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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 245


Chapter 245

Big Sis Will Show You Something Good

Riding the horse, Feng Yu Heng heard Qian Li loudly say from behind: ’’Begin the test . Break through the array within 24 hours!’’

While he spoke, a soldier to his side stuck a bamboo pole into the ground to act as a sundial .

While riding the horse, Feng Yu Heng began calculating the number of steps between the eye of the formation and the center of the scattered star array .

Speaking of, this sort of eccentric array did not exist in the later eras, but these things did appear in books that she occasionally bought from street vendors . At the time, she was interested, so she flipped through it once . After reading through, she noticed that the arrays within were truly exquisite . Afterwards, she brought it up with a senior official of the military . Together, they ran exercises with these arrays, and they found that the results were quite plentiful .

She never thought that something she had materials for would become necessary for her to break through the array today .

Watching Feng Yu Heng accurately avoid every wide open area within the array . The soldiers could not help but repeatedly praise her . Riding a horse with poor eyesight and bad legs, she was still able to move so accurately and wisely . This county princess Ji An clearly had a very good understanding of the scattered star array .

A people began to quietly discuss: ’’The general shouldn't have secretly revealed it to county princess, right?’’

Another person agreed: ’’It's possible . After all, she is the future princess Yu . No matter what, general must take care of her a little . ’’

As more people began to say such things, these words made their way into Xuan Tian Ming's ears, causing him to suddenly use his internal energy to quietly say: ’’This prince's character is virtuous . In regards to the scattered star array and the five tests, I have never said a word to county princess Ji An . ’’

These words gave all of the soldiers a great shock!

He did not speak of it? He did not speak of it, yet county princess was actually able to navigate without mistake? Even without revealing it, county princess Ji An was actually able to reveal things about the array that deputy general Qian did not notice?

That's right, not only did Feng Yu Heng manage to avoid running into trouble in the array, occasionally, she would even pick up some things from the ground and place them where the ground was empty .

At the beginning, the soldiers did not understand what this meant, but they suddenly noticed Qian Li's eyes become wide, as he look on . A look of utter disbelief appeared on his face .

One of them was unable to stop wondering and asked him: ’’Deputy general, what is happening?’’

He heard Qian Li murmur: ’’How could it be? How could this happen?’’

’’What exactly happened?’’ The soldier simply felt that Feng Yu Heng's actions were odd, but he could not understand them .

But Qian Li understood, as he pointed towards the array and said in surprise: ’’I studied this scattered star array for seven years, but I could only make it like this . But the places... the places county princess threw things were actually points of the array not yet discovered by the people of this world!’’

These words shocked the soldiers, as they truly wanted to worship Feng Yu Heng .

The scattered star array was the array most commonly used by the Northwest army . With Qian Li noticing it many years ago, he studied and improved on it for seven years, and he was finally able to deploy troops in this array on the battlefield . They believed that even if someone could break through the array, they would need to spend a great deal of time . For example, when Xuan Tian Ming was appointed to lead the army two years prior, he still needed a full 12 hours to break through this scattered star array . But they did not think that county princess Ji An could reach the center of the array within the time of a stick of incense .

Not only were the soldiers shocked . Huang Quan, Bai Ze, Ban Zou and even Xuan Tian Ming could not help but stare wide-eyed . Looking forward, everyone sighed, as they watched the figure nimbly move through the array .

Bai Ze's eyes nearly popped from his face, as he firmly held Huang Quan's arm and repeatedly said: ’’Previously, I only knew that she had good medical ability, so how are her abilities also this good?’’

Huang Quan was also dazed from this sight, as she did not even notice the pain in her wrist . Instead, she just nodded: ’’Young miss' martial ability is also quite amazing, but this is the first time I've seen her do something like break through an array . ’’

Ban Zou, however, smirked, ’’Occasionally going out to murder for money will slowly taught her this . ’’

The corner's of Xuan Tian Ming's mouth twitched . When had her wife gone out to murder for money? He remembered that this hiden guard was a pretty respectable person . When following him, aside from saying things like this servant obeys and things like that, he did not hear much else said in an entire year . How come, after following Feng Yu Heng, he became a... How did that damn girl describe Ban Zou again?

