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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 277


Chapter 277

Play With Sis? Sis Will Play You to the Grave!

Huang Quan squinted and looked over, and there were Chen Yu along with her servant, Xing'er. ’’It looks like they just came from Yan Fu Palace.’’

The people in the front turned around, very quickly giving way to Chen Yu. Feng Yu Heng looked for a while then said with a smile: ’’It seems her mood is not too great.’’

At this time, Chen Yu also saw them. Without even thinking, she walked over with Xing'er.

Feng Yu Heng smiled internally. This eldest sister's thoughts were written all over her face. She always thought that nobody could see it. That was the level of her intelligence. What exactly was the basis on which Feng Jin Yuan hoped to promote her to the position of Empress?

While she was thinking, Chen Yu put on a smiling face, as usual, and said to her: ’’Second sister has just come back from imperial concubine Yun's side, right? Is everything well with imperial concubine Yun?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’Everything is well. I will thank eldest sister for the concern on behalf of imperial concubine mother.’’

’’That's good.’’ Chen Yu had a compassionate look on her face. Standing in place, she began to chat with Feng Yu Heng, ’’Having come into the palace today, aside from the gift prepared by the family, second sister must have prepared another gift from her Highness the Empress and imperial concubine Yun, right? I don't know what it is, but I heard that second sister has some interesting things. Unfortunately, elder sister was not fortunate enough to see them.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded and impolitely said: ’’It's a gift for her Highness and imperial concubine. Eldest sister indeed does not have the fortune of seeing them.’’

Chen Yu was nearly choked to death, as she felt that there were times when her second sister was completely off track with what she said. She was completely incapable of speaking like a normal person. But Chen Yu did not become dejected, as she continued: ’’Zi Rui went with father to the front of the palace, but I don't know how that's going. Now that Zi Rui is the son of the first wife and is also the Emperor's junior disciple, he should be very well received by the Emperor, right?’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded once more, ’’He's definitely better than Feng Zi Hao.’’

Xing'er tugged at Chen Yu. She knew that Chen Yu had something in mind, since she had come over to speak with Feng Yu Heng;however, regardless of what her master wanted to do, she felt that she should not continue to carry out her plan. This county princess second young miss was too sharp. The eldest young miss was not capable of being her opponent at all.

But Chen Yu did not have this self-awareness. Moving her arm, she removed her sleeve from Xing'er's hand. ’’Second sister's divine medical abilities are amazing. Would it be possible for the wound on my head to be treated?’’ She said this then looked around. She was clearly looking for someone.

Feng Yu Heng saw this, and her heart filled with laughter. This path went to Yan Fu Palace. Aside from madams and young misses, the person most likely to show up was an important person, the eldest prince.

Ever since the eldest prince displayed his favor for Chen Yu, the two indeed did not meet in private, but the Jing Palace continued to send things over to Chen Yu's courtyard. Even though they had not met, once they did, based on Chen Yu's train of thought, the eldest prince's heart would belong entirely to her.

Feng Yu Heng's heart was filled with laughter, her eyes were laughing, and the corners of her lips could not help but curl up, ’’Eldest sister, are you hoping that I would say that I can? Or are you hoping that I would say that I can't? If I said that I can, elder sister should be moved to tears, and you definitely should not be hoping that anything would happen before I could treat your wound. Just like last time, when you did very well. If you were hoping that I would say that I can't, hehe, eldest sister is quite pretty with that scar on your forehead.’’

Feng Chen Yu's face turned green with anger. She was a little conflicted. Just now, she had spoken simply because she could not think of anything else to say. But now that Feng Yu Heng had spoken, she began to fill with regret. Feng Yu Heng's medical ability was divine. What if it truly could be healed?

But before she could think any further, Xing'er tugged at her sleeve once more then gave Chen Yu a look that they had agreed upon earlier.

Chen Yu immediately understood and stopped thinking about whether or not she should regret anything. Instead, she suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Feng Yu Heng's wrist. At the same time, she revealed a horrified expression and raised her voice to say: ’’Second sister, what did you say? You actually dare to put a curse on imperial concubine Xian? Younger sister, how can you say such a thing about such a kind-hearted imperial concubine?’’

