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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 314


Chapter 314

Held Back for a Small Meeting

On the tenth, Han shi and Fen Dai also went to pay respects in the morning and evening. Because of Feng Jin Yuan and Kang Yi's marriage being set in stone, the matriarch chose this day to announce it to everyone in the Feng family.

Although everyone already understood, guesses were one thing, while hearing it directly from the matriarch was another. Han shi and Fen Dai's faces immediately collapsed. Jin Zhen once again lifted her handkerchief to wipe away tears.

Fen Dai was annoyed with Jin Zhen's appearance with wiping away tears, so she could not help but sarcastically say: ’’Aren't you quite fierce? Coaxing father to visit your Ru Yi courtyard every day, so why do you not have that ability now that you're against an eldest princess? Ever since that eldest princess entered the manor, father hasn't gone to your courtyard even once, right?’’

Jin Zhen gritted her teeth. With her eyes red, she felt wronged even more.

The matriarch already disliked Fen Dai, so how could she tolerate hearing such things. She could not help but quietly snort and say: ’’Eldest princess entering the manor and whether a concubine is favored or not are two different matters! She has come to be the head wife. If you have the ability, you can continue to try and earn his favor.’’

’’But why does she get to become the head wife?’’

The matriarch looked at Fen Dai with a gaze that was filled with incredulity: ’’Could it be that you feel that the family's concubines can be promoted to the position of head wife?’’

Fen Dai glanced at Chen Yu then coldly said: ’’It's not like it hasn't happened before.’’

’’Idiot!’’ The matriarch trembled with anger, ’’The Chen family is a proper family. What sort of background does your concubine mother have? Are you not clear on that matter?’’

This was clearly a personal attack, thus after Jin Zhen wiped away her tears, Han shi also began to cry. Her cries were unlike Jin Zhen's. With Jin Zhen, it only rained, but there was no thunder. Han shi's cries could be considered very awkward.

The matriarch was frightened and quickly scolded: ’’The manor is celebrating a joyous matter. What are you crying for? If you injure the Feng family's child in your belly, I will humiliate you!’’

This caused Han shi to freeze with fear. Sobbing, she finally managed to stop herself. The matriarch then said: ’’I know that you will have a hard time accepting this for a while. It's fine if you feel uncomfortable on the inside, but you must appear to be happy! Remember your own statuses. I have never heard of a man needing to worry about what a concubine says when looking for a wife.’’

Fen Dai was unwilling to accept it and said: ’’What if the eldest princess has ulterior motives?’’

’’What sort of ulterior motives could she have?’’ The matriarch glared at Fen Dai and said: ’’That is a foreign country's princess. In terms of wealth, she has more than we do. In terms of support, she has a better one. What intentions could she have? As for you, you must think carefully. With this sort of first wife, your future will be much better than it was with Chen shi!’’

Once this was said, Chen Yu's face immediately sank a little, but she managed to recover almost immediately. Instead, she helped the matriarch help console Fen Dai: ’’Grandmother is right. Our future marriages will rely on our family for support. Fourth sister must think a little about this reasoning. Even if concubine mother was able to ascend to that position, our future marriages definitely could not be as good as with a foreign country's eldest princess taking care of them.’’

She had specifically analyzed this problem based on her own interests. Only Fen Dai continued to worry about herself. Chen Yu's words had struck at her sore spot. Thinking that there was most likely no more hope with the fifth prince, her future would rely on what her family said. If the person who ascended to that spot was Han shi, based on Han shi's connections, what sort of nice family would she be able to find.

Thinking like this, she was no longer as unwilling. Either way, she put on a smile and asked the matriarch: ’’Then when will the marriage be held?’’

The matriarch saw that Chen Yu's words were effective, so she could not help but look at Chen Yu and nod. She then replied to Fen Dai: ’’It will be the 28th of the first month. In the coming days, the manor will prepare a new set of clothing for you, so you will be wearing more celebratory clothes. With a new head wife entering the manor, you must not cause any damage to the Feng family's face.’’

