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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 194


Chapter 194

How Are my Good Deeds Even Related to the Feng Family?

Chen Qing had liked Chen Yu from a young age. He had even pleaded with his father to bring it up with Chen shi, but it had been harshly rejected by Chen shi.

He had always been a modest and somewhat weak person. Only school work occupied his mind, so he did not really know how he should compete for the person he liked. Chen Yu had rejected him, and he felt sad for a few days. He then devoted himself fully to his studies once more.

This time, he came to the capital simply to ask Feng Jin Yuan for a place to stay, so he could prepare for the coming Imperial examination in Spring;however, because of heavy snowfall, he had met the second daughter of the Feng family. This made it so he could not help but think of his cousin Chen Yu once more.

’’Thank you second young miss for the grace of saving my life.’’ Chen Qing then saluted Feng Yu Heng. No matter what was said, she had saved his life. He kept these thoughts in his mind.

Feng Jin Yuan also nodded in approval to Feng Yu Heng, but he did not speak of Chen Qing's matters: ’’Being able to set up a stall to hand out hot tea in the capital is truly very benevolent. The citizens will also remember the Feng family's grace with gratitude. It truly is a very good thing.’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at this father and thought that she had never seen such a shameless person. She could not help but ask: ’’Me setting up a stall to hand out hot tea, how is it related to the Feng family?’’

’’You are the daughter of the Feng family!’’

’’But the tea was provided by the Hundred Herb Hall and Yu Palace. It is unrelated to the Feng family.’’ She faintly looked at Feng Jin Yuan and told him: ’’Handing out tea was something I put effort into. The money was provided by his Highness Prince Yu. The Feng family did not provide a single cent or any help.’’


’’This is the way I am. Father, this is not the first time you have experienced it.’’ She did not want to waste words with a shameless person. Turning around, she left and said: ’’The Chen family's young master is already fine. Father, can bring him away. Daughter still needs to go provide service for the citizens, so I will not accompany you in your idle chatter.’’ When she finished speaking, she had already left Hundred Herb Hall.

Chen Qing felt very embarrassed. He never thought that the Feng family's second young miss would not only not give him face, she would not even give her own father any face. In his eyes, Feng Jin Yuan had always been high above the masses. How lofty of a position was the standard first rank official! How could he allow himself to be repressed like this?

’’This girl became accustomed to the wild of the mountain from a young age. There's no need to pay her any heed.’’ Fortunately, Feng Jin Yuan found himself a way out, ’’Let's go. The manor's carriage is already waiting outside.’’

The servant who had come along from the Feng family took the initiative to go and help Chen Qing. This group of people did not even say a word to Feng Yu Heng before leaving Hundred Herb Hall and getting on the carriage.

Wang Lin glared at the departing carriage and quietly said: ’’They truly are a family of villainous wolves!’’

Feng Yu Heng helplessly shrugged her shoulders and said to him: ’’That's why you should remember, Hundred Herb Hall belongs to the county main office. It is not related to the Feng family at all. If the people of the Feng family come for medicine, severely overcharge them.’’

’’Boss, don't worry. I have remembered it all.’’

At this time, Huang Quan also came forward, ’’Madam is very worried. She did not sleep all night. Only after hearing that you returned to Hundred Herb Hall did she feel at ease.’’

Feng Yu Heng sighed softly. Yesterday, she had left in a rush and did not have time to pass word to Yao shi.

’’Boss.’’ A clerk quickly ran over, his face looking troubled: ’’There is already no more space in our shop to receive people, but...’’ He pointed to the area before Hundred Herb Hall, ’’There are still a large number of people without a house to live in. They heard that we were taking people in, so they all rushed over here.’’

