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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 185


Chapter 185

Ha, It's Good Enough if You Are Happy

Bu Ni Shang's matter was an extremely large blow to the Bu family. Ever since the incident in the morning to present, the Bu manor had kept its gates closed and turned away visitors. Even the young misses who were usually friendly with Bu Ni Shang were stopped at the gate when they came to visit.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived, the Bu manor's entrance was surrounded by some girls who did not want to leave. They were currently huddled together discussing something.

Feng Chen Yu took a look at the Bu manor's situation. She took the initiative to go forward and say: ’’Their family has suffered from such a disaster, how could they be in the mood to receive guests? Don't go to be annoy them!’’

Feng Yu Heng did not agree with this: ’’How could this be called being annoying? I brought you, didn't I?’’

’’What good is there in bringing me?’’

’’Bringing you will allow you to pass along some experience to Bu Ni Shang! For example, taking care of recovery and nutrition. Eldest sister is the most experienced person. I am providing coal in the middle of winter!’’ She smirked with an evil expression, as she walked towards the manor's gates.

Feng Chen Yu nearly vomited blood in anger. She was about to turn and leave, but she was stopped by Wang Chuan: ’’Eldest young miss Feng, did county princess allow you to leave?’’

There was nothing Chen Yu could do. She could not win against Wang Chuan, so she could only follow along obediently.

The group of people arrived at the manor's entrance and was stopped by the people of the Bu family. The servant spoke with an angry expression: ’’The Bu manor is not receiving guests today. Would the two young misses please go back!’’

Wang Chuan coldly reprimanded the servant: ’’Impudent! With county princess Ji An present, will we stop simply because you said stop?’’

The servant was stunned by her shout and did not react for a while, ’’What county princess Ji An?’’

At his side, there was a more diligent looking gatekeeper who let out an ’’oh’’ sound. He then carefully looked at Feng Yu Heng before asking: ’’Is this the Feng family's second young miss? The newly conferred county princess Ji An by the Emperor?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Indeed I am. This county princess heard that the Bu family's young miss has suffered a shock, so I specifically came to see how she is. I hope that you can go inform her.’’

The gatekeeper very quickly ran into the manor in fear. Not long later, the Bu family's matriarch appeared with the support of a servant.

The Bu family matriarch still remembered the mess brought by the Feng family's second young miss on the day of Lord Bu's funeral and felt a bit of dread. With the incident involving Bu Ni Shang, today was a day when the entire Bu family felt they did not have any face to meet people. It was at this time that the Feng family's second young miss came and even used her title of county princess Ji An. She really did not know what sorts of things would end up happening.

When the Bu family matriarch arrived before Feng Yu Heng, she was about to kneel and greet her but was stopped by Feng Yu Heng, ’’Elder madam Bu, there is no need for this courtesy. Although A-Heng is a county princess, I am still from the younger generation and can not receive your courtesy.’’

’’County princess, you are too modest. May I ask the reason county princess has come to visit?’’ The Bu family's matriarch's attitude was neither warm nor cold. She also did not welcome her in nor chase her out.

Feng Chen Yu felt extremely embarrassed and could not help but lower her head.

But Feng Yu Heng did not object, instead she grabbed the Bu matriarch's hand and very warmly said: ’’Young miss Bu and I are acquainted. Since something happened to young miss Bu, I naturally need to come visit.’’ She spoke while walking into the yard on her own. The Bu family's servants wanted to stop her, but they did not dare. If they did not stop her, their masters would complain. Sneaking a glance at the Bu matriarch, they found that she also had a helpless expression on her face. Feng Yu Heng, however, continued to say: ’’Having suffered such a large blow, I do not know if young miss Bu will be able to handle it. Elder madam, do not worry about the governor's side. This county princess will personally urge for a proper investigation. The sooner the criminals are captured, the better. Right’’ She turned her head and asked the servants that had been following her: ’’Where is your eldest young miss' courtyard?’’

The servant glanced at the Bu matriarch and saw her nod. The servant then pointed in a direction and said: ’’Replying to county princess, it's that way.’’

