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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 217


Chapter 217

With a Phoenix Whip in Hand, I Will Whip the Shameless You

Xiang Rong stood up and bowed in the direction of the voice without raising her head: ’’Xiang Rong greets your Highness Prince Chun. Long live your Highness.’’

Xuan Tian Hua went forward and helped up her. He then spoke in his usual peaceful voice: ’’Get up, there is no need for ceremony in your own home.’’ He saw that Xiang Rong was timid, so he did not engage in too much small talk, directly asking: ’’Did you come for the matter of your second sister going into the palace?’’

’’Un.’’ Xiang Rong nodded, finally finding the courage and an excuse to raise her head, ’’Second sister said she was going into the palace to admit and apologize for her mistakes. The family is worried, and grandmother insisted on Xiang Rong coming to ask your Highness. Xiang Rong knows it is a little improper, but it was grandmother's order, so.... so I did not dare refuse.’’

’’It's fine.’’ Xuan Tian Hua motioned for her to sit then went to sit in the main seat, ’’It is not considered improper. Ming'er and I are brothers. You and A-Heng are also sisters. Coming here to inquire is something that should be done.’’ Xuan Tian Hua very rarely referred to himself as this prince before others, unless he wanted to remind them of his standing. Most of the time, he would speak as though speaking about daily life, and he could very quickly calm the nerves of whoever he was speaking with.

Xiang Rong was also calmed down by his casual tone. No longer feeling nervous, her worry for Feng Yu Heng began to increase.’’ Your Highness, second sister will be fine, right? Will his Majesty be angry? Will he punish her? Your Highness, this matter can not be blamed on second sister. His Highness' leg injury was too severe, and it had been so long. Even if it could not be healed, that is within reason! Your Highness, would you be able to ask forgiveness for second sister? Ask his Majesty.... to not punish her! Or perhaps just fine her a bit of money?’’ The more she said, the harder it became for her to fathom what would happen if the dignified Emperor became furious. How could it simply be a monetary fine.

Xuan Tian Hua laughed but did not say whether or not he would help. Instead, he only told her: ’’You should trust your second sister.’’

’’Ah?’’ Xiang Rong was slightly startled, ’’Trust what? Second sister personally said that his Highness' legs could not be treated!’’

’’Whether or not she could treat them is one matter. Whether or not she will be punished is another. Often times, what you see and hear are not the truth. There are also times when something happens which should never have appeared.’’

Xiang Rong was completely confused. She found that she was completely incapable of understanding what Xuan Tian Hua was saying. Normally, she only admired her second sister when watching her chat and laugh with them. Now, however, she knew that being able to communicate like that did not only require courage, it also required... thought. She was definitely too stupid, as she could not even understand what was being said. With this sort of response, what should she report to the matriarch?

Seeing her struggling appearance, Xuan Yian Hua could not help but shake his head, ’’You are still too young. It is normal for you to not understand. Blame me for saying it like that. Either way, you just need to remember. No matter what happens, it will be fine to just believe in your second sister.’’

’’But his Majesty...’’

’’Father Emperor might be a little unhappy, but he will not give her too much trouble.’’

’’Hah.’’ Xiang Rong lightly sighed then stood up. Facing Xuan Tian Hua, she saluted and said: ’’Thank you your Highness for resolving any doubts. Although Xiang Rong does not understand too well, but when I return to the manor in a few hours time, I will remember what was said and pass along these words to grandmother.’’

Xuan Tian Hua was puzzled, ’’In a few hours? Where are you wanting to go?’’

’’Xiang Rong wants to go wait for second sister at the entrance to the palace.’’

’’.... Forget it.’’ Xuan Tian Hua helplessly shook his head and also stood up, ’’Let's go. I will go with you.’’

When they left the Chun Palace, Xiang Rong sat in Xuan Tian Hua's carriage, and the Feng family's carriage quietly followed behind them.

Along the way, Xiang Rong's heart was all over the place. For a while, she would think about Xuan Tian Hua then she would think about Feng Yu Heng. Her small face appeared at a loss, but Xuan Tian Hua laughed when he saw it.

At this time in the Feng manor, everyone's state of mind was a mess. Nobody knew when Feng Yu Heng would be able to return, nor did they know what sort of disaster she would bring back to the Feng family when she did return.

