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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 184


Chapter 184

Feng Chen Yu, What Right do you Have to Say No to Me?

Early that day, the governor of the capital led a group of people and captured a group of suspects for questioning back in the capital. After the interrogation, the first man to be accused of assaulting Bu Ni Shang actually proclaimed his innocence. The reason he gave was that Bu Ni Shang was not a virgin at all.

When this news made it to Tong Sheng pavilion, Feng Yu Heng was in the middle of lunch. She did not feel that it was odd for Bu Ni Shang to not be a virgin. She even gossiped with Wang Chuang: ’’Last night, we were originally going to capture her in the Bu manor, but we ran into Bu Ni Shang, as she was returning to the manor. If she was a virgin, I would find it strange.’’

’’The Bu family's young miss is really bold.’’ Wang Chuan sighed, ’’Compared to her, the children of the Feng family can be considered obedient.’’

’’They are a bit better in this respect at the very least.’’ Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered with trying to analyze who Bu Ni Shang was going to meet up with because she knew that girl was not excessively stupid. She would not meet up in private with anyone other than the fourth prince. But she did not know if the fourth prince would want to keep a fallen woman after such an incident. If he still wanted her, then she would need to believe in their love. Although, no matter how she looked, the fourth prince did not appear to truly love Bu Ni Shang. She put down her bowl and chopsticks then rinsed her mouth. She then gestured to Wang Chuan: ’’Come with me to the Feng manor.’’

She entered the Feng manor through the main gates. Ever since Tong Sheng pavilion became the county office and had its main gates opened, Feng Yu Heng no longer used the small gate to Liu courtyard. Feng manor's housekeeper He Zhong was rather helpless. Every time he saw Feng Yu Heng come in from the outside, he felt an urge to bow and salute. He also did not know whether he should call her second young miss or county princess. Fortunately, Feng Yu Heng did not trouble him. Every time, she would take the initiative to ask him a few things then quickly enter.

The previous times she had come to the Feng manor, it was mostly to go visit the matriarch. First, she would go pay her respects then she would take a look at her back.

Today, however, Feng Yu Heng's goal was Chen Yu's courtyard. With such a lively event having occurred in the capital, she had to find someone to share it with.

’’Young miss.’’ Wang Chuan leaned close to Feng Yu Heng's side and quietly said: ’’There should have been a servant that went to make a report, but I do not know whether the report went to prime minister Feng or the elder madam.’’

Feng Yu Heng sneered, ’’Let them do as they please. Me and Chen Yu are sisters. Me looking to chat with her or arranging to go out with her are all normal. What about it? The people of the Feng family will say no?’’

The two chatted along the way and quickly arrived at Feng Chen Yu's courtyard. There was a servant standing guard at the entrance with a dejected appearance. Only after hearing the sound of approaching footsteps did she raise her head. Seeing that it was Feng Yu Heng, she was shocked at first then quickly saluted: ’’This servant pays respects to second young miss.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded but did not stop, ’’Where is your young miss?’’

The servant trotted along behind them and quickly replied: ’’Eldest young miss just returned from master's side. It seemed... her mood was not very good.’’

Feng Yu Heng shrugged and smiled. It would be odd if she was in a good mood. The difference between Feng Jin Yuan's treatment of Chen Yu was the difference between heaven and earth. Feng Chen Yu also had to continue to curry favor with this father, but her heart had to be filled with grievances.

’’Does second young miss want to enter?’’ The servant saw Feng Yu Heng walk straight towards Chen Yu's room. She then asked a follow up question: ’’Could you allow this servant to go make a report first, otherwise... otherwise this servant will be beat again.’’

Feng Yu Heng stopped before the door to the room and nodded, ’’Go ahead. Make whatever report you need to.’’

’’Thank you second young miss!’’ The servant let out a sigh of relief then carefully walked before Feng Chen Yu's door and gently knocked, saying: ’’Eldest young miss, second young miss has come to see you.’’


