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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 320


Chapter 320

Why Has Second Young Miss Still Not Come?

The day of Feng Jin Yuan and Kang Yi's wedding, it was exceptionally cold. It was clearly the end of the first month, yet it still snowed heavily.

Everyone said that this was the heavens bringing great joy to the eldest princess of Qian Zhou because Qian Zhou had been covered in ice and snow for over 1000 years. This sort of heavy snowfall was considered a blessing for Kang Yi.

First thing in the morning, the matriarch prayed for good fortune and lit some incense. From the moment that she opened her eyes, her right eyelid twitched endlessly. This caused others to also feel uneasy. She just hoped that the day's celebration could be completed successfully. It would be best if nothing went wrong.

Feng Jin Yuan had slept in his bedroom in Pine courtyard the night before. He woke up early then washed up and got dressed with the help of his servants. Putting on his wedding clothes, he got ready to pick her up from the imperial palace.

Because Kang Yi's home was far away in Qian Zhou, the Emperor allowed her to depart from the imperial palace. With a foreign princess coming to Da Shun, they could only treat her situation similar to that of an imperial daughter. Even in such a case, it was already the highest glory possible for a foreign princess.

Feng Jin Yuan was clear-headed and refreshed. He felt even better than the time he had married Yao shi. The male servant that took care of him was very good with words: ’’After master's wedding, there will be an even grander celebration. I trust that after the eldest princess enters the manor, she will be able to very quickly give birth to a chubby young boy. At that time, the manor will become even more lively.’’

Feng Jin yuan smiled and patted him on the head, ’’You really are sharp.’’

’’That's right, master.’’ The servant told Feng Jin Yuan: ’’The eldest young miss came early this morning. At that time, master still had not gotten up, so eldest young miss is waiting in the hall. Will master be going over to see her, or should she be called in?’’

Feng Jin Yuan pondered a little, ’’Have her come in.’’

The servant went out and returned with Feng Chen Yu not long later. Feng Jin Yuan was wearing a red wedding outfit and was seated in a chair in the outer room of his bedroom. Looking at Chen Yu with a smile, he allowed Chen Yu to feel a bit of kindness from this scene.

It had been a long time since Feng Jin Yuan had looked at her with such a smile, which caused her to feel dazed for a moment, as she felt that he had returned to being the father that had placed all of his efforts into raising her from a few years ago. But in the blink of an eye, the red clothes reminded her once more that things were different now. Today, her father would be marrying the eldest princess from a foreign country, and she... ’’Father.’’ Chen Yu called out then went to salute, ’’Daughter congratulates on your wedding.’’

Feng Jin Yuan laughed, ’’Father heard that you came early this morning. Is something the matter?’’

Chen Yu nodded then took a few more steps forward. Arriving before Feng Jin Yuan, she handed over something in her hand: ’’Daughter knows that father took plenty of money from the treasury to provide furniture for the eldest princess. The wedding today will be another large expense. This can be considered daughter being filial to father.’’

Feng Jin Yuan received the thing from her hand and look. It was actually four banknotes, with each one being worth 5000 taels for a total of 20 thousand taels.

He was very surprised: ’’You really still had money?’’

Chen Yu said: ’’That was all that remained, but I did keep some smaller denominations for use. A few days ago, I gave grandmother ten thousand taels, and this 20 thousand will be given to father. After this, daughter truly will not have anything left.’’

’’Really?’’ Feng Jin Yuan was a little hesitant to believe her.

Chen Yu told him: ’’The Chen family met with trouble suddenly, so daughter was completely caught off guard. Being able to have this bit is already the limit.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Jin Yuan nodded. The Chen family had indeed run into sudden trouble. Chen Yu not being able to make preparations ahead of time is also normal. ’’The expenses for today are indeed quite high. Father will keep your consideration in mind. Don't worry, the eldest princess also said before that she definitely would not neglect your future.’’

Chen Yu was waiting for this, as she kneeled on the ground: ’’Daughter has a pure body and hopes that father and future mother will be compassionate.’’

She once again mentioned that her body was pure to inform Feng Jin Yuan that she had already been taken care of by Feng Yu Heng. Feng Jin Yuan also became a little emotional. Reaching out to pat her shoulder, he said: ’’You have been troubled. Father knows about it. Chen Yu, you are a very understanding child. When your mother marries in, this family will need you to socialize more with others.’’

’’This is something that Chen Yu should do.’’

This conversation between father and daughter saw the father receive money and the daughter receive a promise. The two laughed and walked to the front yard together. At this time, the matriarch had led everyone in the Feng family and was seated in the hall of Peony courtyard. They were just waiting for Feng Jin Yuan Yuan to arrive.

After Feng Jin Yuan entered the hall, he saluted the matriarch first then went to talk to his concubines and daughters for a while. Only after that did he happily leave. Climbing onto his tall horse, he brought along the wedding sedan and headed toward the imperial palace to receive his wife.

After he left, everyone in the Feng manor immediately began to work. They prepared the banquet and put up the decorations. Housekeeper He Zhong led the male servants that were skilled in talking and the elegant female servants to welcome the guests.

The matriarch had everyone seated in peony courtyard and repeatedly advised: ’’With the head wife entering the manor, the concubines must not go to the front yard to welcome her. In a moment, you will go wait at Tian Xiang courtyard. After they have performed the ceremony, and she has been sent to the bridal chamber, you can go in to pay respects to the head wife.’’

Han shi had an unhappy expression, and Jin Zhen appeared to be grieving. The matriarch looked at them blankly: ’’You must be clear on your own status. Could it be that you two were still hoping to become the head wife? Either way, none may go out today for business. Even if you must pretend, you will pretend for this event. Do you understand?’’

