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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 234


Chapter 234

Younger Sister, Who Exactly do You Love?

The fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan, had always been carefree on the subject of women. From the daughter of a common citizen to, presently, the daughter of a concubine of the prime minister's family, so long as a woman caught his eye, he had to bring her back to his palace.

As for the standards for catching his eye were apparently a single long and thin phoenix eye paired with an arrogant but sullen temperament.

Feng Fen Dai met neither of these criteria, but she fulfilled an even more important external criteria. She had that pair of white crystal earrings.

And those earrings had been put on after Xuan Tian Yan had already drank quite a bit of wine and was already a little drunk. How could that not have an effect on his mind.

Feng Yu Heng lightly sighed, ’’I originally wanted to use Feng Chen Yu to muddy the waters a little;however, I did not think that she would happen to avoid it and pass this mess off to Fen Dai. I really don't know if I should celebrate or be depressed.’’

’’Young miss should deal with your illness first.’’ Huang Quan placed the cold towel on her head then forced her back down onto her pillow. ’’Young miss, just stay in bed for today. Don't go anywhere. The Feng manor can do whatever they please with their matters. It is unrelated to us.’’

But how could Feng Yu Heng calm herself down. Reaching out, she held down the towel for herself and said to Huang Quan: ’’Go prepare water for me to clean up. I still want to go over and take a look.’’

The fifth prince had sent someone to discuss marriage with Feng Fen Dai, so Feng Yu Heng obviously could not continue to remain in Tong Sheng pavilion as though she knew nothing of it. After washing, she quickly went with Huang Quan towards the Feng manor.

Because Feng Jin Yuan was not at the manor, the person who came to discuss marriage had to meet with the matriarch. When they arrived, the matriarch had a troubled expression, as she sat on the main seat in Shu Ya courtyard's main hall. Down below, the females of the Feng manor were all present, even Feng Fen Dai had personally come. An shi continued to advise her: ’’Fourth young miss should return to her room. A girl is not allowed to be present when discussing marriage.’’

Han shi also advised her: ’’You should leave.’’

But Fen Dai stubbornly refuse to listen, her eyes staring at the proposal in the hands of the Li Palace's granny. Her eyes could not hide any of her yearning desire.

Jin Zhen saw Fen Dai's gaze and recalled the matter from the previous night. Thus, she quietly said: ’’No wonder fourth young miss was muttering about his Highness the fifth prince when she returned drunk last night. Thinking about it, they are already acquainted long ago, right?’’

The granny from the Li Palace revealed a smile upon hearing these words and said: ’’Saying that they've been acquainted for a long time is a bit of an exaggeration, but they did indeed meet at the birthday banquet for the Emperor's young grandson. Fourth young miss Feng is tender and charming, and our Highness the fifth prince took to her immediately.’’ She said this while glancing at Fen Dai. Her eyes were also drawn to the white crystal earrings that she was still wearing.

The granny had taken care of Xuan Tian Yan from a young age, so how could she not understand the reasoning. SHe could not help but sigh internally, thinking of how unlucky the Feng family's fourth young miss was. To wear any earring was fine, but she had to wear this type of white crystal earrings.

But she was one of Xuan Tian Yan's people. Even if she wanted to pity Feng Fen Dai, she still had to speak on behalf of Xuan Tian Yan, thus she smiled to the matriarch and said: ’’Fourth young miss Feng is the daughter of Prime Minister Feng. Although she is the daughter of a concubine, our Highness the fifth prince said that he thinks very highly of minister Feng, and he favors the fourth young miss Feng even more. Look, this old servant has even brought the proposal. This is not something that would be given when taking in a concubine.’’

Feng Yu Heng stood at the entrance the entire time. Feeling that it would look too much like she was eavesdropping if she did not go in now, she cleared her throat and walked in.

Upon seeing that Feng Yu Heng had come, the matriarch let out a slight sigh of relief. As though she had found her pillar of support, she quickly said: ’’A-Heng, you came at the perfect time. The Li Palace sent someone to discuss marriage with your fourth sister. Presently, your father is not in the capital, so you can come up with some ideas.’’

