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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 204


Chapter 204

Who Said This Prince is Fickle?

Fen Dai looked in the direction Chen Yu pointed and saw Han shi walking with Chen Qing. Chen Qing was respectfully speaking with her. With one hand, Han shi covered her mouth and laughed. With the other, she grabbed Chen Qing's wrist. She laughed while swaying along. Who knew how funny the things Chen Qing said were, as she could not hold back the sound of her laughter. Her body even swayed from the laughing.

’’Concubine mother Han, what are you doing?’’ Chen Yu frowned, her face filled with worry, ’’Although cousin is from the younger generation, he is still a man. Where is the decency when you do this sort of thing in the street?’’

Fen Dai's eyes were opened wide in anger, but she did not forget to rebuff Chen Yu: ’’It's clearly young master Chen who is being improper. Eldest sister, do not deliberately accuse concubine mother Han.’’ Although she said this, she stomped over to Han shi. Just as Han shi was about to grab Chen Qing's arm with both of her arms, Fen Dai suddenly tugged her back and loudly said: ’’Young master Chen, if you have anything to say, wait until we are back at the manor and tell it to grandmother. What are you talking to concubine mother here for?’’

Chen Qing originally had a helpless expression. Upon seeing Fen Dai come over, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He was not annoyed by Fen Dai's attitude. He only thought it was the fourth young miss Feng coming over to rescue him. He quickly bowed and said: ’’Fourth young miss is correct. Chen Qing is staying at the Feng manor to prepare for the imperial exam. Everything will be left to elder madam manage. Concubine mother's good intentions, Chen Qing does not dare accept.’’

Han shi rolled her eyes and mumbled: ’’Husband said for us to take good care of your before he left. Am I not acting out of goodwill?’’

Fen Dai glared at her: ’’With grandmother here, where is there a need for you to worry?’’ Glancing again at Chen Qing, her gaze was filled with irritation, ’’You are a male, so why do you not know to walk separately from the women? What are you still standing here for? Go away!’’

Chen Qing lowered his head from her screams and walked away.

Fen Dai held Han shi's arm, trembling with anger: ’’I say, have you gotten carried away with your success? Father only treated you well for one night. He only just left the capital, yet you go to try and snatch up another man in the blink of an eye?’’

’’What nonsense are you saying?’’ Han shi covered Fen Dai's mouth in fear, ’’I am only telling him that if he needs anything for his studies, he just needs to speak up.’’

Fen Dai pulled her hand away. Although she was angry, she still knew to lower her voice: ’’Is there any need to move your hands when saying this? Take a look, where did your hands end up just now? I will tell you, if you do not restrain yourself, nobody will be able to save you.’’

Fen Dai threw her tantrum, and Han shi was a little afraid, ’’It's just something I am accustomed to doing. It's not deliberate.’’ She muttered to herself then recalled what Fen Dai had said to Chen Yu at the gate. She could not help but lecture her: ’’Don't just lecture me. You also need to show some restraint. Is eldest young miss' matter something that can be so casually mentioned? Today, we were fortunate that An shi provided a cover up, otherwise, I would see what you would have done! If that matter got out, the one to suffer would not just be Feng Chen Yu alone. Instead, it would be the entire Feng family!’’

Fen Dai, however, did not object to this. The Feng family? ’’If I can not have what I want, then it would be better for the Feng family to be ruined.’’

These words caused Han shi's heart to tremble in shock.

She understood her daughter too well. She was only ten years old, but she had a heart that desired victory even more than Feng Chen Yu. She had never been satisfied with her status as a daughter of a concubine. She had coveted the position as daughter of the first wife for many years and looked forward to it for many years. Han shi understood that so long as she did not have the position of daughter of the first wife, Fen Dai would not give up.

She gently caressed her own belly and hoped that her body would put up one last fight and allow her to not only get pregnant but to get pregnant with a son. With a son at her side, hope would truly be at hand.

From the Feng manor's gate to the Northern gate, the group was large because of how many people there were. It was lively, so it did not seem particularly far. The trip back, however, was more difficult. Normally, the madams and young misses would not walk around so much with their own two feet. One after another, they swayed from fatigue. This caused their pace to slow.

Feng Yu Heng had good physical strength, and Xiang Rong had been training with her for a long time. She was no longer a pampered young miss. The two even increased their pace. When they passed by Hundred Herb Hall, they stopped and took a look around.

When they arrived, there just happened to be a middle-aged man who had just purchased some medicine from inside. He walked out while thanking the clerk. Feng Yu Heng felt this person looked familiar. Only when that person turned around did she recognize him. It was one of the the guys who had come to Hundred Herb Hall to make false claims against her. More accurately, it was the corpse.

After having been moved to Feng Yu Heng's space, this person was very conscientious. He immediately clarified the entire situation from start to finish. He even helped the governor with the investigation. Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng had sent people to ask around a few times and found that the governor was unable to make much progress. Thus she did not concern herself with it any further.

Being able to meet Feng Yu Heng at the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall made that person very happy. He rushed over to her and kowtowed immediately. Xiang Rong was startled but then recognized that person. She could not help but say: ’’Are you the person that my second sister brought back from death?’’

The man nodded, ’’I am very grateful that young miss still remembers. Many thanks your miss for saving my life. This lowly one will salute you.’’ This person was honest, as he kowtowed three times to Feng Yu Heng, with his head touching the ground. Only then did he stand up and say: ’’At the time that everyone was saying second young miss Feng had burned to death at the ancestral home, this lowly one went to the Feng manor to burn joss paper. It was only later on that we found out that young miss was taken into the palace by his Majesty and conferred the title of county princess. This lowly one being able to have been saved by a county princess truly is a good fortune earned from my previous life.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’There is no need for the previous life. Me saving your life is nothing more than a coincidence. There is no need to take it to heart.’’ She then looked towards his hand, ’’Someone in your family has fallen ill?’’

