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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 195


Chapter 195

Imperial Envoy

Feng Chen Yu had much fewer worries to consider than Jin Zhen did. At that time, for the sake of dealing with Chen shi, Jin Zhen chose to take a risk and chose the more dangerous option. Although Feng Yu Heng comforted her afterwards by saying her body would be fine, she had also added some things into the medicine to help her recover for a long time.

Feng Chen Yu, however, had it good, as she enjoyed the newest techniques from the 21st century. After it was completed, Feng Yu Heng even gave her a sanitary napkin.

After an hour, Feng Chen Yu gradually woke up and felt a pain in her lower abdomen. It felt just like the pain from her monthly period.

She was a little afraid and asked Feng Yu Heng: ’’Why does my belly hurt?’’

’’Under normal circumstances, it will stop hurting in around an hour.’’ She spoke while adjusting the rate of the infusion device.

Chen Yu found that she was still in Feng Yu Heng's medicine storage room. Nothing had changed, but there was an odd bottle next to the bed. The bottle was connected to the back of her hand by a see-through tube. She moved a little and found that there was still some pain.

’’Don't move around so much.’’ Feng Yu Heng reminded her, ’’There is a needle inserted into your blood vessel. If you cause it to fall out, I will need to stick it back in.’’

Feng Chen Yu could not be bothered to ask any more questions. When speaking with her second sister, she had never come out on top once. Either way, she had come requesting help. Feng Yu Heng had taken her money to take care of her disaster. She was extremely sleepy, so she might as well sleep a little.

Drowsily, she fell asleep. Feng Yu Heng could not help but laugh. Even though such a big thing happened, she was still able to fall asleep. She truly was still young. Even if she was mature, she was still just 14.

She stood next to Chen Yu's side and watched the infusion. Only after the medicine was completely used up and the needle pulled from her hand did she wake her up.

When Chen Yu woke up once more, she was truly awake. She tried moving around a bit and found that nothing was wrong aside from a bit of exhaustion. The pain in her lower abdomen had also lessened significantly. She could not help but feel surprised.

’’Is the child gone?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’It's gone.’’

Chen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and felt that this nightmare had finally come to an end, as a relaxed expression appeared on her face.

Feng Yu Heng took a look at her and did not say anything more. She stood up and picked up a few packets of medical pills for her. She gave the instructions on how to take them and what to take note of during her the period immediately after the abortion. Only then did she open the door of the medicine storage room and say to her: ’’Eldest sister, please go back.’’

Chen Yu nodded and did not say anything more. Stuffing the medicine packages into her sleeve, she left with the support of Yi Lin.

Feng Yu Heng, however, was recalling the process of Chen Yu's operation and suddenly remembered something. She could not help but lean close to Huang Quan and ask: ’’I remember the first time I entered the palace, a palace servant told me his Highness the seventh prince's birth mother had died from internal bleeding.’’

Huang Quan nodded, ’’That's corrected.’’ She then did not wait for a question before continuing: ’’This has always been what was said by the palace, but the truth is imperial concubine Zhao was conferred her title after dying. At the time of her tragic death, she did not have a title. She was just some girl that the Emperor had brought back from his tour of the South. The previous Empress found her to be an eyesore and tortured her to death before his Highness turned one. After this, the Emperor conferred her the title of imperial concubine Zhao. For the sake of giving face to the imperial harem, he gave the explanation of internal bleeding from child birth.’’

’’So it was like that.’’ Feng Yu Heng muttered to herself. She really wanted to ask a bit about imperial concubine Yun, especially given her eccentric temperament. How did she end up taking in Xuan Tian Hua to her side? But seeing that Huang Quan was slightly shaking her head, she knew that it must be something extremely confidential. Between Huang Quan and Wang Chuan it seemed that neither knew about it. ’’Forget it.’’ She waved her hand, ’’Go rest first. It has been two days and one night without sleep, and we will need to go to Hundred Herb Hall early tomorrow morning.’’

That night, Feng Yu Heng rested in Tong Sheng pavilion. Back at Hundred Herb Hall, Qing Yu had already begun leading the people Wang Chuan borrowed from the palace towards the disaster areas within the capital to investigate the situation.

