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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 172


Chapter 172

Feng Fen Dai, You Are Looking for Trouble

This palace banquet once again had two seperate entrances for male and female guests. Feng Jin Yuan gave a few words of advice to his three daughters then went to sit in his own carriage.

Today, the Feng family only prepared two carriages. The three young misses had to sit together.

Xiang Rong and Fen Dai were accustomed to this long ago. Only Chen Yu still thought of her sandalwood carriage. Seeing that her expression was sinking more and more, Yi Lin quickly reminded her in a quiet voice: ’’Eldest yougn miss, did you not gift that carriage to the elder madam?’’

Feng Chen Yu gritted her teeth: ’’She currently can not even sit up in bed. How is it that she does not know to allow me to sit in that carriage?’’

’’Young miss, you absolutely must not get angry. Entering the palace is the most important matter.’’

Chen Yu also understood this and took a deep breath. In the end, she forcefully repressed her dejection. She went forward and was the first to enter the carriage.

Fen Dai rolled her eyes at Chen Yu then followed her in. Xiang Rong was the last to get in the carriage, leaving only the side seat.

She carefully sat down and used her hand to fasten the hem of her clothes, as she feared that she would dirty them.

The more Fen Dai and Chen Yu looked at the refined lake soul silk, the more they felt their eyes blinded. They could not help but avert their gazes. None of the three dared to pay any attention to the other.

This time, they entered through a gate called Xiang Rui gate. Apparently, this was the gate that excellent women walked through when the Emperor was choosing his wives. The Emperor had not taken anyone in for nearing ten years, so many people thought that this gate would never be opened;however, they did not think that the female guests for this banquet would be welcomed through Xiang Rui gate.

As always, the gate had a group of grannies taking note of invitations. At the same time, they also kept a record of who entered the palace.

When the Feng family's carriage stopped to the side, a great many people turned their heads to look over.

Fen Dai was full of spirit, as she had not participated in one of these banquets. For a while, she could not hold it in and was the first to exit the carriage.

But most people did not recognized the Feng family's fourth young miss. Glancing at her, they felt that she was not wearing any clothing of exceptional quality, so they did not take her to be someone important. There were even people who thought she was a servant and said: ’’This really is the standard first rank Feng family. Even a maidservant is dressed to brilliantly.’’

Fen Dai's ears were sharp and immediately heard these words. Angered, she fiercely glared: ’’Who did you say is a maidservant?’’

That girl was given a fright but very quickly understood that she had made a mistake. She quickly apologized and bowed to make amends.

Fen Dai no longer paid her any heed, as she stood alone while admiring the palace's gates.

This was her first time entering the palace. Everything was new to her. Even the grannies and palace maids who stood at the gate felt very new to her.

But the young misses who were lining up to enter the palace caused her to feel a little uncomfortable, as she saw that they all wore clothes that were more beautiful than the next. Practically all of the high quality clothes and expensive jewelry were worn. Only then did Fen Dai realize the ready-made clothes that she had thought looked very good could not even compare to the clothes some of their servants wore. Especially the accessories that she wore, they were even more shabby.

Although Han shi had been doted on by Feng Jin Yuan for many years, there was Chen shi controlling the wealth. She truly could not acquire any real benefits. As for Feng Jin Yuan, he was not someone who would privately give a concubine any gifts. In reality, over these years, Han shi did not receive anything.

Fen Dai could not help but curse Han shi in her heart, but before she could finish cursing her out, as she heard a sudden excited shout come from the crowd. Everyone's eyes hand turned to look in a certain direction.

She was slightly surprised and also turned her head, and she saw Feng Xiang Rong bending at the waist and exiting the carriage. That dress made of refined lake soul silk against her delicate cheeks made her look like a fairy from the middle of a lake. She was so pretty that it made all of the young misses present feel at a loss.

Previously, Fen Dai did not feel Xiang Rong was particularly beautiful. She had not even looked at her third sister. Today, however, she found that she had overlooked too many people and matters within the manor. She did not even know when Xiang Rong had blossomed in the way she did.

’’I heard that these clothes were sent yesterday by his Highness Prince Chun.’’ A person in the crowd began quietly discussing.