’’We can not continue like this.’’ Feng Yu Heng pondered for a while then gave an order to Huang Quan: ’’Go meet up with Wang Chuan and see if she has returned.’’ She then turned to the clerk and said: ’’Go take a look inside. Of the people that have been taken in, which ones are slightly less sick and which ones are a little younger, especially look for men in the prime of their lives. If they can survive outside, then do not keep them here. Explain to them that the beds will be left, to the greatest extent possible, for the elderly and children. Also,’’ She looked at the other shops near Hundred Herb Hall and said to Wang Lin: ’’Go collect some money from the treasury and negotiate with the neighboring shops. See if we can rent their space to give those affected by the disaster a place to rest.’’

’’Understood.’’ Wang Lin nodded but asked: ’’Then how long should we rent? Collapsed houses are not so easily rebuilt. Moreover, building houses costs money.’’

’’Don't worry about that.’’ Feng Yu Heng curled up the corners of her lips into a smile, as she turned her gaze to the street. Out on the street, Huang Quan and Wang Chuan were walking over with Feng Chen Yu's servant, Yi Lin, Lin, at their side. ’’Someone has come to deliver us money.’’

She turned around and returned to Hundred Herb Hall. Not long afterwards, Wang Chuan brought Yi Lin into the inner hall.

Yi Lin looked at Feng Yu Heng with a nervous expression. Reaching a hand into her sleeve, she pulled out a few bank notes. ’’Eldest young miss told this servant to bring these over. Eldest young miss also wanted this servant to ask when can it begin?’’

Feng Yu Heng looked over the bank notes. They were worth two hundred thousand each, and there were a total of five for a total of one million. ’’Have your young miss go to Tong Sheng pavilion and wait. I will be going back tonight.’’

’’Understood.’’ Yi Lin bowed, ’’If second young miss does not have any other instructions, then this servant will be going back first.’’

’’Go ahead.’’ Feng Yu Heng waved her hand. Seeing Yi Lin leave, she said to Wang Chuan: ’’Go find a clerk and have them find out what shop Qing Yu is in. Have her come to Hundred Herb Hall.’’

Qing Yu managed all of Feng Yu Heng's businesses. With this heavy snowfall, who knew which shop she would be in. Feng Yu Heng looked at the one million taels in bank notes in her hands, but she did not know how much useful it would be. How much could she buy, and would it be enough to build houses for those who were affected by the disaster?

Fortunately, not two hours later, Qing Yu wearily rushed over to Hundred Herb Hall. Upon passing through the doors, she said: ’’This servant had wanted to come over much earlier, but Wonderful Treasure House is currently lacking staff. The staff of the shop have either been forced to stay home because of a sick family member or could not even get out of their house because of the snow, so this servant had to keep watch myself.’’

Feng Yu Heng had not seen Qing Yu in a long time, and she felt that this girl had grown quite a bit taller. She had become thinner and her complexion darker. She felt a little sorry for her: ’’Are you feeling a little too tired? You should also try to get a little more rest. You can't always go out all the time.’’

Qing Yu waved her hand, ’’I'm not tired, not tired. All I do is talk. How could that be tiring.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and did not chat too much with her. Reaching out her hand, she handed over the bank notes over, ’’Take a look at this amount of money. What is it enough for?’’

Qing Yu received the bank notes and was shocked upon seeing them, ’’One million? Young miss, what is it that you want to do?’’

Feng Yu Heng began listing things: ’’Resettling these disaster victims, distributing some supplies necessary for survival and fixing up some houses. Is it enough?’’

Qing Yu nodded, ’’It's enough.’’

’’There are enough.’’

’’There are a large number of people affected by this disaster.’’

’’This servant knows. Even then, it is enough. Buying items will not use much money, but the main expenditure will be fixing up the houses. This servant does not know, but does how young miss plans to fix up the houses?’’

Feng Yu Heng told her: ’’Organize a group of people to go take a look. The ones that can be fixed will be fixed for free. The ones that have been completely collapsed will be restored to their original state. But, after construction has been completed, they will need to go re-register their deeds at the government office. These deeds will all become managed by the Yu Palace, but the original tenants will be able to live there for free for the rest of their lives.’’

’’This servant understands, but I am a little worried about finding the manpower.’’