’’Good.’’ Feng Yu Heng stopped and said to the Bu matriarch: ’’Elder madam, please do not bother coming any further. My elder sister and I going over will be enough. Us girls will also have some confidential matters to talk about. Elder madam, do not worry, this county princess will definitely console young miss Bu to ensure she absolutely does not take her own life.’’

The Bu matriarch was so infuriated that she nearly could not breathe. She watched Feng Yu Heng, as she let go of her hand and turned in the direction of Bu Ni Shang's residence. She could not help but let out a sigh and say: ’’What sort of sin was committed to actually have instigated this sort of person?’’

The granny at her side was one with a quick wit and immediately said: ’’Wasn't it our own family's young miss who went to trouble her first!’’

The Bu matriarch's eyes lit up, scaring the granny into silence. But the Bu matriarch was was very understanding of the situation. It was their Bu family who had caused trouble first. Adding on the matter with the head imperial concubine last time, the hatred with the Feng family's second young miss had born fruit. But they never thought that the Feng family's second young miss would bear such a grudge. They originally thought that once matters had passed, it would be over. They never thought that with Ni Shang falling to such a degree, she would still want to come and cast stones at the one who fell down the well.

That's right, the Bu matriarch definitely did not believe Feng Yu Heng had come simply to visit Bu Ni Shang. Especially hearing those words she said, she was left feeling waves of worry. She feared that Feng Yu Heng would say a few words at Bu Ni Shang's bedside and would truly cause her granddaughter to kill herself.

But thinking a little more, outside of killing herself, was there a better path left for Bu Ni Shang?

The Bu matriarch closed her eyes in despair, as she hoped that her grandson, Bu Cong, would quickly return. Now, the Bu family's hopes were all placed on Bu Cong alone. If they wanted to stand back up, they would need to rely on Bu Cong.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had dragged Feng Chen Yu to Bu Ni Shang's courtyard. The servant who had been keeping guard outside was clearly surprised when she saw Feng Yu Heng. She then looked at the servant leading Feng Yu heng and heard her say: ’’County princess Ji An has come to see eldest young miss. Elder madam has already agreed.’’

She did not call her second young miss Feng, instead she directly referred to her as county princess Ji An. The servant was very smart, as she understood that she had only been permitted by the Bu matriarch to visit because she had used her status.

There was nothing she could do but obediently salute then personally lead Feng Yu Heng into Bu Ni Shang's room.

Bu Ni Shang was presently lying still in bed. She stared up at the ceiling with blank eyes. Although she had already changed out of the clothes she had worn last night, the marks on her neck and cheeks remained, reminding those who came to visit her what sort of night Bu Ni Shang had been through.

Feng Chen Yu only glanced at her but felt a great shock. She recalled that frightening night at Feng Tong county and the things Feng Zi Hao had done to hurt her. She recalled what she herself had done under the effects of the drug. She also recalled the fear and despair from that time.

The current Bu Ni Shang had suffered even more than she had. At least the only people who knew of her situation were within the family. At least the only person she had to deal with was Feng Zi Hao. As for Bu Ni Bu Ni Shang, apparently, she had been humiliated by 20 people, and the matter had reached the ears of the capital's governor. In just a few hours, the entire capital had heard about it.

Having met such an outcome, how should an unmarried girl continue to live?

Hearing that someone had entered her room, Bu Ni Shang showed some signs of reacting. Turning her head in surprise, she felt a wave of confusion when she saw Feng Yu Heng.

’’Why did you come?’’ In regards to the things that happened last night, she could not figure out why she had been thrown into the crowd of men. Naturally, she could not have imagined that it was Feng Yu Heng who had taken action;however, she felt that Feng Yu Heng definitely should not have appeared at her bedside. ’’Didn't the manor close its gates to visitors? How did you come in?’’

Feng Yu Heng advanced a couple steps with a smile. She spoke while walking: ’’Don't force yourself to speak. Listen, your voice has gone hoarse. It's from screaming last night, right?’’

