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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 186


Chapter 186

Treatable, But I Will Not Treat It

With the words ’’Not good’’ Bu Ni Shang angrily slapped the bed. Turning her head to glare at the servant, she furiously said: ’’What are you blustering about? What could possibly be worse?’’

The servant felt very wronged, but she could not say it. She could only grit her teeth and say: ’’The fourth prince's palace came with young miss' betrothal letter to... to break off the engagement!’’

’’What?’’ Bu Ni Shang suddenly sat up, which caused her to feel a great deal of pain all over her body, ’’What did you say?’’

The servant dropped to her knees and cried: ’’Young miss, the fourth prince brought back your betrothal letter!’’

Only then did Bu Ni Shang realize the seriousness of the matter, ’’Where is he? Did the fourth prince come?’’

’’No, he only sent a servant from his palace. After the manor received the betrothal letter, that servant left.’’

’’Why receive the betrothal letter?’’ Bu Ni Shang became furious, ’’Who received it?’’

The servant said: ’’It was the elder madam!’’

Bu Ni Shang's wild temper suddenly calmed down. It seemed as though she had completely frozen, as she maintained her half-seated position without moving.

Feng Chen Yu looked at the person before her and was suddenly reminded of herself. Although she did not have an engagement, the Feng family had chosen the third prince for her. Her fate would be linked with Xuan Tian Ye. Although Feng Yu Heng's words were ugly, every word was the truth. She and Bu Ni Shang truly had similar experiences. It seemed that it would not be possible on the third prince's end, but she still had to marry someone. Now that Bu Ni Shang had her engagement canceled by the fourth prince, this sort of end would some day befall her.

Feng Chen Yu became more and more depressed. She began to regret teaming up with Bu Ni Shang to take aim at Feng Yu Heng. She should have known much earlier that this sort of person could not be dealt with. Her meticulous preparations were nothing more than holes she had dug for herself. She had jumped in first, and Bu Ni Shang jumped in after her.

She turned her gaze towards Feng Yu Heng and saw an expression that looked as if she were watching a play. She knew that Bu Ni Shang's encounter was very likely to have something to do with her. Including her own encounter at Feng Tong county, it was possible that she had also been plotted against by her.

Feng Chen Yu felt waves of cold wash over her heart. She did not know how she made the mistake at the time, as she firmly believed she could truly deal with this second sister. Now, it was too late to regret it. It was too late to regret it!

’’Young miss.’’ The Bu family's servant saw that Bu Ni Shang did not move for a long time and was a little worried. She called out, but the other side still did not respond.

Feng Yu Heng advised the servant, ’’Letting your family's young miss rest calmly for a while is also good. After all, having an engagement canceled is something that is truly shameful for a girl;moreover, your family's young miss last night was...’’

’’Zi Lian!’’ Faced with Feng Yu Heng's taunts, Bu Ni Shang did not have any intention of confronting her. Instead, she maintained a shocked face and continued calling for her servant, ’’Zi Lian, quickly come over and take a look. What happened to me?’’

The servant called Zi Lian hastily went up to take a look. At first glance it looked fine, but the servant let out a shriek in fright.

Feng Yu Heng also lowered her gaze to look and saw a large blood stain appear on Bu Ni Shang's bed. It seeped through the bed sheets and was a shocking red.

’’This...’’ Feng Chen Yu subconsciously opened her mouth but only said one word before using a hand to cover her mouth. Her face paled, as her entire body began trembling.

Yi Lin saw that there was something not quite right with her and quietly asked: ’’Young miss, what happened?’’

On the side, Bu Ni Shang screamed in shock, while the servant called Zi Lian loudly passed down an order: ’’Go call a doctor! Quickly go call a doctor!’’

Feng Chen Yu felt something break inside her heart. Bu Ni Shang's event seemed to have reminded her of something. It was something she had forgotten this entire time.

’’Young miss Bu, you had only just been trodden on last night, so how is it that you had a miscarriage today? This county princess is too young and does not have much medical ability. Young miss Bu, do not scare me.’’ Feng Yu Heng was naturally able to understand what this bloodstain represented. She also knew that this young miss Bu definitely entered into a secret affair with the fourth prince much earlier. If she had become pregnant earlier, then it would be weird for her to not have a miscarriage after the encounter from last night.

