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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 310


Chapter 310

How Did I End Up With Such a Father

Feng Yu Heng's small face turned red instantly. The smell of rosin coming from Xuan Tian Ming was the smell that she liked the most. Speaking truthfully, she did not really want to get up.

But damn it, she heard Bai Ze let out a ’’pft’’ sound and begin laughing. This laughed caused her to blush all the way to the base of her ears.

Struggling to get out of Xuan Tian Ming's embrace, she turned her head to look in the direction of the earlier ’’boom’’ sound and found that someone was setting off fireworks. Filling the sky with splendor, it was similar to the night of new year's eve at Tong Sheng pavilion. It was so beautiful that it caused her to forget that she wanted to settle her debts with Bai Ze. Bouncing around, she hopped out of the carriage to watch the spectacle.

Xuan Tian Ming ordered the attending servants: ’’Go buy some colorful lanterns and bring them over.’’

The servants left and returned with many lanterns after a short while. There were some in the shape of a rabbit and some in the shape of lotus flowers, and they brought two tanghulu. Smiling brightly, Feng Yu Heng leaned close and watched Xuan Tian Ming hand over the tanghulu, ’’Eat all of them.’’

She did not want to, ’’There are two. It's perfect for us to have one each.’’

’’This prince does not want to eat such things.’’

’’You don't dare to, right?’’

’’What is there to fear when eating a tanghulu?’’

’’Then eat one for me to see!’’

’’...’’ Xuan Tian Ming was speechless.

The two chatted happily back and forth in the carriage. Becuase the curtains of the carriage had been opened, some of the people outside would peek inside the imperial carriage out of curiosity. When they saw Xuan Tian Ming sitting in his wheelchair with his golden mask, they would sigh for the girl at his side. But others noticed would be surprised by the purple lotus flower between his eyebrows. Some recognized them and quietly say: ’’That's his Highness the ninth prince and county princess Ji An!’’

Thus the number of onlookers increased.

There was nothing Bai Ze could do, so he decided to send people to buy lanterns for these kind citizens. He then hastily had the carriage increase its pace forward until they arrived in front of a restaurant.

’’Princess.’’ Bai Ze turned around and called her: ’’I see prime minister Feng.’’

Feng Yu Heng frowned slightly and looked in the direction that Bai Ze had pointed. Sure enough, she saw Feng Jin Yuan walking side by side with Kang Yi. At their side was Ru Jia. Looking at them, they appeared to be a family of three strolling the streets. They were as happy as could be.

She smiled bitterly, ’’Outsiders are all better than the ones he is related to.’’

Xuan Tian Ming reminded her: ’’Because the outsiders are of the same mind as him.’’

’’That's also true.’’ Thinking like this, she was not as dejected, ’’We were already not on the same path. How could there be too much expectation. I am only thinking about the day where I can tear away his face. He had best not force me to act too severely. After all, he is still Zi Rui's father. I don't want to leave my younger brother with a bad impression.’’

Xuan Tian Ming, however, said: ’’As I see it, your younger brother seems to be more mature than you are. How could a child taught personally by imperial tutor Ye Rong become delicate. Look at my family's old man, and you will know.’’

Feng Yu Heng put on an embarrassed expression.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan and his group had already walked far away. Feng Yu Heng curled up the corners of her lips. She thought of how it did not really matter to her, as she was not his real daughter anyways. But if this scene were seen by Chen Yu or Fen Dai, she did not know what sort of scene could occur.

While she was thinking, she told Huang Quan: ’’Go pick some small lanterns or things like that and buy them. I will send them to my sisters when I get back.’’

Huang Quan was puzzled, ’’Young miss, why are you sending them gifts? Aside from third young miss, the other two probably will not be grateful.’’

Feng Yu Heng said: ’’I originally had no hope of making them grateful. I was just thinking that Feng Jin Yuan definitely would not be buying anything for his daughters, so I, as the daughter of the first wife, will need to act the part.’’

Huang Quan immediately understood what she meant. Smiling, she exited the carriage and returned not long later with a pile of things.