An shi took the lead and said: ’’This concubine has remembered it.’’

Han shi and Jin Zhen followed up and said: ’’This concubine has remembered it.’’

Only then did the matriarch finally nod her head in satisfaction. She then looked at her granddaughters, ’’In a while, you will come with me to the front yard.’’ Saying this, she looked at Chen Yu, ’’Un, your makeup was done very well today. It's light and beautiful, and it will not steal away the glory from the head wife. The scar on your forehead has also been hidden well... Why has A-Heng still not come?’’ After beating around the bush, she finally arrived at the most important matter. This morning, everyone had come to Peony courtyard, with only Feng Yu Heng not being there.

An shi said: ’’Tong Sheng pavilion is quite far, and it also snowed today. It's possible that second young miss is still on the way here.’’

The matriarch was dissatisfied;however, she could not say anything. She could only quietly snort then fall silent.

Very quickly, the guests began to arrive at the manor. The people from the treasury moved a table and a chair to the entrance to keep track of the wedding gifts. Regardless of what the guests were thinking, they all had flattering expressions. Even when it came to the wedding gifts, they were all quite generous. After all, Feng Jin Yuan was the court's prime minister, and he was marrying the eldest princess of Qian Zhou. Moreover, Zhou. Moreover, his daughter was county princess Ji An. Regardless of which reason, the gifts could not be too shabby.

Feng Jin Yuan's wedding was to be officiated by the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi. Xuan Tian Qi was naturally the first to arrive. After that, another few princes also arrived. They were the second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, the fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi, and the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan. As for the others, they still had not made an appearance.

After the arrival of the princes, Lord Wen Xuan arrived with Xuan Tian Ge. General Ping Nan brought Ren Xi Feng, and prime minister Fung arrived with Fung Tian Yu. Craftsman Bai also arrived with Bai Fu Rong.

With princes, lords and imperial daughters arriving, the matriarch naturally had to go out and greet them, bringing along the group of young misses with her. For a while, the Feng manor had become extremely lively.

But Feng Yu Heng still had not arrived. The matriarch's right eyelid began to twitch once more, as she felt that something bad was about to happen. Her heart was filled with panic. Looking around, she found that Princess Wen Xuan had not come, and she could not help but ask granny Zhao: ’’Have you heard why Princess Wen Xuan did not come?’’

Granny Zhao said: ’’This old servant has already asked. They said that Princess Wen Xuan indeed came with the Lord, but after getting out of the carriage, she went to the county princess' manor. This old servant was thinking, princess has a good relationship with Yao shi. Perhaps she was worried that Yao shi would be feeling unhappy, so she went over to chat.’’

The matriarch silently snorted, ’’If she did not insist on a mutual divorce with Jin Yuan, what unhappiness would she be feeling today.’’

Just as she said this, He Zhong trotted over and said with a smile: ’’Reporting to elder madam, master and the wedding sedan have already arrived at the entrance. Quickly go sit in the front hall to wait for the new madam to kowtow and pay respects to you!’’

Upon hearing that they had returned this quickly, the matriarch hurried granny Zhao: ’’Quickly, help me over to the front hall.’’

Just after the matriarch sat down in the hall, Feng Jin Yuan entered the manor with his new wife.

Kang Yi wore a set of red wedding clothes that had a phoenix sewn on it with golden thread. It appeared to be magnanimous and luxurious, and it suited her status as the eldest princess of a foreign country well. Looking at the bridal veil on her head, it appeared to have been made of moon palace silk, and it was a bit lighter in color than the wedding clothes;however, it had a different kind of elegance.

Not all of elegance.

Not all of the people that had come to attend this ceremony had all been to the imperial palace. For them, this was their first time seeing moon palace silk, and they could not help but feel amazed and hail it as the best.

The matriarch watched the two wind their way through the front yard and walk toward the hall, as she also began to feel a little emotional. At the time of Feng Jin Yuan's first wedding, he had just ranked first in the exam, and she had just moved in from the old home. The Feng family was definitely a newcomer to the capital. Without any roots or power, they did not even have any time to tidy up the manor that the Emperor had awarded him. As for the Yao family, it was a prosperous family in the capital;however, they said that the daughter of a doctor was unworthy of a scholarly government official. But the Feng family understood that by being able to marry Yao Qian Rou, the Feng family would truly be able to establish a foothold in the capital.

That was why, for the first wedding, the Feng family's glory had been stolen away by the Yao family. Almost all of the guests had come for the Yao family. The government officials that had come did not even pay any attention to the mother of a scholar.

But today was different. Even though the Feng family's roots were not deep, they could not be compared to the time from 20 years ago. Moreover, Feng Jin Yuan had now been the prime minister for many years. He was no longer the same reckless youngster. Even though Kang Yi was the eldest princess of Qian Zhou, and even though she had a moon silk bridal veil, she was only making the Feng family look even better. It would not play a major role.

Hearing everyone's surprise, the matriarch's mood improved greatly. Her right eyelid stopped twitched, and she was able to put a smile on her face. Especially when she saw her son's heartfelt smile, it was as though she could see the Feng family's bright future. Only with Feng Jin Yuan and the head wife being happy could the manor remain peaceful!

She smiled and counted their footsteps. She estimated that they would arrive in the front hall within five steps, so she had granny Zhao help her adjust her posture in her chair, as she waited for the two to enter and perform the marriage ceremony.

But she did not think that at this time, the sound of shock in the crowd would suddenly grew louder. It was as though the calm sea had suddenly begun surging, as everyone let out an ’’ah’’ sound. Everyone then fell silent, as they looked in surprise in a certain direction.


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