The sound of something porcelain falling came from inside. It seemed that there was something that had been directly thrown at the door.

Immediately following, they heard Yi Lin's voice speak up: ’’Eldest young miss is not feeling well and is not seeing any visitors.’’

The servant outside looked at Feng Yu Heng with a troubled expression. She waved her hand to the servant and said: ’’You have already completed your duties. You can go. I need to see how bold the daughter of a concubine in the Feng manor is to refuse to see me.’’

She stepped forward and forcefully pushed the door open.

Unsurprisingly, an object flew straight towards her.

Feng Yu Heng did not even move, as Wang Chuan raised her right hand and caught the flying object. Taking a look at it, it was a flower vase.

’’It seems eldest sister is not too satisfied with the furniture in her room. I will will tell grandmother about it at a later time and see if she will take some money from the manor to give eldest sister a new set.’’ She spoke while walking in on her own. She did not pay any attention to Yi Lin's attempts to stop her. ’’Eldest sister, always staying stuffed up inside your room is no good. Although it is a little cold outside, the day is pretty good. The air is also quite good. Why not go out a bit more?’’

The gaze Feng Chen Yu used to look at Feng Yu Heng was extremely abnormal. The resentment it contained was almost perverse and insane. The fierce malevolence caused even Wang Chuan to frown upon seeing it.

But Feng Yu Heng did not mind it. She even grabbed a chair for herself and sat down facing Feng Chen Yu, ’’Eldest sister, you don't even want to greet me upon seeing me?’’

Feng Chen Yu said through gritted teeth: ’’Feng Yu Heng! On what grounds can you enter and exit my room as you please?’’

’’On the grounds that I am the Feng family's daughter to the first wife!’’ She was currently very pleased with this title, ’’Daughter to the first wife, does eldest sister understand what this means? Do you know what this status means?’’ Seeing Feng Chen Yu remain silent, she sneered and continued: ’’As sisters, there are daughters of the first wife and daughters of concubines. I am the daughter of the first wife, so you are obviously the daughter of a concubine. What is the fate of a daughter of a concubine? I will tell you, when the daughter of a concubine marries, there are two possibilities. One, is to become the concubine for the son of a first wife, and the second is to become the official wife for the son of a concubine. Between these two choices, which one does eldest sister like?’’

’’Slut!’’ Feng Chen Yu fiercely said: ’’Don't rejoice for too long. At that time, father had already removed you from the position once, so it can happen a second time. Feng Yu Heng, when that day comes, you'd better not cry.’’

’’Haha!’’ Feng Yu Heng felt these words were truly amusing, ’’Do you think that you are still able? That time was that time. Now, I have been personally conferred the title of Ji An county princess. Tell me, would father dare take any action against me? Moreover...’’ She snorted coldly, ’’I fear that father is regretting his actions at that time!’’

Chen Yu was infuriated to the point of her liver hurting;however, she had no way of refuting her. Everything Feng Yu Heng said was correct. Her father was currently regretting his decision to chase Yao shi out. Earlier at Pine courtyard, when he had gotten angry, he even said that if he did not do those things at that at that time, Yao shi would not have divorced him. With this divorce, he had lost all face.

’’Did you come just to say these things?’’ Chen Yu stared at Feng Yu Heng, ’’If so, then just leave when you have finished speaking.’’

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head and said: ’’How could I have the free time to come over here and chat with you. Eldest sister, unlike you, I do not have the free time to collaborate with another family's young miss to deal with my younger sister. I am very busy. I am busy with my shops, and I have to think about the piece of land I own in Ji An county. If it weren't for the big news in the capital, I would not have come here today.’’

’’Feng Yu Heng, do not speak nonsense!’’ Chen Yu suddenly stood up, ’’When have I collaborated with another family's young miss to deal with my younger sister?’’

’’Sh!’’ She raised her index finger and placed it in front of her lips, gesturing for her to remain silent, ’’Eldest sister, when speaking while concealing your conscience, keep your voice down. Be careful that the god of thunder does not split you in half with lightning!’’

