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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 272


Chapter 272

Dad, Let's Not Embarrass Each Other During New Years

’’A-Heng!’’ Feng Jin Yuan went forward to slam on the door, ’’Come out. Father still has not finished speaking.’’

He then heard the person inside say: ’’I am sharpening my blade. Just say what you need to say. I can hear you.’’

’’Are...’’ He wanted to say are you lacking education, but he recalled what Feng Yu Heng had said earlier, so he swallowed those words back down. It seemed that hoping for Feng Yu Heng to help have Chen Qing released was not quite possible. He knew deep down that this sequence of events definitely had something to do with Feng Yu Heng because the ninth prince had just returned from the military camp the day before the man fell from his horse. Feng Jin Yuan felt that the current situation was unclear. Getting angry at Feng Yu Heng at this moment was not wise. Although the Emperor had, on the surface, given up on the ninth prince, simply looking at imperial concubine Yun's attitude, it was clear that the ninth prince losing favor was clearly not even possible. He thought a little then changed his mind: ’’In truth, the main reason father came here today was to see Zi Rui. Also... your grandmother wanted your mother to go over and celebrate the new year together.’’

’’Father and mother have already divorced. Also, it was supported by an imperial decree by the Emperor. A woman going back to the family she divorced to celebrate the new year, there is no such thing in Da Shun. If father insists on inviting her, then go into the palace to acquire an imperial decree first.’’

’’Feng Yu Heng! Don't be too excessive.’’ He became furious.

’’And you should not be too excessive either!’’ The sounds within the room became louder and louder, ’’Let's not embarrass each other during new years. Father, please go back! I will go over later to eat dinner. If father continues to bang endlessly on daughter's door, daughter will head over later to discuss the matter of the Feng manor's deed with grandmother.’’

Feng Jin Yuan immediately fell silent.

Discuss the matter of the Feng manor's deed? If the matriarch knew that he had used the deed for the Feng manor as collateral to acquire money for the third prince, would he not be sacrificed to his ancestors?

Forget it.

He turned then left Tong Sheng pavilion as quickly as possible. If possible, he never wanted to set foot in this place again! While at the Feng manor, Feng Yu Heng may give him some face, but once she returned to her own territory, she was like a tyrant that had seized a plot of land. Not cutting him down was already pretty good.

He could not help but lament that offending his daughter to such an extent was also a certain type of boundary line.

He had failed to save Chen Qing, and he had originally wanted to ask Feng Yu Heng why she had helped Chen Yu, but seeing her current attitude, he was naturally unable to ask. Now, he could only hope that the governor would be kind and discover that Chen Qing had been targeted by someone or perhaps... ’’Hidden guard.’’

Following this shout, a dark shadow suddenly appeared, ’’Master.’’

’’Go investigate the background of the woman that Chen Qing had harassed.’’ It was possible that this matter could be thought over.

Who knew that the hidden guard would say: ’’Master, that has already been investigated. That woman is without parents and without grandparents. She originally had a three-year-old child, but that died two years ago. She just lives alone and relies on money from washing dishes in the restaurant. The day after the incident... she committed suicide with poison.’’

’’She died?’’ Feng Jin Yuan stomped his feet, ’’Feng Yu Heng, oh Feng Yu Heng, you have such a cruel heart!’’ In his eyes, it was Feng Yu Heng that did not even care for a person's life for the sake of harming Chen Qing. But he did not know that the so-called committing suicide with poison was nothing more than a state of suspended animation. That woman was now preparing to celebrate the new year at the residence in the suburbs with that group of children.

After sending off Feng Jin Yuan, Feng Yu Heng brought along Huang Quan and personally went to the residence. She was sending the children some newly-made Winter clothing, and she had bought a large amount of meat and candy. Also, she gave each child a red envelope. To Fu Sang, Tian Dong and the woman who had helped put away Chen Qing, she had also given them red envelopes.

