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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 222


Chapter 222

Method for Getting Pregnant

Hearing that the two grannies were being called back, the matriarch's heart went from being half cold to completely cold.

Granny Zhao waved her hand and had the servant dismissed. Only then did she anxiously ask the matriarch: ’’Should we send a letter to the master? Since such a large matter has occurred, we will need to get some ideas from master. We also need to tell master about the situation in the capital.’’

The matriarch let out a long sigh then nodded, ’’Go write the letter. There will definitely be someone around Jin Yuan who will be keeping him informed, but the matters at home, he will not know about. I truly do not have any ideas.’’ She said this while thinking. After a long time, she said: ’’Go take a look, how many of the medical plasters and pills that A-Heng sent are left?’’

Granny Zhao complied and went to take a look. When she returned, she said to the matriarch: ’’There are still ten medical plasters and five pills remaining.’’

’’There's only that little left?’’

’’That's all that's left.’’

’’... Forget it.’’ The matriarch waved her hand, ’’That's all we will keep then. After these are used up, bring in a doctor from the outside to come take a look at my back. In the future, if Tong Sheng pavilion sends any medicine over, do not accept them.’’

Granny Zhao lightly sighed and nodded, ’’Thinking about it, it is a bit of a pity. Elder madam's back would have been completely better after being treated a little longer by second young miss.’’

’’There's nothing to pity.’’ The matriarch's expression sank, ’’It is related to the Feng manor's security. At this critical juncture, we must not make any mistakes.’’

’’Yes. This old servant has remembered.’’

It had to be said that Feng Yu Heng getting in trouble caused the matriarch a great deal of sorrow. It had also caused Feng Fen Dai a great deal of pleasure.

With the two grannies leaving, Fen Dai found time to catch up on sleep. She slept from noon of one day to noon the next day. After waking up, she did not brush her hair nor wash her face. Instead, she rushed straight to Han shi's room and grabbed her hand: ’’Concubine mother, this is your chance!’’

Han shi was startled by what she was saying, ’’What chance?’’

’’The chance to make a come back!’’ Fen Dai was unable to conceal her joy, as she analyzed for Han shi: ’’Feng Yu Heng has fallen and will never be able to stand up again. Chen Yu is a good for nothing. From this day onward, father can only rely on me to be the Feng manor's daughter.’’

Han shi reminded her: ’’There are still the third young miss and An shi.’’

’’What is there to fear with An shi's personality?’’ Fen Dai's eyes lit up, ’’Not to mention how she does not have any desire of striving for favor, even if she did, she can not beat you. Just steadily give birth to a child and only worry about giving father a fat son. Don't worry about any of the other things. This Feng manor, will sooner or later belong to us in this courtyard.’’

Fen Dai spat out these words then ran out of the room like the wind, leaving behind only Han shi to feel bitter.

Steadily give birth to a child? Where was the child?

She was not as optimistic as Fen Dai, and she was not as ignorant as Fen Dai. That child was still just tel years old, so there were many things she did not understand. She felt that Feng Jin Yuan staying a night in her room would mean she could be pregnant, and that the child would definitely be a boy. Where in the world would such an agreeable thing occur?

’’A Ju.’’ She asked the servant at her side, ’’Tell me, if I secretly bring a doctor into the manor, will any problems arise?’’

A Ju was given a fright and repeatedly shook her head, ’’Concubine mother, you must not! These days,the manor was already in a state of alert because of the second young miss' matter. If you invite a doctor in at this sort of time, it would be fine if you were pregnant, but what if...’’

Han shi was given a shock. That's right, it would be good if she was pregnant, but if she was not. Would Fen Dai not choke her to death?

’’Then what should I do?’’ She was out of ideas. Standing up, she paced around the room.

It was A Ju who ended up thinking a little and coming up with a plan: ’’The performers are still at the manor, right? Concubine mother, how about copy what the fourth young miss did last time. Have a performer go out and bring in a doctor. Say that one of the performers needs to be examined.’’

