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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 177


Chapter 177

Your Bu Family Just Does Not Learn

Xuan Tian Ye was a smart person. Since matters had already reached this point, it would be better for him to take a magnanimous attitude and generously tell them that the mine was originally something he wanted to gift, but this was a bit earlier than planned.

Xuan Tian Ming did not care whether it was being gifted earlier or later, either way, when Xuan Tian Ye said this, he quickly reminded Feng Yu Heng: ’’Quickly thank third brother!’’

Feng Yu Heng turned slightly and saluted Xuan Tian Ye, ’’A-Heng thanks third brother for such a grand gift.’’

’’Younger sister is too modest.’’ Xuan Tian Ye had already adjusted, ’’You cured your third sister-in-law's illness, so it should be third brother who is thanking you.’’

The two exchanged some pleasantries, as the Emperor looked around. He could not help but meet the Empress' gaze and smile. He then looked at Xuan Tian Ming and nodded, the two expressing their happiness from this collaboration.

Feng Yu Heng, however, had used this change to roll her eyes at Xuan Tian Ming!

Earlier, she had not heard anything about any jade mines. It was most likely a plan formulated by this young fox and that old fox. Just like that, she was used by this father and son pair, but she was resigned to it. The jade mine belonged to her, right? Very good! Your Majesty, if you want to get a share from me, it will not be that easy.

The Emperor had conferred titles of honorary lady and county princess, so congratulations were naturally in order.

The irony in this situation was when people surrounded Feng Jin Yuan earlier, it was to mourn;however, they never thought that in the blink of an eye, they would say words of congratulations.

Feng Jin Yuan also felt incredibly embarrassed, but he could not remain stoic and refuse to receive everyone's greetings. Mentally, he was endlessly wondering how he should face Yao shi when he returned. There was also Chen Yu. Could this daughter be kept around or not?

Feng Yu Heng simply backed up a couple steps and watched, as she held the cat in her arms. The madams and young misses who came to congratulate her all ended up chatting warmly with the palace maid next to her.

Xiang Rong was also stunned on the side. The words the Emperor had spoken ’’How could Our daughter-in-law the daughter of a concubine.’’

It seemed that it truly was impossible. The little girl smiled bitterly then immediately adjusted her mood. Being able to look at that sort of person was also a form of happiness! Moreover, she had the clothes he had sent her. This was enough to last her a lifetime. People who do not necessarily need to have something would sometimes have the best outcome.

The corners of the lips lifted into a smile, as she went to Feng Yu Heng's side, ’’Second sister, Xiang Rong really missed you.’’ As she said this, tears formed in her large eyes.

Only then did Feng Yu Heng smile sincerely. Raising her hand, she pinched her cheeks: ’’Silly girl, let second sister take a look. Have you gotten a little chubbier recently?’’

’’I have not!’’ Sure enough, girls did not like being called chubby. Xiang Rong raised her arm and did her best to show Feng Yu Heng that she had not gotten fatter: ’’Second sister, look carefully at my arm. Feel it, it hasn't gotten fatter!’’

Xuan Tian Ge and her friends also came over. Surrounding Feng Yu Heng, they laughed and said: ’’A-Heng, we expended a great deal of energy to help you vent your anger. You need to pay for a meal!’’

Bai Fu Rong quickly provided a suggestion: ’’Let's go to Refined Deity Building! They even provide take out after you finish eating.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’Ok, we'll go to Refined Deity Building. Not only will there be take out, I will give each of you a feast, ok?’’ She knew that these great friends had put forth a great deal of effort on her behalf. She was sincerely grateful.

The small group chatted and laughed for a while before dispersing. The banquet's entertainment had not yet begun officially. There was a bit of freedom for the people to mingle. They would naturally need to take advantage of the chance to chat with familiar people. Even if they were not familiar, they would need to take this chance to introduce themselves.

Feng Yu Heng pushed Xiang Rong over to Xuan Tian Ge to take care of. She had Xuan Tian Ge go introduce Xiang Rong to some more friends. As for herself, she walked towards Feng Jin Yuan, who was currently being surrounded by a group of officials.

She had not seen this father for many days, and it appeared that he was beaming. Was he living more comfortably?

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was receiving congratulations from all of the officials. He could not say whether he was happy or unhappy, as it was all just a mess. Just when his feelings were mixed up the most, he felt a breeze coming from behind his head. It seemed as though there was a danger approaching him.

He subconsciously turned his head and found that there was no danger;however, he did see Feng Yu Heng coming towards him while holding her grey cat. His head once again began to feel numb. When this daughter first returned to the manor, she was only a little hard to deal with. Why did he now feel that this girl was an evil spirit?

All spirit?

All of the officials saw Feng Yu Heng coming over and politely nodded to her. She was no longer just the second young miss of the Feng family, nor was she just the unmarried official princess of Prince Yu. She was personally conferred the title of county princess by the Emperor. Most importantly, this county princess had been given a fief. Put plainly, she was the ruler of a piece of land! Who could afford to offend her?

Nobody there was an idiot. Seeing Feng Yu Heng walk over, they all retreated and gave the father daughter pair space to talk.

The happenings of the day were understood by all who watched. On the surface, they congratulated Feng Jin Yuan, but Feng Jin Yuan did not appear capable of being happy. This daughter was not liked by him. Perhaps ’’death’’ would be the final result.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng's vitality was too great.

’’Father.’’ She finally stopped not too far from Feng Jin Yuan. In a gentle voice, she spoke, ’’It has been many days since we last met. Has everything been well at home?’’

Feng Jin Yuan was slightly startled, as he did not know what these words meant, so he decided to speak on an important subject: ’’Your grandmother misses you and got angry at your concubine mother Han. She sprained her back and recently is unable to get out of bed.’’