Huang Quan's nose became crooked from anger, ’’When did my young miss put a curse on imperial concubine Xian?’’

’’Second sister, how can you do something like this?’’ Chen Yu's performance became more and more spectacular, as her voice suddenly rose a bit more, as she practically shouted: ’’What is this?’’


Something fell to the ground.

Feng Yu Heng squinted and looked over. She only saw a white cloth doll. The doll was filled with needles and it appeared very horrific.

At the same time, on the other side of the small path, two people people were walking over. One of them wore a dark green robe. His figure was a little chubby, but it did not detract from his dignity. The area around his eyebrows had some similarities to Xuan Tian Ming.

Feng Yu Heng turned around and revealed her surprise: ’’Eldest brother?’’

The person who had come was the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi.

Seeing that Xuan Tian Qi had come, who knew what Chen Yu was thinking, as she dropped to the ground and kneeled in front of Feng Yu Heng, a couple tears sliding down her face: ’’Second sister, it was all elder sister's fault. Elder sister acted incorrectly in the manor and offended second sister. But second sister cannot be so hateful towards imperial concubine Xian! Not to mention how there is nothing between elder sister and his Highness the eldest prince, even if there was, third parties should not be involved when settling disputes. Any anger you have, just direct it towards me. Why harm imperial concubine?’’

Feng Yu Heng nearly began laughing. This was a honey trap with planted evidence, and she even roped in imperial concubine Xian. Although this beauty wore a headscarf today, the foundation of her beauty was still good. Just crying like this made her a weeping beauty. She could attract as much pity as she desired. If the eldest prince truly had any feelings for Chen Yu, perhaps his heart would have been crushed just from seeing her kneel.

Unfortunate, how unfortunate!

Feng Yu Heng squatted down in front of Feng Chen Yu. Using her two wide sleeves, she covered up the doll. Chen Yu continued to speak ’’Elder sister only begs younger sister to vent her anger on elder sister. Just leave imperial concubine Xian out of it!’’ Chen Yu said this and actually crawled forward and tried to pull Feng Yu Heng's hands away. Unfortunately, she did not succeed.

At this time, Xuan Tian Qi had already arrived at their side. Seeing one squatting and one kneeling, he was completely confused, ’’What are you two doing?’’

Seeing Xuan Tian Qi, Chen Yu immediately began crying even more desperately, but her eyes would occasionally look towards Xuan Tian Qi's face. That mannerism was truly capable of capturing a person's heart.

’’Your Highness.’’ Chen Yu grabbed Xuan Tian Qi's robe, ’’It's all Chen Yu's fault. Your Highness absolutely must not blame second sister!’’

’’What exactly happened?’’ Xuan Tian Qi's face revealed a faint irritation, but he did not make it too apparent. Feng Yu Heng could see it, but Chen Yu's brain was not capable of noticing such things. ’’Younger sister, what exactly happened here?’’

Feng Yu Heng revealed a panicked expression, as her hand moved continuously and wildly under her large sleeves, but it appeared as though she were hiding something.

’’Elder brother, it's nothing. It's really nothing. Is elder brother going to see imperial concubine Xian? Then quickly go.’’ She spoke incoherently, and the and the more she said that it was nothing, the more people felt that there was something.

Xuan Tian Qi received a mischievous message from the look in Feng Yu Heng's eyes. Seeing this, he was very happy to play along. Thus he spoke once more: ’’What are you hiding under your sleeve? Bring it out for this prince to see!’’

Xuan Tian Qi frowned, and his expression sank, ’’This prince just heard the Feng family's eldest young miss mention imperial concubine Xian, but is that thing you're hiding related to imperial concubine mother?’’

’’Your Highness.’’ Chen Yu once again began sobbing, ’’Your Highness absolutely must not blame second sister. Chen Yu begs your Highness.’’

Before Xuan Tian Qi could speak, they heard Feng Yu Heng say in an extremely surprised voice: ’’Blame me? Why would you blame me? Could it be that eldest sister became muddled by fear?

Chen Yu turned to look at her, ’’Younger sister, what are you saying? How could elder sister be muddled?’’

