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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 292


Chapter 292

Even More Protected Than the Empress

Feng Chen Yu did not know if it was due to some trauma, but when she saw the imperial guards surround the manor, the first thing she thought of was ’’Nothing should have happened to father, right?’’

The more she thought like this, the more her heart filled with horror. She could not stop herself from climbing out of the carriage, but she did not know if she wanted to run away or crawl into the manor to tell Feng Jin Yuan to run. Either way, she was just crawling. Crawling along, she suddenly fell to the ground.

Feng Chen Yu cried from the fall, scaring the driver, who had no time to attend to the difference between master and servant and went to help her up. But before he could even reach Chen Yu, another person fell from the carriage. This person dropped directly on top of Chen Yu. This caused Chen Yu to become dazed, and it nearly killed her.

The driver kneeled in front of the two and repeatedly advised the one on top: ’’Xing'er girl, if you don't quickly get up, eldest young miss will be squished to death by you!’’

Xing'er cried even more miserably than Chen Yu. She knew that she had fallen on the eldest young miss, but she could not move! Seeing the eldest young miss fall from the carriage, she tried to crawl out too. Who knew that she would slip and also fall, and it just so happened that she fell on the eldest young miss, heavens! Would she end up killing the eldest young miss?

Thinking like this, she found some strength. Gritting her teeth and enduring the pain, she rolled off of Chen Yu's body.

Chen Yu, however, did not have time to argue with her. With the weight being removed from her body, she desperately crawled forward. Crawling all the way over to the leader of the imperial guards, she suddenly tugged at the guard's soft armor then asked in a hoarse and exhausted voice: ’’Did something happen to father? You've come to raid the house, right?’’

The guard trembled in fear and subconsciously wanted to kick her, but he was stopped by the driver hugging his leg: ’’You can't kick her. This is our Feng family's eldest young miss!’’

The guard was startled, the Feng family's eldest young miss? Had he not heard that she was a beauty capable of bringing about the ruin of countries? Why did she look like an evil ghoul? As for the Feng family's driver, what sort of situation is this? Why hug someone's leg?

For a while, the guards outside the Feng manor gathered around, and the cries were a mess.

Not long later, Feng Jin Yuan finally led everyone in the Feng family and quickly rushed out. The guard that had his leg hugged saw them come out, so he quickly raised his voice and shouted: ’’Lord Feng!’’

Feng Jin Yuan was startled. This, this was the deputy commander of the imperial guards, Zhong Shui Sheng, right? Why had he come?

’’Lord Feng!’’ Zhong Shui Sheng was very helpless, ’’Can you have your manor's driver, eldest young miss and this servant get up from the ground? Just having him hugging my leg is unbecoming!’’

Only then did Feng Jin Yuan notice the few people on the ground, and he could not help but angrily shout ’’Quickly get up! What sort of appearance is it making a loud scene?’’

But Feng Chen Yu's mind was already a little hazy from the day's sequence of events. Hearing Feng Jin Yuan shout, she assumed that something had happened, so she could not help but hold her head and scream: ’’Don't grab me! Don't grab me! It's father's problem! It's all father's problem! You can't grab me!’’ While screaming, she cried loudly. She then finally showed a bit of a conscience and actually remembered to remind Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, quickly escape! Run away quickly! As long as there are green hills, we do not need to worry about running out of fuel to burn!’’

Feng Jin Yuan's mind was exploding, as he pushed a male servant from his side over: ’’Go bring her inside!’’

How could the servant dare! Helplessly looking towards the matriarch for help, he saw the matriarch had a face that was bright red with anger. She quickly ordered granny Zhao: ’’Go call some people and carry them in, quickly.’’

Granny Zhao hastily waved some sturdy servants over. Without another word, they carried Feng Chen Yu and Xing'er inside. Even the driver was carried in.

Feng Chen Yu was still desperately screaming: ’’Father! You must not die! You absolutely must not die!’’

’’Vile beast!’’ The top of Feng Jin Yuan's head was about to split. He was both furious and disappointed. It seemed that this eldest daughter truly could not be kept.

