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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 176


Chapter 176

Third Brother, Do You Feel no Shame in Not Giving a Gift?

The Emperor looked down in satisfaction as people looked at the people of the Feng family in scorn. He found this to be very enjoyable. Thinking a little, he spoke once more: ’’Minister Feng is a standard first rank official and is Our most dependable prime minister, but the Feng family's head wife actually was not conferred a title. This was truly a result of Our carelessness.’’

Upon hearing this, Feng Jin Yuan thought that Yao shi would be given a title?

Forget it, so long as the Emperor did not investigate other matters, if he wanted to confer a title, then confer it. Either way, it would be the Feng family's fortune. For him, there were no down sides, but...

He glanced sideways at Chen Yu and sighed internally.

Whether or not she had the aspect of the phoenix, she no longer had the necessary position as the Feng family's daughter to the first wife. Have you ever seen an empress who was born from a concubine?

’’Zhang Yuan, prepare commoner's brocade and a jade scroll to prepare to draft the title. To the daughter of Yao Xian, Yao...’’ The Emperor suddenly stopped halfway and turned to ask the Empress: ’’She was called Yao what again?’’

The Empress quickly told him: ’’Yao Qian Rou.’’

’’Oh right!’’ The Emperor loudly said: ’’To the daughter of Yao Xian, Yao Qian Rou, the title of first rank honorary lady. This shall be issued under my stamp and let it be announced to the world.’’

The members of the Feng family all cupped their hands: ’’Thank you for your imperial grace.’’

The Emperor then showed a bit of a smile, ’’Un, this is correct. How could Our daughter-in-law be the daughter of a concubine. You may rise!’’

The few people finally stood up from the ground. Chen Yu needed support from Yi Lin to stand up. With a pair of grief-filled eyes, she looked at Feng Jin Yuan, but her father did not have the mind to look at her.

The daughter of Yao Xian, Yao Qian Rou? Why did the Emperor not say Feng Jin Yuan's official wife? For a while, he could not completely understand what the Emperor was thinking.

But at this time, Fen Dai could understand clearly. Getting close to Feng Yu Heng's side, she immediately said in a warm voice: ’’Second sister, have you missed Fen Dai?’’

Feng Yu Heng looked at this fourth sister and felt this girl's potential was greater than Chen Yu's. At just ten years old, she was able to get a feel for the situation. When she grew older, perhaps she would also be hard to get along with.

’’Fourth sister not being able to return to the ancestral home is truly a pity.’’ She did not say she missed her, but she also did not say that she did not miss her. She only threw out this ambiguous statement, which made it hard for Fen Dai to understand her thoughts. Especially with the cat in her lap and its eyes, no matter how Fen Dai looked at it, she felt afraid. She could not help but back up a couple steps and hid behind Feng Chen Yu.

At this time, they heard someone let out a ’’huh’’ sound and say: ’’Another person has come!’’

Everyone looked in the direction of the lake. Sure enough, another small boat arrived at the shore and a wealthy woman in floral clothing got off the boat. She walked straight towards the middle of the scene.

’’Congratulations to younger sister on being conferred the title of county princess. Also congratulations to madam Yao on being conferred the title of honorary lady.’’ The woman walked forward and smiled sincerely at Feng Yu Heng. Only then did she kneel and kowtow to the Emperor: ’’Daughter-in-law greets father Emperor and mother Empress. I wish for father Emperor and mother Empress to remain in good health.’’

Once these words came out, everyone realized that this was also a princess, but her appearance was truly too unfamiliar. For a while, nobody was able to recognize her.

At this time, Xuan Tian Ye, who had been sitting in the group of princes and watching the play suddenly stood up. Looking at the woman kneeling in the middle, his eyes became large, as a hard to hide look of surprise appeared on his face.

The Empress looked at Xuan Tian Ye and asked curiously: ’’What are you doing Ye'er? How have you become surprised to this degree from seeing your own wife?’’

Hearing the Empress' words, only then did everyone react. This woman was actually Princess Xiang? But was it not said that Princess Xiang appeared ill and could not even get out of bed? Where did this person look even the slightest bit ill?