’’But if you are not muddled, why would I be blamed?’’

Chen Yu looked at Feng Yu Heng as though she were hopeless, ’’Second sister, it's fine to make a mistake, as long as you correct it. Elder sister will definitely beg his Highness for forgiveness on your behalf.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’This is what I should be saying to eldest sister. So long as you are willing to change, younger sister will definitely beg his Highness for forgiveness on elder sister's behalf.’’

Feng Chen Yu's teeth itched with anger, as she thought that Feng Yu Heng was truly thick-skinned. She gave off a feeling of being completely resistant to her attacks.

’’Since younger sister is saying this, elder sister cannot help you.’’ Chen Yu faintly sighed, ’’But elder sister must say to younger sister, I kneeled to beg you today that you do not turn your hatred for elder sister towards imperial concubine Xian. Imperial concubine is benevolent and should not receive such curses.’’

’’Curses?’’ Xuan Tian Qi became furious, ’’Impudent!’’

Chen Yu trembled with fear. She was originally holding Xuan Tian Qi's hand, but she subconsciously let go.

At this time, Xing'er, who had kneeled with her, spoke up ’’Your Highness, if young miss will not say it, then this servant will! This servant cannot bear to watch eldest young miss suffer such grievances. It's second young miss, who is the noble county princess, but she is still sisters with eldest young miss. Eldest young miss has already kneeled to beg her, but she still will not change her ways. This servant absolutely must report it to your Highness.’’

’’Speak.’’ Xuan Tian Qi spoke with a heavy expression, his face filled with anger.

Xing'er said: ’’It's second young miss who placed a curse on imperial concubine Xian. She said many bad things about imperial concubine, and her words were so filthy that this servant does not dare repeat them. But afterward, a white cloth a white cloth doll fell from second young miss' sleeve. That doll was filled with needles and had the words imperial concubine Xian written on it!’’

’’What?’’ Xuan Tian Qi looked at Feng Yu Heng, ’’Is what she said true?’’

Feng Yu Heng had a helpless expression: ’’Younger sister originally wanted to help elder sister hide this thing, and when your Highness left, I would destroy it. But since this is the situation, there is nothing younger sister can do.’’ She said this while picking up the doll filled with needles, ’’This thing clearly fell from eldest sister's body, but why did elder sister place the blame on me?’’

Xuan Tian Qi had his servant receive the thing. Flipping it over, sure enough, there were the words imperial concubine Xian.

’’Younger sister must not tell such lies with a straight face.’’ Chen Yu was still kneeling, but she had moved over to Xuan Tian Qi's side. She appeared very pitiful.

’’You are both sticking to your own versions, but who is telling the truth and who is lying?’’ Xuan Tian Qi asked with a frown: ’’This is no small matter. This prince will definitely report this to father Emperor. Father Emperor has always treated imperial concubine mother with adoration. I trust that he will definitely be able to solve this case.’’

Xing'er was a little panicked. She had a bad feeling. If this matter made its way to the Emperor, it was possible that the second young miss would flip the script. Thus she quickly said: ’’Your Highness, there is truly no need for so much trouble. This servant heard that when making this sort of voodoo doll, the person who made it would put a small piece of paper in the belly. On that piece of paper, the person would write some words to curse the target and their own name. Your Highness will know once the doll is opened up.’’

Xuan Tian Qi pondered a little then looked at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing that the girl was looking at him with a slight smile, he put aside his worries and nodded, ’’That's good.’’ He then ordered the servant, ’’Open it up.’’

The servant's hands were fast and opened up the doll in a few instants. ’’My Lord, there really is a piece of paper inside.’’

He received the piece of paper and read from it: ’’Imperial concubine Xian, Gu shi, must not die a natural death.’’

Hearing this, Feng Chen Yu lowered her head, and a layer of gloom covered her face. One corner of her lips rose, as she began to smile maliciously. Feng Yu Heng, you will very quickly become a dead person. The one cursing an imperial concubine with a violent death is you.

The servant continued to read: ’’The name of the sender is...’’ Chen Yu's hidden smile became even wider, but immediately following this, she heard the servant read a name ’’Feng Chen Yu?’’


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