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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 270


Chapter 270

Her Judgement Approaches

With Yi Lin saying that she would confess everything, Feng Chen Yu immediately became dizzy. Xing'er supported her from the side but immediately realized that Chen Yu's entire body was shaking.

Who knows where this girl found the courage, as she gritted her teeth and suddenly pulled a hair clasp from Chen Yu's hair then rushed towards Yi Lin!

Yi Lin was a few steps away. When Xing'er rushed over, she sensed something was off. Suddenly seeing the sharp hair clasp, she immediately understood what Xing'er was trying to do.

Kill the witness to erase all evidence. This girl had truly learned quite quickly!

She just wanted to dodge. Xing'er was younger and shorter, and even though her attack was sudden, it was not something that was hard to dodge. Yi Lin quickly stood up and wanted to run a couple steps, but just as she stood up, she suddenly felt something hit her in the calf. This happened quickly and unexpectedly, giving her no time to protect herself, as she dropped to the ground.

At the same time, Xing'er had already arrived with the hair clasp. With a shrill scream from everyone in the Feng manor, the hair clasp was fiercely stabbed into her neck. It did not miss, as it struck right in the middle of the throat. Xing'er had also put in 120 percent effort, so the hair clasp was stabbed deep into her throat, and Yi Lin lost her life.

Everyone in the Feng family inhaled sharply. Nobody had expected that a small girl would actually be so cruel. They could not help but take a couple extra looks at Xing'er.

This was also the first time Xing'er killed someone. The earlier situation was critical, so she did not think too much. She only thought that she could not allow Yi Lin to compromise Chen Yu. She was Chen Yu's servant. If something happened to her master, her future as a servant was most grim. Only by shutting Yi Lin's mouth could she allow Feng Chen Yu to survive steadily.

But now that she had killed her, she was also dazed. Letting go, she dropped to the ground, as she watched Yi Lin stare back at her wide-eyed and slowly dying. The blood from her neck seeped into the snow on the ground, and very quickly, it covered a large patch.

’’That's a servant that protects her master.’’ Just as everyone was stunned, Feng Yu Heng suddenly spoke;however, she said to Xing'er: ’’Get up. Look, the blood has already dyed your clothes red. Have your master make you a new set at a later time. A servant that protects her master like you, eldest sister must be sure to properly reward you.’’

Only then did Feng Chen Yu react. Xing'er had killed Yi Lin and sealed the information that Yi Lin was about to reveal. Yi Lin was the only piece of evidence for the death of Pei'er, but now, she was already completely taken care of.

Her heart was filled with joy, but she still looked at Feng Jin Yuan with tears in her eyes, as her face was filled with grief: ’’It's all daughter's fault for not being strict with my servants. I always thought that conflicts between servants were simply something between them. Yi Lin had been at daughter's side for many years, so daughter believed that I knew what should and should not be done. But I never thought that her hatred for Pei'er would be so great. Can father forgive daughter? Daughter truly knows her mistakes.’’ She spoke while crying, sparing no expense for the countless tears that fell.

Feng Jin Yuan was not an idiot. This was clearly killing to get rid of witnesses, and how could he not see that. But now that she was already dead, it was a bit difficult to continue pressing Chen Yu in such a situation. When he then recalled the barrel of ginger from the Chen family, his mind began to change once more: ’’Forget it. It's just a couple servants. If they died, they died.’’

Chen Yu finally let out a sigh of relief;however, Feng Fen Dai was completely dazed. She was still waiting for Yi Lin to reveal Chen Yu's true face, but she never thought that this would be the end result. She turned her cold gaze to Xing'er and took a few steps forward. Raising her hand, she was about to slap her, but she heard the matriarch suddenly say: ’’A young miss personally hitting a servant. You don't seem to be worried about losing your standing.’’

