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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 181


Chapter 181

Right to Mutual divorce

Feng Jin Yuan did not dare be neglectful. Sweeping his robe, he knelt on the ground, ’’Official Feng Jin Yuan receives the imperial decree!’’

The females behind him also knelt on the ground. Yao shi also came back around and knelt before her. Everyone was left feeling restless, as they were all trying to guess the contents of this imperial decree.

But in reality, the contents of the imperial decree were very simple. With just a few words, the order of the Feng manor was shaken up once more: ’’Daughter of the Yao family, Yao Qian Rou, We grant you the right to a mutual divorce from Feng Jin Yuan.’’

Feng Jin Yuan was baffled by this and suddenly raised his head, rushing to ask: ’’What did you say?’’

Yao shi was also very shocked. Just a little earlier, she had been thinking about how she should interact with Feng Jin Yuan, as she had become the head wife once more. She also wondered about what she would do if he wanted to stay the night at Tong Sheng pavilion and whether or not she would be able to chase him away. But in the blink of an eye, Feng Yu Heng had announced such a great right for her.

’’Father has made a slip of the tongue.’’ Feng Yu Heng turned around the imperial decree and allowed Feng Jin Yuan to see, ’’It was father Emperor that said it, and it is not A-Heng's intention.’’

’’This...’’ Feng Jin Yuan had never thought that such a capricious Emperor would actually hand down such an imperial decree! Giving a woman the right to a mutual divorce from her husband, this was something that had never happened in history, let alone in Da Shun!

Feng Jin Yuan was speechless.

The people of the Feng family were also speechless.

The matriarch lay in bed with her mouth open wide, but she could not make a single sound. When this second daughter did not come back, she spent every day thinking about her. After she returned, however, she brought a number of unexpected surprises back to the Feng family. For the right of mutual divorce to be in the hands of the woman, how great of a humiliation was that for the man?

Of course, when some people were happy, there would be others who would worry, so when some people were worried, others would be happy. For example, Chen Yu and Fen Dai along with Han shi were very happy after hearing this imperial decree. Han shi laughed even more at Feng Yu Heng, as she felt that she had ruined herself with her own smarts. To actually get such an imperial decree for her mother, she really did not know if thse was helping Yao shi or digging her a hole.

She did not know, however, that the position of head wife of the Feng family was completely worthless in the eyes of Yao shi and Feng Yu Heng. Feng Yu Heng definitely would not allow her and Yao shi's lives to be dictated by this Feng manor. My life belongs to me and not to the heavens. If even the heavens have no say, then why should the Feng manor?

’’Mother.’’ Feng Yu Heng looked at Yao shi, ’’Take good care of the imperial decree. In the future, if...’’

’’There's no need to continue!’’ Yao shi reached out and received the imperial decree. Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to finish speaking, she made a decision, ’’As of today, I will divorce from Feng Jin Yuan! I will go through this divorce as the head wife. My children will still be the Feng family's son and daughter of the first wife. Of course, if Prime minister Feng has other arrangements, I will not say anything. I trust that my children will not need to rely on the glory of the Feng family to survive. One of them was personally conferred the title of county princess and given land, while the other is imperial tutor Ye Rong's personal disciple. Is there any fear that they will not have a good future!’’

Yao shi was aware of the threats and listed out the noble standings of each of her children. Feng Jin Yuan, think about it yourself. Do you dare take action against such children?

Feng Jin Yuan was so furious that he nearly vomited blood! He understood at heart that even if Yao shi divorced him, this pair of children were definitely going to remain the Feng family's son and daughter of the first wife. In this lifetime, unless the Emperor said anything, he would not dare take any actions against the siblings.

’’Qian Rou!’’ The matriarch loudly shouted at her, ’’You must think carefully!’’

Even An shi was a little anxious and tugged at Yao shi's sleeve: ’’Big sister, you finally broke free of all troubles. Why go through all this trouble?’’

Xiang Rong, however, slightly shook her head and pulled on An shi, quietly saying: ’’What mother did is not wrong.’’

An shi did not understand and grumbled to Xiang Rong: ’’What does a small child like you understand?’’ She then advised Yao shi: ’’You have already endured hardship for many years. Now that the position of head wife has returned to big sister's hands, why do you want to give way?’’