This was something Feng Yu Heng knew about a long time ago. It was because she knew that the matriarch had sprained her back for such a reason that she was willing to send those medical plasters to Yao shi. No matter what, she had to have someone with a bit of say in that manor to stand on her side.

’’Grandmother is getting older, and her body is not well. To still need to worry about the family's matters, it truly causes A-Heng to feel distraught.’’ She lowered her head and lightly sighed. When she raised her head again, her face had an expression that was hard to understand and caused a feeling of panic. ’’In this world, there are some things that will not go as desired. For example, whoever you would like to die, they could not plan their life as you see fit. Father, do you think that is correct?’’

Feng Jin Yuan's heard was beating furiously. This second daughter's eyes caused him to feel panicked. He retreated a couple steps and did not respond.

Instead, Feng Yu Heng continued: ’’Some people think themselves to be smart and will always think about what would happen to themselves if someone were not there. But in reality, not everybody wants to live their lives around the planning of someone else. Also, not everyone is powerless to escape time and time again from attempts to cause injury. Father, injury. Father, I will tell you. In that fire, not a single one of my hairs was burned!’’

She spoke while approaching Feng Jin Yuan. That oppressive aura was like an invisible hand that caused Feng Jin Yuan to continuously retreat. Finally, he lost his footing and fell to the ground.

Feng Yu Heng quickly went to support him: ’’Father, how are you so weak to alcohol? Quickly, quickly get up.’’ Who knew that when she went to help Feng Jin Yuan, the cat she had be holding would be let go. The kitten immediately leapt onto Feng Jin Yuan's body and stood on his chest. The cat's eyes stared at Feng Jin Yuan, causing Feng Jin Yuan to feel he could neither stand up nor stay down.

But at this time, the smell of drunkards floated past. A foot had hooked Feng Yu Heng's ankle. So long as she took a step forward, she would immediately fall on top of Feng Jin Yuan.

But who knew that the cat would suddenly sneeze upon smelling the intoxicated people. It then turned around and let out a ferocious meow sound before pouncing towards the source of the drunk smell.

’’Ah!’’ This scream came from behind Feng Yu Heng. The volume of that scream shook the entirety of the small island, causing everyone to tremble a bit.

Feng Yu Heng let go of the hand that was pulling Feng Jin Yuan and looked back. There, she saw Bu Ni Shang's right hand was firmly being bitten by the little cat. That girl forcefully tried to shake the cat off her hand, but the cat bit down even harder. In a bite, the cat bit off the finger at the base.

Bu Ni Shang could not stand from the pain, as she fell to the ground. Blood covered the ground. Her shrill screams caused everyone to fell panicked along with her.

The fourth prince rushed forward. Seeing that he had come over, Bu Ni Shang immediately began screaming wildly: ’’Kill it! Kill that cat!’’

Xuan Tian Yi did not even think. Bending over, he picked up the cat and held it by the neck. Just as he was preparing to snap its neck, he heard Xuan Tian Ming's mysterious voice speak up: ’’Fourth brother, are you wanting to kill the cat my imperial concubine mother gifted my wife?’’

’’Stop!’’ This was shouted by Bu Ni Shang. Just earlier, she had been screaming for the cat to be killed, but she had suddenly changed her tune at this moment. She repeatedly said: ’’Quickly let it go. You can't kill it! You absolutely must not kill it!’’ She could not even have time to worry about how she had just lost a finger. She stood up and firmly grabbed Xuan Tian Yi's arm, anxiously saying: ’’Quickly let it go! Gently, it go! Gently, you absolutely must not hurt it.’’

When Bu Ni Shang said these words, her face was pale white. On one hand, she was in pain, and in the other, she was frightened.

When Xuan Tian Ming mentioned his imperial concubine mother, she recalled the matters from the Mid-Autumn banquet. Her aunt, head imperial concubine Bu had offended imperial concubine Yun, which caused the Emperor to angrily throw her down from the stage. Not only had her body been broken, it even smashed her own grandfather to death.

Bu Ni Shang had been completely frightened. Even if she died, she did not dare offend imperial concubine Yun. Even if her fingers had been bitten off by this cat, she had to tell Xuan Tian Yi to gently put the cat down. She definitely could not take this kind of risk. The Bu family had already eaten a loss once, so it could not handle another problem.

Xuan Tian Yi also realized what the words his ninth brother had said meant. For a while, he was also in a state of shock and actually listened to what Bu Ni Shang said, as he gently put the cat back on the ground.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Bu Ni Shang and the fourth prince, and an unpleasant look appeared on her face. Slowly walking forward, she picked up the cat and looked at Bu Ni Shang's broken finger: ’’Young miss Bu can't even take care of her own fingers, yet you actually hope to extend your leg to trip me?’’ Her voice was very quiet, so others could not hear it, but it caused Bu Ni Shang's face to turn white with rage.

The cat in her arms twisted its body then suddenly hopped out. It ran all the way over to the Emperor's feet before spitting out the broken finger.

The Emperor picked up a glass from the table that still had some tea and placed it on the ground. The cat used the tea inside to rinse out its mouth. After rinsing for a while, it might have felt that its mouth was clean enough, as it ran back over to Feng Yu Heng's side. It raised its head to look at her and even extended a paw to tug at her dress.

Feng Yu Heng bent down and picked it up then began petting its back. This was originally a loving gesture, but it caused others to tremble.

At this time, they saw the Emperor raise his hand and pointed at the cat in Feng Yu Heng's arms ’’That is a good creature that protects its master and has done well! When someone bullies your master, you must go and bite them.’’ After he finished speaking, he glanced at Bu Ni Shang and coldly snorted: ’’Your Bu family really does not learn!’’


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