The hand that Fen Dai had raised suddenly stopped in midair. In the past few days, she had not just learned a beautiful dance from Hong Yun. She had already learned to be a bit more clever. She would occasionally receive some tips and advice. She had received plenty of advice and also thought on them quite a bit. Now that the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan were clearly on the same page, if she continued to cause trouble, she would not be able to see any benefits.

Thus the hand that she had raised was slowly lowered. Taking a deep breath to adjust her mood, she finally turned to say to the matriarch: ’’It was granddaughter that lost her temper. Since that servant is already dead, she has paid for Pei'er's life. This matter... let's consider it resolved!’’

The matriarch nodded, as she was very satisfied with Fen Dai's tact on this matter. In just the previous instant, she had seen Feng Jin Yuan's eyes shift. Although she did not know why, as his mother, she had to maintain the same position as Feng Jin Yuan. Yuan. ’’It's good that you are able to understand.’’ She consoled Fen Dai, ’’You are now without a reliable servant, grandmother will help you find some more. You can take them back to have them adjust. It will not be long before they become reliable.’’

’’Yes, Fen Dai will heed grandmother's words.’’ Although her heart was roaring, she remained calm on the surface. Feng Fen Dai felt that her patience had reached a whole new level.

With this farce finally concluded, the two corpses were picked up by the servants, and the ground was quickly cleaned up. The matriarch thought a little then said: ’’Two people have died in this courtyard, so it is not very lucky. How about this, Chen Yu will move to Shang Xin courtyard. Since it happens to be the end of the year, it has just been cleaned. You will just need to move your things.’’

Chen Yu quickly bowed to and thanked the matriarch.

Feng Jin Yuan glanced at her but said: ’’After you have moved, make sure you calm your mind properly. There is no need to come out before the new year. I heard that you were copying sutras? Un, 100 times is not enough. Let's add another 100 times!’’ After he finished speaking, he flicked his sleeve then left.

With Feng Jin Yuan leaving, the others did not remain any longer and left behind him.

Only then did Chen Yu manage to calm her heart that had been on edge the entire time. Copying sutras 100 times was already not much of a punishment to her.

Xing'er stood up from the snow-covered ground then kneeled in front of Chen Yu: ’’I beg eldest young miss to take this servant in. This servant wishes to stay at eldest young miss' side and devote myself to taking care of you. I definitely will not betray you.’’

Chen Yu helped Xing'er up and immediately felt that this girl was even closer than her own mother. If it were not for Xing'er, she would have been done in by Yi Lin.

’’If you can work without betraying me, I definitely will not mistreat you.’’

Xing'er's eyes lit up, as she quickly said: ’’Xing'er can do it! Thank you eldest young miss for your favor and for taking good care of me!’’ She then turned around and said to the servants in the courtyard: ’’Let's all work hard in following eldest young miss. Young miss definitely will not mistreat us. Let's go help young miss move her things!’’

On this side, they were moving. On the other side, they were unable to continue forward. The matriarch told everyone to disperse, but she kept Feng Jin Yuan behind.

Feng Jin Yuan knew what the matriarch wanted to ask and took the initiative to say: ’’Son went into the palace today to greet the Emperor. After that, I was called to visit the visit the Empress. Her Highness' words seemed to show concern for Chen Yu, and she even said that she had previously misunderstood Chen Yu, saying that she wanted to apologize to Chen Yu. Although son feels that there is some sort of trick here, since the Empress has spoken, it would not be good for us to not give her face. That's why today's matter can only be resolved like this. We can slowly investigate at a later time.’’

The matriarch never thought that there would be something like this and could not help but sigh deeply. ’’Her Highness the Empress very rarely makes a decision for herself. To say something very disrespectful, she has spent this entire life relying on the Emperor. Her words are representative of the Emperor, and it is possible that it was the Emperor who told her what to say. That's why... Jin Yuan, you have done well. On Chen Yu's matter, we must consider things carefully.’’

After sending off the matriarch, Feng Jin Yuan's gaze became stern, as he quietly said: ’’Hidden guard, come out.’’