Yao shi faintly smiled and stood up. Turning to face everyone in the Feng family, she raised the imperial decree in her hands and loudly said: ’’I, daughter of Yao Xian, Yao Qian Rou, am announcing my divorce from Feng Jin Yuan. From this day forward, the marriage between man and woman is no longer relevant!’’

With the imperial decree at hand, even if Feng Jin Yuan was extremely against it, what could he say? He could only fiercely glare at Yao shi and say through gritted teeth: ’’I only hope that you will not regret it!’’

’’I definitely will not regret it.’’

With these words, she severed all relations with Feng Jin Yuan.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Yao shi with a smile and immediately changed the way she spoke, ’’Dear mother, from today onward, A-Heng and Zi Rui will protect you.’’

Xiang Rong also stood up and went over over to Yao shi then saluted: ’’Aunt Yao, congratulations.’’

’’You disgrace!’’ With Xiang Rong's congratulations, Feng Jin Yuan was infuriated to the point of breathing fire. A county princess was not someone he could hit, but he could hit this daughter. Thus, he stood up and raised his hand to strike at Xiang Rong.

’’Father.’’ Before he could attack, Feng Yu Heng spoke up, ’’It would be best if you did not offend all of your daughters all at once. Before you hit her, think carefully about what remains.’’

Feng Jin Yuan's hand was stopped. What Feng Yu Heng said was not incorrect. If he hit Xiang Rong, he would have lost another daughter's heart. This third daughter was already someone who got along with Feng Yu Heng. If he took action now, she could become even colder. Of the remaining two, Chen Yu was already a partially wasted person, and Fen Dai was not someone who could be presented.

His heart trembled from a suffocating feeling. The hand he had raised was lowered in embarrassment. Looking at Xiang Rong then looking at Yao shi, he finally turned his gaze to Feng Yu Heng's face.

Feng Jin Yuan began to feel regret. He regretted chasing Yao shi out of the manor. He regretted over sending mother and children into the mountains of the Northwest. But who knew that the furious Emperor's attitude towards the Yao family would improve so much? Who would have known that Feng Yu Heng would have such bright prospects as she does today? ALso, who could have known that the enigmatic and capricious ninth prince would be so concerned with his second daughter?

Feng Jin Yuan felt an endless amount of desperation. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, he blankly asked: ’’If father did not send you to the Northwest, would there still have been such an outcome today?’’

Feng Yu Heng suddenly displayed a brilliant smile. As though she were a phoenix just reborn from the flames with a pair of dazzling wings, she told Feng Jin Yuan the truth: ’’If it were not for the three years in the mountains in the Northwest, the me of today would not exist. Father, your daughter is no longer the same as before.’’

Feng Jin Yuan left Shu Ya courtyard with the support of Chen Yu, even though Chen Yu repeatedly said to him: ’’Father, do not be disheartened. No matter what, Chen Yu will always stand at father's side. Chen Yu will not leave father.’’

But what use was there in him having Chen Yu?

The third princess consort's illness had been cured, and the third prince's jade mine was gone. The army he had been raising outside was going to run out of supplies, and his Feng family no longer had the support of the Chen family. They had not yet truly begun to collaborate, but was it going to end just like this? He had painstakingly chosen the third prince, but he did not think that it would have this sort of result.

’’Father.’’ The two walked at the front, and Chen Yu leaned close to Feng Jin Feng Jin Yuan. Lowering her voice, she said, ’’Right before leaving Feng Tong county, third uncle came to see Chen Yu. He gave me some bank notes. If father needs to make use of them, you must tell Chen Yu.’’

He was startled and subconsciously asked: ’’How much is there?’’

’’One million taels.’’

’’That much?’’ Feng Jin Yuan was a little surprised, ’’Didn't the Chen family already let go of their businesses in the capital, so how did they get this much money?’’ He did not go any further, but he did begin to ponder. To give such a large amount of money to Chen Yu, it seemed that the Chen family's wealth was still quite substantial.