’’What did you say?’’ The word miscarriage caused Bu Ni Shang to become even more erratic, ’’That's not possible. I, I didn't, I... Zi Lian!’’ She grabbed the maidservant at her side: ’’Go call the fourth prince! Quickly go call the fourth prince to the Bu manor!’’

Zi Lian awkwardly said: ’’Young miss, the engagement between you and the fourth prince is already gone!’’

’’But my chil-...’’ She suddenly stopped speaking, as a haze covered her face. ’’That's right. He won't come.’’

She fell back in her bed and no longer spoke. The two servants began calling out her name repeatedly in fear, but they did not get even the slighest bit of response from Bu Ni Shang.

The servant called Zi Lian suddenly recalled something and quickly turned around. She knelt before Feng Yu Heng's feet: ’’County princess, this servant begs you to save our our family's young miss!’’

Feng Yu Heng backed up half a step and said: ’’The Bu family has already gone to call a doctor. I am only a guest. What obligation do I have to look at her illness?’’

’’But young miss is about to die!’’

’’That is also one of your Bu manor's matters.’’ Feng Yu Heng's face remained cold. A sharp gaze escaped her eyes as though they were knives that cutting at the servant's face. ’’When the heavens create a disaster, it can be avoided. When you create your own disaster, deal with it yourself.’’

Zi Lian suddenly recalled the day the Feng family had come for Lord Bu's funeral before they went to make offering. Bu Ni Shang had handed her a white paper packet to her and had her quietly hand it to the Feng family's eldest young miss. Could it be...

She looked in surprise towards Feng Chen Yu, but she saw that there was a hint of resentment in Feng Chen Yu's face. The look in her eyes was just as bad when she looked at Bu Ni Shang.

The servant suddenly understood something. She no longer begged Feng Yu Heng because she felt that the things she said were correct. When the heavens caused a disaster, it could be avoided. When you create your own disasters, deal with them yourself.

The doctor arrived very quickly, as a group of three people hurried into Bu Ni Shang's room.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had brought Chen Yu over to sit in a chair and drink tea. Just like that, they held their tea cups while watching the three doctors busy themselves around Bu Ni Shang's bed. Apparently, when the Bu matriarch received the betrothal letter that had been brought back by the fourth prince, she fainted from the anger. Bu Ni Shang's mother had always been easily frightened and was afraid of dealing with matters. Whenever a situation arose, she would be the first to retreat, so she could not be worried about her children. Bu Bai Qi was still out searching for Bu Cong. Presently, Bu Ni Shang only had the servants at her side to take care of her. Thinking about it, it was quite sad.

Feng Yu Heng scratched her chin then said to Feng Chen Yu: ’’People often say that one should not have the heart to harm others, but there are always people that have this heart. Eldest sister, take a look. Retribution has come so quickly.’’

Feng Chen Yu trembled at these words, which caused the tea to splash onto her hands.

’’Eldest sister, what happened?’’ She asked Chen Yu with a sly smile, ’’I was talking about the Bu family's young miss. What are you afraid of?’’

Feng Chen Yu did not know what she should say. She was left with a feeling that Feng Yu Heng seemed to know everything;however, since she did not come out and say it, she did not want to admit it herself. Moreover, herself. Moreover, she had already suffered her retribution.

After an hour, the tea before Feng Yu Heng had already been changed once. The Bu family's servant was especially angry as she looked at the one sitting and drinking tea, but there was nothing she could do. With the title of county princess, who dared to chase her away?

Finally, the three doctors stopped their work. They wiped away their sweat, but the blood did not stop flowing from Bu Ni Shang. Her face had become an extremely pale white, and she was shivering non-stop.

The servants went forward and asked the doctors: ’’Why do you not treat her? Young miss is still bleeding!’’

One of them shook their head and said: ’’We have already done our best. Young miss Bu has suffered very severe bleeding. Forgive us for our lack of medical skill. We are truly powerless to cure her.’’