He recalled Feng Yu Heng's words... silly yet amusing . That's right, that girl said Ban Zou was actually someone who was silly yet amusing .

However, he never understood what she meant . But he now he more or less understood .

Sure enough, he was silly yet amusing!

Xuan Tian Ming sighed over Ban Zou, but his gaze never left Feng Yu Heng .

The soldiers were shocked, his servants were shocked, and he was also shocked .

At the start, this little girl surprised him with her medical abilities . Immediately after that, she revealed extraordinary archery archery abilities . Now, she showed off her horse riding and knowledge of arrays?

This test was for riding, but the reality was that it did not just test riding . The knowledge of arrays was truly the key . Feng Yu Heng had managed to not only break through the array on an old horse, she also helped Qian Li make improvements to the array while taking the test .

Xuan Tian Ming watched for a while then could not help but say: ’’Qian Li, if county princess did not spend time changing the array and only focused on breaking through the array, at this time, she would have already completed it, right?’’

Despite the cold temperatures, Qian Li still wiped away some sweat . He quickly replied: ’’General is correct . This scattered star array... in county princess' hands is like... like... a toy to mess around with . ’’


Some of the soldiers were unable to endure and laughed . But when they thought about it, Qian Li was correct . The array that they treated as though it were their baby . When enemies entered the array, they would become frantic and collapse, but in Feng Yu Heng's hands, it truly was like she was playing around .

There was also the old horse . Grown men did not even dare ride it, fearing that they would crush it to death, but under Feng Yu Heng's control, the old horse was like a good foal . It seemed as though the oldness could not be seen, instead it seemed very lively . Carrying her along, it would weave and turn about, and from time to time it would leap over obstacles . There were even times when Feng Yu Heng would lean over to pick something off the ground while still on the horse, but it would still be able to support her .

With this test completed, not only had the array been broken through, it had been improved . Her nimbleness on the horse also caused the thirty thousand soldiers to praise her .

When Feng Yu Heng rushed out of the array, the sundial had only progressed two quarters of an hour .

Qian Li led the spectating officers to receive her, giving her a grand salute, saying in unison: ’’Many thanks county princess for the grace of improving the array!’’

Feng Yu Heng's face was stoic, and she was not out of breath . She handed the horse and horsewhip to a person who had come forward to receive her . Only then did she say: ’’The points that I just added to the array, have you remembered them?’’

Qian Li said: ’’This servant has remembered them . ’’

’’Un . ’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded then said: ’’It was not just the changes to the array . There was also a purpose behind the number of steps I took at the beginning . Also, this scattered star array is not limited to just this . The number of points on the array are not limited to what I just I just added . At a later date, I will draw up the method for the array for you then discuss them with you . ’’

Hearing what she said, the officers rejoiced and said in unison: ’’Many thanks county princess for the grace of improving the array!’’

She smiled and looked towards Qian Li, ’’Don't speak about improving the array . For now, tell me, have I passed the first test?’’

’’Of course!’’ Qian Li loudly said: ’’No matter what, county princess ranks first for knowledge of the array . As for riding... county princess ranked second . ’’

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, second?

She then recalled Xuan Tian Ming and could not help but look towards him .

There, she saw him smiling and covering his mouth . The Winter sun reflecting off his golden mask was blindingly beautiful .

She knew that if Xuan Tian Ming's legs were healthy, none could compare to the abilities he could display on horseback . She could not . The 21st century had long since discarded this sort of tool . The reason she was able to attain second place was because she had used a variety of tricks . In her previous life, she learned some magnificent tricks from the horsemanship club, and she suddenly put them on display . This had expanded the outlooks of the ancient people . What they did not know, however, was that if she truly wanted to enter the battlefield, she would need to practice even more .