Everyone nodded, and Chen Yu took the lead, saying: ’’Grandmother, please do not worry. Us granddaughters will definitely perform our duties. We definitely will not trouble father.’’

An shi also said: ’’With a new head wife entering the manor, we must first clean out a courtyard. This will keep us from becoming too busy later on.’’

The matriarch was very satisfied with An shi's attitude, and she could not help but say: ’’This is a very good look. The manor has not had a head wife for a few months. You are all accustomed to each other, but you will need to pay a little more attention. We cannot be lacking in etiquette. Otherwise, it will not just be the Feng family's face that will be lost. It will be Da Shun's face.’’

Fen Dai glanced at Han shi and frowned, saying: ’’It seems that the eldest princess is kind, but her status at that time was different. After she has become the the head wife, who knows if she will accept the child in concubine mother's belly.’’

These words reminded the matriarch. Although she agreed with bringing Kang Yi into the manor because of the pros and cons presented by Feng Jin Yuan, that decision was made entirely on the pros and cons. In truth, she still had some criticisms of Kang Yi after their few interactions. Although it did not seem like what Fen Dai mentioned would happen, the mind to protect oneself could not be lacking. She could not allow herself to lower her guard.

Seeing that the matriarch was thinking about this matter, Feng Yu Heng faintly spoke up, saying: ’’Then just have eldest princess Kang Yi personally take care of concubine mother Han's pregnancy. What does grandmother think about it?’’

The matriarch's eyes lit up. This was a good idea! It would be easier to take action with others keeping watch. If she had her personally taking care of her, any problem would fall under Kang Yi's responsibility. In that situation, she would need to carefully watch over Han shi's belly. She would absolutely need to be careful and ensure that this child would be able to be born safely.

’’Good!’’ The matriarch nodded repeatedly, ’’We will do as A-Heng said. We will have her personally watch over the Feng family's child. Only this will be the safest option.’’

Everyone felt that this was a very good idea. Fen Dai nodded and did not say anything else.

After everyone left, the matriarch kept Feng Yu Heng alone back. She had Feng Yu Heng sit at her side, as she spoke sincerely: ’’Your father made this decision very suddenly. There are some things that I will advise you of.’’

Feng Yu Heng poured a cup of tea for the matriarch and smiled, saying: ’’It's not sudden. It was noticeable on the second.’’

The matriarch was a little embarrassed, as she opened her mouth a few times;however, she was unable to say the nice words that she had clearly planned to say. This second granddaughter was like this. There were times that the more she smiled, the more prepared she was because there were definitely knives hidden behind that smile. Who knew when they would fly out and hurt someone.

Seeing that she was unable to speak, Feng Yu Heng took the initiative to slowly say: ’’There is no need for grandmother to worry. The servants from Tong Sheng pavilion have already been recalled. Since eldest princess will be our family's head wife, there will definitely be more stable servants to take care of her. There will be no need for people from my side.’’

The matriarch had truly wanted for her to pull her maidservants back. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng had already pulled them back, she let out a sigh of relief: ’’Good, good. It truly is A-Heng that is sensible. Hah, speaking of this matter, grandmother is grandmother is also troubled. Although I did not agree at the start, your father said that if the situation in the court is not clear, each house will continuously strive for their own benefit. The Feng family was already an outside family, and it has been in the capital for no more than 20 years. Could it be compared to the families that have been here for 100 years. THat's why your father actually decided to bring in eldest princess Kang Yi. Otherwise, bringing her into the manor, in any case, she had the whole of Qian Zhou at her back.’’

The matriarch felt that she had done a very good job of analyzing the situation, and she was very pleased with herself. Feng Yu Heng saw this and felt that it was funny, as she reminded her: ’’Grandmother has never thought that the success of this depends on Kang Yi? Since the Feng family will be using Qian Zhou as a mountain to lean on, that would mean the Emperor would be on guard against the Feng family at all times.’’

