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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 308


Chapter 308

This Great One Will Seek Revenge on the Spot

She was originally unhappy with Feng Yu Heng sending ten servants to Jin Fu courtyard, but before she could express her complaints, Feng Yu Heng's sympathetic eyes caused her heart to tremble.

’’Grandmother.’’ Finally, Feng Yu Heng began to speak, but it was just this one word followed by a sigh: ’’Hah!’’

The matriarch was unable to keep waiting, ’’What exactly is wrong? A-Heng, I see that your complexion is a bit pale. Could it be that you did not sleep well?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: ’’That's not it. A-Heng slept very well, but I was given a bit of a shock yesterday. My heart is still in a bit of a panic.’’

’’Shocked?’’ The matriarch pondered a little then thought of Kang Yi falling, so she quickly said: ’’That's right, eldest princess suddenly falling was quite shocking to hear about, even for me. Moreover, you had seen it personally.’’

’’Huh?’’ Feng Yu Heng was startled then said: ’’Eldest princess falling was indeed quite unexpected, but what caused granddaughter to feel shocked was something else.’’

The matriarch was puzzled, ’’What else was there?’’

Feng Yu Heng replied: ’’Yesterday, in front of Hundred Herb Hall, a group of wild horses rushed straight towards us. At that time, the situation was very dangerous, and father made a prompt decision to protect the two princesses, leaving granddaughter alone to face the wild horses. The horse's hooves were already raised, but, fortunately, the rider managed to regain control. Only then was granddaughter spared. If that person was even half a step later, granddaughter... would have been trampled to death by the horse.’’

’’What?’’ The matriarch was extremely shocked, ’’Such a thing happened?’’

Kang Yi was a little embarrassed from listening to Feng Yu Heng. At that time, Feng Jin Yuan had indeed only protected her and Ru Jia. He did not pay any attention to Feng Yu Heng.

’’There is no need for grandmother to worry. Granddaughter is here and perfectly fine. It's just that I am very afraid whenever I think about it. The horse's hooves were almost able to scratch granddaughter' nose. Granddaughter dying is insignificant, but if it caused trouble for Da Shun's production of steel, problems would become much more severe. Grandmother, what do you think?’’

When she mentioned this matter, the matriarch felt that Feng Jin Yuan's methods were a little too overboard. Even if he did not save his daughter, why did he not think a little about the present value of this daughter to Da Shun?

’’Hmph!’’ The matriarch glanced at Kang Yi, her expression becoming a little ugly. She then said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Your father is truly too foolish. Grandmother will definitely support you on this matter.’’

Feng Yu Heng quickly stood up to salute, ’’A-Heng thanks grandmother for the care and concern. Speaking of, fortunately, it was me yesterday. A-Heng is more agile and is able to avoid a little bit. If it were grandmother instead...’’ She said this while looking at her with sympathetic eyes, ’’Grandmother has shown father the grace of raising him. If father did not save you, how hurt would you be!’’

Only then did the matriarch understand why Feng Yu Heng would be sympathetic to her. That's right! If it were her, would Feng Jin Yuan have saved her?

Seeing that the matriarch's expression seemed off, Kang Yi was slightly shocked. SHe quickly said: ’’It happened suddenly yesterday. This one and Ru Jia just happened to be at Lord Feng's side. Only because of that were we protected. Lord Feng has always been one to consider family. Like when getting out of the carriage yesterday, he still went to help county princess first.’’

’’That's right.’’ Feng Yu Heng sighed, ’’The road was too slippery when getting out of the carriage. Father had originally already gone to stand in front of princess' carriage, but I was afraid. Only then did I say to father that I was worried about the method for producing steel, which brought father back to help me.’’ She said this while looking at the matriarch, ’’There is no need for grandmother to be too concerned. Thinking about it, daughter and mother's standing with father is different. If it were grandmother, father would definitely allow you to suffer this shock.’’ After saying this, she bowed to the matriarch, ’’A-Heng has an appointment today with his Highness Prince Yu and the fourth prince of Zong Sui, so I will be leaving first.’’