Xuan Tian Ye had also thought the same way! What sort of situation his own wife's body was in, he was most clear. Moreover, this illness was his doing, for the most part. The day the Empress decreed for her to enter the palace, although it was said that she would enter the palace to have her health adjusted by the imperial doctors, Xuan Tian Ye did not believe those worthless imperial doctors could successfully treat her. Even if she improved slightly, she could not continue to live in the imperial palace forever. So long as she did not recover completely, he would always have a method of making this woman never stand again.

However, what was the current situation?

Not only had this woman stood up. Her countenance was rosy, and her pulse steady. Her movements were smooth, and she did not appear out of breath from moving around. This did not even remotely look like someone who was sick.

He did not understand. She had only entered the palace for a few days. What exactly happened to allow for this woman to immediately change like this?

’’Get up! You just recovered from a severe illness, so you must take care of your body.’’ The Emperor Emperor spoke, allowing Princess Xiang to rise. He then looked at Xuan Tian Ye and said: ’’What is it. Did you not hear your mother Empress ask you as question?’’

Only then did Xuan Tian Ye react and quickly go forward to salute the Empress: ’’Apologies mother Empress. Son was too surprised and was speechless. Bai Ru has been ill for this many years, so son has not seen her look like this for a longtime.’’

The Empress nodded, ’’Then are you happy or unhappy?’’

Xuan Tian Ye frowned and was a little irritated, ’’Son is naturally happy.’’ The Empress had lived life without bearing a child. None of these princes were her own, so she did not truly feel any maternal feelings. For someone like Xuan Tian Ye, he could at best make passable expressions. If he was asked to be a little more patient, that would be difficult. Fortunately, the Empress usually did not go looking to cause trouble with others and did not speak much. She also was not fussy, but this time, it was she who decreed for Princess Xiang to enter the palace. Xuan Tian Ye's anger would naturally be directed at her.

The Empress was not stupid. Xuan Tian Ye's actions and irritation were all clearly seen, but she did not mind. Instead, she added: ’’Is that so? This one finds that you do not appear to be.’’ She then tilted her head and asked the Emperor: ’’What does your Majesty think?’’

The Emperor and the Empress were the same ’’We also think he does not appear to be.’’

The angry expression on Xuan Tian Ye's face became even more apparent.

’’Speaking of, Ye'er, this time, you must properly thank your ninth sister-in-law.’’ The Emperor said with a smile: ’’If it weren't for the Yao family's younger generation being spectacular in medicine, would your wife's illness have improved so quickly! Think about it yourself, starting from the day she fell ill to when she could not even leave her room, how many years has it been? We heard that you had searched around outside endlessly for quality doctors, but you still did not see any improvements.’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt that the way the Emperor spoke truly did not leave him any face. He was still standing here, so why was he always speaking about the Yao family's younger generation? Earlier, he had even returned Yao shi to the position of his official wife, so how did she become completely unrelated to him in the blink of an eye?

But he did not dare get angry with the Emperor. He could only lower his head and quietly listen.

As for Xuan Tian Ye, he finally understood why Princess Xiang had recovered so quickly. It was because of Feng Yu Heng!

He turned his head and looked towards Feng Yu Heng. He had heard that the medical prowess of the Feng family's second young miss were not any worse than the divine doctor Yao Xian's. She was only twelve years old, but once this once this girl grew older, what sorts of frightening limits could she reach. He originally did not believe the rumors swirling around, but even the Emperor had said it. Princess Xiang's illness was cured by her. She was cured even though he had personally changed her medicine. It seemed that he had no choice but to believe in Feng Yu Heng's medical abilities.

’’Younger sister has exceptional abilities. This prince had heard about it long ago. To be able to cure the princess' stubborn illness, this prince is extremely grateful.’’ He was a wise man. This matter made it clear that the Emperor and the Empress had collaborated with Feng Yu Heng. Him going after Feng Chen Yu was not something that he could hide from these people;however, he did not think they would actually choose to use this method to stop him. But this was also good. Based on the current Feng family's situation, whether or not Feng Chen Yu could be wanted was truly up for debate. ’’This prince will never forget younger sister's grand grace.’’ These final words were more sincere.