’’Hm?’’ The matriarch was puzzled, ’’What do you mean? We are bringing Kang Yi into the manor. It is a meritorious service to Da Shun. Otherwise, allowing Qian Zhou and Gu Shu to be joined through political marriage would place Da Shun between the two.’’ This was the reasoning that Feng Jin Yuan had provided her yesterday. She believed it to be very reasonable.

But she never thought that Feng Yu Heng would actually tell her: ’’Everything has two sides. The Emperor will also be thinking. At the start, it would be the Feng family that had handled this emergency;however, it is hard to avoid that the relationship between father and eldest princess will improve. If the prime minister of Da Shun favored an outsider, the Emperor definitely would not be happy.’’

’’Not possible! Absolutely impossible!’’ The matriarch repeatedly waved her hand, ’’Your father is always thinking about Da Shun. Him marrying Kang Yi is relieving Da Shun of a burden. It is increasing the Feng family's standing. Once there is any conflict with the country of Da Shun, based on your father, the first to be thrown out would be Kang Yi!’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled, ’’It would be good if that's the case.’’

The matriarch took a deep breath then said to her: ’’A-Heng, Bu Cong has now returned to the capital. He will definitely cause trouble for your father. We must make preparations to protect ourselves. Bringing Kang Yi into the manor is one extra matter. Besides, with a person of such a standing entering the manor, you children will also see an increase in glory.’’

’’Hehe.’’ Feng Yu Heng helplessly laughed, ’’A-Heng's glory is all from father Emperor. Does grandmother feel that the eldest princess will be able to bring me more glory than the current Emperor?’’

Of course, the matriarch did not matriarch did not dare say that Kang Yi was more important than the Emperor. She could only agree with what she said then emphasize once more: ’’Either way, this sort of head wife will be an increase in face, and you will be better off than the daughters of the other families in the capital. A-Heng, in the end, you are still a member of the Feng family. Only with the Feng family prospering can you prosper.’’

’’Is that the case?’’ Feng Yu Heng revealed some shock, ’’I always thought that only with the Yao family could I prosper.’’

The matriarch immediately caused a fuss, saying with some anger: ’’What does it matter if the relatives on your mother's side are doing well? Your surname is Feng!’’

’’That's not right!’’ She stood up and asked in confusion: ’’Since I should not care whether the relatives on my mother's side are doing well or not, then why were we chased to the mountains in the Northwest when something happened to the Yao family? Am I not a member of the Feng family?’’

’’This...’’ The matriarch was immediately silenced. While carrying a rock, she had dropped it on her own foot, and she did not dare cry out in pain. That feeling was extremely painful.

’’Okay!’’ Feng Yu Heng smiled sweetly, ’’Don't worry, grandmother. A-Heng will properly welcome the new head wife into the Feng manor.’’ It seemed that she had made a promise. Bowing and saluting to the matriarch, she added: ’’Either way, I don't live in this manor.’’

The matriarch nearly fainted.

Only after Feng Yu Heng left Shu Ya courtyard did granny Zhao manage to react and quickly help pat the matriarch on the back. While helping her, she said: ’’It was this old servant's fault that elder madam spoke that much with second young miss.’’

The matriarch sighed and said: ’’Do you think I wanted to talk to her? But she indeed needed to be reminded that she absolutely must not fight directly with Kang Yi. Second, it was Jin Yuan that wanted to me see A-Heng's thoughts on the matter.’’

’’So it was like that.’’ The old granny pondered for a while then nodded: ’’Presently, second young miss is not just a county princess. She will also be helping Da Shun produce steel. Last time, I heard master say that the people in the court are respectful of second young miss.’’

’’Hah!’’ The matriarch shook her head. She understood these things, and that was why she worried even more. Feng Yu Heng and Kang Yi clearly did not get along;however, she did not know how long Kang Yi would be able to remain magnanimous. Once she was no longer able to remain magnanimous, wouldn't the Feng manor awaken to a massive disturbance?’’

As she was worrying, a servant quickly ran in from the yard. With happiness on her face, she loudly said: ’’Congratulations elder madam! There is good news!’’


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