The granny who had come to discuss the marriage immediately recognized who had come based on what the matriarch had said, so she quickly went to salute: ’’This old servant greets and pays respects to county princess.’’

Feng Yu Heng glanced at the granny. While walking in, she said: ’’Based on what I know, his Highness Prince Li already has an official princess, right?’’

The granny replied: ’’County princess is indeed correct.’’

’’Then what is the meaning behind granny bringing this proposal to my Feng manor? Could it be that his Highness Prince Li has already decided to cast aside his wife and is preparing to marry my fourth sister as his official wife in five year?’’

Once these words came out, Feng Fen Dai became extremely moved before anyone else could react ’’His Highness treating me so well, Fen Dai will definitely remember his Highness' favor.’’

’’This...’’ The granny was a little embarrassed, ’’Fourth young miss has misunderstood. His Highness did not have any intention of casting aside his wife.’’

’’Oh?’’ Feng Yu Heng sat down and calmly curled her lips into a smile, ’’Neither casting aside his princess nor nor taking her in as a concubine. Who has heard of bringing a proposal for the sake of taking in a concubine?’’

The granny's old face turned red and quickly said: ’’His Highness' meaning is if this marriage with fourth young miss Feng is successful, fourth young miss will become the secondary princess as courtesy to Prime Minister Feng.’’

’’Oh.’’ Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Secondary princess. There is no need for a proposal for a secondary princess either. Thinking about it, this is being done for my father's face, right.’’

The granny nodded but did not speak, indicating her tacit agreement.

Fen Dai was no longer as moved as before, but she could still accept it. She was the daughter of a concubine in the Feng manor. Her future marriage prospects were to either marry a large family's son of the first wife as a concubine, or she could be the official wife of the son of a concubine. Now that there was a prince wanting her as his secondary princess, this was already extremely rare.

Fen Dai was not the only one, as Han shi also felt that this was a proud matter. She could not help but tenderly laugh and say: ’’Mother-in-law, his Highness the fifth prince is giving our Feng manor face.’’

The matriarch wanted to slap Han shi to death!

Giving face? This was considered giving face?

Who in the capital did not know about how absurdly and excessively lecherous his Highness the fifth prince was, as he brought in one girl after another. Not to mention concubines, there were already six secondary princesses. This sort of prince coming to discuss marriage was still considered giving the Feng family face?

She could think this to herself, but she did not dare say a single word of it. He was, after all, a prince. Although he was not really well-received, she had never heard about the Emperor criticizing this son from Feng Jin Yuan. Now that there was no support pillar at home, she was truly troubled. It seemed that neither accepting or rejecting it was correct.

’’Grandmother, why are you not speaking?’’ Fen Dai was a little anxious. She was still, in the end, a young child. For the few months prior, she had been deeply devoted to the ninth prince. Yesterday, however, the fifth prince paid attention to her, and this managed to sway her heart in his direction.

In reality, Feng Fen Dai was merely thinking of their identities as princes. Admittedly, Xuan Tian Ming ranked first in her heart, he was like flowers in the mirror or the moon on the lake. Even if she did her best, there was nothing she could do, as just getting close would cause her to get hurt.

But the fifth prince was different. Not only did he praise her for being beautiful, he even invited her to drink with him. Fen Dai felt that in her eleven years of life, yesterday had been the day she gained the most face. Before so many people, she was the only one who was brought over to where the where the princes sat, and she was personally invited by the fifth prince. Nobody could think of how proud she felt from sitting in that spot. She felt that the entire room had turned their eyes to look in her direction, their gazes filled with jealousy.

She never thought that the fifth prince would actually send someone today to discuss marriage. This caused Fen Dai to feel that the day she would stand out in the Feng manor had finally arrived.

The matriarch looked at the anxious Fen Dai. How could she not guess what that girl was thinking? She truly wanted to simply agree. Who knew, after marrying into the palace and suffering some hardship, perhaps this girl would lose her haughtiness.