’’County princess.’’ Zhong Shui Sheng was truly embarrassed. He had previously heard that the madams and young misses of large families made many considerations. In the blink of an eye, a scheme could be set in motion, and when they began fighting, it was quite a spectacle. So when he came to the largest family in the capital, why did see the exact opposite of what was described? The Feng family's eldest young miss... was an idiot, right? He looked to Feng Yu Heng for help: ’’This humble subordinate was ordered by his Majesty to come to protect you.’’

Feng Yu Heng had guessed long ago that the Emperor would send people to protect her, but she never thought that they would come so quickly. She did not even recognize this person and was about to ask;however, Feng Jin Yuan took the initiative to introduce him: ’’A-Heng, this is the deputy commander of the imperial guards. For his Majesty to send him to protect you is enough to prove prove the importance his Majesty attached to you.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded then faintly said: ’’Then I will be troubling deputy commander. My county princess' manor is next to the Feng manor. I will have Huang Quan lead you over.’’ As she said this, she gave Huang Quan a look, and Huang Quan immediately led Zhong Shui Sheng over to the county princess' manor.

Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch were still waiting to chat a little with Zhong Shui Sheng. They had to give an explanation for the earlier commotion, but they never thought that Feng Yu Heng would send him off with just a few words. They could not help but feel a little unhappy, but they had come to protect Feng Yu Heng. Given what had happened with Feng Yu Heng most recently, it would be best for them not to offend this girl.

Thus the family followed Feng Jin Yuan back to Peony courtyard.

Feng Jin Yuan had already told everyone in the manor about Feng Yu Heng's performance at the banquet. Now, it was not just the matriarch who began to fawn on Feng Yu Heng, even Han shi, who always liked to cause trouble, began to settle down. She knew that Feng Yu Heng was now the person that the Emperor liked most. If she wanted to oppose her, that would be equivalent to opposing the Emperor. Just thinking about losing her head made her afraid to do anything. Not only did she not want to offend Feng Yu Heng, she did not even want to pay any attention to Chen Yu's matters. At this moment, Han shi just wanted to know one thing: ’’Husband, why did fourth young miss not come back with everyone?’’

Feng Jin Yuan angrily glared sideways and Han shi upon hearing this then said: ’’If the one in your belly is a beast like that little slut Fen Dai, it would be better to just kill it off now!’’

Once this was said, not only was Han shi unable to accept it, even An shi frowned.

Her own father had cursed her. What exactly had fourth young miss done?

But Feng Jin Yuan clearly did not want to talk about Fen Dai, instead, he asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Why exactly was your eldest sister punished?’’

Feng Yu Heng shrugged: ’’Eldest sister stabbed a doll to curse imperial concubine Xian, and she was discovered by his Highness the eldest prince.’’

’’What?’’ Everyone was once again extremely shocked. Had Feng Chen Yu gone crazy?

The matriarch already placed no hope in Chen Yu, but cursing imperial concubine Gu Xian was a large matter. She was worried whether this would affect the Feng family. Thus she also asked: ’’Then did imperial concubine Xian say anything other than hand down punishment?’’

Feng Yu Heng also asked: ’’Based on imperial concubine Xian's standing in the palace, does grandmother think that this matter will be resolved with just a punishment?’’

Everyone fell silent.

’’But, fell silent.

’’But, don't worry.’’ She continued: ’’Granddaughter already asked forgiveness on behalf of the Feng family. Imperial concubine Xian is willing to pardon eldest sister this time, but...’’ She glanced at Feng Jin Yuan, ’’But what will truly affect the future and fortune of the Feng family has never been a girl. Father is the one that matters in the Feng family, am I right?’’

Feng Jin Yuan's expression slightly sank. After thinking for a long while, he finally made a decision and said to the matriarch: ’’After the 15th, son will arrange for people to send Chen Yu to a nunnery outside of the capital.’’

The matriarch nodded, ’’That's also fine. A daughter like this being kept at home is also regrettable.’’