The person nodded, ’’My wife fell ill, so I came to get some medicine. Hundred Herb Hall's clerk even took less money and gave a bit more medicine.’’

Feng Yu Heng approved of the way Wang Lin did things a little more, ’’Then go home quickly. Don't keep a sick person waiting too long.’’

’’Yes.’’ That person saluted Feng Yu Heng then prepared to leave. At this time, the people of the Feng family caught up. Feng Fen Dai was at the front. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong were standing at the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall, she quickly waved to everyone: ’’Let's go rest at Hundred Herb Hall for a while. In any case, let's drink some water and warm up out feet. I can no longer continue walking.’’ As she said this, she walked over to Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’Second sister, we have come to your place. It can't be that we won't even be given some tea to drink, right?’’

Before Feng Yu Heng could Heng could respond, the person who was about to leave suddenly stopped. Looking at Feng Fen Dai in surprise, his face was disgruntled.

Fen Dai also saw him. At first, she was stunned, then her gaze became defensive and fierce, which frightened the man into taking a step back.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the two and began thinking. After a moment, she came to an understanding on the situation.

At the time the man woke up, he said that a girl wearing a bamboo hat had found him. The identity of that girl was never uncovered by the governor. They had also analyzed the situation before. At the start, they believe it to be imperial daughter Qing Le, but since she had already lost her hair, it would have been too obvious. She did not think it would be Qing Le, but who it would be, she truly could not figure it out. After that, a great number of things happened one after the other, causing this matter to fall by the wayside. Now that she saw this man's reaction, she seemed to have found the truth behind the matter.

Because Feng Fen Dai had failed to seduce Xuan Tian Ming and fell into the water, she had been sent to the suburbs of the capital. Who knew that this girl would not think of repenting and would instead do this sort of thing.

’’How is it that second sister recognizes everyone?’’ Feng Fen Dai glared at the person and said coldly: ’’I thought that second sister would only interact with wealthy and powerful people given how you are the dignified county princess. I never thought that you would even talk with this sort of commoner.’’

Feng Yu Heng helped the man pick up the medicine he dropped and handed them back to him. At the same time, she said: ’’I am a county princess, but I am also a doctor. Regardless of man or woman, young or old, wealthy or poor, doctors treat illnesses, not people.’’ After saying this, she gently patted the person on the back of the hand, ’’Go home. I will have someone send you.’’ She then gave Huang Quan a look.

Feng Fen Dai watched wide-eyed as Huang Quan took the person away. She also saw that person turn back and glance at her after walking for a while. For a while, she felt agitated and uncertain.

’’Does fourth sister still want to go in for tea?’’ Feng Yu Heng smirked and looked at her with a calm gaze. It seemed as though she did not know what had happened. ’’Although my Hundred Herb Hall is not large, because I personally brought a dead person back to life here, it became quite famous. Does fourth sister want to go in and take a look?’’

Feng Fen Dai's face became green, ’’What is there to see in a damn medicine shop.’’ After speaking, she turned and left.

The people of the Feng of the Feng family who had finally caught up did not understand what had happened. Han shi asked: ’’Did you not say we were stopping to rest our feet? How come you've left?’’

Feng Yu Heng pulled along Xiang Rong and went towards the Feng manor. While walking, she said: ’’Perhaps fourth sister no longer feels tired. Or perhaps she thinks my Hundred Herb Hall is too small. Let's just go home.’’

Walking at the front, Feng Fen Dai naturally heard her words. She had always been prideful, so the anger in her heart surged forth. She could not help but stop walking and turn around to face Feng Yu Heng. Using a sarcastic tone, she said: ’’Second sister truly is gracious. Based on what I know, the ninth prince has already left the capital for a number of days, right? Do you not worry about him?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’For men, order is most important. Moreover, he is at the military camp training his officers to protect our families and our country. What is there for me to worry about?’’

Fen Dai quickly thought: ’’Then do you not worry for yourself? The ninth prince has always been fickle. Perhaps he has already forgotten about you long ago. Otherwise, how could he depart for so long and not say a word of coming to visit you.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at Fen Dai with ridicule. This child would feel ill at ease if she did not stir up some trouble.

’’Whether or not he forgets me, how does it concern fourth sister?’’ Feng Yu Heng picked up a small lantern from a small street stall and began playing with it, ’’Look at this lantern.’’ She said this while handing three pieces of broken silver to the vendor before continuing: ’’Now, it belongs to me. But are you able to concern yourself with whether or not I light it? Even if I do not light it and leave it there, you can not take it.’’

’’You...’’ Fen Dai did not know how to refute her. She only stared at the lantern with a look of reluctance and greed. ’’Fen Dai is unable to compete with second sister when it comes to speaking, but Fen Dai is just reminding you in good will. Even though the ninth prince is engaged to you, there are still a few years to go before your marriage. Second sister absolutely must make sure to hold him close. If something were to happen, that would truly be a huge loss.’’

Feng Yu Heng suddenly smiled. This smile was brilliant like a flower. This smile was like the sun rising in the winter and went straight towards Feng Fen Dai.

Fen Dai wondered, had this person become an idiot? At this time, she heard a voice come from behind that caused her to mind to spin along with a immense amount of fear ’’Just now, who said this prince is fickle?’’


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