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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 183


Chapter 183

Bu Ni Shang, I Give You Retribution

Xuan Tian Hua was invited into Feng Yu Heng's courtyard in Tong Sheng pavilion. Wang Chuan and Huang Quan brought him to wait in the hall. Feng Yu Heng carried the wooden box and rushed straight into her medicine storage room.

The curtains of the medicine storage room were always closed because she had said that the medical herbs needed to kept out of the light. Of course, the most important reason was to allow her to enter her space whenever she needed. The people of Tong Sheng pavilion knew her habits. Once she entered the medicine storage room, nobody outside would disrupt her unless it was a matter of great urgency. Like this, Feng Yu Heng could maintain the secrecy of her matters.

In the operating room inside the space, there was a set of examination tools. She had been a medical officer in the military for many years. She had treated the living and autopsied the dead. Although she was not a forensic doctor, she was not ignorant in the ways of an autopsy.

The cat's corpse was examined for roughly one hour. The body was put through various modern tests, which finally gave Feng Yu Heng a conclusion.

It was indeed the finger that caused the problem!

What surprised her was that the poison in Man Tou's system was the exact same as what had been used on her.

She clenched her fist tightly, as she had been guessing at who had supplied Feng Chen Yu and Feng Zi Hao with the drug. Now that she had found out in such a matter. If it was Bu Ni Shang, it was very easy to understand. She had a reason and motivation to commit the crime. Adding on the death of Man Tou, Feng Yu Heng was already certain that Bu Ni Shang had placed the drug under her finger nail and entered the palace. If it were not for the accident, perhaps she would have taken action at the banquet.

She caressed Man Tou's corpse. This little guy had protected her from an attack, but that cost it its life.

Bu Ni Shang, debts of blood must be repaid in blood. Who knew if she understood this concept.

Finally leaving the medicine storage room, Xuan Tian Hua was seated in the hall drinking tea when Feng Yu Heng handed him the wooden box and said: ’’Just bury it in the palace. Father Emperor will definitely also think this way.’’

Xuan Tian Hua nodded and asked her: ’’Did you discover the reason?’’

’’There was a problem with Bu Ni Shang's finger.’’ She repeated the results of her examination to Xuan Tian Hua.

Xuan Tian Hua frowned at what he heard, ’’If that is the case, then Bu Ni Shang also participated in the matter at Feng Tong county. Father Emperor will definitely investigate the death of this cat. But if you want to take action yourself, I can also help you out. But now is not the best time to completely exterminate the Bu family, as Bu Cong is still out.’’ He began to analyze the situation for Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng understood this reasoning. She had an understanding of Bu Cong's matters and knew that there was no chance the Emperor would ignore this large fish outside to take action against the Bu family. ’’I only want Bu Ni Shang.’’ She made a decision.

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, ’’Good, then take care of yourself. If you need anything, come find me at the Chun Palace.’’ He did not stay any longer. Picking up the wooden box, he left.

Feng Yu Heng followed him out and quickly asked: ’’Seventh brother, when will Xuan Tian Ming be able to return?’’

He stopped walking and turned around to say: ’’That's hard to say.’’

’’Oh.’’ She was a bit disappointed, ’’It's fine. Seventh brother, you can go back now. Be careful on your way back.’’

He gently responded with an indifferent look before turning to leave.

Feng Yu Heng tugged at Wang Chuan, ’’I feel that seventh brother's mood has been odd today.’’

Wang Chuan thought for a while then suddenly exclaimed, ’’How could I have forgotten about that matter.’’

’’What matter?’’ She was curious.

’’The memorial for his Highness the seventh prince's birth mother is in the Winter. This servant does not remember the exact day, but his Highness goes every Winter to pay respects to his birth mother.’’

’’No wonder.’’ She finally understood why Xuan Tian Hua appeared to be quite lonely today. Thinking about it, the memorial should have been in the recent days.

