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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 269


Chapter 269

If You Are Heartless, Do Not Blame Me for Being Injust


Chen Yu feared that Feng Yu Heng would say something, but she refused to do as she hoped. Not only did she say something, she spoke directly to the point.

She saw Feng Yu Heng stand up then say to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, this matter is strange. Eldest sister and fourth sister are both sticking to their stories, and just now father's servant also went to take a look and said that the body had been soaked in water. Father, take a look. The corpse is directly next to a well, but that well has been filled with rocks for some unknown reason. How about we remove them to take a look!’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’That's a good idea.’’ He then turned around and said to Han shi: ’’You are pregnant and truly should not be looking at this sort of thing. Allow the servants to bring you back.’’

Han shi did not want to leave because this was related to Fen Dai after all. She truly wanted to know what sort of result could be had;however, Feng Jin Yuan had spoken, and she did not really enjoy seeing these sights. Unhappy, she could only advise Fen Dai on some small matters then leave with some servants.

Feng Jin Yuan then looked at Zi Rui and wanted to say that he was too young, so he should go back, but Zi Rui spoke up before he did: ’’There is no need for father to worry about Zi Rui. Zi Rui has already started going to school. Headteacher has already said that I am a big boy now.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded and came to like this son more and more, ’’Since that's the case, properly stick with your elder sister and don't run around wildly.’’ After speaking, he waved his hand once more and ordered a servant: ’’Go call He Zhong over and have him bring some more people.’’

The servant immediately complied and left. Not long later, housekeeper He Zhong hastily returned with a group of male servants.

The giant rock that had been blocking the well was very quickly removed, and Feng Yu Heng stepped forward in large strides towards the well. The other females in the family also wanted to go look, but they were afraid of the corpse. After some internal conflict, they were unable to endure and also took a few steps forward.

Even Feng Chen Yu got up with the help of Yi Lin and stumbled over to look.

Feng Yu Heng pulled a branch from a tree and began fishing around inside the well. Not too long later, she caught something.

She raised that thing up then threw it to the ground. Everyone gathered around to look and found that it was a set of clothes.

Fen Dai stared at the clothes for a long time then suddenly said: ’’These clothes belonged to Pei'er. This was what she wore the day she disappeared.’’ She said this while looking towards Pei'er, ’’Everyone look, she is wearing innerwear, and her outer clothes clearly fell off while she was floating in the water.’’

Everyone looked at the corpse. But of course, even the remaining innerwear had begun to unbutton. If she had continued to stay in the water, that layer would have fallen off too.

Feng Yu Heng continued to fish around inside the well for a little longer. Seeing that she was unable to fish up anything else, she tossed the branch to the side then kneeled next to the corpse and began to inspect it carefully.

Fen Dai was still saying: ’’She is kneeling next to the well, and her outerwear was soaking inside the well. Isn't it clear that Pei'er died in the well?’’

Yi Lin was unreconciled and argued: ’’But the well was clearly covered. Her clothes were inside the well, but her corpse is on the outside. How does this make sense?’’

’’How does it not make sense?’’ Fen Dai's eyes became fierce, ’’It very well could be that someone with a conscience or perhaps one of your servants could not get used to seeing this type of thing and secretly pulled her out. My poor Pei'er has been with me for so many years, yet I was unable to find her a good husband before she was killed by you like this!’’ Fen Dai said this then began crying. While crying, she said: ’’Grandmother, do you believe what Fen Dai said this time? Feng Chen Yu is a slut who puts on a kind face but has a vile heart! This time it was Pei'er, but who knows who it will be next time.’’

The matriarch finally understood that she had indeed been fooled by Chen Yu on that day. She could not help but angrily glare at Chen Yu ’’Tell me clearly, what exactly was hidden inside the vase?’’

Chen Yu continued to shake her head: ’’Nothing. Granddaughter did not hide anything. Fourth sister is framing me!’’

’’The evidence is already placed before you, yet you still dare say I'm framing you?’’ Fen Dai hated that she could not tear Chen Yu's face to shreds.

’’What sort of evidence is this?’’ Chen Yu loudly said: ’’It must be someone that deliberately planted this body to frame me. They drowned this girl first then placed her here.’’

Yi Lin also said: ’’This small garden is remote. Now that it's Winter, it it has already been many months since eldest young miss last set foot here!’’

Xiang Rong did not speak the entire time, standing to the side and watching. No matter how she looked, she felt that her eldest sister had a guilty conscience, so she could not help but tug at An shi's sleeve, ’’Concubine mother, it's eldest sister that's lying, right?’’

Before An shi could respond, Zi Rui heard it from the side and replied first: ’’Eldest sister's face is turning pale, and she keeps on blinking. She is also trembling. These clearly show that she is lying.’’

An shi looked at Zi Rui then could not help but praise: ’’Sure enough, you are second young miss' younger brother. You really are alike. Even the way you speak is similar.’’

Zi Rui gave An shi a salute: ’’Thank you concubine mother for the praise.’’ This caused An shi to smile widely.

At this time, they heard Feng Yu Heng speak, ’’Everyone, look!’’ She was currently reaching out and holding the corpse's cheeks to open the mouth, ’’Look inside her mouth. There's something there.’’

Everyone looked over, and sure enough, they saw something colorful rolled into a ball inside her mouth.

Feng Yu Heng reached her right hand into her sleeve and pulled out a pair of wooden pliers from her space. Sticking it into the mouth of the corpse, she pulled out the balled object. Xiang Rong said in shock: ’’It's a wallet!’’

The others also saw that it was a wallet, but they did not know why a dead person would have such a thing in their mouth.