’’Then what should we do?’’ Zi Lian became frantic, ’’What sort of doctor can treat her? Should we go invite the best doctor?’’

Another one said: ’’The best doctor is naturally in the palace. The Bu family is a noble one, so it would be best to quickly go into the palace to invite an imperial doctor. If you are any later, I fear it would be too late.’’

Zi Lian nodded, ’’I will go speak with the elder madam.’’ Turning around, she ran out.

The three doctors helplessly left the room together, leaving only a few servants to remain at her bedside.

Feng Yu Heng stood up and took a few steps forward. Only when she reached Bu Ni Shang's side did she stop. She then leaned over and spoke gently into her ear: ’’Very severe bleeding? In truth, I can treat it. Did you forget, I am the best doctor.’’

The once despair-filled face of Bu Ni Shang suddenly regained some vitality. Looking expectantly towards Feng Yu Heng, she heard her say: ’’But it's impossible for me to treat you. Bu Ni Shang, listen well. If you want to harm me, this is the outcome.’’ After she finished speaking, she turned and left.

Feng Chen Yu glanced at the person on the bed who was even more of a waste than she was. In this gaze, there was a trace of resentment, as she followed Feng Yu Heng out of the room.

The two walked out of the Bu manor, one in front and one behind. Just as Feng Chen Yu was about to walk towards the small carriage in the back, her arm was suddenly grabbed by someone. She turned her head to look and found that it was Feng Yu Heng.

’’Eldest sister, as a person, you must learn your lesson. Today, I brought you to the Bu family to allow you to personally take a look. You must understand that there are some things you may believe to be unknown to all;however, the person you are plotting against is completely aware of everything. People who are too smart for their own for their own good describe people like you.’’ She raised her dress and entered the carriage. The magnificent carriage then left Feng Chen Yu's side without a trace of emotion, leaving Chen Yu to stand alone to feel incredibly shocked.

After returning to the Feng manor, Feng Yu Heng went directly to Shu Ya courtyard.

The matriarch had just finished eating dinner. Today, she was able to sit up in bed and eat under her own power.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, the matriarch smiled so much that her eyes became slits, as she repeatedly waved to her: ’’Good granddaughter, come over. I have not seen you for the entire day. Where did you go?’’

She spoke truthfully: ’’I brought eldest sister to wander around the Bu family.’’

The matriarch was stunned then immediately recalled what granny Zhao had said of Bu Ni Shang's matter. She could not help but coldly snort: ’’I have seen the Bu family's girl before. At a glance, I could see that she was not a virtuous child. For such a thing to happen, it must be something she sought out. Who told her to run around wildly in the streets during the middle of the night.’’ The matriarch stood entirely on Feng Yu Heng's side, ’’Bringing your eldest sister along was the correct decision. Let her have a good look and learn her lesson. The children born from Chen shi truly are no good!’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled but did not say anything. She only helped the matriarch lie back down in bed then personally gave her a massage.

The matriarch enjoyed Feng Yu Heng's massage very much. Although she felt it was a little painful at the beginning, her back would feel significantly better afterwards. Feng Yu Heng had only returned for a few days, but she was already able to sit in bed.

’’Your mother is well, right?’’ The matriarch took the initiative to ask about Yao shi. Although she was no longer a wife of the Feng family, she continued to say that Yao shi was Feng Yu Heng's mother. ’’Even if she has left the Feng family, she should not be too estranged and come over a bit more. I quite miss her.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: ’’Either way, people will need to keep their mouths shut, and father will still need to get married. The Feng family can not continue to not have a head wife. We must leave father some face.’’

She brought Feng Jin Yuan's name into it, so the matriarch could not refute. She could only nod and say: ’’In the end, your mother has thought about things thoroughly.’’

As they two talked, a servant girl came in carrying tea. While handing the tea to another servant inside, she walked over to the matriarch and bowed, saying: ’’News came from outside saying that the Emperor demoted head imperial concubine Bu. She has already been carried out of her former palace and been moved to live in the North.’’


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