Han shi's eyes lit up, ’’This is a good idea. Let's go, we will go now.’’

A Ju quickly grabbed a cloak and followed Han shi out of the courtyard. But when she arrived at the guest courtyard, she saw the people from the performance troupe packing their things.

She was startled and quickly entered the room to question the handsome boss: ’’Boss Yue, what are you doing?’’

The handsome performer that had been called boss Yue was packing up his performance clothes. Seeing that Han shi had come, he quickly went forward to complain: ’’Concubine mother has finally come. If you still did not come, this lowly one was about to leave.’’ Who knows if it was because of his job or something else, but boss Yue's eyes flitted about, very nearly flitting directly on to Han shi's face.

Han shi had originally quite liked this trick. If it were under normal circumstances, she would have blushed and returned to her warm expression. Today, however, was different. There was something on her mind, so how could she worry about anything else. She She quickly shot a look to A Ju, and A Ju understood her intentions. Raising her voice, she said to the people in the room: ’’Our concubine mother has something to discuss with your troupe leader. Everyone out for now.’’

The people from the performance troupe looked at boss Yue and saw him nod. Only then did they put down the things in their hands and leave the room. A Ju quickly went and closed the door, as Han shi said to boss Yue: ’’Let's not speak about other things first. I came today with a request for you.’’

’’Oh?’’ He was startled, ’’What abilities does this lowly one have to help concubine mother Han?’’

Han shi went forward a couple steps and leaned close to him. Lowering her voice, she said: ’’Could you use the troupe's name to call a doctor in to the manor for me?’’

’’Call a doctor?’’ Boss Yue was startled for a moment then shook his head, ’’Under normal circumstances, it would be possible, but now it can't be done. Earlier today, the manor's elder madam already sent someone over to tell us to pack up our things to leave the manor today. The money has already been paid.’’

’’What?’’ Han shi frowned. The people she had invited were being sent away by the matriarch without a word being said? Although she understood that she was a concubine who was even lower than a maidservant, and there was no need for the matriarch to let her know before doing this, she still felt that she had lost a bit of face before boss Yue.

’’This time, I fear I will not be able to help concubine mother.’’ Boss Yue cupped his hands in regret;however, he followed this up by voicing his concern, asking: ’’Is your body not feeling well? The days are cold during Winter, could it be that you have caught a cold?’’ Saying this, he went and pinched Han shi's sleeve then shook his head: ’’Your clothes are too thin and it is quite a distance from your courtyard to this place. Why do you not wear a little more?’’

A Ju felt that boss Yue had overstepped his bounds, so she very impolitely glared at him. While retracting her gaze, she unexpectedly found that Han shi did not react negatively to his actions. Not only did she not react negatively, it seemed that she enjoyed them. Her face turning red while looking at him, she softly said: ’’You really do know how to dote on people.’’

A Ju's heart tightened up, as she lowered her head. The words of reprimand that she had for boss Yue were swallowed back down.

’’Women are meant to be loved.’’ Boss Yue's gaze began to flit about once more.

Fortunately, Han shi still had a bit of sensibility and knew what she had come to do. Under his gaze, she managed to steady herself with great difficulty and asked: ’’Can you help me think of a method? I really need really need to see a doctor.’’

Boss Yue pondered a little and said: ’’It's not that there is no way. How about this, I have too many things to move will be the reason. We will see if the Feng manor will agree to bring in a few more people.’’

’’This is a good idea!’’ Han shi became happy and reached into her sleeve. From inside, she pulled out a bank note: ’’I will give this to you for the sake of inviting a doctor. The rest can be used for the others to drink tea.’’

Boss Yue did not even look at how much it was, as he placed it directly into his waist. He then raised his hand and gently patted Han shi's shoulder before walking out.

Seeing him leave, A Ju finally let out a sigh of relief and quickly reminded Han shi: ’’Concubine mother, this servant always feels that boss Yue is not an honest person. Concubine mother Han, it would be best to avoid seeing him.’’