That night, Feng Yu Heng left the county office with Ban Zou and headed straight for the Bu family's manor.

Ban Zou still hated that Feng Yu Heng did not know qi gong. Bringing her along meant that he had to slowly accompany her. She could clearly run, but she insisted on walking. It was truly awkward. ’’Master, if you truly are incapable of walking faster, I can also carry you.’’

Feng Yu Heng grabbed Ban Zou's arm and said to him: ’’Try running a bit like this.’’

Ban Zou tried and found that it worked. His mood quickly improved.

With the aid of qi gong, their speed increased a great deal. When the two reached the alley leading to the Bu family, Ban Zou suddenly slowed down.

Feng Yu Heng did not ask him for a reason. She knew that Ban Zou would not stop for no reason. At this time, she also heard the sound of some movement.

The two found a corner to hide themselves then looked towards the street, however, they saw two girls hastily walking in their direction. direction. They walked while looking around, clearly taking in their surroundings as though they were afraid of being discovered.

Feng Yu Heng had a large smile on her face because she saw that the two girls were Bu Ni Shang and her maidservant.

She tugged at Ban Zou: ’’Hey! Take a guess, what do you think Bu Ni Shang is doing leaving the manor in the middle of the night?’’

Ban Zou shook his head, ’’How could I know.’’

’’My guess is she's meeting her sweetheart.’’ Feng Yu Heng said while pointing towards Bu Ni Shang, ’’Look at the buttons on her collar. One is in the wrong place. She was clearly very rushed and a little nervous when buttoning it up. Going out and taking off her clothes in the middle of the night, if it isn't to meet with a lover, then what else could it be.’’

Ban Zou was helpless, ’’Master, can you stop yourself from saying all of these things in front of my face.’’

Feng Yu Heng did not avoid these taboos and did not want to pay any more attention to Ban Zou. She had come for Bu Ni Shang, and now she had served herself up. She had been saved the effort of going into the Bu manor.

She immediately reached into her sleeve and pulled out a couple tranquilizer darts. Taking aim at the two people in the alley, she let them fly.

Ban Zou stared blankly at Feng Yu Heng and how she had used the hidden weapon. He could not help but swallow some saliva, ’’Master, if you had this way of fighting, it would have been fine to not bring me.’’

’’If I did not bring you along, who would carry them?’’ Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes and pointed at the two fainted people, saying: ’’Quickly! Go now!’’

Ban Zou did not say anything else and went over to Bu Ni Shang. When he arrived beside her, he pulled out a small paper package. After opening it, he poured the white powder inside into Bu Ni Shang's mouth.

’’Although this can not be compared to the potency of the drug she used, it is still one of the best drugs used within the brothels of the capital. Master, do not worry. The drug has the same effect.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’That is good. She needs have a chance to see what this medicine tastes like.’’

’’What do we do with this one?’’ Ban Zou finished filling Bu Ni Shang up with drugs and looked at the servant, ’’Kill her?’’

’’Don't!’’ Feng Yu Heng's lips parted, as she laughed, ’’The medicine applied by my hidden weapon is strong enough to keep her sleeping until daylight. In a while, we will put her at the gates of the government office. When she wakes up, she will be able be able to directly go make a report.’’

Ban Zou did not speak, as he directly placed the two bodies on his back. He then gestured with his chin to Feng Yu Heng: ’’Let's go! We'll go to the government office first, then I will bring you to a nice place.’’

The nice place Ban Zou was speaking of was in reality just a crowd of men in the suburbs of the capital. After Feng Yu Heng heard him speak of the situation with the crowds of men, she nearly began clapping.

Bu Ni Shang should meet that kind of end. She really wanted to see if this girl would smash her own head in after waking up.

’’Master, it seems that she is reacting.’’ The two had already reached suburbs. After continuing forward a little while, they had reached the crowds of men. Ban Zou suddenly had a very unnatural expression and said: ’’Can I put her on the ground and drag her?’’

