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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 278


Chapter 278

He Wants to Kill You

Feng Chen Yu immediately became dazed, ’’What did you say?’’ She felt that she had either become deaf or that servant had become blind. Either way, it definitely was not the previous three words. ’’You read it wrong. Read it again!’’

The servant glanced at her then handed the piece of paper to Xuan Tian Qi, ’’It's clearly written here. How could this servant make a mistake.’’

Xuan Tian Qi held the piece of paper in his hand and finally understood the reason for Feng Yu Heng's determined look. It turned out that everything had already been settled. Feng Chen Yu was struggling desperately, but she was unable to escape county princess Ji An's clutches. But he did not understand. How did a situation that Feng Chen Yu had complete control over end up becoming so muddled?

He put on a serious look and glared fiercely at Feng Chen Yu, his face filled with endless disgust. He had cooperated with Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng in pretending to love Feng Chen Yu for a long time. He sent nice thing after nice thing into the Feng manor. But the heavens knew that he looked down on this beautiful girl. He had never truly given Feng Chen Yu a single thought.

’’You extremely vile woman!’’ He fiercely gritted his teeth and kicked at Feng Chen Yu.

But it was odd. The kick should have sent the kneeling Feng Chen Yu tumbling, but Chen Yu looked up and let out a shrill shriek. Both her knees remained in place and did not move an inch.

Xuan Tian Qi was also surprised. Not only did Feng Chen Yu not move, even the servant at her side, Xing'er, did not move her knees. The two remained in a strange posture. Chen Yu's chest was in pain, but what struck her even harder was the doubt in her heart, and this doubt had already transformed into panic.

She could not understand. It was as though her legs had been glued to the ground, as they could not move at all!

Not only was she unable to move. Xing'er was also unable to move. The master and servant looked at each other then immediately felt their skin crawl.

Xuan Tian Qi looked at the doll that had been filled with needles. In his anger, he truly wanted to drown this slut in the middle of a frozen lake! But that could not be done. He knew that Feng Yu Heng definitely had a plan to take care of this sister, but it would not be right now. Right now, this woman could be injured or crippled, but she could not be killed.

He took a deep breath then saw Feng Yu Heng slightly nod towards him, which allowed him to relax a little. This was also good. Using this chance, he would make a clean break with this woman. No matter what further instructions he received, he did not want to continue pretending.

Thus, they heard Xuan Tian Qi say: ’’Feng Chen Yu, you used witchcraft to place a curse on my imperial concubine mother, and this deserves capital punishment. But this prince will pardon you this one time on account of county princess' face. You will go to Yan Fu Palace's gates and kowtow with your head hitting the ground 30 times!’’ After he said this, he glanced at Feng Yu Heng then left in a rush.

Feng Chen Yu was dazed, completely dazed. She never thought that her plan would fail and backfire. Not only did honeytrap fail, she ended up being discarded. Kowtow 30 times with her head hitting the ground? Her forehead already had an injury. Would her head not be turned to mush after she finished her 30 kowtows?

’’Feng Yu Heng!’’ She fiercely raised her head and looked over, ’’This was all your doing, right? It's you trying to harm me!’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head and said: ’’That's incorrect. I have never had the heart to harm others, but I have never let me guard down. Eldest sister's handiwork with the doll is quite superb. The doll was quite well made.’’

’’Shut your mouth!’’ Fire shot from Feng Chen Yu's eyes, as she hated that she could not burn Feng Yu Heng to death, ’’You demonic girl! What sort of magic did you use to change the paper inside?’’

The doll was something that she had personally made. She was naturally able to recognize it. This was what Feng Chen Yu was confused about. The doll was clearly the same one, but why had the insides been changed? That was something that had been sewn inside! She had personally seen the servant tear the stitches, so there definitely could not be any mistake. Right! It must definitely be because this girl had used some sorcery!