A servant finally rushed to Shu Ya courtyard to make a report late in the evening. Not waiting for her to speak, the matriarch spoke with a trembling voice: ’’Could it be that a person from the palace has come?’’

The servant was stunned, ’’How did elder madam know?’’

’’It's over!’’ The cup of tea in the matriarch's hand dropped the ground, as her tone completely changed, ’’I knew it! The Emperor hated the Yao family that much at the time, so how could he immediately change his tune and treat A-Heng so well. Now it seems, everything was done for his Highness the ninth prince's legs! The Emperor was only thinking of having A-Heng heal his Highness' legs, so he gave her so many favors. Now that his legs could not be healed, A-Heng is worthless, and the disaster has followed followed her back!’’

Seeing the matriarch become like this, granny Zhao quickly went up to console her. The servant who had come to make a report was stupefied by the matriarch's words. Standing stunned for a long while, she finally said: ’’What is elder madam saying?’’

Granny Zhao felt that something was not quite right and immediately asked: ’’You said that someone from the palace has come. What sort of person came?’’

The servant replied: ’’It was two grannies that came, saying that they had been invited by lady Zhou and ordered by her Highness the Empress to come to the manor and teach the fourth young miss the rules.’’

’’Hm?’’ The matriarch had originally been weeping bitterly but immediately recovered, ’’What did you say?’’

The servant said once more: ’’Two grannies came from the palace to teach. They are already being brought here. They said they would pay respects to elder madam first then go visit fourth young miss.’’

Only then did the matriarch remember how Fen Dai had offended the ninth prince. He had said that he would invite some grannies to teach Fen Dai the rules.

Hearing that the people from the palace had come for this matter, the matriarch's heart calmed down, as she quickly said to the servant: ’’Quickly go call the fourth young miss over here.’’

The servant acknowledged it and left. Granny Zhao tidied up the matriarch's appearance while saying: ’’Elder madam, you absolutely must not scare yourself. Doesn't the second young miss have his Highness Prince Yu on her side. Even if his Majesty wants to punish her, it will be nothing more than some venting. How could he allow second young miss to suffer.’’

’’But his legs can not be healed. Can he still treat A-Heng like before?’’ The matriarch did not believe, no matter what, that a man could be so dead set on being with a woman.

Granny Zhao, however, did not believe this to be the case and reminded the matriarch: ’’Yesterday at Tong Sheng pavilion, you saw his Highness Prince Yu's attitude towards the second young miss. Where could a gap be found?’’

The matriarch thought carefully and found that it was as granny Zhao said. Thus, her mind was relieved slightly.

At this time, a servant reported from outside, ’’Granny Liu and granny Wang have come to pay respects to elder madam.’’

’’Please come in.’’

Following this invitation, the two madams in palace garb walked in. Roughly forty years old, they were tall and appeared strict. They walked upright, and their eyes did not wander. They walked until they reached a place not too far from the matriarch then came to a stop. In unison, they saluted: ’’This old servant pays respects to elder madam Feng. Our Highness the Empress instructed us to come to the manor and teach the fourth young miss the rules. We also hope that elder madam will take care of us.’’

’’What sort of things is granny saying. Please get up. Please get up.’’ The matriarch The matriarch had wanted to stand up and help them personally, but her back truly could not do this. Instead, only granny Zhao could take her place, ’’That child, Fen Dai, is still young and does not understand anything. Would the two grannies please be tolerant.’’

’’Elder madam, please do not worry. These old servants do not dare disobey her Highness' orders.’’ The two grannies had stern looks on their faces, causing the matriarch to nod repeatedly.

Not long later, Feng Fen Dai was escorted from the temple to Shu Ya courtyard. After kneeling for one day and one night, the girl was completely out of it. Her hair was scattered, and her face appeared to be drained of blood. She swayed with each step she took. Seeing the matriarch, she could not even handle paying her respects before saying: ’’Grandmother, how about forgiving Fen Dai. If Fen Dai dies, what sort of explanation will you give when father returns?’’

The matriarch ignored her, instead saying to the two grannies: ’’This is this old one's fourth granddaughter.’’