’’They have let go of their businesses in the capital, but they are still doing business out of province.’’ Chen Yu accompanied Feng Jin Yuan to the entrance of Pine courtyard but did not enter, ’’Chen Yu does not know what can be done to help father, and I really feel at a loss. I hope father will be take care of your body. When father meets with trouble, you must come tell Chen Yu about it.’’ She threw out these words then turned and left.

Feng Jin Yuan watched Chen Yu's figure and recalled the effort he had put into this daughter's development. The hatred he felt for Feng Zi Hao could not even be resolved if he dug up his corpse and disfigured it further. If he did not have such a worthless son, his Chen Yu would still be the daughter to the first wife. Feng Yu Heng also would not have a chance to become a county princess, so Yao shi would have even less of a chance to divorce him. The Feng family would still look the same as it had before.

All of these things were caused by Feng Zi Hao!

Right! He still had to settle his debts with Feng Zi Hao. Although he was already dead, he was raised by Chen shi. He could trouble the Chen family to settle this debt.

The Chen family could bring out one million for their niece, so he definitely could get even more money out of that family.

Unfortunately, although he thought was not incorrect, at this very time in Tong Sheng pavilion, Feng Yu Heng was giving orders to Wang Chuan and Huang Quan to take care of something related very closely to Feng Jin Yuan ’’Go investigate and find out what sorts of businesses the Chen family has around Da Shun. I really do not know if their businesses have been going too smoothly recently, given how they had the time to block me from entering Feng Tong county. For someone who bears grudges like me, how could I forget about such a thing?’’

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan were resolutely committed to Feng Yu Heng's decision, especially Huang Quan, who immediately expressed: ’’We will burn them down as we find them.’’

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, ’’Does everyone from the Yu Palace like setting fires?’’

Wang Chuan replied: ’’His Highness once said that setting fire was the most convenient method.’’

She quickly convenient method.’’

She quickly shook her head, ’’That is no good. Burning down a palace is fine, but a shop absolutely must not be burned down. Just investigate for now. After you have finished investigating, hand it over to Qing Yu. Have her think of a way of turning the Chen family's money into our money.’’

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan felt this idea was excellent. Giggling, they left to get started.

Yao shi had been sitting next to Feng Yu Heng the entire time. Listening to them speak, she felt that this was both fresh and frightening, which caused her to feel a little nervous.

Seeing the two girls leave, she quickly asked: ’’Will things be ok like this? Everyone in the Chen family is adept in business. They have operated those businesses for over ten years. How can they be so easily destroyed?’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and told her: ’’Mother, do not worry. The people of the Chen family are indeed adept, but our Qing Yu is not so easy to deal with. Also, do we not have Wang Chuan and Huang Quan. They have spent so many years in the palace, so wouldn't using some tricks be just a simple matter.’’

Seeing that she spoke with certainty, Yao shi did not speak any further, only saying: ’’Mother trusts that no matter what you do, you will succeed.’’ Saying this, she sighed and raised her eyes to look at Tong Sheng pavilion. Still emotional, she said: ’’From this moment onward, I will never need to go over there again. I have lived in that manor for nearly 20 years, and I have finally finished living there.’’

Feng Yu Heng stood up and walked before Yao shi. Holding Yao shi's hand, she said: ’’During the banquet, the Emperor said that this Tong Sheng pavilion will become the county's manor, and the main gates will be opened. In the future, mother will be able to enter and exit and you please. You will never need to worry about the Feng family's thoughts ever again. Aunt Lan truly misses you. When you have the time, just go for a visit.’’ Seeing Yao shi still had a weary expression, she thought a little and added: ’’The Emperor's actions recently seem to indicate that maternal grandfather and the family will be returning to the capital some day. Mother, you will no longer be able to rely on the Feng family like you had in the past. Whether or not the Yao family will be able to stand firm upon returning to the capital will depend on the work you do. So you must become more spirited. Even if it is not for yourself, you must put make some considerations for the Yao family and for Zi Rui and me. We must fight to provide ourselves a good future.’’

Her words affected Yao shi, as a hard to describe feeling came out of nowhere. It seemed that the future her daughter had described was bright. She felt as though she had been reborn similar to Feng Yu Heng had been after returning to the capital.


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