’’Feng Yu Heng! You should never have returned to the capital. You should have died in the mountains of the Northwest! What Persian eccentric, it's clearly just a demon!’’ The more she said, the more she felt that Feng Yu Heng was evil. The more she felt that she was evil, the more she began to feel afraid. By the end, she held Xing'er and trembled with fear, as though she had received some sort of great shock.

Huang Quan was a little worried by Chen Yu's appearance, ’’Young miss, we cannot allow her to speak such nonsense as though she has gone insane. If someone heard it, it would not be good for young miss.’’

Feng Yu Heng suddenly smiled, ’’Even you are saying that she is now insane. Who would believe a madwoman's words?’’

Huang Quan was startled, ’’Young miss means... we should turn her into a madwoman?’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head, ’’No rush. It will be no fun if she she goes crazy.’’

Feng Chen Yu listened to the master and servant speak, and her face blanched in fear. She wanted to get up, but she could not. She felt like a lamb about to be slaughtered, as she could not even run away.

Not long after, two strong grannies came from the direction of Yan Fu Palace. Arriving before them, they first saluted Feng Yu Heng then said to Feng Chen Yu: ’’Our Lord ordered us to invite the Feng family's eldest young miss to kowtow with her head hitting the ground 30 times at Yan Fu Palace's gates. Eldest young miss Feng, this way please!’’

Seeing the two strong grannies, Chen Yu's heart sank. She knew about this sort of person. They were in charge of enforcing punishments, and they had a multitude of ways to trouble a person. If anyone fell into their hands, even if they did not die, they would become disheveled.

’’I am the daughter of a standard first rank official. You cannot do this to me!’’ In her helplessness, she could only bring out Feng Jin Yuan's name.

But the two grannies had clearly made preparations beforehand. With a heavy expression, they loudly said: ’’Not to mention that you are only the daughter of a concubine, even if you were the daughter of the first wife, his Highness the eldest prince said that you have committed a crime that cannot be so easily pardoned. Having you go kowtow is already considered light. Not sinking you in the middle of a frozen lake is considered light punishment. Eldest young miss Feng, will you walk on your own, or will us old servants need to help you along?’’

Feng Chen Yu wanted to say that she would walk on her own, but her legs were stuck to the ground. She was completely unable to move them.

The two grannies saw this and decided that she was definitely stalling for time, so they simply went to her sides to pick her up. Chen Yu subconsciously began struggling, but she was completely unable to exert any strength in her legs. Even if the two grannies went to help, she would not be able to move.

Feng Yu Heng laughed at the scene, ’’Grannies have worked hard. This eldest sister of mine just happens to have a stubborn personality. Since she does not want to get up, just let her continue kneelings. After four to six hours, she will naturally get up on her own.’’

The two grannies looked at each other then respectfully saluted Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’This old servant thanks county princess for the guidance.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded then left with Huang Quan.

Only after the two had gone quite far did the two grannies look at Chen Yu and Xing'er with their old faces. After a long while, the two separated, with one in the front and one circling around to the back.

Chen Yu back.

Chen Yu and Xing'er realized that the situation was not good, and they subconsciously tried to run. Unfortunately, they could not run. They only felt the person behind them slapping them. The slaps were very loud, but they were not very painful. What did hurt was the needles that were held between their fingers. Being struck by needles, Chen Yu and Xing'er both fell to the ground after just a short while.

Huang Quan and Feng Yu Heng had walked quite far, but they could still hear the screams behind them. Huang Quan was happy, as she joyfully said: ’’They had to be taken care of by the methods in the palace. Let them have a taste of what it means to truly be beaten.’’ But Huang Quan was also a little confused by the play from today, ’’Young miss, how did you change the name on that piece of paper in the doll to Feng Chen Yu?’’

Feng Yu Heng said: ’’Who knows. It's possible that they were too nervous when they prepared this plot and wrote it wrong.’’

Huang Quan facepalmed. Young miss, who could believe you? If I said this, would you believe it?