’’It's fine. I will have Wang Chuan go to the Yu Palace and Chun Palace to borrow people. When the time comes, just go with them.’’

’’Understood.’’ Qing Yu nodded and began to ponder how this money should be spent.

Feng Yu Heng did not remain any longer and advised Wang Chuan to visit the two palaces to borrow some help. As for herself, she brought Huang Quan and went back to Tong Sheng pavilion.

Chen Yu was anxious. She had arrived long ago at Tong Sheng pavilion and was waiting. When Feng Yu Heng entered the courtyard, she heard Qing Shuang say to Chen Yu: ’’Since young miss said that she would be back in the evening, eldest young miss, have you perhaps come too early?’’

Although Yi Lin felt that the servants of Tong Sheng pavilion were a little rude, she did not dare rebuke them. She could only say a few kind words: ’’Elder sister Qing Shuang, we will just wait in the yard. We will not cause you any trouble.’’

’’The weather is quite cold. Eldest young miss, if you catch a cold, do not blame others.’’ Qing Shuang did not have a good impression fo Feng Chen Yu at all. She rolled her eyes and added: ’’Since it is like this, just wait here.’’ After she said this, she turned around and saw that Feng Yu Heng had just entered. She let out an involuntary ’’Oh’’ sound, ’’Young miss, how come you have come back so soon?’’

Feng Chen Yu was so angry that her nose became crooked. Did this servant feel that Feng Yu Heng had returned too soon?

’’How could I have eldest sister wait too long.’’ Feng Yu Heng spoke while walking towards the medicine storage room, ’’Come over here. Everyone else, wait outside.’’

Feng Chen Yu knew that she was the one being called, so she quickly followed along. At the same time, she advised Yi Lin, ’’Keep careful watch out here. Do not allow anyone else to get close.’’

Yi Lin nodded and obediently stood watch. Huang Quan and Qing Shuang did not go did not go in, as they split up to do their own work.

Feng Yu Heng brought Chen Yu into the medicine storage room, and Chen Yu closed the door. She felt that the room had an odd smell, and for some reason, she felt on edge from smelling them. She felt that her entire body had been covered in ice.

Feng Yu Heng glanced at her and felt it was quite funny. A girl just 14 years old had such a heavy-handed plan. Life should be lived advancing one step at a time. For her sins, why should such a small child bear them. In the world she was familiar with, a 14 year old was still in middle school.

’’There are two options. You choose for yourself.’’ She leaned on the table and looked at Chen Yu, saying: ’’One is a medically induced abortion, where I will give you a medicine and you will ingest it. After an hour, you will feel something, and you will bleed from your lower body. The amount of blood will be greater than during your monthly period. The other method, is manual abortion. I will anesthetize you then use tools to suck the thing inside your belly out. Which one do you want to choose?’’

Chen Yu had never heard of such things, and she did not know how to choose. She could only ask Feng Yu Heng: ’’Which one is faster? I won't be found out by others, right?’’

Feng Yu Heng told her: ’’The speed of both is about the same, and you will need to recover for a couple of days;however, it will not affect your daily routine. You will just need to be a little more careful, and nobody will find out. But I will recommend you have the manual abortion because a medical abortion might not be thorough. If any residue remains, you may need to do it again, which can do a great deal of harm to your body.’’

’’Then I will listen to you.’’ She did not have any ideas, so she could only leave everything to Feng Yu Heng. But she was not totally at ease, so she repeatedly reminded her: ’’I have already give you one million tales. Second sister, you must live up to that one million taels.’’

’’Do not worry.’’ Feng Yu Heng pulled out a needle containing anesthetics and brought it before Feng Chen Yu, ’’What is one million worth, eldest sister. I dare make a bet with you, in the days to come, the amount of money you will give me will increase.’’

Feng Chen Yu was startled. She did not know what Feng Yu Heng meant when she said this. She really wanted to ask why she would need to pay even more money. Could it be that she would use this abortion to extort her?

But before she could ask, she felt a sudden pain in her wrist. Her consciousness immediately began to fade, as she fell asleep.


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