She had been flying the Yu Palace and Hundred Herb Hall's flags. All along the way, she had received a great deal of courtesy and praise.

The next day, when Feng Yu Heng arrived at Hundred Herb Hall with Huang Quan, Qing Yu had already prepared ten carts of supplies. She was just about to head out and deliver these supplies one house at a time. Seeing her arrive, she quickly went over and gave a simple report: ’’This servant purchased 20 taels worth of supplies for each family, which includes clothing, food and some common medical supplies from Hundred Herb Hall. Today, we will be delivering to the houses that can still be lived in. This servant has already called for workers to begin repairing some houses that have been damaged. As for the houses that can not be lived in, arrangements have already been made to rebuild them. The matter of deeds has already been negotiated, and everyone agreed to return the deeds to the Yu Palace so long as they can can continue to live there for free.’’

Feng Yu Heng expressed her great satisfaction with Qing Yu's ability to execute plans. She quickly urged her to begin distributing the supplies. As for the Hundred Herb Hall, it would continue to hand out hot tea.

Following Feng Yu Heng's actions, some of the people who had received help from Hundred Herb Hall knew to seek ways to repay this kindness. Once their health recovered slightly, they immediately picked up some tools and began taking care of the snow.

Many days later, the Winter disaster finally came to an end. When the governor went into the palace to report to the Emperor, he heavily emphasized the contribution of Hundred Herb Hall and the Yu Palace during this Winter disaster. He also clearly presented the number of people that were taken in and treated by Hundred Herb Hall, as well as the number of houses that had been fixed and rebuilt by the Yu Palace. He also reported the free hot tea distributed by county princess Ji An and the free supplies that she distributed to those affected by the Winter disaster. This was reported loudly and clearly in court, causing the officials to feel inspired.

The Emperor nodded and repeatedly praised it. Lord Ping Nan and Prime Minister Fung looked at each other and both went forward. Prime Minister Fung then said: ’’His Highness Prince Yu and county princess Ji An devoted themselves to the citizens. We officials are all very moved. Now that the citizens within the capital that were affected by the disaster have been properly settled, the citizens outside the capital can not be ignored. This humble official wishes to donate 50 thousand taels to help handle the disaster outside of the capital.’’

Lord Ping Nan followed up and said: ’’This humble official also wishes to donate 50 thousand taels.’’

Following their lead, the other officials also expressed their desire to donate funds. Some wished to donate 30 thousand, some 20 thousand, some five thousand, and someone even said they wished to open a congee stall outside of the capital to distribute free congee.

As a prime minister, Feng Jin Yuan naturally could not donate less than Prime minister Fung, so he quickly said: ’’This official also wishes to donate 50 thousand.’’

The Emperor was very satisfied with this sort of atmosphere. He had Zhang Yuan take note of how much each official wished to donate and happily said: ’’Everyone being able to display their concern for the citizens truly lets Us feel at ease. Prince Yu and county princess Ji An are even more exemplary. Prime minister Feng, you truly have given birth to a good daughter!’’

With just a few words, Feng Jin Yuan nearly teared up emotionally. The Emperor had finally counted Feng Yu Heng's good deeds as his. He finally remembered at this crucial juncture that she was his daughter.

He quickly went forward and knelt. Kowtowing deeply, he loudly said: ’’Being able to share your Majesty's burdens and solve the problems of the citizens is a matter that must be done by this official's entire family.’’

’’Good!’’ The Emperor nodded Emperor nodded emphatically, ’’For you to be so concerned is truly my Da Shun's good fortune!’’

Feng Jin Yuan excitedly decided to strike while the iron was hot and spoke the words he had been holding in for a long time: ’’Your Majesty, since the Winter disaster in the capital was so severe, the Northern part of Da Shun country must have been hit even harder. This official has learned a lesson from years past. This year, this official has already made preparations with the merchants in the North for their grains. Based on the price of grains, there definitely has not been any hidden away. It should be enough to support us through the Winter disaster.’’

’’Are those words true?’’ The Emperor was truly happy. Every year, food was a large problem during the Winter disaster. The merchants every where would increase the price of their food. Even if the government opened up their grain stores, it would not be enough at all. Not only was the cost of food high, the grain merchants would even hoard rice then refuse to sell it. For those who were affected by the Winter disaster, one group would freeze to death, while another would starve to death.