But she could not. Feng Jin Yuan had not returned to the capital, so she truly could not make any true decisions. Moreover, how could the daughter from the prime minister's manor get married just after saying it. Even if it was the daughter of a concubine, they would have their own mission in the future.

Daughters were fragile, and after they married out of the family, they had to bring benefits to their maternal families. If it were any other prince, it would be fine, but the one who had come was the fifth prince, and this was truly troublesome!

’’Elder madam Feng, how do you feel about this marriage...’’ The granny was a little impatient from waiting, ’’His Highness has said that so long as the Feng family accepts the proposal letter, this marriage will be considered completed. He will provide gifts to the Feng manor as though she were the official princess, and definitely will not mistreat the fourth young miss. When the fourth young miss turns 15 and becomes of marriageable age, the marriage will quickly be conducted.’’

’’Thinking about it.’’ The matriarch finally spoke up, ’’Granny should also know that minister Feng is currently in the North, leading a relief effort for the disaster. Presently, there is no head wife in the family, so the children's marriage will require their father to agree. How about having his Highness wait a little. At around the time of the new year, this old one's son should have returned to the capital.’’

’’Ah!’’ The granny's expression immediately sank, ’’Elder madam, it sounds to this old servant as though the hidden meaning in your words is you are unhappy with it? How should this be said? We are representing a palace! He is a proper prince! Taking in the daughter of a concubine as a secondary princess should be an incredibly great thing for you. How could it be that elder madam does not quickly agree. What are you still waiting for?’’

Fen Dai also became anxious, ’’Grandmother, you are the eldest person in the family. Even if father returned to the capital, he must listen to what you say, right?’’

An shi looked at Fen Dai and felt that this child had already been dazed by the joy of being able to marry a prince. But thinking a little more, she also felt she also felt that Fen Dai was a little pitiful. A girl raised in her own private room had little knowledge of the outside world, so how could she have heard about the absurd things that the fifth prince had done.

She had interest in saying a reminder, but the granny stood in front of her. This was something that she absolutely could not say.

The matriarch was placed in a spot by these two people where she had no other choice. She could only send a gaze requesting help from Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng, however, feigned ignorance, ’’Grandmother, what are you looking at me for? His Highness the fifth prince is asking for fourth sister and not A-Heng.’’

’’You...’’ The matriarch had been blocked and felt truly gloomy. But when she thought of her attitude towards Feng Yu Heng over the past few days, she did not have the face to ask her for help.

’’Elder madam, please store the proposal letter safely, and allow this old servant to bring back the fourth young miss' proposal.’’ The granny's words were forceful and unrelenting, ’’His Highness is still in the palace waiting for the news. If his Highness becomes annoyed, that would not be good.’’


Feng Yu Heng suddenly laughed, ’’When had fifth brother's temper become so bad? The best meals come late. If he does not even have the patience when it comes to marrying his beloved, how will that allow us to trust that he will treat the fourth young miss well.’’

The granny could choose to not care about the matriarch, but she did did not dare ignore Feng Yu Heng. Hearing Feng Yu Heng speak, she quickly bowed and replied: ’’County princess is correct. Then elder madam, please think on it for a while. His Highness the fifth prince will definitely be waiting.’’

The matriarch put her forehead in her hand. Even if she was given a night to consider, she could not figure it out clearly!

Han shi saw this situation and felt that there was a chance that Fen Dai's potential marriage would be lost, even though she did not understand either. How did Fen Dai and the fifth prince end up together, but that was still a prince after all! Thinking of how she was one of the Feng family's concubines, if she could have a prince as her son-in-law, the Feng family would respect her a little more in the future, right! In addition...

She placed her hand on her belly and began to consider what if there truly was a child in there. Regardless of boy or girl, having an elder sister who was the secondary princess of a prince would perhaps allow them to have a significantly better life than Fen Dai did.

She wanted to speak up to advise the matriarch to agree, but before she could say it, she heard Chen Yu suddenly speak up, throwing out: ’’Wasn't fourth sister deeply in love with his Highness the ninth prince? Why is there still a need to accept a marriage with his Highness the fifth prince?’’


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