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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 306


Chapter 306

Good Eyes

The third day of the new year in Da Shu, it snowed once more. The snow was sporadic and came without warning. After just a while, the ground was covered in a layer of white. With the wind blowing, even Feng Yu Heng was forced to squint her eyes.

The person on the horse looked down at the girl in a light-purple Winter coat, who was looking back at him with her small and cold face. Although she was short, the determination in her eyes could not be ignored.

Very quickly, he heard her respond with a tone that was even more frigid than his ’’Bu Cong, long time no see.’’ Her voice was clear. When paired with this snowfall, she appeared to be like a fairy that came from the North.

Feng Jin Yuan looked at Bu Cong, and he only felt an anger well up inside himself, as he could not help but say: ’’To speed along on a horse in the capital, General Bu really is mighty! But I wonder if the general that had gone missing for so long has returned to the capital this time to beg forgiveness or to cause trouble?’’

His words were already very severe, but Bu Cong did not even take a look at him, as his deputy general responded to Feng Jin Yuan for him: ’’Responding to Lord Prime minister, General Bu left the capital with a secret mission from his Majesty. The purpose was to exterminate a rebel uprising in the Bian Nan. He has returned to the capital victorious and will be reporting to his Majesty.’’

Feng Jin Yuan suddenly frowned. A secret mission from his Majesty? Bu Cong did not go missing?

His mood began to toss and turn, as he always felt that Bu Cong returning to the capital would not be a good thing for the Feng family. When the Emperor had given out a secret mission was something that even he did not know about. As the court's prime minister, this was not a good thing.

He had already made a few guesses, but Bu Cong's gaze never left Feng Yu Heng. The two just continued to stare at each other. One was more fierce than the other, but neither was willing to give way.

Finally, Bu Cong spoke up;however, what he said was: ’’I knew that you would not die so easily like that, but even if you did not die, why do I feel like you are no longer the same Feng Yu Heng as before? The Feng Yu Heng in my memory would not viciously push my Bu family to the brink.’’

The cold light in Feng Yu Heng's eyes became even sharper: ’’And you are no longer Bu Cong. In my memory, Bu Cong would not use my funeral as a lie to visit the border. It seems that the general reaped quite the reward from this trip.’’

Bian Nan was a piece of land in the Southern part of Da Shun that was devoid of people because of the heat. No plant life grew there throughout the year, and eggs could be cooked on the rocks. Regardless of whether it was Da Shun or the Gu Shu country in the South, both were willing to abandon that place. Nobody wanted to expand to that area. As the years went by, a small group of people chose to use that place as a base. Enduring the extreme heat, they did things that were harmful to both countries.

Bu Cong took this secret mission and headed towards Bian Nan. Perhaps this matter was something that he had requested from the Emperor. If he said that he was truly doing it for the good of the country, Feng Yu Heng would sooner be beaten to death than believe it. If it were not for there being some sort of benefit in the surrounding area, how could he make this pointless trip?

’’Haha!’’ Bu Cong suddenly began laughing. He then pointed at Feng Yu Heng: ’’Sure enough, you are not her!’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, suddenly began laughing. While laughing, her small face became bitterly cold and appeared to be an illusion, as it quickly vanished. Instead, it was replaced with a bit of an embarrassed expression that carried a bit of expectation. It was the face of a young 13-year-old girl.

At that moment, Bu Cong felt that his eyes had become dull. He did not feel that his eyes right now were dulled. He felt that they were dulled before. This was Feng Yu Heng's previous appearance. Only this conformed to the memory that he had from many years ago, of that young girl following behind Yao Xian.

He was a little regretful of his earlier rashness, as he quickly got off his horse. Quickly arriving before Feng Yu Heng, he wanted to apologize to her and say that he had only been muddled because of the death of his grandfather and aunt.

But the moment that he arrived, the smile on Feng Yu Heng's face stopped. Although it did not return to being frosty, she was clearly on guard against someone that she was not familiar with.

Bu Cong heard Feng Yu Heng use her crisp and clear voice to say to him: ’’General Bu has good eyes.’’

He was startled, and his body suddenly felt cold. He felt as though every hair on his body was standing up straight. With the fear washing over him, he could only be horrified.

Bu Cong recalled that before before Feng Yu Heng had spoken, he had said ’’Sure enough, you are not her.’’ Therefore, this line ’’General Bu has good eyes’’ was a response. But... if she was not Feng Yu Heng, then who was she?

Bu Cong felt as though he had been caught in a puzzle. He also felt as though he had been caught in a block of thousand-year-old ice, as he was completely unable to move. He wanted to get on his horse and leave;however, his legs felt as though they were firmly rooted to the ground. He was completely unable to move them.

But the girl in front of him changed her expression. It was a puzzled expression: ’’General Bu, what's wrong? It's such a cold day, so why is there sweat on your brow?’’ She said this while saying to the deputy general that had also dismounted his horse: ’’It may be that your general is feeling hot. Quickly help him take off his coat. If he continues to sweat like this, he will catch a cold.’’

The deputy general was unclear on the situation. Seeing that Bu Cong was indeed sweat, he went to remove his coat.

Bu Cong did not really react, allowing his deputy general to remove it. Only after the coat had been removed did he begin to shiver from the cold.

He looked at Feng Yu Heng in amazement, and he wanted to ask who exactly are you;however, before he could ask this question, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly said from behind him: ’’It's snowing harder and harder. Let us return to the manor.’’