She sat in the carriage and began to sort the gifts;however, she saw Huang Quan tug at her sleeve and quietly say: ’’Young miss, look at the second floor of the restaurant.’’

Feng Yu Heng was startled then raised her head. She just happened to see someone looking at her from the second floor's window.

The two looked at each other. One was inquisitive, and the other was ice-cold.

It was Bu Cong.

She only looked for a moment then blinked and suddenly revealed a smile. She then nodded slightly upwards. Shifting her gaze, she saw Bu Bai Qi and the Bu family matriarch sitting at the table. In order to facilitate enjoying the view of the lights, the window was opened wide, which allowed her to clearly see the three people.

Bu Bai Qi had returned to the capital on the same day as Bu Cong. Apparently, the two had met along the way, and it was quite a coincidence. At this time, Bu Bai Qi was much thinner than before he had left the capital. He was both dark and thin. Who knew how much hardship he suffered while out there. In fact, he even looked a bit older than than the Bu family matriarch.

Feng Yu Heng retracted her gaze and pondered a little then ordered Huang Quan: ’’Go into the restaurant and order some takeout. Give the shopkeeper some money and ask what the Bu family had ordered. Choose the three or four most expensive dishes and have someone return to the manor first and give it to grandmother. Just say that I am giving it out of filial piety.’’

Huang Quan complied and left the carriage. She then returned to Xuan Tian Ming's side and quietly said: ’’After this new year's celebration, I will be 13 years old. There will be two more years until I am of marriageable age. Sometimes, things really are tiring.’’

Xuan Tian Ming could not bear to see her like this the most, ’’After the new year celebration, just come back to the military camp with me. The method for producing steel is important and is waiting for you. What are you worried about the Feng manor for.’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed: ’’Steel must be produced, but the people that do not wish for me to live peacefully can't be pardoned. If they wish to cause trouble outside, then forget it;however, if they come to cause trouble under my watch, do they take the people of Da Shun to be herbivores?’’

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, ’’That's right, our Heng Heng is a carnivore. Bai Ze, go buy princess a steamed bun with meat!’’

Uh... Sure, she truly was a little hungry. She had not yet eaten dinner! But, ’’Just using a steamed bun to dismiss me is no good. I must go eat my fill at Refined Deity Building today.’’

’’Naturally.’’ Xuan Tian Ming's lips were curled into a smile. Heavens knew that he wanted this girl to grow faster. Just a little faster, and he would be able to bring her back to his palace to properly dote on her. His, Xuan Tian Ming's, wife was one that even the king of heaven could not bully.

That night, they looked at lanterns until nearly midnight before dispersing. When Feng Yu Heng returned to the manor, she heard that Feng Jin Yuan's group still had not returned. Her heart not only had some wicked thoughts, she also felt that it was not too likely. Either way, they still brought along Ru Jia. As elders, they should know some restraint.

Fortunately, Zi Rui and Yao shi had returned before she did. The servants said that they had already gone to sleep, thus she did not go and disturb them. She only asked about Yao shi's diet, and she did not hear about anything being off.

That night, she slept well. She woke up early the next morning. After eating breakfast, she took care of the gifts that she had already prepared and separated then handed them to a servant. She then headed to Shu Ya courtyard to pay respects to the matriarch.

When she arrived, Chen Yu, Xiang Rong and An shi had already arrived. Seeing Feng Yu Feng Yu Heng's servant holding a large number of pretty lanterns, they did not understand what the meaning was.

The matriarch looked at Feng Yu Heng with a smile and warmly said: ’’The food that A-Heng had brought back last night was very delicious. Thanks for remembering grandmother.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and saluted the matriarch before sitting down and saying: ’’It's shameful to say, but granddaughter also saw the Bu family's elder madam eating at the restaurant. Only then did granddaughter think of ordering some dishes for grandmother. Seeing Lord Bu, Bu Bai Qi, accompanying elder madam Bu in looking at the lanterns, granddaughter felt very dejected. I should have brought grandmother out to take a look.’’

An shi interjected and asked, ’’Lord Bu returned to the capital?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’He has returned. He returned along with Bu Cong the day before yesterday.’’

