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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 196


Chapter 196

Happy Reunion Between Cousins

Hearing Feng Jin Yuan mention the one million taels, Chen Yu became paralyzed on the spot.

This was bad. She had forgotten about it!

She had been so completely focused on dealing with the child in her belly that she forgot that she had promised to give Feng Jin Yuan the one million taels to curry favor with him. But what money did she have left? The money had been completely taken away by Feng Yu Heng.

Seeing that Chen Yu's expression was a little awkward, Feng Jin Yuan's heart dropped, as he urgently asked: ’’What happened?’’

Chen Yu did not dare raise her head, as she stared fixedly at the ground and thought rapidly. She considered whether or not to tell Feng Jin Yuan the truth. If she did, what sort of outcome would she have brought for herself?

But it would have been better not to have thought. Now, the more she thought, the more afraid she became. Feng Jin Yuan was already treating her far worse than previously, and she no longer had the title of daughter to the first wife. She had barely survived to this point on the back of being the aspect of the phoenix. If it were found out that she had aborted a child, would her father completely give up on her?

She knew that Feng Jin Yuan was secretly looking for a medicine to restore her pure body, but there was no movement despite having searched for this long. She would end up becoming an abandoned child.

But if she did not say it, how could she get through this ordeal?

Chen Yu felt her head hurt, as she heard Feng Jin Yuan ask: ’’That day, you said you have one million in bank notes from the Chen family and that when father needed it, you would go to retrieve it. Chen Yu, father now needs that money. Do you have it on you?’’

Chen Yu sighed and knew that she definitely could not talk her way out of this. Helpless, she shook her head: ’’Father, that money... is already gone.’’

’’What did you say?’’ Feng Jin Yuan practically did not dare believe Chen Yu's words. He could only think that he had misheard her, ’’Say it one more time?’’

Chen Yu gritted her teeth and repeated herself: ’’That money is already gone.’’

’’Nonsense!’’ Feng Jin Yuan became furious, ’’One million taels! Do you think that is one hundred taels? Could it disappear as easily as saying it's gone?’’

Chen Yu had already come up with an idea and simply decided to place the blame on the Chen family: ’’Uncle recently had some trouble with business. He took it back to use for now. There was nothing daughter could do.’’ Either way, the relationship between the two families was very poor, so there was no way Feng Jin Yuan could go ask the Chen family about this matter.

’’The things that have been given away can still be taken back?’’ Feng Jin Yuan cursed the Chen family a thousand times, ’’Father has said this long ago, there is no benefit for you in sticking too close to the Chen family. And now that they have actually done such a thing. Did you know that father promised that one million taels to the third prince today? The third prince even showed concern for your condition and asked if you were well. Chen Yu, father is doing everything with you in mind!’’

The third prince taking the initiative to ask about her caused Chen Yu to feel a bit moved. Although her heart already belonged to the seventh prince, that man was nothing more than a flower in the middle of a well. She could see him, but she could not reach him no matter what. Her most important matters now was to cooperate with Feng Jin Yuan in winning over the third prince. So long as they could solidify the third prince's trust, there would be a path to follow in the future. Otherwise, everything else would have been in vain.

’’Do you know how serious this situation is?’’ Feng Jin Yuan felt his head pulsate. He cursed Chen Yu while keeping himself alert: ’’Father has already made this promise. If it can not be fulfilled, how should we handle his Highness the third prince? What would you do in the future? All of these things, have you considered them?’’

Chen Yu saw that Feng Jin Yuan had become furious and quickly stood up to kneel. A couple of tears began to fall. ’’Daughter understands. Father's determined feelings, daughter has seen and remembered. For things to become like this was not daughter's intention. Daughter truly... has been framed by others!’’ The more she thought of what happened at Feng Tong county, the more she hated. She hated Feng Zi Hao, she hated Feng Yu Heng, and she also hated Bu Ni Shang.

’’What good is there in saying this now?’’ Feng Jin Yuan looked at this daughter in disappointment, ’’You don't have the ability yourself, yet you still look to frame others. Chen Yu, the years the Feng family devoted to your development were truly wasted!’’ He turned around and no longer looked at Feng Chen Yu. In his heart, however, he began to wonder where he should acquire that one million taels from.

