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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 273


Chapter 273

Occasionally Sentimental

’’Man Xi said that because she was unable to use the most beautiful bowl for congee in the morning, Jin Zhen became unhappy and punished her with kneeling until just now. It was when this servant went to deliver the red envelopes that Jin Zhen began to feel apologetic and allowed Man Xi to get up. I saw that Man Xi had kneeled for too long and fell when standing up. She was not even able to straighten her legs.’’

A flicker of light passed through Feng Yu Heng's eyes. Now that Jin Zhen had received Feng Jin Yuan's favor, she became more and more certain of her position in the Feng manor. She even began to make considerations for her side.

Thinking about it, that should be the case. She and Feng Jin Yuan were enemies, while Jin Zhen was Feng Jin Yuan's concubine. She naturally needed to rely on Feng Jin Yuan to survive. If Feng Jin Yuan fell, there would be no benefits for her.

’’Forget it.’’ She waved her hand, ’’Each person has their own choices. She is not wrong. Competition in a large family like this is inevitable. If she has the ability, let her go compete. Feng Jin Yuan is in the midst of his most robust years. In the future, there definitely will not be just these few concubines. Even the family's position of head wife will need to be filled. So long as he does not reach over to our side, there is no need for us to worry about him.’’

Huang Quan nodded then said: ’’Just now when I passed by madam's courtyard, concubine mother An and third young miss have come over with a large number of things. Third young miss is happily playing with our young master.’’

Only then did Feng Yu Heng reveal a smile, ’’Their ages are a little closer and are at the age where they can still play together. I will not be going over. Keep watch outside. I will be going in to take a look at Wang Chuan.’’

Wang Chuan woke up after she entered the room, and the pain all over her body seemed to be even worse than before. That was just how people were. When in a state of crisis, things did not feel so bad, but once the crisis passed, feelings of exhaustion and pain would surge forth, and they could not be stopped.

Feng Yu Heng was still rather careful with her external injuries. Although Wang Chuan said to her that she was a martial artist and did not care too much about a few sword scars, she was still a girl. Feng Yu Heng still wanted to allow her to be a little more beautiful.

Fortunately, there were plenty of good medicines in the pharmacy. The medicine provided by the military for the soldiers were naturally the best, and she would occasionally smuggle them out. Over the years, she managed to acquire a rather large stockpile. She took them out and placed them in the medicine storage room. Wang Chuan washed her face with the help of a servant then began to chat with Feng Yu Heng.

The two only came out a little while before evening. Huang Quan was anxious from the wait. Upon seeing them come out, she finally said: ’’The Feng manor's side sent people over a few times, inviting young miss and young master over to eat dinner and ring in the new year.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and advised Wan Chuan: ’’Stay here and accompany mother. In the end, I will only be able to return from the Feng manor after midnight. Don't let her feel too lonely.’’

Wang Chuan quickly said: ’’Young miss, do not worry and go. This servant will be here.’’

’’Good. I will get changed then go immediately.’’

She said immediately, but Tong Sheng pavilion was quite far. When she brought Zi Rui over to Peony courtyard, where the feast was being held, everyone was already seated and waiting for them.

Feng Yu Heng brought Zi Rui forward to pay respects to the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan. The matriarch spoke in a deliberately ambiguous tone: ’’County princess really is noble, requiring people to constantly invite and rush you. Take a look, the food on the table has already gone cold.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at the food on the table. They were clearly still steaming, and the servants were still bringing the dishes up. The food had not all been brought out, so how did it become that they were only waiting on her?

’’A-Heng is unable to bear the responsibility of grandmother's love and concern.’’

’’Hmph.’’ The matriarch's heart was filled with anger, ’’Today is new year's eve, but you could not even be bothered with paying respects to your elders. How did our Feng family raise a daughter like you?’’