Because there were a large number of people living in the residence, she had sent some servants over a few days prior. There were some who took care of cleaning, some who took care of making food, and there was even one who knew how to handle crops to help take care of the yard. As for that woman, she voluntarily joined them, as she helped Fu Sang and Tian Dong take care of the children.

Most importantly, Feng Yu Heng provided the children with a teacher. The teacher had already begun teaching a while ago. After teaching for a while, he began to prepare for the new year celebration. After the 15th of the first month, they would begin lessons once more.

These children were orphans, and some had never experienced such a warm new year in their lives. In their eyes, Feng Yu Heng was like a deity from a fairy tale, given how beautiful and kind she was. Some children did not understand why it was an older brother last time and an older sister this time, but after they heard Tian Dong say that they were the same person, they simply decided to call her deity big sister, which happened to be similar to what Xuan Fei Yu call her.

Feng Yu Heng played with the children children for half of the day before returning to Tong Sheng pavilion. Just as she returned to the manor, she also happened to see Qing Yu returning to the manor in a rush. Behind her were two servants carrying a pile of journals.

Just seeing these journals caused her head to hurt. Without saying another, word, she walked into her courtyard. Qing Yu was also tough, as she refused to give up and chased behind her. While chasing, she said: ’’Young miss does not like seeing these journals, but regardless of anything else, this servant has prepared a summary of the income for you to see. Then the bank notes will be counted.’’

Feng Yu Heng's eyes finally lit up, ’’The bank notes were all brought back?’’

Qing Yu nodded: ’’It's the end of the year. Of course, all shops must report their earnings to their bosses. Hundred Herb Hall, Phoenix Pavilion and Wonderful Treasure House have already transferred their profits from the latter half of the year. This servant has determined that ten percent will be kept to pay expenses, and another five percent will be used to give the clerks red envelopes. Young miss, do not blame me.’’

’’I do not blame you. This should be done. Fortunately, you are here to take care of these things. My mind would not even be able to figure this out even after an entire day.’’ She brought Qing Yu back to her own courtyard. After entering her room, she brought out the summarized income statement then quickly looked it over. She could not help but be surprised: ’’This much?’’ With the three shops added together, there was a total income of 35 thousand taels. This was equivalent to many years of Feng Jin Yuan's salary.

Qing Yu told her: ’’Hundred Herb Hall's prestige is increasing more and more, and it's also becoming more and more famous. The income from medical pills and medical tablets are particularly impressive. As for the Phoenix Pavilion, our jade mine will continue to send us good jade. This servant brought in a couple good craftsmen. They are very receptive to the desires of the madams and young misses. As for Wonderful Treasure House, those things were originally not meant to be sold for three years. Although there was not much profit in the past half year, there is no rush.’’

Feng Yu Heng was very satisfied with the income from the three businesses. Although this amount of money was far from enough, fortunately, many little things add up, and she was in no rush.

Because she had gone to the residence, she had missed the timing to pay respects to the matriarch, but Feng Yu Heng did not care too much. Recently, the matriarch was beginning to distance herself, so it was possible that her not going was for the better.

While thinking about this, she took two bank notes from the pile that Qing Yu had brought back. One was for 200 taels and one was for 100 taels. 100 taels. Placing them in red envelopes, she handed them to Huang Quan: ’’Bring these two to Ru Yi courtyard. Give one to Jin Zhen and one to Man Xi. Do you know how you should give them?’’

Huang Quan had never been as careful with her thoughts as Wang Chuan or Qing Yu. She only thought of Man Xi as a servant, so she should receive the lesser amount, thus she said: ’’The 100 taels will be given to Man Xi and the 200 taels will be given to Jin Zhen.’’ She then smiled and said: ’’Young miss is really generous.’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, laughed, ’’Wrong, 100 will be given to Jin Zhen, and 200 will be given to Man Xi.’’

’’Wha?’’ Huang Quan stared wide-eyed, ’’Why? Jin Zhen is the concubine mother!’’

She shook her head, ’’It's not whoever has a higher standing gets more. What's important is to see who did the most but gained the least.’’