Suddenly, Zi Rui opened his mouth and said: ’’Yi Lin, what are you looking for?’’

This question caused everyone to turn their attention to Yi Lin's side. Those who reacted fastest saw that Yi Lin was feeling around her body as though she were looking for something.

Hearing Zi Rui ask this, Yi Lin became panicked and casually said: ’’No, I'm not looking for anything. Second young master is mistaken. This servant did not look for anything.’’

Feng Yu Heng became unhappy, ’’What do you mean second young master? In the manor now, there is only one young master. What are you reminding father of?’’

Feng Jin Yuan's face sank, as he glared at Chen Yu.

How could Chen Yu not understand, as she quickly said: ’’Zi Rui is the eldest young master. Yi Lin, do not speak nonsense.’’

’’Yes, yes, he is the eldest young master.’’ Yi Lin became even more panicked, ’’This servant misspoke. Eldest young master, you are the eldest young master.’’

’’Isn't that sister Yi Lin's wallet?’’ Suddenly a shy voice spoke up, and everyone looked over. There, they saw a chubby little girl with chubby cheeks that were very were very adorable. The girl looked at the wallet and said in confusion: ’’It's the new wallet that sister Yi Lin had made a few days ago. When she made it, this servant thought it was pretty and had even looked at it in detail. I would not mistake it.’’

’’Shut your mouth!’’ Chen Yu was anxious, but this was one of her courtyard's servants! Previously, she only felt that this servant was a little chubby and a little dumb, but she never thought that she was actually stupid. She actually said this sort of thing at this sort of time!

Unfortunately, it was too late to shut her mouth. The words had already been said, and everyone had heard it.

The matriarch waved over to the servant, and the chubby servant shyly walked over. The matriarch then asked: ’’You are certain that it belongs to Yi Lin?’’

The chubby servant looked carefully and thought a little before saying: ’’At the time, sister Yi Lin said that she wanted to sew her name on the inside of the wallet. I don't know if it's in there or not.’’

Feng Jin Yuan immediately ordered a servant: ’’Open it up.’’

A male servant went up and opened up the wallet in a few instants. After looking carefully for a while, he raised his head and said: ’’There is a Lin character!’’ Saying that, he was about to give it to Feng Jin Yuan to see.

How could Feng Jin Yuan want to touch a dead person's belongings. Waving his hand, he stopped the servant, ’’There is no need to look. This matter is already clear.’’ Turning around, he looked at Chen Yu, ’’What else is there left for you to dispute? Father has not treated you poorly over the years and my treatment of you is something everyone has seen, so why do you not show any sincerity towards the Feng family? Tell us, what was hidden inside the cloth bag?’’

Chen Yu kneeled on the ground, begging and crying: ’’Father, believe daughter. Daughter did not hide anything! I really did not hide anything! It's nothing more than a dead servant. Nobody says that daughter did it, but even if daughter really did it, is there any need for father to offend daughter over the death of a servant!’’

’’But that is my courtyard's servant!’’ Fen Dai angrily stomped her feet, ’’If you want to beat and kill someone, you can do it to your own servants. Why must to do something to my personal servant?’’

’’Fourth sister, it really was not done by elder sister!’’ Chen Yu had already thought it through. She would not admit to this matter even if she were to die. She had to resolutely repeat to resolutely repeat that she was innocent. In the worst case... she glanced sideways at Yi Lin. In the worst case, she could only push Yi Lin out as a scapegoat.

’’Lies!’’ The matriarch slammed her cane into the ground and angrily cursed: ’’You exceedingly vile slut! How can my Feng family have a daughter like you? Jin Yuan, thoroughly investigate what it is that she hid. If it is bad for the Feng family, I will need to clean house!’’

Chen Yu was frightened by the words clean house. Kneeling on the ground, she was unable to continue speaking, but Feng Jin Yuan continued to ask her: ’’What else do you have to say?’’

’’It was not me.’’ She gritted her teeth then stood up. Suddenly turning around, she slapped Yi Lin across the face ’’Stupid slut! Pei'er merely had a few conflicts with you. How can you be so vile? What exactly was hidden in the vase?’’ As she said this, she turned to face Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Father, fourth sister herself said that it was this stupid slut that picked up the thing and ran away. Daughter is truly innocent and was kept in the dark!’’

Feng Yu Heng sneered. Throwing out her own maidservant at the most vital moment as a scapegoat. Feng Chen Yu truly was good.

’’This servant can act as witness!’’ Suddenly Xing'er spoke up, ’’One night, sister Yi Lin brought some money to this servant and told this servant to find people to block the well. This servant did not know what was going on. Seeing that there was money, I brought some people to quickly block the well.’’ She said this and pointed to some of the servants that blocked the well, ’’It's these ones.’’

The servants all dropped to their knees in fear, saying: ’’It was Xing'er that came to us to fill the well. We also saw Yi Lin look for Xing'er first.’’

Yi Lin was on the verge of collapse. She never thought that everyone in this courtyard, including Feng Chen Yu, wanted to have her killed. Now that this had been placed before her, aside from death, what else remained?

She glared at Chen Yu, ’’This servant has been with eldest young miss for many years. Even if there was no meritorious service, there was bitter service. Eldest young miss, why cast this servant aside upon running into trouble? That Pei'er was indeed pushed into the well by this servant, but why did this servant need to push her, do you really not know? Since eldest young miss is so heartless, do not blame this servant for being unjust.’’ Yi Lin flipped over and kneeled before Feng Jin Yuan, ’’Master, this servant will confess everything!’’


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