A dark shadow suddenly appeared: ’’Master.’’

’’Just now, before Yi Lin died, she tried to stand up and run away. I saw that it did not seem like she fell on her own.’’

’’Master is correct.’’ The hidden guard looked up at Feng Jin Yuan and said: ’’It was second young miss herself who took action.’’


’’Yes.’’ The hidden guard nodded, ’’The thing that was thrown was a small pebble.’’

Feng Jin Yuan frowned. He was unable to understand. Feng Yu Heng was helping Chen Yu? If Yi Lin did not die, would it not be the perfect chance to reveal all of Chen Yu's previous dealings and also force him to get rid of Chen Yu? Chen Yu had repeatedly confronted her, and she had even made attempts on her and Zi Rui's lives. Why would A-Heng help Chen Yu at this critical moment?

Feng Jin Yuan was not the only one who could not understand. Even Huang Quan was puzzled, as she asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Young miss, why did you help her?’’

Feng Yu Heng coldly snorted, as she could not help but clench her fists tighter. Zi Rui, whose hand she was holding, let out a hissing sound, ’’Sis, be gentler.’’

Only then did she realize that she hurt Zi Rui and quickly patted Zi Rui's small hand, ’’Sorry, sister will be more careful in the future.’’

’’It's fine.’’ Zi Rui looked at Feng Yu Heng like a little adult, ’’Sis, could it be that they bullied you while Zi Rui was not here? Especially eldest sister, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng patted his head, ’’It's just a little argument between children. You just take care of studying properly. Leave these matters to the adults.’’

’’You are my sister, so how did you become an adult?’’ Feng Zi Rui was not convinced, ’’Also, not convinced, ’’Also, I am no longer a young child. When I was at the academy, even head teacher would often discuss things with me. Just before I came back, headteacher was saying that our maternal family was a celebrated family in the capital back then. Don't look at how they were demoted to Huang Zhou. Sooner or later, there will come a day when the Emperor will bring the maternal family back in a procession.’’

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. Why was imperial tutor Ye Rong saying such things to a child. But she wanted to hear Zi Rui's opinion, thus she asked him: ’’What do you think?’’

Zi Rui said: ’’If the Emperor is truly willing to bring maternal grandfather back in a procession, that indicates two things. First, he forgives the Yao family. Second, he never truly blamed the Yao family.’’

Feng Yu Heng practically wanted to clap and exclaim bravo. Even Huang Quan said in surprise: ’’You two truly are worthy of being siblings.’’ One was seven years old and the other was thirteen years old, but they were both very wise. Could they still get along well with the children from other families?

Zi Rui saw her like this, so he knew that she was definitely very satisfied with his response, thus he smiled: ’’Master said that Zi Rui is very smart. Zi Rui was thinking that no matter how smart I am, I still must study properly. In the future, I must become strong and protect mother and protect elder sister.’’ He said this then turned to Huang Quan and said: ’’Zi Rui will also protect sister Huang Quan... unfortunately, I don't know when sister Wang Chuan will come back.’’

These few words caused the atmosphere to become gloomy once more.

The two sent Zi Rui back to Yao shi's room before returning to Feng Yu Heng's courtyard. Upon entering the courtyard, Feng Yu Heng said: ’’Just now, I did not say it because Zi Rui was there. You asked by I wanted to Help Feng Chen Yu. I will tell you the truth. I did not want to help her, but I felt that leaving it to the Feng family to take care of her is letting her off too easily. Feng Jin Yuan will always have some connections and plans for Chen Yu. Even if Yi Lin revealed everything that she had done, it would not be enough for Feng Jin Yuan to do anything to her. In the worst case scenario, she would only be sent away to a nunnery then let out after a period of time. Feng Chen Yu has repeatedly tried to kill me. This time, she worked with the Chen family to make an attempt on Zi Rui's life, and they even kidnapped Wang Chuan. How can I let her off so easily? Don't worry, her judgement is approaching!’’


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