Qing Yu pondered a little then said: ’’I heard that Man Xi was the first to follow young miss because young miss cured her and her mother's illness. As for Jin Zhen, she only managed to grab hold of a helping hand provided by young miss. From a value perspective, these two are different. Moreover, Jin Zhen has already acquired a position as concubine mother. She also has Feng Jin Yuan's favor. For her, prime minister Feng is the basis around which she will settle down.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at Qing Yu with praise then said to Huang Quan: ’’Qing Yu is correct. Go. When you come back, you still need to collect your own red envelopes.’’

’’We also get one?’’ Huang Quan's mind had never been able to hold that much information. Hearing that she would receive a red envelope, she immediately rejoiced, ’’Young miss gave Man Xi so much, could it be that you will give us even more?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and pushed her along: ’’Go quickly. Either way, yours will not be lacking.’’

Huang Quan left with a smile. Qing Yu stood up and bowed deeply to Feng Yu Heng, ’’Young miss, this servant does not want a red envelope. This servant has been with young miss for so long, and young miss has already provided so much. I do not dare request anything else.’’

Feng Yu Heng knew that Qing Yu was very understanding, and she knew that leaving such large businesses to this girl was truly a great amount of pressure, but, fortunately, this girl had the talent for business. The more pressure she was under, the more she accomplished. She was so busy every single day, but she found fun in it. Also, outside of the monthly stipend she provided for Qing Yu to work outside of the manor, she also gave her a small percentage of the profits from each shop. Although it could not be compared to ten percent, for a maidservant, it was already a very large amount.

’’I understand your feelings.’’ Feng Yu Heng told Yu Heng told Qing Yu, ’’The amount I usually give you is what you have earned, and I am perfectly happy giving it to you. Today is new year's eve. What I am giving is a red envelope. It's not just you, but everyone in the manor is given one. That's why there is no need to worry too much. From this day forward, the amount of business will only increase. There is already a Hundred Herb Hall opened in Xiao Zhou, and more will open in succession in the other provinces. In the end, I will need you to make more trips outside. I still have not thanked you for your hard work, so how can you not accept my red envelope.’’

Qing Yu's face turned red from what she said, but she was very happy. She truly was the daughter of a businessman. She had a knack for doing business, and when she heard Feng Yu Heng mention that her businesses would continue growing, her heart also began to race: ’’Thank you, young miss. Since young miss has said this, then this servant will accept it.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded then stood up and removed a wooden box from the cupboard. ’’The red envelopes for you guys have already been prepared.’’ Opening the wooden box, a number of red envelopes appeared with names written on them. She pulled out Qing Yu's envelope and handed it over, ’’500 taels. I can calmly take care of the manor's matters thanks to you handling the matters on the outside. Qing Yu, thank you.’’

Hearing Feng Yu Heng's thanks, Qing Yu began to tear up. Ever since her parents had passed away, and ever since she had no family, there had never been another person to treat her so well. Although Feng Yu Heng was very vicious towards the people of the Feng family, she was very protective of those that she truly got along with. This included the servants of Tong Sheng pavilion. She dared to say that being able to work at Tong Sheng pavilion was better than working for any other master.

’’Quickly stop crying. It's the new year.’’ Feng Yu Heng smiled and teased her, ’’Go to the treasury and prepare some money. It will be given to the servants in red envelopes. The first-rate servants will be given 50 taels, the second-rate will be given 20 taels, and everyone else will be given 10 taels. Also, thank them for me for the work that they have put into Tong Sheng pavilion.’’

Qing Yu nodded. Smiling through her tears, she ran out.

Huang Quan was fast and returned from the Feng manor's side before Qing Yu was able to finish handing out the red envelopes. Feng Yu Heng saw that her complexion was not too good, so she could not help but ask: ’’What happened?’’

Huang Quan walked forward and whispered a few things into her ear. Not long after, Feng Yu Heng's brow furrowed, and her expression darkened.


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