For the big new year's celebration, the matriarch fired a volley of insults, especially the last bit. Before Feng Yu Heng could make a counterattack, Feng Jin Yuan spoke up, ’’Mother, it has been many years since A-Heng celebrated the new year at home. It's unavoidable that she will be a little lacking in understanding the rules, so just be a little more tolerant.’’

The matriarch did not understand why Feng Jin Yuan spoke up for Feng Yu Heng. How could she know that Feng Jin Yuan had learned from past mistakes. He had said that this girl was lacking in education, but she brought up the matter of being chased from the manor for many years to stifle him. The reason that he mediated in this manner was to ensure that everyone could happily celebrate the new year.

But Feng Yu Heng was not at all cold. Faced with the matriarch's insults, she said to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’A-Heng has remembered grandmother's teachings, but I hope that father will help in accomplishing this by not visiting daughter's courtyard at the time for paying respects respects and causing daughter to miss the chance to go pay respects to grandmother.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nearly choked while breathing, and Jin Zhen quickly went to pat his back.

How could the matriarch know that Feng Jin Yuan had gone over in the morning, as she looked at him in confusion. Feng Jin Yuan awkwardly said: ’’I only went over to remind her of some things and used up some of her time. A-Heng, you and Zi Rui don't need to keep standing. Quickly sit.’’

Only then were the siblings able to sit.

Because they were the son and daughter of the first wife, they naturally sat with Feng Jin Yuan. For Chen Yu, who saw it from further away, her eyes turned red from the jealousy. That was originally her spot. When Chen shi was still alive, how much glory did the mother and daughter enjoy. Unfortunately, the present could not compare to that time. If she wanted to make a comeback, she had to get rid of the road-blocking scourge, Feng Yu Heng.

The new year's eve feast was uneventful and tasteless. Between the women, there was just a bit of contending for affection, but Feng Jin Yuan did not enjoy such things. He would occasionally talk a little with Zi Rui, and this caused him to feel more and more kind feelings towards this son.

After the meal, everyone remained gathered together. They would be staying up for the new year. They would only be able to go sleep after staying up until midnight and eating dumplings.

Staying up to ring in the new year in the ancient era was as boring as it could possibly be. Feng Yu Heng even began to miss the Spring Festival Gala that she hated from her previous life. As she thought about it and thought about it... she fell asleep.

The matriarch saw her head tilt and lean against the chair, she could not help but begin to feel angry. She was originally unhappy with Feng Yu Heng returning. It was only after that girl began to cause waves outside that she began to change her mind. Adding on Feng Yu Heng's medical knowledge and good medicine, she began to hope that this granddaughter could fix up her body. Those were the only reasons she looked on her favorably. But now that the ninth prince had lost favor, and she was no longer well-received on the outside, it seemed that the winds were blowing as they had before, thus the matriarch felt that Feng Yu Heng was no good.

Chen Yu sat down below and did not speak the entire time, only observing others. She had been locked inside the temple for a long time, so her personality had become a little more tranquil than before;however, this tranquility gave her mind more time to analyze the pros and cons of the situation.

Now that Feng Yu Heng had fallen asleep, the matriarch's expression changed rapidly. Without a need to think, to think, she knew that the matriarch was definitely aggravated by Feng Yu Heng's indiscretion. Thus she secretly changed her seat and sat next to the matriarch. Reaching out, she began to massage the matriarch's legs.

The matriarch had always loved having her legs massaged. Although Chen Yu was worse than Jin Zhen, it had been a long time since anyone had taken care of her.

Chen Yu massaged her legs while beginning to chat with her, ’’Granddaughter still remembers that grandmother was very good at telling stories when we were children. Grandmother told granddaughter many stories of divine soldiers, heavenly generals and all kinds of deities.’’

Her strategy of bringing up the past had truly managed to interest the matriarch, ’’Your father would always say that my stories were about oddities, strength, ghosts or deities, but you children loved to hear them. Every day, you would come and refuse to leave. Ah, now you have all grown up and don't want to pay any attention to this old woman.’’

