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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 174


Chapter 174

Even if I go to Hell, I Will Collect my Debts

Bu Ni Shang was visibly unhappy, but Xuan Tian Yu had already cooled his face. She knew that this was a decision made by the fourth prince after weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, she could only lower her head and said to Xiang Rong: ’’Apologies.’’

Xiang Rong did not say anything. Standing next to Xuan Tian Hua, she shivered endlessly.

Xuan Tia Hua cupped his hands to Xuan Tia Yi and did not say anything further. Once again putting his hand on Xiang Rong's shoulder, he led her back into the boat's cabin.

Bu Ni Shang glared at the backs of the two people and fiercely gritted her teeth.

Back in the water, the bodyguard had already subdued Chen Yu and dragged her back to Fen Dai's boat. Putting in some strength, he lifted her into the boat and handed her over to the eunuch inside.

Yi Lin quickly went forward and removed her own cloak then gave it to Chen Yu. She then helped her into the cabin of the boat.

Chen Yu was already frozen to the point of her consciousness being muddy, as she randomly shouted: ’’Your Highness, save me.’’

Fen Dai lightly snorted, ’’His Highness the seventh prince does not have the time to save you. You were saved by a bodyguard and a eunuch.’’

Chen Yu was a wreck and could not understand what Fen Dai was saying. She only felt that her body was cold beyond what she could endure. It felt as though her entire body had fallen into an ice cave.

Fen Dai stood up and gave Chen Yu a kick. Recently, this eldest sister was like a used and unwanted good to her. When they stood together, she felt that she was losing out!

Yi Lin glared at Fen Dai but did not dare say anything. She was, after all, just a servant. Chen Yu's position within the Feng manor had been a little awkward recently. She did not want to offend Fen Dai because of Chen Yu. When the time came and there was an argument, she feared that even Chen Yu would not be able to protect her.

The storm finally came to an end, as each family's boat began reaching the dock at the small island in the heart of the lake.

When they reached land, there were already many palace maids standing there. Upon seeing Xiang Rong being supported by Xuan Tian Hua, they quickly went up and received her, ’’Your Highness, do not worry. This servant will bring third young miss to get changed.’’

Xuan Tian Hua nodded and said to Xiang Rong: ’’Go. Do not be afraid.’’ He then ordered the palace maid: ’’Take good care of her.’’

Xiang Rong was extremely cold. Nodding, she followed the palace maid and brought along Mei Xiang, whose eyes were swollen from crying.

As for Chen Yu, she waited for a long time, but nobody paid her any head. After a while, a wife of an official could not longer endure watching and took the initiative to give her her own cloak. Only then did a eunuch go over. Taking a look at Chen Yu, he said: ’’Come with us!’’

Chen Yu was already past the point of being able to argue, and she could not worry about Xuan Tian Hua. In a daze, she followed the eunuch with the help of Yi Lin.

This island in the middle of the lake was called an island, but it was really just a piece of flat land. Its area was very large, large enough to host two times more people than were coming today.

Because this place had never been open to the outside, when people arrived on this island, the first thing they did was take in the scenery of this island. Slowly, they began to forget about what had happened earlier.

After roughly an hour, Xiang Rong finally changed into a new set of clothes. Her make up had also been fixed up, and her hair had been dried. Although her complexion was still a little pale, it made her look a little pitiful.

Following a palace maid's lead, she arrived at the place where the banquet would be held. The palace maid introduced it, saying: ’’This place originally had plum trees, but the Emperor later said this flat island was very suited for people to gather, thus all the plum trees were cut down. Like this, the amount of open space increased.’’

Xiang Rong listened while searching diligently for Xuan Tian Hua. Finally, she found him in a quiet corner. So that person had gone and hidden in a quiet area to drink tea alone.

Xiang Rong's pace increased slightly and walked in that direction. Mei Xiang followed closely behind her. The palace maid's mission had already been completed. She bowed to Xiang Rong's parting figure and left.