’’Losing to you is not a shame . ’’ Feng Yu Heng mouthed silently . Xuan Tian Ming accurately understood what she meant and could not help but smile even more .

Qian Li watched the two express their feelings and did not want to interrupt, but he still had to kill the mood and ask: ’’Does county princess want to rest first for a quarter of an hour before beginning the second test?’’

’’No need . ’’ She turned to respond, ’’Let's begin immediately . ’’

’’Good . ’’ Qian Li took a couple steps back and gestured for her to go ahead: ’’County princess, please follow this servant this way . ’’

The archery range was in that direction, and all the soldiers followed them over . A soldier who had arrived earlier had already prepared a bow .

Qian Li said: ’’Us servants have heard long ago that county princess' archery is spectacular, but we have never had the chance to personally witness the ability shown by county princess at the palace . The next test is archery, so would county princess please show that triple arrow shot once more . ’’

’’Oh?’’ Feng Yu Heng was stunned, ’’You guys want to see the triple arrow shot?’’

All of the soldiers began to feel expectant upon hearing mention of the triple arrow shot . They had heard mention of how county princess Ji An had performed the triple arrow shot at the palace banquet . Not only did she defeat the Bu family's young miss, she had earned the Hou Yi bow, one of Da Shun's treasures Da Shun's treasures . From that moment onward, the triple arrow shot had become the new pinnacle of archery . After the soldiers had heard Xuan Tian Ming describe it, they practiced it countless times on their own, yet they did not succeed once .

’’Would county princess please allow us to take a look!’’ A soldier could not help but cry this, and others immediately agreed .

For a while, Feng Yu Heng felt that the entire valley echoed the same three words, triple arrow shot .

But she no longer wanted to use something basic like the triple arrow shot to fool people!

They saw her whisper a few words into Huang Quan's ear before Huang Quan left . Only then did she turn to Qian Li and shake her head, loudly saying: ’’Triple arrow shot, this county princess will not do repeat performances . ’’

’’Then...’’ Qian Li was startled . Could it be that they would not be able to see some spectacular archery?

’’I heard that the divine archery team of Qian Zhou at the Northern border is capable of shooting tracking arrows?’’

Qian Li was shaken and immediately said: ’’County princess is correct . The divine archery team from Qian Zhou is somehow capable of shooting arrows that will follow its target and change directions on its own . Once shot, the arrow is like a snake . Even if the person running away makes a turn, the arrow would actually be able to turn with the target . It truly is... truly is weird and abnormal . ’’

Upon mentioning the divine archery team from Qian Zhou, all of the soldiers reacted by shuddering . Not only had they suffered a loss at the hands of the divine archers from Qian Zhou on the battlefield, even Xuan Tian Ming's legs had been injured by them . Even now, he still had to rely on a wheelchair to get around . In the hearts of the Northwest army, this was a poison thorn that could not be removed .

They were determined to get revenge;however, the archers of Da Shun were, unfortunately, much worse .

In reality, when they heard that Prince Yu's future official princess was an expert in archery, Feng Yu Heng's reputation had already grown among the soldiers . The five tests today were nothing more than a formality . This second test was what they truly valued .

But Feng Yu Heng said that she would not display that famed triple arrow shot . Instead, she asked about Qian Zhou's tracking arrow . Could it be...

A look of expectation leaped suddenly filled the eyes of the soldiers, as everyone looked towards Feng Yu Heng . There was a feeling on the verge of spilling over, and Xuan Tian Ming was no exception .

At this time, Huang Quan returned before the soldiers . They saw her bring an item over to Feng Yu Heng, and everyone's gaze was strongly attracted by that item .

The Hou Yi bow!

It was the treasure of Da Shun, the Hou Yi bow!


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