When Feng Chen Yu left Pine courtyard, even her calves were trembling. Just earlier, she had seen the same expression on Feng Jin Yuan's face as appeared in Feng Tong county.

That was the prelude to him abandoning her. He had beaten Feng Zi Hao to death, and there would come a day where she would also meet the same fate. So long as she did not make any contributions to the Feng family, and so long as her existence affected her father's thorough plans, she believed that Feng Jin Yuan would definitely cast away this partially-worthless chess piece without any hesitation.

’’Feng Yu Heng!’’ Chen Yu gnashed her teeth and fiercely uttered this name, ’’You have caused me harm to to such a degree. Sooner or later, a day will come when I will collect my debts from you many times over. So long as I do not die, do not plan to enjoy a single pleasant day!’’

At her side, Yi Lin plainly shuddered. Chen Yu's extreme hatred caused her to feel that this eldest young miss' heart had already began to distort. In reality, she truly wanted to remind Chen Yu to not keep thinking of getting revenge on Feng Yu Heng. Over the past half a year, it had been one plan after another, but which one had done anything to Feng Yu Heng? Not only had it not affected the target, one had even bounced back and hit her in the face. A perfectly fine girl had been turned into this. Why bother?

But she did not dare say such things. She understood Feng Chen Yu's temper much too well. If she said these words while Chen Yu was furious, it was possible that she would be beaten to death. She sighed internally and quietly lowered her head.

The two walked through the snow towards their own courtyard. Just as they were about to reach the entrance, Yi Lin suddenly tugged at Chen Yu's sleeve and quietly said: ’’Young miss, it is young master.’’

Chen Yu raised her head and looked over. Sure enough, she saw Chen Qing waiting beneath a large tree just outside her courtyard. In a purplish-blue robe, with the hem of the robe touching the snow, his feet continuously stamped the ground. He had clearly been waiting for a while.

She was slightly startled then recalled that Chen Qing was currently living in the Feng family home. Yi Lin recalled that Chen Yu had just said to Feng Jin Yuan that the bank note were taken back by the Chen family, so she could not help but worry: ’’Master won't ask young master about the bank notes, right?’’

Chen Yu pondered a little then shook her head. ’’He won't. Cousin has been out the entire time for school. He originally did not have much contact with the Chen family. Moreover, those bank notes were given by third uncle. It's unknown whether or not eldest uncle knows about it. He won't cause any problems.’’ She spoke while walking forward a few steps towards Chen Qing. ’’Why does cousin not go in to wait?’’ Upon beginning to speak, she returned to her former beautiful appearance that was absolutely stunning.

Chen Qing had always had a soft spot for Chen Yu since he was young, especially the tender way in which Chen Yu spoke to him. This caused him to blush even harder and become even more dazed.

Previously, the Chen family's people had mentioned the idea of marriage to Chen shi, and they had thought of having the cousins unite in wedlock, but this was rejected by Chen shi. This was something Chen Yu also knew about. Now that she saw Chen Qing, even an idiot could see that he still he still had feelings for her, as the long disappeared feelings of conceit once again surged forth in her heart.

’’Cousin, you've come back?’’ Chen Qing did his best to calm himself down and saluted Chen Yu, ’’Chen Qing hastily came to the manor and did not even say a greeting to younger cousin. It truly was improper.’’

’’Cousin, what sort of things are you saying. Quickly, come inside to sit.’’ Chen Yu spoke while allowing Chen Qing into the courtyard.

Chen Qing, however, backed up a couple steps and waved his hand, saying: ’’No, no, no, younger cousin, pay attention to the rules. How could I enter so casually. I only came to greet you before... before going back.’’

Chen Yu's face revealed a trace of sadness and looked at Chen Qing for a while before lowering her head. She then quietly sighed and said: ’’Cousin must also hate Chen Yu, right? It is alright, Chen Yu does not blame cousin.’’