When she arrived, Xuan Tian Hua had just put down the cup of tea. Seeing her come over, he asked: ’’Are you feeling a little better? Have you eaten the medicine that was sent to you?’’

Xiang Rong nodded and asked the question she had: ’’Why does your Highness have the medical pill from second sister's Hundred Herb Hall here?’’

Xuan Tian Hua thought to himself that it was your second sister that just gave it to me;however, he could not admit it. He could only lie and say: ’’The medical pills at Hundred Herb Hall are famous all over. We often go to buy some.’’

Xiang Rong did not doubt it and felt that Xuan Tian Hua's words were very reasonable, thus she bowed and seriously said: ’’Many thanks your Highness for saving Xiang Rong. If it weren't for your Highness being there, there, perhaps Xiang Rong would have already died in the lake.’’ When she said these words, she was still a little afraid. Especially when Chen Yu pulled her then Fen Dai had pushed her, she felt a sweat cover her body. They were her sisters. Why would they do things like this?

Xuan Tian Hua saw that she was a little absent-minded, so he picked up another cup of tea from the table and personally handed it to her: ’’Drink a little and warm yourself up.’’

Xiang Rong was a little embarrassed. With rosy cheeks, she received the warm tea, but she felt that there was something that she had to explain, thus she said: ’’The palace does not have many plain clothing. These pink clothes are indeed very beautiful, but my second sister...’’ Upon mentioning Feng Yu Heng, the little girl's heart sank.

’’No wonder A-Heng likes you.’’ Xuan Tian Hua watched Xiang Rong and smiled slightly. He suddenly took half a step forward and whispered into her ear: ’’Don't worry. Wearing clothes like this is perfect for welcoming A-Heng. She will be very happy.’’

Xiang Rong was completely oblivious to what Xuan Tian Hua meant. But at this time, everyone attending the banquet had arrived. In just this small area, plenty of people were gathered. There were also some princes walking in this direction.

She bowed and took the initiative to say: ’’I will not disrupt your Highness. Xiang Rong will go sit on the other side.’’ She then lifted her dress and ran away.

Xuan Tian Hua watched as she ran away. He felt that this girl's appearance in running away looked a little like Feng Yu Heng from the back. He could not help but faintly smile.

Returning to the group of female guests, Xiang Rong was immediately surrounded by a group of madams and young misses. No matter how it was said, a girl who could be favored by the seventh prince was worth fawning over.

Xuan Tian Ge managed to save Xiang Rong from this crowd with great difficulty. Pulling her to her own side, Ren Xi Feng and friends were already seated there and watching her with a smile.

Bai Fu Rong warmly wrapped up Xiang Rong's arm and teased her: ’’Little girl, is your heart racing?’’

Xiang Rong was teased by them so much that her face turned a bright red that looked like it would start bleeding. But she was thinking the entire time about the final words Xuan Tian Hua had said.

Her second sister, she never felt that her second sister had truly died. The reason she wanted to wear plain clothing was simply because she did not want to stand out too much at a time like this. In her heart, her second sister was the most powerful person in the world. No matter who died, it would not be her.

So be her.

So the words just now, could they...

Xiang Rong suddenly had a realization and grabbed Xuan Tian Ge before quietly asking: ’’Could it be that you have found my second sister?’’

Xuan Tian Ge was stunned, ’’Who did you hear it from?’’

’’I...’’ Xiang Rong was startled and shook her head, ’’I guessed it. You are all my second sister's best friends. If she really died, then how could you still have the heart to tease me.’’

Fung Tian Yu praised her: ’’Smart.’’

Xiang Rong's eyes lit up, ’’If you say that, then it's true?’’

Xuan Tian Ge leaned close to her ear and said a few words. Xiang Rong's jaw dropped more and more. In the end, her mouth was open so wide that Bai Fu Rong stuck a dessert in her mouth and it was still not enough to completely block it.

When Xuan Tian Ge finally finished speaking, Xiang Rong nearly choked to death on the dessert. She drank water while asking anxiously: ’’Imperial daughter isn't tricking me right?’’