Han shi glared at A Ju: ’’What do you understand? Right now, aside from him, who else can help me out? Either way, he will be leaving the manor. After this matter is taken care of, nobody will be recognized. What are you worried about?’’

A Ju also thought this was the case. Han shi lived in the residence, and boss Yue was nothing more than a street performer. After this day, they would never meet again, so there was no need to worry.

Thus, she did not say anything further. She only nodded and sat down with Han shi to wait for the news.

Boss Yue also returned to the room to wait with them. During the wait, they talked for a while, and every word was accompanied by amorous glances, which caused A Ju's cheeks to burn.

Roughly two hours later, the person who had been sent out returned. Han shi saw a man over four decades old walk in with a wooden case. He had a scholarly appearance, so she knew that this must be the doctor that had been smuggled into the manor. Thus she quickly gave boss Yue a look then walked past a screen into an inner room.

Boss Yue returned the look and sent the other people out. Only the doctor and A Ju were left in the room. Even he went out into the courtyard to wait.

Only then did A Ju lead the doctor over to the bed inside the inner room. Han shi then said: ’’Today, I asked doctor to come into the manor to examine my pregnancy.’’

The doctor nodded and sat down on a chair next to the bed. Calmly and steadily, he said: ’’This lowly one has practiced medicine for 20 years and seen too many things. Having been invited into the Feng manor today, this lowly one knew that there must be a lady who required a secret examination. Madam, do not worry. Although what this lowly one says about your pregnancy does your pregnancy does not matter, this lowly one can ensure that one I have left this room, this matter will be kept a secret. No matter what, not a word on this matter will be leaked out.’’

Han shi was very satisfied with this doctor and nodded, saying: ’’So long as doctor can do this, I will not mistreat you.’’

The doctor also nodded then did not say another word. Taking out a silk handkerchief, he placed it on Han shi's wrist. Putting on a solemn expression, he began to feel her pulse.

Han shi's nervousness had reached its upper limit. Although she already had a good understanding that is what quite likely that she was not pregnant, she still had a few slivers of hope in her heart.

Unfortunately, the doctor felt her pulse for a while then shook his head, telling her: ’’Madam, you are not pregnant.’’

Han shi's heart immediately froze over. A Ju was panicking to the side, endlessly saying to the doctor: ’’Check a little longer. Check one more time.’’

The doctor helplessly checked one more time then shook his head again, ’’This lowly one has practiced medicine for 20 years. How could I make a mistake when checking for pregnancy? Not pregnant is not pregnant.’’ Thinking a little more, he asked: ’’Madam, when did your last month's period come?’’

Han shi replied: ’’The sixth.’’

’’The sixth...’’ He pondered for a while before saying: ’’Then these few days will be the best time to conceive. Madam should make some preparations.’’

’’Forget it.’’ Han shi waved her hand. Feng Jin Yuan had already left the capital, so what did it matter if these were the best days. ’’A Ju, pay the doctor.’’

A Ju very unhappily pulled out two silver ingots from her sleeve and handed them over. At the same time, she advised the doctor: ’’Doctor must remember your promise. Once you have left this room, you must not speak of this matter to another person.’’

The doctor received the money and nodded, ’’That is natural.’’ He then stood up and saluted to Han shi. Turning around, he left.

Han shi sat on in the bed and was a little dispirited. A Ju consoled her: ’’Concubine mother is still young. There will still be plenty more chances in the future. We can give the matter some more thought, so when master...’’ She spoke until she could no longer continue. Spending her days at Han shi's side, she knew that Han shi did not fear being unable to become pregnant with master's child. What she feared was the fourth young miss finding out and going crazy!

Han shi placed her head on her knees, as tears began dripping down. She vaguely heard the sound of someone moving, and she assumed it was A Ju;however, at this time, a hand was suddenly placed on her shoulder, and a voice spoke into her ear. It was a man's voice that said: ’’If concubine mother wants a child, this lowly one has a good method.’’


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