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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 300


Chapter 300

What Exactly Are Children to You?

Feng Jin Yuan froze. The newly appointed governor, Xu Jing Yuan? Why had he come?

He had only heard about this person being appointed when he returned to the capital. He had appeared suddenly and strangely. It was as though he had appeared from thin air. It made it hard to figure out, and people were uncertain about his background.

But after he was appointed, he solved a major case in the capital. Just a few days before the end of the year, he was able to receive an award from the Emperor.

Feng Jin Yuan had tried to contact this Xu Jing Yuan because of Chen Qing's matter, but he did not give this prime minister any face at all. Shaking his head and waving his hand, he told him that there was no use using relations or back-channel methods. If Lord Feng pressed any further, he would go report it to the court and have the Emperor act as judge.

Of course, Feng Jin Yuan could not allow this matter to reach the Emperor, thus he could only forget about it. As for Chen Qing passing the new year in prison, he felt very sorry that he could not even go and visit.

Now that the governor had come to visit, he pondered for a long time and felt that the matter was most likely related to Chen Qing. Perhaps he had seen Feng Yu Heng gaining face for Da Shun and felt that the Feng family truly could not be offended. Only then did he decide to come and return Chen Qing.

Upon thinking of this, Feng Jin Yuan became spirited. Standing up, he said to Kang Yi: ’’I have a nephew that was thrown in prison because he framed by someone before the new year. I gave the governor some time to carefully investigate the matter. Thinking about it, there must be a result today. Eldest princess, please continue to chat with mother. I will be back shortly.’’

Kang Yi did not say much, only nodding. Feng Yu Heng, however, also stood up. Taking a step forward, she said: ’’Daughter will accompany father and go together. Lord Xu is a newly appointed official. I originally wanted to get acquainted with him yesterday at the banquet;however, I did not think that Lord Xu would not attend the banquet. Since he has already come to the manor, as a county princess, it would not be good for daughter not to appear.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’Indeed, you are the family's daughter of the first wife, as well as the county princess. You should accompany father to go visit. Let's go!’’

He began walking forward, and Feng Yu Heng turned to look at Kang Yi: ’’I said it earlier. There truly are a number of things that happen in this family. In just a single meal, look at how many things have happened. Since eldest princess will be living at the manor, how about coming along to take a look?’’

The matriarch felt it was a little improper, ’’Eldest princess won't be going, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’Since it's been decided that she will be moving in, eldest princess should go this time.’’ She cooled her expression and looked at Kang Yi, mercilessly pointing out the truth that she had entered the Feng family.

Kang Yi's expression, however, did not change, as she continued to smile and said: ’’The guest shall do as the host says. Since county princess has invited me, This one will go with you two!’’

Since Kang Yi wanted to go, other people could not continue to sit, as they all left the hall.

Ru Jia walked at Kang Yi's side and glared straight at Feng Yu Heng, quietly saying: ’’That county princess Ji An has a vile heart. Why is mother so polite with her?’’

Kang Yi warned her: ’’Disaster comes from a loose tongue. This place is Da Shun. It's not our Qian Zhou. You absolutely must be careful of what you say and do.’’

Ru Jia nodded, ’’Don't worry, mother. Jia'er will only work on earning the favor of uncle Feng and elder madam.’’ After saying this, she moved to the matriarch's side and squeezed granny Zhao away, ’’How about Ru Jia comes to help elder madam! Ru Jia's grandmother passed away early. From a young age, I was not able to pay respects to grandmother and regret it greatly. Upon seeing elder madam today, I felt very close. I have been thinking about how great it would be if elder madam were Ru Jia's grandmother.’’

In order to cooperate with Ru Jia, Kang Yi used a handkerchief to wipe the corners of her eyes, as she appeared to be saddened.

The matriarch looked at the two. The more she looked, the more pitiful they appeared. She could not help but feel sad along with them.

An shi looked at this scene and felt a little uneasy. She wanted to ask Feng Yu Heng a few questions, but they had already arrived in the front hall. The governor that had been kept waiting for a long time, Xu Jing Yuan, already came forward and saluted Feng Jin Yuan ’’This lowly governor, Xu Jing Yuan greets Prime minister Feng.’’ After saluting, he turned and said to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Greeting to county princess Ji An.’’