An shi sighed lightly, ’’Being able to bring his old mother out of the manor to enjoy the lanterns, Lord Bu really is a filial son.’’

’’That's right!’’ Feng Yu Heng said, ’’Lord Bu brought elder madam Bu and Bu Cong. With the three generations going out together to look at the lights, it was truly warming to see, and it truly causes one to be envious of their relations.’’

Once this was said, the matriarch felt a little embarrassed. Thinking about her son, he did not care about his own mother, and he did not bring his own children. Instead, he brought someone else and their child out to play. This caused her to feel even more unsteady.

Feng Yu Heng then added: ’’The dishes were from the restaurant that the Bu family ate in, and they were ordered as takeout. I chose the best dishes that they ordered for grandmother. It can be considered some of A-Heng's consideration.’’ After saying this, she had a servant bring the lanterns forward, handing them to Chen Yu and Xiang Rong. She then placed another gift in front of the matriarch, ’’A-Heng went out to play and thought about how my sisters were unable to go out, so I bought some lanterns for my sisters to enjoy. Grandmother, the one in front of you is for fourth sister. Would grandmother please take care of it. When fourth sister's mood is a little better and can come out of her courtyard to pay respects to grandmother, give it to her then.’’

Xiang Rong looked at the pretty lanterns and was very happy. Even Chen Yu liked them a little. Feng Yu Heng then said: ’’Although this did not cost much money, is this not a celebration of the new year. What's important is the atmosphere. Eldest sister and third sister, do not dislike it. But there should be something even better. Yesterday, A-Heng saw father on walking around yesterday. He was accompanying eldest princess Kang Yi and Princess Ru Jia in strolling around the sea of lights. How could father not think of something that A-Heng was able to think of. He think of. He will definitely buy some even better things for my sisters. We must remember to ask father for them later!’’

She said this while smiling happily. That smile was very capable of driving the atmosphere, as it was very suited to the celebratory nature of the new year. This caused Shu Ya courtyard's hall to become lively.

An shi nodded and agreed, saying: ’’That's right. Going out to enjoy the lanterns on the fifth, if the elders do not bring the younger generation out to play, they will definitely buy some things for the younger generation. This is meant to illuminate the year for the younger generation, so that they can follow the right path. Elder madam, what do you think?’’

The matriarch had not yet recovered from the earlier depression, and it was granny Zhao that reminded her: ’’Master would buy things for the young misses and young master of the manor every day.’’

Only then did she react and quickly say: ’’That's right. The lanterns on the fifth for illuminating the path forward is a big matter. Jin Yuan can forget about other things, but he will not forget about this.’’

Although her words were sour, she would not fight over her son or grandchildren. A smile appeared on her face, ’’In the past years, A-Heng has not been at home, so you may not know. Your father would also bring your sisters out for a stroll on the fifth. When they returned, they would all be holding lanterns in their hands. Even if he was extremely busy, he would make sure to buy some to bring back. He definitely would not break this custom.’’

Xiang Rong nodded too, ’’That's right, that's right. Last year, father gave Xiang Rong a small lantern in the shape of a cat. It was very pretty.’’

The people in the hall were chatting in a very lively manner. At this time, they saw Jin Zhen bring Man Xi in. Not too far behind her, Feng Jin Yuan accompanied Kang Yi and Ru Jia.

The people in the back walked while talking and laughing. Jin Zhen and Man Xi seemed very depressed by comparison. Her complexion was not good, as she quickly paid respects to the matriarch, before going to sit beside An shi. At this time, they heard Ru Jia loudly say: ’’Uncle Feng, the lantern you gave to Ru Jia was too pretty. You said that this was a custom of Da Shun, and it will illuminate the path forward for a person. Is this true?’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’Naturally, it's true. How could uncle trick you.’’

The group joked around and entered the hall. Before they could salute the matriarch, Xiang Rong received a look from Feng Yu Heng and stood up, her smiling face filled with excitement, as she said to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, you've finally come! We were waiting for you to give us lanterns!’’

However, she saw Feng Jin Yuan freeze and carelessly say: ’’Lanterns? What lanterns?’’


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