Chen Qing was startled and asked in surprise: ’’Younger cousin, what are you saying? How could I hate younger cousin?’’ He then looked at Chen Yu and could not help but become anxious, ’’Younger cousin, what happened? Why is your complexion so poor? Are you not feeling well?’’

Chen Yu did not speak, instead it was Yi Lin who spoke, ’’Young master, you may not know, but our young miss has suffered great grievances over the past half a year!’’

Upon hearing these words, Chen Qing, for some reason, recalled the Feng family's second young miss, who had treated his illness. He subconsciously asked: ’’Could it be that it was the Feng family's second young miss that was bullying younger cousin?’’

Chen Yu's eyes lit up: ’’Why does cousin say it like that?’’

Yi Lin, however, said: ’’Young master has also heard about this matter?’’

Chen Qing frowned: ’’Speaking about it, it was all true?’’

Chen Yu had many grievances in her heart. Flattening her mouth, a couple tears immediately came forth. She raised her handkerchief to wipe away the tears and quietly sobbed. Yi Lin then let out a long sigh and said: ’’Ever since second young miss returned to the manor, the eldest young miss has suffered worse with each passing day. Madam and eldest young master both passed away one after the other, leaving behind eldest young miss alone and helpless. But she still was not satisfied, as she even took eldest young miss' title of daughter to the first wife away. Young master, how is madam supposed to be at peace in death!’’

Upon hearing her mention Chen shi, Chen Qing also let out a sob. No matter what was said, she was his aunt. He was far away doing his studies, so he did not even get a chance to send her off at her funeral. How could he feel at peace over it?

’’Younger cousin, do not cry.’’ Chen Qing went up and wanted to raise a hand to wipe away Chen Yu's tears, but he also remembered to restrain himself, so he stopped his he stopped his raised hand.

Chen Yu, however, raised her head and looked at Chen Qing her with tear-filled eyes. Her gaze was filled with encouragement.

Yi Lin tactfully took a step back, leaving just the two cousins behind. In the end, Chen Qing could not endure being bewitched by Chen Yu. Raising one hand to her cheeks, he gently wiped away tears from her face. His heart was like a rabbit that was hopping rapidly. He was both afraid and joyful.

’’Younger cousin, do not worry. Cousin definitely will not allow you to suffer any more grievances.’’ He expressed himself to Chen Yu, but did not know what he needed to do to ensure she would not suffer. He could not understand how could such a fine girl like Chen Yu be bullied by others? Should a person like her not be held with care?

Chen Yu heard Chen Qing's words and displayed an extremely grateful appearance. In her mind, however, she was laughing wildly. She thought to herself that Chen Qing really was a bookworm. He did not even look at himself. How could it be possible for her to have taken an interest in him? He was simply another person at her side. Either way, it was better than fighting alone.

It turned out that Chen Qing truly was a bookworm. Departing from Chen Yu's courtyard, he went straight to his own guest courtyard and dove straight into his pile of books to begin studying. The method he could think of to protect Chen Yu was to pass the Imperial exam in the coming Spring with flying colors. When that time came, he would ask his uncle for support then ask the Emperor to approve the wedding between him and Chen Yu. He wanted to take her out of the Feng family in glory, so that they could happily pass their days far away from Feng Yu Heng.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was in Shu Ya courtyard, seated next to the matriarch's bed. He told her of the happenings at court: ’’The Emperor has appointed me as his imperial envoy. In three days, I will be going to the North to direct the handling of the disaster.’’

The matriarch nodded: ’’Good, being able to be relied upon by the Emperor is a good thing. You must work to the fullest of your power. Think more about the victims of the disaster and devote yourself fully to doing your job well.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded then said: ’’Today, all of the officials promised to donate funds to deal with the Winter disaster. Son, General Ping Nan and Minister Fung all pledged 50 thousand taels. I will need a bit of mother's assistance from the general funds.’’

The matriarch did not show any weakness: ’’This is something that should be done.’’

Who knew that Feng Jin Yuan would follow up and say: ’’May I know if there is any extra money in the manor's general funds? Son needs... to take out another one million taels.’’


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