Feng Jin Yuan reached out and stopped him, ’’Lord Xu, there is no need to be too courteous. Please rise.’’ He then turned and allowed Kang Yi and Ru Jia to come up, ’’These are my current honored guests, eldest princess Kang Yi and young princess Ru Jia from Qian Zhou. Lord Xu should greet them!’’

Xu Jing Yuan quickly bowed: ’’Paying respects to the two princesses! I did not know that the two princesses would be at the prime minister's manor. I have caused much disruption and hope to be forgiven.’’

Kang Yi said in a dignified manner: ’’No matter, please rise. Da Shun is vast and has many many people. Lord Xu is a parental official and has much work to do. Even during the celebration of new year, you need to ensure the safety of the citizens. This one truly admires you.’’

’’This lowly one is uneasy but thanks eldest princess for the praise.’’ After saying this, he saluted the Feng matriarch: ’’Paying respects to elder madam.’’

The matriarch nodded, ’’Lord Xu, I wonder, for you to come to the manor during the new year's celebration, has something happened?’’

Xu Jing Yuan nodded then looked at the important members of the Feng manor, loudly saying: ’’Before the end of the year, there was a serious case where people tried to harm the family of an official. The Feng family filed a report to the government office and presented a goshawk that had bitten off a piece of flesh from the Feng family's eldest young miss. This official has been investigating this matter the entire time until yesterday morning when I finally got a clue.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was stunned. He never thought that Xu Jing Yuan was actually talking about the case that the Feng family had reported. It had been solved so quickly? He had some secret worries in his heart. He then looked toward Chen Yu and found that Chen Yu was not just worried. She was horrified.

It was Feng Yu Heng who appeared to be very happy, as she loudly asked Xu Jing Yuan: ’’You really found something? That's wonderful. This matter has made it so this county princess was unable to sleep. Whenever I close my eyes, I see the scene with the goshawk biting my eldest sister. It's really frightening. I never thought that Lord Xu would solve this case so quickly. It truly is no loss that you are the parental official.’’

Xu Jing Yuan replied: ’’The criminal was found by this official using the goshawk. Before this official was instated as the governor, I had spent some time posted outside the capital. In that time, I met many people from Jiang Hu and have also met another goshawk that had a golden hoop around its neck. Apparently, that sort of goshawk is very expensive. Many of Jiang Hu's sects would hire professionals to train them. But because the success rate is not very high, the number of people that are actually used is not high. And the method for distinguishing ownership is by the golden hoop around the goshawk's neck. For someone who is rich, a gold hoop would be used. There are also some who use silver and even some who use iron. But regardless of what is used, there will always be some signs on the inside of the hoop. This official used this information to find the culprit.’’

’’There really was someone who deliberately tried to cause harm?’’ Kang Yi was shocked then looked at the scab on Chen Yu's forehead. Just thinking about it, she was able to imagine the tragic scene from that time, thus she followed she followed up and asked: ’’Who exactly would be so bold and dare to harm the daughter of a standard first rank official?’’

Xu Jing Yuan said: ’’This person does have a bit of relation with the Feng family.’’

Feng Jin Yuan's expression sank a little, as he stared at Xu Jing Yuan without uttering a word.

’’Oh?’’ Feng Yu Heng spoke up and said: ’’Could it be that it's someone that has enmity with the Feng family? Otherwise, how could they enact such a deadly plot?’’

They then saw Xu Jing Yuan shake his head, as he said with a face full of doubt: ’’Not only is it not hate, it should be considered intimate. The master of that goshawk is Chen Wan Liang. It is the younger brother of the Feng family's former head wife, and he is the Feng family's eldest young miss' uncle.’’

’’What?’’ Feng Yu Heng was extremely shocked, ’’How could that be possible? An uncle harming his niece. This does not make sense!’’