Feng jin Yuan did not want to leave. He could tell that Feng Yu Heng had the upper hand in this situation. He especially wanted to see Bu Cong suffer a setback, but when he saw Kang Yi's face turn pale from the cold, he could not help but feel distressed.

’’Let's return to the manor.’’ He showed consideration and spoke up. He then gave his own coat to Ru Jia before going to help Feng Yu Heng: ’’A-Heng, let's go home.’’

’’Sure!’’ She complied in a jovial and clear voice then said to Bu Cong: ’’If the general has a fever, you must not enter the palace to see his Majesty. Hundred Herb Hall is just across the street. You can go in to get examined and get some medicine. Since we are all familiar, Wang Lin’’ She called out. When Wang Lin complied and came over, she said: ’’Give General Bu a 20 percent discount.’’ She then did not stick around, as she turned and left.

After the group had returned to their carriages and left, Li Kun, who had also been left behind, paid for his wontons. He then looked at Bu Cong before Cong before leaving with his attendants.

But Feng Yu Heng did not know about this. After she climbed into the carriage, she received the wontons that Huang Quan had purchased as takeout and began to eat. The aroma made its way into Feng Jin Yuan's nose, causing him to feel hungry. He could not help but swallow some drool. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng and saw that she was a little messy in her eating, so he could not help but lightly scold her: ’’As a girl, you must keep the family in mind and be well-mannered. Why do you not pay a little more attention to these things/’’

Feng Yu Heng drank the soup while asking Huang Quan: ’’Do I need to return this bowl?’’

Huang Quan told her: ’’Young miss, do not worry and eat. This servant gave a little more money and paid for the bowl as well.’’

Feng Jin Yuan had been ignored, and he could not help but become a little angrier, ’’I am talking to you!’’

After Feng Yu Heng finished eating the last wonton and drinking the last bit of soup, she then handed the bowl to Huang Quan. She then had Huang Quan wipe the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief. Only then did she speak;however, it was a question for him: ’’It suddenly began snowing, and it suddenly became cold. A daughter that has not yet married is drinking a bowl of wonton soup in front of her father to keep warm. What is there to pay attention to?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was rendered speechless. Thinking a little more, it seemed that this was reasonable. The child felt cold, so she drank some soup to keep warm. This was indeed a very normal circumstance. Why had he become so agitated?

’’But...’’ Feng Yu Heng spoke up once more, ’’What is troubling is a father that does not even protect his own daughter. What sort of father is that?’’

’’You...’’ Feng Jin Yuan really wanted to slap her and ask her where exactly she found the courage to speak to her father like this. But he could not bring himself to slap her no matter what because he felt guilty. When Bu Cong's horse had rushed over earlier, he had only thought that he could not allow Kang Yi and Ru Jia to be injured. He had indeed left Feng Yu Heng in the back of his mind. It was just that until Feng Yu Heng mentioned it, he had not realized what he had done.

The definition of a daughter had always been superficial to him. Even if it was in regards to Chen Yu, it was simply because of her beauty that he had hoped that she would be able to ascend able to ascend the heavens. But now, this second daughter had picked this matter clean and spoken up. This caused him to become speechless.

The two carriages stopped in front of the Feng manor's gates, with one in front and one behind. Feng Jin Yuan was practically running away, as he exited the carriage first. When Feng Yu Heng followed him out, she saw her father rush over to the other carriage's side. Rubbing his hands together, he waited to help Kang Yi.

She raised her eyebrow and loudly said: ’’Father! It's snowing heavily, and daughter is scared. Can father come and help daughter get out?’’

How could Feng Jin Yuan be willing to help her, as he casually said: ’’Don't you have a servant! Just have your servant help you out!’’

’’Hah!’’ She heaved a heavy sigh, ’’That day in the palace, A-Heng happened to slip, and it was father Emperor that personally helped A-Heng. He even said to daughter, We cannot allow Heng Heng to fall in the palace, otherwise dear official Feng will feel distressed. Hah, how could father Emperor know that father does not care at all whether A-Heng falls or not. Huang Quan, come help me out.’’

Huang Quan hopped out of the carriage and seriously helped Feng Yu Heng out. At the same time, she said: ’’If his Majesty knew that young miss lived in such a situation at the manor, he will definitely feel distressed. Young miss, you absolutely must be careful. If you fell, you won't have the energy to produce steel for Da Shun.’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt his scalp turn numb from listening. Every word that the two said stabbed at his heart. He helplessly gave up on Kang Yi and returned, personally help Feng Yu Heng.

But Feng Yu Heng placed her small hands on his wrist and said with a smile: ’’Father really is funny. A-Heng is your own daughter, and I am not eldest princess Kang Yi, so why are you trembling?’’

Feng Jin Yuan said to himself, I was scared by you;however, he actually said: ’’Don't just focus on speaking. You must be a little more careful. The road is most slippery when the snow has just fallen.’’ In any case, if she truly fell, not to mention the production of steel, he would be troubled with giving the Emperor and explanation.

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow and looked at Feng Jin Yuan then gave him a smile, ’’Thank you, father.’’ With both her feet finally touching the ground, she quietly added: ’’This is what a father is truly like.’’

But at this time, she suddenly heard someone shriek from the carriage in the back. Immediately following this shriek, they heard a ’’thump’’ sound, as someone fell to the ground.


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