Feng Yu Heng raised the corners of her lips into a smile, ’’Since third brother is calling me younger sister, then we are family. We should speak familiarly and not as though we are from separate families.’’

Xuan Tian Ye raised his head to look at her. He felt that this girl before him was not at all like a twelve year old child. In some of her words, there was an inexplicable mysteriousness, just like the cat she held in her lap.

’’Third brother.’’ Suddenly, a mysterious voice spoke up. Xuan Tian Ye felt his head swell. He could tell that it was the younger brother who was hard to understand, Xuan Tian Ming. ’’Our Heng Heng cured your wife, but you do not express any gratitude?’’

He's come to ask for something!

Xuan Tian Ye quickly said: ’’Naturally I need to thank younger sister.’’ Thinking a little, what could he send?

Before he finished thinking, Xuan Tian Ming took the initiative to continue speaking: ’’Our A-Heng does not really like the meaningless gifts between women. I heard third brother has a jade mine, and I do not know if you are willing to use it as thanks?’’

’’Of course he is willing!’’ Speaking up before Xuan Tian Ye could, Princess Xiang spoke up, ’’What sort of thing is ninth brother saying. Your third brother and I got married in youth and have been in love for many years. Younger sister curing my illness, not to mention the jade mine, even if you wanted Xiang Palace, your third brother would not blink. My lord, you think so too, right?’’

Xuan Tian Ye's temples pulsated in anger. The jade mine, Xuan Tian Ming had actually spoken up to ask for his jade mine? And his princess had so casually agreed?

Looking at Princess Xiang in disbelief, he saw Princess Xiang look at him with a puzzled expression: ’’Why does my lord have such an have such an expression? Could it be that you don't want to?’’

At this time, the Emperor spoke up: ’’Ye'er, father Emperor has taught you from a young age to never forget a favor. A small favor now should be repaid many times over in the future. Have you forgotten?’’

Xuan Tian Ye stood motionless in place. He focused on breathing deeply, as the anger on his face had basically reached the limit. Everyone felt that if anyone were to aggravate him at this time, the third prince would erupt.

In the end, practicing patience from a young age along with years of remaining silent allowed him to keep a clear mind.

Xuan Tian Ye reacted very quickly. Curing Princess Xiang, it seemed the Emperor's goal was not just preventing him from marrying Feng Chen Yu. He feared that the final matter of the day would be his life!

Everyone knew that the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, had received a jade mine many years ago. It was in the mountains of Xiu Zhou. At the time, it had not produced much jade. Instead, the expenses outweighed the value of the jade it produced by a great amount. The former Emperor might have felt that there was not much profit to be had, so he generously gifted it to Xuan Tian Ye.

Xuan Tian Ye had even rejoiced over it for a while, silently thinking that his present troubles meant that there would be no profit in the future. He had already found people to investigate. That mountain was extremely large. So long as he did a good job of mining it, he would have a surprising amount of jade production. It would not be depleted within 50 years. The Emperor did not have the foresight and allowed him to profit.

Sure enough, that jade mine profited more and more with each passing year. He planned some strategies and secretly raised an army outside the country. What he relied on, for the most part, was the money generated by the jade mine.

But, he did not feel the Emperor knew about these things;however, only today did he understand, how could his father not know. He was waiting for him to set up the mining operation and for it to develop before taking it over himself. This would save him the initial costs and dangers. The workers had matured and gained experience from all the years of hard work. The biggest limitation was reducing the amount of wasted jade. In addition to this, the small county near the mountain had also begun growing to accommodate the growth of the mine.

In this world... he truly could not outsmart this old fox.

’’How could son not remember younger sister's grace. That jade mine was originally going to be given as a gift for ninth brother's wedding. Now that this matter had happened, it will be given to younger sister a little earlier! When it comes time for ninth brother's wedding, son will go search for another gift!’’


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