After saluting, she turned and left without looking back.

Everyone in the room was thinking about what Feng Yu Heng had just said. Chen Yu and Xiang Rong sat to the side, and both could not help but look at Kang Yi. Their hearts were in tumultuous, and a bad taste filled their mouths.

After Feng Yu Heng went to the Yu Palace, she stayed until after eating lunch. Only then did she come out;however, she then entered the palace with Xuan Tian Ming. As for the fourth prince of Zong Sui, he returned to the posthouse in a very good mood.

When the spies of Qian Zhou brought this news to Kang Yi, Kang Yi began to feel regret once more. She had lost the chance to invite Li Kun to the Feng manor yesterday. Compared to Zong Sui, her Qian Zhou did not even have iron essence!

Feng Yu Heng spent the entire afternoon in the imperial palace. Nobody knew what she and Xuan Tian Ming discussed with the Emperor. The Feng family only saw palace maids and eunuchs carry a number of things into the manor. A female official then told the matriarch: ’’His Majesty heard that county princess princess was given a shocked yesterday and is very annoyed. These things were brought to help reduce county princess' shock. His Majesty also said for Lord Feng to remember to provide an explanation in court on the seventh, why did he choose not to protect county princess in such a difficult situation?’’

After the female officer finished passing along this message, she put down her things and left, leaving the members of the Feng family to look at each other. The matriarch looked at Feng Jin Yuan then fiercely brought her cane down. Without saying anything, she had granny Zhao help her back to her courtyard.

Kang Yi stood in place, her mind spinning. She then looked at Feng Jin Yuan from the corner of her peripheral vision and felt that a bit of regret appeared on his face. Kang Yi's heart was slightly moved, and she could not help but go over. With a look of shame, she said: ’’It was all Kang Yi that caused trouble for prime minister Feng. We will be moving back to the posthouse!’’

Hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan immediately shook his head, ’’This matter is unrelated to you. It was this prime minister not being thorough. At that time, I only thought that I absolutely must not allow the princesses to get hurt, but I forgot about her method for producing steel.’’

’’But in the end, it was all Kang Yi's fault. Now that the Emperor has expressed himself, how will Lord Feng respond?’’

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, ’’It's no matter. Eldest princess, please do not worry. This prime minister naturally has a plan for this matter. In truth...’’ He paused and lowered his voice;however, he maintained his sincerity: ’’If there comes another moment of danger, Jin Yuan would still save you.’’

Kang Yi's heart trembled, and her cheeks became red. Even Ru Jia became happy upon hearing this, so she simply decided to hug Feng Jin Yuan's arm, quietly saying: ’’If father were still alive, he would also be loving like uncle Feng, right?’’

Kang Yi could not help but furrow her brow gloomily. Who knew what Feng Jin Yuan was thinking, as he raised his hand and gently pressed the area between her eyebrows. Massaging it lightly, he flattened out her wrinkles.

Feng Yu Heng returned to the Feng manor before dinner. Upon entering the manor, she headed straight to Peony courtyard's front hall. He Zhong hastily followed along behind her, saying: ’’People from the palace came in the afternoon and brought a great number of things for second young miss. Master already ordered for the servants to bring them to Tong Sheng pavilion.’’

’’I understand.’’ She continued walking and said: ’’I am going to see the jade turtle.’’

Upon hearing that she wanted to see the jade turtled, He Zhong hastily said: ’’It's placed in the front the front hall of Peony courtyard. Second young miss will be able to see it upon entering.’’

’’Un.’’ She waved her hand, ’’You can go do your work. There is no need to follow me.’’

He Zhong retired, and Feng Yu Heng entered the front hall with Qing Yu. Just as she stepped through the door, she saw Ru Jia standing in the front hall and pointing at the jade turtle, saying to the servants: ’’This thing is so ugly being placed here. Quickly take it away.’’

One servant was troubled and said: ’’Replying to princess, placing it here was second young miss' desire. Master also agreed.’’