Feng Chen Yu trembled in fear from these words and subconsciously retreated half a step, nearly tripping herself.

’’Let's go.’’ Feng Yu Heng stood up, ’’Get dressed properly and follow me out. Oh right, remember to darken your face to keep the Empress from placing blame on others in the manor and punishing them along with you.’’

Feng Chen Yu nearly thought she had misheard, ’’Go out? Where to?’’

’’Such a big matter happened in the capital and eldest sister actually does not know?’’ Feng Yu Heng feigned surprised and asked her, ’’The Bu family's young miss did not send someone to tell you? Based on your friendship, she should tell you whenever anything happens.’’

Feng Chen Yu had obviously heard about Bu Ni Shang's matter, but she did not believe this had anything to do with her, so she could not help but say: ’’What does this have to do with me!’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at her with a smile: ’’Aside from sympathy, I will bring eldest sister and go to the Bu manor to visit the Bu family's young miss.’’

’’Why do we need to go see her?’’ Feng Chen Yu frowned while shaking her head, ’’I will not go! If you want to go, then go by yourself.’’ She did not want to see Bu Ni Shang because the packet of drugs Bu Ni Shang had given her did not result in Feng Yu Heng being harmed. Instead, it ended up harming herself. When she heard about Bu Ni Shang's matters this morning, she was actually quite happy.

But Feng Yu Heng had come for precisely this matter. How could she allow for Chen Yu to not go to not go just because she said so ’’Eldest sister, I am the Feng family's daughter to the first wife and was also personally conferred the title of county princess by the Emperor. In regards to the decisions I make, do you have any right to say no?’’

Chen Yu was stunned by these words.

That's right, what right did she have to say no? It was easy to get around the Feng family's daughter to the first wife, after all it was simply a family matter;however, the title of county princess was too grand. For a common girl like her, what right did she have to oppose a county princess with land?

But she truly did not want to go!

She stubbornly stood still and did not move.

However, Feng Yu Heng said in a stern voice: ’’Yi Lin, this county princess orders you to immediately get your young miss dressed and her blush done. This is an order. If you disobey, you will immediately be killed!’’

Yi Lin trembled and immediately pulled Chen Yu to an inner room without another word. Not long after, she pushed the now-prepared Chen Yu out.

Feng Chen Yu breathed heavily in anger, but there was nothing she could do against Feng Yu Heng. She could only suppress her anger and follow her out.

The two reached the gates of the manor. Feng Yu Heng's carriage had been waiting outside since the morning. Behind the magnificent carriage, there was a smaller carriage that was much shabbier.

Feng Yu Heng raised her hand and pointed: ’’That carriage is the one Fen Dai and Xiang Rong usually sit in. Eldest sister, go ahead.’’

Feng Chen Yu glanced at the outrageously magnificent carriage before her then looked at the small carriage behind it, which caused her face to grow even darker.

’’Go quickly. The longer you stand there, the more you lose face.’’ Feng Yu Heng threw out these words then entered her own carriage. Wang Chuan followed behind her. Turning her to look back, she met with Chen Yu's fierce gaze that was filled with ill-wishes.

’’Young miss.’’ Yi Lin carefully advised Chen Yu, ’’Let's also get in the carriage.’’

Chen Yu's fists were so tightly clenched that her knuckles had turned white and made cracking noises. Feeling completely humiliated, she entered the carriage in the back. The carriage driver outside did not wait for them to sit down before setting the carriage in motion. This caused the two to fall in confusion.

In the carriage in front, Wang Chuan sat calmly with Feng Yu Heng and said: ’’I heard the Chen family gave Feng Chen Yu some money, and she is preparing to use it to curry favor with Prime minister Feng.’’

’’Is that so?’’ Feng Yu Heng lightly smiled, ’’Everybody likes money. I am no exception. Since she has money, find an opportunity later on to have her obediently gift it to me!’’


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