’’This official is definitely not speaking empty words.’’

’’Good! Good! Good!’’ The Emperor suddenly stood up, ’’Minister Feng, if you really can resolve the food problem in the North this year, We will definitely grant you an award!’’

’’This humble official thanks your Majesty for the grace.’’ Feng Jin Yuan kowtowed deeply once more then said: ’’This official requests to personally go up to the North to save the victims of this disaster. Would your Majesty please permit it!’’

The Emperor was slightly startled. Feng Jin Yuan requested to personally go towards the disaster in the North, this... was this not insanity?

’’Minister Feng wishes to personally go to the disaster?’’

’’Replying to your Majesty, that is correct. Ever since Winter arrived, this official has been worried about the matter with the food. This time, if I do not personally go, I fear the merchants will make some changes to the agreement. Also, if this official goes this time, the following years will benefit, and there will no longer be a need to worry about food shortages in Winter.’’

The Emperor nodded. Speaking of it this way, he was indeed correct. Going once would solve the problem for many years, so it would be quite worth it.

’’That is good.’’ He agreed with Feng Jin Yuan's request, ’’We will appoint you to represent Us in the North. You will depart for the North in three days time!’’

’’This official has received the order.’’

This was the happiest day for Feng Jin Yuan in the past half of a year. He was still smiling even after he returned to the manor. This caused the servants who saw him to begin guessing what happened.

Feng Jin Yuan called He Zhong and gave an order: ’’Go to the account room and prepare 50 thousand taels. In the next few days, the palace will send someone to come collect it.’’

’’Understood.’’ He Zhong did not care what it was what it was for. Either way, Feng Jin Yuan had given the order, so he would do it.

Feng Jin Yuan walked while saying: ’’Also call the eldest young miss to Pine courtyard. Just say that I have something to speak with her about.’’

He Zhong expressed his compliance once more. Seeing that Feng Jin Yuan had no more orders, he turned around and left.

After returning to Pine courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan waited for an hour before he saw Chen Yu slowly stomp in. Her face was a bit pale, but she was in slightly better spirits than earlier.

He looked at Chen Yu and subconsciously recalled the matters from Feng Tong county. His mood could not help but drop a bit. He wanted to scold her for arriving so slowly, but he also remembered the reason he had called for her, so the words he wanted to say were swallowed back down.

Chen Yu arrived before Feng Jin Yuan and sincerely greeted him, obediently saying: ’’Chen Yu greets father.’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’Sit first. Father has something to discuss with you.’’

Chen Yu did not hesitate and walked over to a seat then sat down. She then looked at Feng Jin Yuan and asked: ’’May I know why father is looking for Chen Yu?’’

Feng Jin Yuan looked at this daughter and felt that Chen Yu had become even prettier after that incident. Although her complexion was not too good, she now had a frail beauty that could arouse an endless amount of pity from men.

He secretly nodded his head, as he was very glad to have let her live at that time. Earlier in the day after the morning court session, the third prince had especially asked ’’I heard that the manor's eldest young miss fell ill. Has her condition improved?’’ Thinking about it, that third prince could not let go of Chen Yu's beauty. Adding on the aspect of the phoenix, no person with great aspirations could ignore her completely. Although Princess Xiang was no longer ill, she was still a woman. Feng jIn Yuan understood that if a man wanted to kill off one of his manor's wives, it was truly too simple. He never believed that Princess Xiang would become a hindrance to Chen Yu. So long as the third prince had his support, grand things could be accomplished, and Chen Yu would definitely become the best candidate for him.

’’Chen Yu.’’ He calmed himself down then said: ’’Father will be setting out for the North as an imperial envoy in three days time. Before this, there is something that must be taken care of first.’’

Chen Yu did not understand, ’’May I know what father is talking about? Why was Chen Yu called her?’’

Feng Jin Yuan mentally rolled his eyes and wondered to himself, how had this daughter learned from Feng Yu Heng? She understood perfectly well, but she played dumb.

He cleared his throat a couple times then said: ’’Last time, did you not say the Chen family gave you one million taels in bank notes. Could it be given to father to work with?’’


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