’’What second young miss, this princess is currently saying that this thing is ugly being placed here, so move it away! Did you hear me? What are you standing there for?’’

The Feng family's servants were all very united in their opinion of this matter. Regardless of how much Ru Jia screamed and shouted, not a single person would listen to her. Just as Ru Jia was about to begin cursing once more, a servant suddenly looked towards the door and bowed, saying: ’’This servant greets second young miss.’’

Ru Jia was stunned. Turning around, she happened to see Feng Yu Heng enter with her servant, only stopping when she was three steps away.

Feng Yu Heng's facial expression was so cold that it caused Ru Jia to shiver, but the words she said were even colder than her expression ’’Princess Ru Jia, is this place your home or my home?’’

Ru Jia angrily glared at her;however, she was completely speechless.

Feng Yu Heng then said: ’’Tomorrow, this county princess will personally write a letter and have people send it 800 li to Qian Zhou. It will say that the position of the imperial throne of Qian Zhou is not to my liking. I request that it be moved.’’

’’Feng Yu Heng, you're crazy, right?’’ Ru Jia was practically on the verge of losing her mind, ’’Aren't you trying to control too much? How is the position of our Qian Zhou's imperial throne related to you?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’It is indeed not related to this county princess. That's why, princess, how is the placement of our Feng family's things related to you? Are you clear or not about your identity?’’

’’You...’’ Ru Jia pointed at her. For a while, she could not say a word.

But Qing Yu spoke up from Feng Yu Heng's side: ’’Princess, using a finger to point at other is very impolite. Could it be that the imperial tutor of Qian Zhou did not even teach these manners to you?’’

’’What sort of thing are you?’’ She did not dare curse at Feng Yu Heng, but she did not worry at all about Qing Yu, ’’Lowly servant, this is a discussion with your master. Where is there room for you to for you to speak up?’’ Saying this, she copied what Feng Yu Heng did yesterday and went to slap her twice;however, just as she raised her hand, it was grabbed by someone.

She then heard Feng Yu Heng say: ’’If you dare slap her, this county princess will immediately go into the palace and report it to father Emperor. I will say that the special envoy from Qian Zhou attacked in the home of one of Da Shun's officials in an attempt to provoke the two countries into starting a war.’’

Ru Jia was scared into retracting her hand. She was unable to understand, ’’How did the fighting between girls in the back courtyard become a war between two countries? Feng Yu Heng, stop saying things just to scare people!’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, very seriously told her: ’’If we were sisters arguing and fighting, that would naturally be a battle in the inner courtyards, but you are the princess of Qian Zhou. Think about your own background then think about the relations between Qian Zhou and Da Shun. If you wish to come and act as the master of the Feng family with your background, then this county princess will not mind going to act as the master of Qian Zhou.’’

Ru Jia was infuriated, as she said unhappily: ’’I am your guest. How can you speak to me like this?’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed, ’’I have always hated beating around the bush. I don't have time to mess around with you. If there is enmity, I will seek revenge on the spot. If I delay it just one day, I will not be able to sleep at night.’’ After saying this, she immediately ordered the servants in the room: ’’Keep a careful watch of the jade turtle. This is a treasure sent by the prince of Zong Sui to help bring peace to the home. If someone dares to move it casually, that would be impolite to Zong Sui. Think about Zong Sui's iron essence! I really don't understand why some people no longer fear Zong Sui's iron essence just because Da Shun has steel. The steel belongs to Da Shun. How is it related to anyone else?’’

She spat out these words then turned and left. Ru Jia stood in place and felt as though a tub of cold water had been splashed on her. A chill covered her body, completely freezing her.

A servant asked her: ’’Princess, are there any other orders?’’

She did not say anything else, as she began running towards Jin Fu courtyard. She had to ask her mother, could they continue to wait for this Feng manor.

But just as she returned to Jin Fu courtyard, she found that the there were four male servants standing at the door, two on each side. They blocked the moon gate very tightly...


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