Feng Yu Heng very shamelessly said: ’’Just try and believe me.’’

’’Then why were Feng Chen Yu and Xing'er unable to stand up?’’ Huang Quan began acting thick with Feng Yu Heng.

’’If I said that they felt that the ground was really nice and did not want to get up, would you believe me?’’

’’I do!’’ Huang Quan nodded very seriously, ’’Young miss, even if you said, right now, that you are a man, I would believe it.’’

’’Very good.’’ She nodded. It was no loss that she was her servant. She was very good at adapting.

In truth, if Feng Chen Yu used these two tricks together against anyone other than Feng Yu Heng, she would have easily succeeded. Unfortunately, not only had Feng Yu Heng worked together with the eldest prince to create a scene with a honey trap for Chen Yu, most amazingly, she still had a space that she could access at any time and any place.

Right as Chen Yu tossed the doll to the ground, she kneeled and used her large sleeves to cover it up. At that time, she had already tossed the doll into her space and was quickly investigating it. After noticing that there was something fishy with the belly, she simply decided to rewrite a note in her space then wrote Chen Yu's name. She then quickly stuffed it back inside and sewed it back up.

Feng Yu Heng may be less capable in other areas, but she was rather quick when it came to sewing. In a few moments, she sewed it up. When she brought it out, it appeared to them as it did.

As for the reason Chen Yu remained kneeling on the ground and could not get up, she had simply applied had simply applied a layer of strong glue to the ground when Chen Yu stood up from her kneeling position the first time. Chen Yu and Xing'er did not even look before kneeling and were immediately caught.

’’In truth, there was a way for Chen Yu to get up.’’ She suddenly began giggling and said to Huang Quan: ’’I will tell you. I only applied a layer of strong glue to the ground, but only the leg of her pants was caught. If she wanted to get up, she just had to take off her pants.’’

Huang Quan also began to rock with laughter, ’’Take off her pants? Young miss, if that really happened, there really would be no need for Feng Chen Yu to continue living!’’

This master and servant pair laughed as they walked towards Fei Cui Hall. As they were about to reach the Hall, they saw two chubby children coming from inside the Hall, and they both ran towards her.

Feng Yu Heng was stunned for a moment then immediately reached out and caught them. She saw the two young children raise their small faces and smile towards her.

’’Feng Zi Rui, Xuan Fei Yu, how did the two of you end up together?’’ Feng Yu Heng felt that her life had been too gloomy. Her younger brother was very quiet, but why was it that after just a short time apart, he seemed to have been led off track by Xuan Fei Yu?

’’Sis.’’ Feng Zi Rui was very dissatisfied and said: ’’His Highness Fei Yu said that you gave him many delicious things. Why did Zi Rui not get to eat them?’’

Feng Yu Heng told him: ’’Because you went off to Xiao Zhou to study.’’

’’But Zi Rui has returned for so many days, but you still haven't given me anything to eat?’’

Feng Yu Heng: ’’... Because you didn't come and ask me for anything!’’ She felt that she was being very shameless.

’’Haha! I already said that deity big sister treats Fei Yu the best! Uncle Zi Rui, admit your loss!’’

Feng Yu Heng was on the verge of collapse, ’’Uncle Zi Rui?’’

’’Ah!’’ Xuan Fei Yu's ’’Ah’’ was very natural, ’’He is your younger brother, and you are my ninth uncle's future wife. When we talk about ages, of course, it's uncle.’’

’’But I have never heard you call me aunt before!’’

’’You are a deity. How could I refer to you as something from the human world.’’

Very well! In this child's mind, she had already become a deity? Helpless, she pulled them towards Fei Cui Hall.

While they were walking, she felt Xuan Fei Yu intentionally pulling on her sleeve. Puzzled, she lowered her head to look at him and heard Xuan Fei Yu quietly say: ’’You should avoid my third uncle today. When I was playing hide and seek with uncle Zi Rui, I heard his speaking to a corner that he wants to kill you.’’


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