’’No!’’ Feng Yu Heng's eyes were resolute, ’’Injuring her, making her ugly or making her dirty would make the best possible outcome unattainable.’’

Ban Zou advised her: ’’Master, you are overthinking it. Even if a bitch were thrown into that place, there is no guarantee they would leave alive.’’

’’Even then it's no good.’’ Feng Yu Heng was still unwilling, ’’Just endure a little longer. Didn't you say we were almost there.’’

Ban Zou was truly doing his best to endure. The drug was taking effect on Bu Ni Shang, in addition to the medicine Feng Yu Heng had given her to relieve the anesthetic. Presently, she was writhing around on Ban Zou's back. Occasionally, it would be a pair of arms wrapping around him, then it would be a pair of legs. Even her mouth was naughty, as she leaned against Ban Zou's neck. Adding on the immoral sounds, Ban Zou's face became bright red and his body stiff.

Feng Yu Heng was also anxious and could not help but increase her pace. Doing her best to keep up with Ban Zou's speed, they rushed towards the crowds of men.

When they finally arrived, Ban Zou could no longer endure. Making use of his qi gong, he threw Bu Ni Shang into the middle.

When Bu Ni Shang landed, she had been thrown quite fiercely. With her fall, she subconsciously yelped in pain.

These cries, however, woke the men who had been sleeping. For these men who were very sensitive to a woman's voice, a nerve in their minds tripped, as a hard to hide joy filled their hearts. One by one, they rushed out without putting clothes on, seemingly fearing that someone would take the lead if they arrived late.

Feng Yu Heng was brought by Ban Zou to the top of a wall. They watched as the men began to fight in to fight in the beginning in order to fight for Bu Ni Shang. As for Bu Ni Shang, when she heard the voices of men, she began to climb onto their bodies. The men then gave up on fighting, as a they surged forth and began doing her.

She tugged at Ban Zou's sleeve, ’’Let's go. Let's go back. There isn't anything else worth watching after this.’’

Ban Zou raised an eyebrow. Nothing worth watching? The show had only just begun.

He really wanted to say a few words of ridicule to Feng Yu Heng but found that his master's expression was not good. Thus, he did not say a word before taking her down off the wall. The two began walking back.

Feng Yu Heng asked Ban Zou: ’’Will you think I'm too cruel?’’

Ban Zou was startled and immediately shook his head, ’’How could this be considered cruel. This is called giving them a taste of their own medicine.’’

’’Un.’’ Feng Yu Heng also thought this way, ’’I have always been very clear on love and hate. Those that treat me well, I protect and love. Those that take action against me, I will not allow them to live happily. Today, it was Bu Ni Shang. In the future, there will definitely be even more people. For those of you at my side, I hope that you will not be frightened by me. You must understand that in this sort of world, if you are not strong, then you will suffer from being bullied and humiliated.’’

This was something Feng Yu Heng had concluded after being poisoned. When dealing with enemies, she could not simply outwit them. No matter how skilled she was with words, the enemy would not receive any true damage. Sometimes, there would be a need to take action. By slapping them and making the people who had harmed her unable to retaliate was the best way to protect herself.

When the two returned to Tong Sheng pavilion, dawn had arrived. Wang Chuan and Huang Quan had been waiting inside the yard the entire time. Seeing them return, they quickly went forward and asked how things went.

Feng Yu Heng told Wang Chuan: ’’When the sun is up, find someone to go make a report. Choose someone who looks unfamiliar and say that there is a bloody incident in the crowds of men in the suburbs. Have the governor of the capital go investigate.’’

’’This servant understands.’’ Wang Chuan nodded in compliance. She then took care of helping Feng Yu Heng back to rest in her room.

That day at noon, the news of the capital made its way to Tong Sheng pavilion. The Bu family's eldest young miss, Bu Ni Shang, was discovered in the suburb of the capital. She was completely nude, and her lower body was a mess.


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