Upon hearing this, the matriarch was stunned at first then began to think. In that instant, she was able to realize that the Chen family did not want to harm Chen Yu. They just never thought that Chen Yu would be in the carriage. The thing that the Chen family truly wanted was Zi Rui's life.

Upon thinking of this, the matriarch suddenly became lively ’’The Chen family! They truly are bold!’’

Seeing that the matriarch had become furious, Ru Jia, who had been at her side, began to rub her back and console her: ’’Elder madam, please calm down. You absolutely must not injure yourself because of a villain.’’ As she said this, she looked towards Feng Chen Yu and ask curiously: ’’Did you offend your uncle? Why did he want to do such a vile thing to you?’’

Upon hearing mention of this, Feng Chen Yu became furious. She had originally dispatched someone to inform the Chen family that the goshawk had been sent to the government;however, she never thought that the Chen family would be useless, as they were unable to even retrieve a simple goshawk.

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled and asked: ’’Hasn't the Chen family always doted on eldest sister, so why did they suddenly change their minds? Father, this matter absolutely must not be tolerated! The people of the Chen family are just relatives. As relatives, they have borrowed our Feng family's name to do business and have already seen plenty of profits;however, not only are they not satisfied, they don't even show gratitude, and they enacted such a vile plot against the people of the Feng family. Father, we are all your children. Regardless of whether it is of the first wife or of a concubine, we all represent the Feng family's face on the outside. We are much more honorable than the Chen family!’’

Kang Yi also nodded, agreeing with what Feng Yu Heng had said: ’’The relatives from the mother's side has created threats against the Feng family. the Feng family. Prime minister Feng should consider carefully.’’

Kang Yi's words truly caused Feng Jin Yuan to consider it. He had always tolerated the Chen family for no other reason than for their wealth. But if Kang Yi... he did not dare finish that thought.

Feng Yu Heng once again asked Xu Jing Yuan: ’’Aside from the goshawk injuring my eldest sister, there was also a group of villains that tried to murder the Feng family's only young master. Is there a result for this case?’’

Xu Jing Yuan nodded: ’’Replying to county princess, this lowly official also reached a conclusion on that case. That group of villains was hired by Chen Wan Liang to murder the Feng family's only young master!’’

Everyone in the Feng family inhaled sharply. The governor had emphasized ’’only’’ son, and An shi could not help but say: ’’This matter was done to leave our Feng family without an heir!’’

The matriarch anxiously scolded her: ’’Jin Yuan is still young. Stop spouting nonsense!’’

Feng Yu Heng's eyes perked up, as she immediately glared at the matriarch: ’’Grandmother's meaning is if Zi Rui were killed by the Chen family, then that would be that. At worst, father would just birth another one. Is that right?’’

The matriarch trembled, ’’I-I did not mean that.’’

’’Then what exactly was grandmother thinking?’’ Feng Yu Heng's anger had surged forth, ’’Your own family's grandson was chased down by people to be murdered, and the culprit was even a relative. A-Heng must ask grandmother and father, how should this matter be resolved!’’

The matriarch fell silent. Although she also hated the Chen family, it would fall on Feng Jin Yuan to make a decision on this matter.

As for Feng Jin Yuan, he had been immersed in what Feng Yu Heng had just said, ’’At worst, father would just birth another one.’’

He subconsciously looked towards Kang Yi. In just a glance, his hatred for the Chen family seemed to subside a little. After all, Feng Yu Heng and Zi Rui were already considered very difficult to control. They were not obedient and they had solid support. He had once believed that Zi Rui was the one he could take pride in, but if he and Kang Yi...

These thoughts of his were all seen by Feng Yu Heng. Her heart chilled, as she was nearly unable to hold back a loud laugh.

Father? This was a father? What exactly were children to him? Were they just chips to help him climb higher? Were they just tools for him to do business? Now that she had come to this era, if the original host were still alive, even if she had managed to return to the capital, she would have been swallowed whole many times.

She walked forward and did not hide the disdain in her eyes. When she glared at Feng Jin Yuan, the slightly raised corners of her lips caused this prime minister to retreat a couple steps;however, he was then pulled back by her small hands.


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