The two stood up and very properly paid their respects first, saying: ’’This old servant greets fourth young miss Feng.’’

Fen Dai frowned: ’’Who are you two?’’

The granny named Liu said: ’’This old servant is one of the palace servants in responsible for teaching. Her Highness the Empress ordered for us to come teach fourth young miss the rules.’’

’’Learn the rules? Learn what rules?’’ Fen Dai was confused, ’’I am not going into the palace. Why are people from the palace coming to teach me the rules? Grandmother, what exactly are they doing?’’

’’Impudent!’’ The matriarch slapped her chair, ’’The two grannies were ordered to come to the Feng manor by her Highness the Empress. Where is there room for your nonsense?’’

’’But why?’’ Once these words came out, she immediately recalled what Xuan Tian Ming had said yesterday. Who knows how Fen Dai thought of it, but her eyes suddenly lit up and asked granny Liu: ’’Was it his Highness the ninth prince who spoke about it to her Highness?’’

Granny Liu nodded, ’’Indeed.’’

’’Ha!’’ Fen Dai suddenly laughed, ’’As I said, his Highness the ninth prince is interested in me. Otherwise, why would he specially go into the palace to invite some grannies to teach me the rules? Grannies, please do not worry. Fen Dai will definitely learn properly. In the future, I definitely will not lose his Highness any face.’’

Fen Dai's words caused the Feng matriarch not to know where to place her face. The two grannies were also startled for a while before granny Wang said: ’’This old servant does not know what intention fourth young miss has by saying such things. This old servant only knows that when his Highness brought this to her Highness the Empress, he said it like this 'The Feng family has a fourth young miss who is accustomed to being unreasonable and causing a scene. She does not know etiquette or honor, and or honor, and it caused this prince to feel annoyed.'’’

’’Hmph.’’ The matriarch snorted, ’’Have you heard that? His Highness only feels that you do not know honor. Where would he be showing interest in you?’’

Granny Liu nodded, ’’The only person his Highness shows any interest in is the manor's second young miss. This is something everyone knows. To speak frankly, it is also us old servants who want to help fourth young miss correct her bad habits.’’

’’That's not possible!’’ Fen Dai shrieked, ’’How could he say it like that? You must be telling a lie. It must be Feng Yu Heng who sent you to punish me. Scram!! All of you scram!’’

Fen Dai had lost her mind and rushed to push away the two grannies. Granny Liu was pushed sideways, and granny Wang became furious. Putting her hand into her sleeve, she pulled a small whip. Raising her hand, she whipped in the direction of Fen Dai's back.

The people of the palace all had their strengths. They were capable of breaking wood that was covered by tofu while ensuring the tofu did not break. Moreover, this was just clothes covering skin.

Fen Dai only felt a fiery pain on her back and began yelping for a while;however, this did not arouse the slightest bit of sympathy from the people of the Feng family.

Granny Wang help the whip in her hand and coldly said;’’This small phoenix whip is used to hit imperial concubines and punish female officers. For the Feng family's fourth young miss to be able to receive a strike, you should feel happy.’’

The Feng matriarch also nodded, saying: ’’Granny is correct. I hope granny can properly teach this old one's fourth granddaughter. If she should be hit, then hit her. If she should be punished, then punish her. You may not be lenient.’’

’’This old servant has received your order.’’

No matter how reluctant Fen Dai was, the two stern grannies were sent to her courtyard.

Watching them leave, the matriarch quickly said to granny Zhao: ’’The sky is already dark. Go to the palace gates and take a look. A-Heng has not come back, and Xiang Rong has not come back. I truly am extremely anxious.’’

Granny Zhao had no other options and could only quickly leave the manor. Sitting in a carriage, she hurried in the direction of the palace gates.

When she arrived, she saw Xiang Rong also waiting outside. Accompanying her was the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua. Just as she was about to go over to say a few words, she saw a person come out of the palace's gates.

In the middle, there was a well-dressed elderly lady accompanied by a managing palace maid who was smiling and chatting with her. The palace maid was very polite to the elderly lady, which caused granny Zhao to look carefully. It would be fine if she did not look, but when she did, granny Zhao was given a great shock, ’’It's her?’’


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