Once these words came out, they managed to strike at Bu Ni Shang's most sensitive nerve, which caused her to breathe heavily in anger in bed.

’’Quickly pour your young miss a cup of water.’’ Feng Yu Heng said to the servant at her side: ’’Moisten her throat and suppress her cough. Did you not see that your young miss still has a great many things to say!’’

The Bu family's servant had no other choice. She could only grit her teeth and pour a cup of water for Bu Ni Shang. Just as she brought the water to her side, it was slapped away by Bu Ni Shang ’’Scram! I want you all to scram!’’

But aside from the servant, who else would listen to her?

Not only did Feng Yu Heng not scram, she went even closer. Only when she arrived at the bed did she stop and look down at her from above. She then helplessly shook her head and said: ’’The bite marks on your neck will recover just fine, but there are a few deep scratches on your face that might leave a scar.’’

How could Bu Ni Shang care about such things. She wanted to get up and bit Feng Yu Heng, but the moment she moved, she felt a surge of pain in her lower abdomen. The pain caused her break into a cold sweat, so she could only lie back down.

Feng Yu Heng asked her: ’’Do you want something? If you want something, just say it. Don't you have a servant? Is it worth reaching for it yourself?’’ She spoke while waving to Chen Yu, ’’Eldest sister, come over.’’

Chen Yu felt as though she were a wooden puppet at Feng Yu Heng's side. She did not have any of her own rights. When she waved, she had to obediently go over.

’’Ni Shang, I especially brought eldest sister along. This is all for your sake.’’ Feng Yu sake.’’ Feng Yu Heng said sincerely: ’’Of the people who have experienced such a thing at your age, aside from those in brothels, perhaps there would not be many in the entirety of Da Shun. So I specially brought my eldest sister over. You two have similar lives so there should be some communication. Some experiences will require eldest sister to remind you that there are many things you do not understand.’’

Bu Ni Shang was stunned by the things she said. Startled, she saw an irritated expression on Chen Yu's face, as she looked at Feng Yu Heng. She subconsciously asked: ’’Were you also...’’

’’No.’’ Feng Chen Yu rushed to say, ’’Don't listen to her nonsense!’’

Feng Yu Heng did not mind at all, only reminded Bu Ni Shang: ’’Everything I have told you has been friendly advice. What you have experienced is not something any experienced granny has encountered. How could they understand how to take care of you. But my eldest sister has experienced it. For a girl who has not yet married, the number of things that need to be taken care of are many. I trust that my sister and young miss Bu's friendship will definitely allow knowledge to be passed along.’’

’’Feng Yu Heng, you had best not maliciously slander people!’’ Chen Yu's anger surged forth, ’’When have I been humiliated by dozens of men? To be clear, there was only one! I...’’ Once these words came out, she immediately shut her mouth. She had given herself away. She had truly been muddled by her anger towards Feng Yu Heng.

Bu Ni Shang was extremely shocked. She understood Chen Yu's position in the Feng family. She had heard long ago that the Feng family put great importance in this daughter. For such a valued daughter to have had such an experience, she wanted to know who exactly was the man that managed it?

Bu Ni Shang pondered to herself for a long time but could not guess. In the end, she could only give up. But there was something that gave her a sudden realization. It seemed that she had grasped some sort of idea ’’Feng Yu Heng, could it be that it was you last night?’’

Feng Yu Heng feigned ignorance, ’’What happened last night with me?’’

’’Don't pretend!’’ Bu Ni Shang became furious, ’’It must be you that knocked me out and threw me into the suburb! Feng Yu Heng, what sort of heart do you have? I will tell you! I will go make a formal complaint about you to the Emperor!’’

’’If that pleases you, then that's fine.’’ Feng Yu Heng said with disdain: ’’You say that it was me, but where is the evidence? I had heard that young miss Bu had been kidnapped outside her manor's gates. Not sleeping in the middle of hte night, what were you doing running around in the streets?’’

Not waiting for Bu Ni Shang to respond, a servant rushed into the room and loudly exclaimed ’’Not good!’’


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