’’Why would I trick you?’’ Xuan Tian Ge glanced into the crowd and immediately found Feng Jin Yuan having his way in a group of officials. Her brow immediately furrowed, as she pointed over and said: ’’Take a look at that father of yours. A daughter has died yet he does not appear pained or troubled. Two daughters fell into the water, yet he still does not bother asking. Huh?’’ Suddenly remembering something, ’’That's not right. Doesn't your father hate that he can not turn your eldest sister into a national treasure? How is it that his treasure fell into the water, yet he does not even bother asking?’’

Xiang Rong did not know how she should explain it to Xuan Tian Ge. She could not truly speak of Chen Yu's matters. That was an important matter that impacted lives.

She shook her head and sighed, saying: ’’Father's thoughts have always been hard to understand. I don't know either.’’

Xuan Tian Ge knew that she would not be able to get any answers from a young child. She simply stood up and walked over to where Feng Jin Yuan was.

Feng Jin Yuan also saw Xuan Tian Ge walked over. At this time, there was a third rank official offering him wine. He had just raised his cup when Xuan Tian Ge arrived before him ’’Prime minister Feng, it seems you are pretty happy! To be exchanging drinks with others, what is it that you are celebrating?’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt his head swell. What he could handle least was imperial daughter Wu Yang, Xuan Tian Ge. A proper member of the imperial family. He could say nothing to her, much less curse her. She and Feng Yu Heng were very close. For Feng Yu Heng, this Xuan Tian Ge had caused a not-insignificant amount of trouble for the Feng family. He did family. He did not think she would continue to not let him go at the banquet!

He sighed in his heart and still replied: ’’Imperial daughter is joking. Today is a banquet held by his Majesty. An official can not disrupt the happiness everyone else is feeling.’’

’’Is that so?’’ Xuan Tian Ge nodded, ’’Prime minister Feng is reasonable, but I believe that everyone who could come to the palace today is understanding and reasonable. Lord Feng's family is mourning. Nobody will nitpick with you. To have a son and a daughter die at the same time, how large of a matter is that. Lord Feng has truly been troubled with keeping up the smile.’’

Her voice became louder and louder, such that practically everyone was looking over.

Once Xuan Tian Ge finished speaking, she immediately faced everyone and waved: ’’Don't just watch. This imperial daughter understands that you must all be thinking of consoling Lord Feng and allowing him to mourn. Come, come, come. Everyone come over here. Lord Feng's family did not build a mourning hall, so let us make use of the banquet as an opportunity to say a few words to Lord Feng!’’

With her appeal, all of the madams and young misses were all brought over by her waving. Surrounding Feng Jin Yuan, they endlessly said: ’’Prime minister Feng must be mourning! Prime minister Feng, people can not be reborn after they die. You must take care of your body! Ah! A son and a daughter, Prime minister Feng's family has really had an unlucky year!’’

Feng Jin Yuan simply felt unlucky, but he could not vent his anger. He could only bite the bullet and accept the words about mourning. With great difficulty, he found a chance to get a word in and quickly said: ’’The matters in my family are insignificant. Today, is a banquet held by his Majesty for county princess Ji An. We must not upstage the host.’’

Xuan Tian Ge covered her mouth and giggled, ’’Prime minister Feng, if you remember what this banquet is for, then that is good. That county princess has suffered a great fright. When the time comes, I hope Prime minister Feng can help say a few words of comfort.’’

’’That is natural. That is natural.’’

’’Alright.’’ Xuan Tian Ge glanced around and saw the Emperor and Empress coming down a small road to her left. Only then did she close her mouth and return to her own seat. But just before she left, she gloomily said to Feng Jin Yuan: ’’Oh right, Prime minister Feng, I met that county princess a few days ago. She is truly an understanding person. She told me that what has been borrowed must be returned. She remembers everyone who owes her a debt. Even if she has gone to hell, she will collect on every single one.’’


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