Ru Jia became furious!

’’Let go! Father, although I am not your own daughter, I am still a princess of Qian Zhou. You cannot do this to me! In front of so many people, you are willing to favor your own daughter. How will you treat me and my mother?’’

While she was causing a stir, the matriarch, who had been sitting on the stage, understood the situation clearly, but she did not interject. That Ru Jia was still calling herself the princess of Qian Zhou. She had already entered the Feng manor, yet she still made use of her maternal family's status. This was an undesirable problem. problem. Could it be that the Feng manor would need to make offerings to her?

’’Hmph!’’ The matriarch snorted clearly and said to granny Zhao: ’’A-Heng has done well. Although a foreign princess is of the first rank, when coming to Da Shun, it is comparable to the status of a second rank county princess. This is called making an initial show of force. This will make her know that this is the Feng manor. It is not their Qian Zhou.’’

With Ru Jia causing a ruckus, Kang Yi also came forward. Taking Ru Jia's hand from Feng Jin Yuan's hand, she gently scolded her: ’’Don't speak nonsense. There are many rules in Da Shun. Where is there any room for you to speak up!’’

Ru Jia was dissatisfied and said: ’’Father is being biased!’’

’’When has your father even been biased?’’ She was also extremely vexed, ’’Whenever you have wanted something he has given it to you. Hasn't he done everything for you!’’

Ru Jia glared at her, ’’Then if I said that I wanted this golden hairpin? Would father give it to me?’’

’’That belongs to your younger sister. How could your father give it to you?’’ Kang Yi forcefully pinched Ru Jia's wrist, ’’There is definitely a reason for the matter today. Just wait for your father to finish speaking!’’

Feng Jin Yuan quickly explained: ’’Ru Jia, this is something bestowed by the Emperor, and you absolutely must not touch it!’’

The words bestowed by the Emperor made it clear that this was something very valuable. But Ru Jia still did not understand ’’So what if it was bestowed by the Emperor? Could it be that it cannot be shared between sisters?’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at her with a smile and nodded, ’’It cannot.’’

’’You...’’ She knew that this county princess was hard to talk to;however, she never thought that she would be this hard to talk to. Did this person have any worldly wisdom? To speak so directly, did she not fear offending others?

How could she know that Feng Yu Heng truly did not fear offending others, especially people like Ru Jia, who would be contrarian regardless of the situation. Since that was the case, why bother with being polite!

Seeing that Ru Jia was unwilling to relent, even the most even-keeled Xiang Rong was a little irritated, and she could not help but teach her: ’’The hairpin that second sister is wearing is called the golden phoenix hairpin. Up to this point, it was a treasure worn by the Empresses of Da Shun.’’

’’The Empress?’’ Ru Jia looked as though she had heard the funniest joke ever, ’’Isn't her future husband a cripple? I heard that he isn't even able to have children. How could such a person become the Emperor? What sort of joke is this.’’

With these words, these words, the entire scene fell silent in shock. The atmosphere froze, and some people even forgot to breathe. All that remained was horror.

She insulted Xuan Tian Ming in public? Had this princess from Qian Zhou grown tired of living? Although Xuan Tian Ming had not personally come today, apparently county princess Ji An's temper was exactly the same as the ninth prince's!

While everyone was thinking, they saw the county princess, wearing her refined cloud silk dress and golden phoenix hairpin, suddenly raise her hand and begin slapping Ru Jia's face without saying a word. ’’Smack, smack, smack, smack’’ as four slaps hit her. The speed was so quick that people could not see what happened and could only hear the sounds. Even for eldest princess Kang Yi, even if she wanted to protect her, she would not have made it in time. She could only watch as her own daughter was slapped four times.

Kang Yi was stunned silly. What sort of day was today? Even if Ru Jia had made a mistake with what she had said, there were elders here. How could Feng Yu Heng be so arrogant?

She was eager to protect her daughter and wanted to say something;however, she found that the four slaps, Ru Jia's face had swollen to look like she had two steamed buns on her face. Blood dripped from the corners of her mouth past her chin and had reached the base of her neck.

She clearly did not think that Feng Yu Heng had used much strength, yet four slaps had rendered her daughter like this. She had no time to analyze who was right and who was wrong, as she was left with a single question for herself ’’How strong is county princess Ji An?’’

How could she know that Feng Yu Heng was capable of raising a 186 jin Hou Yi bow with one hand. Not only was she able to raise it, she was able to shoot ten arrows at once with it. When hitting Ru Jia, even though it looked like she had not used any strength, it was still enough to cause blood to seep from her mouth.

Ru Jia had been beaten to the point where she could not speak. Her mouth was swelled shut. If it were not for a servant helping hold her up, perhaps she would have already fallen to the ground.

But Feng Yu Heng apparently did not seem satisfied, as she reached a hand into her sleeve and pulled out a whip.

Upon seeing this situation, Feng Jin Yuan knew that something bad was about to happen, as he quickly said in fright: ’’You can't hit her. You must not hit her!’’

However, his words did not have any effect. In life, Feng Yu Heng hated two things the most. First the most. First was people like the Chen family that tried to harm Zi Rui. The other was people speaking poorly of Xuan Tian Ming.

F*k, she did not fear opposition. When it came to fighting with real swords and spears on the battlefield, if someone was able to beat and kill Xuan Tian Ming, that just meant that he had been lax with his training. This sort of gossipy woman was the most disgusting. She had absolutely no abilities, yet she had a mouth that did not even have a filter. She was willing to say anything.

Did this Ru Jia not have a long tongue? She dared to slap her until that tongue could not be stuck out!

If a person's skin was not tight, were they not worthless? Then she would whip her until her skin and flesh bloomed with blood!

Once the whip was in her hand, she immediately lashed out, and nobody was faster than her. In the blink of an eye, a bloody cut appeared on Ru Jia's wrist.

This was not the end, as a second time, a third time, a fourth... in the end, she had been whipped eight times. By the end, Ru Jia was rolling around on the ground, and Kang Yi was wailing loudly. Only then did she stop and hand the whip to Huang Quan, coldly saying: ’’Clean this for this county princess. Keep it for future use.’’

This whipping had caused practically everyone's souls to leak out. Many people understood that county princess Ji An and his Highness Prince Yu's tempers, but the number of people that had seen Xuan Tian Ming lash out was high, and not many had seen Feng Yu Heng lash out. The scene today allowed everyone to witness it. County princess Ji An did not just have the same temper as his Highness Prince Yu. She was even more fierce!

Seeing that she finally stopped, Kang Yi finally rushed to Ru Jia's side. But the daughter before her caused her to truly not know what she should do. Her face was swollen like a pig, and her body was bloody, as though someone had skinned her. The thick Winter coat had become torn, and the skin and flesh inside could be seen.

Even if her mind could remain calm, and she had the ability to support her younger brother to the position of ruler, she had completely broken down. She looked at Feng Yu Heng with a gaze as though she was looking at an enemy. Her eyes shot out a fierce fire, and her fists were clenched tightly. Her entire being was like a leopard, saving up energy to pounce and fight with Feng Yu Heng.

However, they heard Feng Jin Yuan say with some relief: ’’It's okay. It's okay. We were fortunate!’’


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