’’What sort of thing is grandmother saying.’’ Chen Yu quickly said: ’’Granddaughter is only too anxious to spend all day with grandmother to hear those stories, but because of grandmother's health, I do not dare disturb you too much. The year that grandmother fell ill, Chen Yu was extremely scared.’’

Her words pulled the matriarch's mind a few years into the past. At that time, the Yao family incident had just occurred, and she suffered from acute anxiety. With one misstep, she fainted. Fortunately, Taoist Zi Yang had come to visit and ended up saving her life. It was also that time that Taoist Zi Yang calculated Chen Yu as having the aspect of the phoenix and Feng Yu Heng being the star of disaster. This was also what helped her decide to send Yao shi and her children to the Northwest.

Destiny subdued the Feng manor! The matriarch thought about what Zi Yang said and thought about the mishaps that had occurred since Feng Yu Heng had returned to the manor, and she could not help but begin to ponder.

Feng Yu Heng naturally did not know what the matriarch was thinking about. She was sleeping in a daze until Zi Rui pushed her with his small hands and quietly said: ’’Sis, it's time to wake up. It's already past midnight. We can go back after we eat the dumplings.’’

Feng Yu Heng woke up rather quickly. When Zi Rui spoke, she opened her eyes and grabbed Zi Rui's hand: ’’We won't be eating. Let's go back to Tong Sheng pavilion to eat with mother.’’

Zi Rui happily stood up: ’’Ok!’’ He said this then asked Xiang Rong: ’’How about third sister and concubine mother An come with us?’’

An shi looked at Feng Yu Heng and saw her nod, thus she said: ’’Yes, thank you, young master.’’

Xiang Rong was also very happy that she could go to Tong Sheng pavilion. Taking the initiative, she went to hold Zi Rui's hand then Rui's hand then heard Zi Rui turn around and say to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Mother is still waiting for us at the county princess' manor. Since it is past midnight, Zi Rui and elder sister will not be staying. I hope father and grandmother will remain in good health for the new year.’’ After he finished speaking, he pulled Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong and ran off.

The two girls did not even have a chance to salute their elders, so An shi helplessly said: ’’Elder madam, husband, please do not blame them. Young master is still young.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’It's fine. You may go. Mother and I naturally will not argue with a young child.’’

Only then did An shi hurriedly chase after them with her servant. The group of people then returned to Tong Sheng pavilion.

Seeing that her son and daughter had returned, Yao shi was very happy. An shi and Xiang Rong also coming along made her even happier. Everyone gathered together to make dumplings, and the servants also came over to join the lively event. Little by little, they earned quite a large amount of tips.

Wang Chuan told Feng Yu Heng: ’’Madam said young miss would definitely come back to eat dumplings, so she had the servants prepare the stuffing and wrappers early on. They were just waiting for you to begin making them together.’’

Feng Yu Heng was still holding a dumpling in her hand, but when she heard this, she began to choke up.

In her previous life, her mother and younger brother had passed away early on. It was just her and her father relying on each other to survive. Although the Feng family in her previous life was also a large family, the rules were not as strict as in ancient times, where the rules for new years had to be followed. In addition to how everyone else was busy with their own lives, she was in the military. Over the course of time, she had not spent time with her entire family for many years.

She still remembered the year that she had transmigrated. She just happened to be accompanying a team that ran into a squad with numerous injuries. Before the end of the year, she had been busy for an entire month, and she did not get to her father's home until after midnight of new year's eve. Her father said to her: I knew that you would definitely be back to eat dumplings.

After she came to Da Shun, she forced herself to avoid thinking about her previous life too much. She was even more careful about avoiding memories of her family.

But avoiding them did not mean they did not exist. She still had some memories that squeezed into her current life. For example, the tears that suddenly surged forth did not even give her a chance to turn her head away. Without any time to prepare herself, they fell, startling everyone in the room...


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