In just a few words, Chen Yu's future was decided. Although Chen Yu was not very popular in the manor, today was still the first day of the new year. For such a thing to be discussed on the first day of the new year made people feel that this was a little taboo. But when they thought about Chen Yu's earlier appearance in front of the manor and how she screamed about dying and not dying, keeping this sort of lunatic at home would cause many disturbances in the manor.

As for whether Chen Yu went or stayed, the others did not have any opinions, but Han shi was trembling slightly. She had seen it when mentioning Fen Dai, the anger on Feng Jin Yuan's face was no less than when he spoke about Chen Yu. Now that it was decided that Chen Yu would be sent to a nunnery, what about Fen Dai?

She suddenly realized something. Fen Dia did not come back, then... she should not have already been sent out, right?

’’Husband.’’ In her shock, she did not have any time to worry about being cursed. She began wailing and asked Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Where exactly did you send Fen Dai to? Fen Dai is definitely incapable of doing something like cursing an imperial concubine!’’

’’Enough!’’ The matriarch hated listening to Han shi speak. Even if she was pregnant with the Feng family's child, she did not like listening to the things she hated listening to. ’’Even Chen Yu will be sent away after the end of the new year celebration. What can Jin Yuan do to Fen Dai! Taking care of the child in your belly is more important than anything else. If this daughter turns out to be useless, for better or for worse, you will be able to give birth to a child that can take care of you in old age!’’

These words were already very severe. Han shi had only begun to wail, but she quickly stopped. Bringing both hands to her belly, she cried quietly.

Feng Jin Yuan looked at her and could not help but feel irritated. He then looked towards Jin Zhen. Although she was the youngest and most beautiful, and most beautiful, her background was only that of a maidservant. She could take care of people, but she was completely incapable of conversing with guests. As for An shi, she had a stoic expression at all times, and he had never seen her with a smile. These concubines of his were truly becoming more and more unlikable. In such a large Feng manor, he was actually unable to find someone to have a heart to heart talk with. Feng Jin Yuan could not help but feel a little sorrowful.

The atmosphere in the room became depressed. Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch did not speak, and none of the people below wanted to say anything. Everyone was wondering who should break this deadlock. They then heard Zi Rui, who had been sitting next to Feng Yu Heng, suddenly say: ’’When father picked up Zi Rui, didn't you say that an honored guest would be coming to the manor tomorrow? Where is this honored guest from?’’

The matriarch was startled, ’’An honored guest?’’

Feng Jin Yuan faintly sighed a couple times then said: ’’It's like this. The special envoy this year from Qian Zhou is eldest princess Kang Yi and young princess Ru Jia. I prepared to invite the two princesses to enjoy a feast at the Feng manor.’’

’’This...’’ The matriarch was a little dazed, ’’The princess of Qian Zhou?’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’That's right.’’

Han shi quickly added: ’’What is she coming to our manor for?’’

The matriarch fiercely slammed the ground with her cane: ’’You're just a concubine. If a guest comes to our manor, where is there room for you to interject? Being able to receive a special envoy is our Feng manor's good fortune. I will need to personally watch over preparations for the feast!’’

That night, Feng Jin Yuan did not go to any concubine's room. For some reason, he suddenly lost interest in showing favor to any of these concubines. Even though Jin Zhen had Man Xi come and invite him three times, he did not have any intention of going over.

Stomping around in his study alone at night, he finally heard a slight movement behind him, as a hidden guard appeared.

He turned around and asked: ’’Have you obtained any information?’’

The hidden guard nodded: ’’Responding to master, at second young miss' Tong Sheng pavilion, aside from the hundred imperial guards, there are also multiple hidden guards. Of which six were sent by the Emperor, nine were sent by his Highness the ninth prince, and five were sent by his Highness the seventh prince.’’

Feng Jin Yuan inhaled sharply. There wasn't even that much of a fuss when protecting the Empress!

’’Also.’’ The hidden guard continued, ’’His Highness the third prince sent a letter.’’ He handed the letter over.

Feng Jin Yuan quickly received it. Opening it, he could not help but be extremely shocked. Xuan Tian Ye actually wanted him to go steal the method for producing steel?


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