’’Why would his Highness Prince Chun send clothes to the daughter of a concubine in the Feng family?’’

’’Who knows. I heard that Prince Chun and the Feng family's second young miss are close, but when had he become this close with the third young miss?’’

’’Don't bother discussing it. About a person like his Highness the seventh prince, how could we have any right to discuss him.’’

Once these words came out, everyone agreed. So long as they thought of Xuan Tian Hua's appearance that did not seem to belong to this world, everyone felt that that even privately discussing him was an embarrassment to the seventh prince.

Thus they shut their mouths, and nobody said anything else. Even the people who had been looking at her in shock at the beginning changed to say ’’It's most likely his Highness the seventh prince's charity.’’

Xiang Rong did not mind such things. After exiting the carriage, she went to stand at the back of the line.

At this time, Chen Yu also exited the carriage, leading to everyone expressing their curiosity.

’’Who is this?’’ Finally, someone could not endure and began inquiring, ’’Did the Feng family have a young miss with this skin color?’’

A person with some information laughed and said: ’’What skin color, that's clearly the black blush awarded by her Highness.’’

’’Oh!’’ Finally, someone recognized Chen Yu, ’’Isn't that the Feng family's eldest young miss? But wasn't it said that she is a national beauty? And that she is ranked as the most beautiful person in the capital?’’

’’Even for a more beautiful person, with make up applied like this, could it be seen?’’ The group was not silent, as they spoke. Not a single person went to greet Chen Yu.

Fen Dai felt at ease when hearing others discuss Chen Yu and could not help but go forward. Standing next to Chen Yu, she said: ’’Eldest sister, you are the Feng family's daughter to the first wife. How is it that you do not go greet these madams and young misses? Based on our family's official ranking, they are all much lower rank than you.’’

Chen Yu had the heart to strangle Fen Dai. Could it be that she did not want to go greet them? But look at these madams and young misses. When they saw her come over, they would turn their heads away, making it clear that they wanted to ignore her, so why bother getting involved?

She did not argue with Fen Dai, as she turned and stood in line. But just after she took a few steps, she saw Xiang Rong happily chatting with a few young misses in the line. There was also another young miss that walked over and loudly said: ’’Aren't you the third young miss who come to participate in the Mid-Autumn banquet with Princess Yu?’’

Xiang Rong turned to face her and smiled, replying: ’’I am. Has young miss Yuan been well?’’

The face of the one referred to as young miss Yuan bloomed into a smile, as she quickly said: ’’I have been well. And you?’’

Xiang Rong also nodded: ’’Me too.’’

The girls gathered together to chat and laugh heartily. Chen Yu and Fen Dai found that looking at this was painful, but they could only line up with Xiang Rong. With no other options, they could only bite the bullet and walk up.

The young misses saw the two come over and gradually lowered their voices. Silently standing there, they no longer spoke.

Fen Dai was one who looked for trouble and trouble and said: ’’It finally quieted down.’’ This caused all the young misses the glare fiercely.

In truth, Xiang Rong truly wanted to remind Fen Dai to be more careful when speaking after entering the palace, but given Fen Dai's nature, did it look like she would listen to advice? The words were nearly spoken a few times, but she always ended up swallowing them back down. In the end, she decided against it and did not speak. An shi was right. Each person had their own choices. Nobody could control anyone else.

Everyone began entering the palace. Xiang Rong did not see Xuan Tian Ge and her friends the entire time. After asking the other young misses, she found out that imperial daughter Wu Yang was originally a member of the imperial family and had no need to line up outside. As for the other young misses, they were also brought in early on by imperial daughter Wu Yang.

Finally, they also passed through the invitation check and entered the palace. Xiang Rong, however, noticed that this banquet seemed to be in a different location than the previous time. Although she had entered through a different gate, they were definitely going in the direction of Liu Li courtyard.

She then thought of how it was now winter. The palace banquet would be held inside, right?

But the palace maid leading the way led them to an area next to a large lake. That large lake did not freeze. On this lake, there were boats with some large and some small. Some had people, while others were empty.

Seeing another group of people arrive, the eunuch in charge of the boats quickly pulled a boat to shore and said to the palace maid leading the way: ’’How many groups are there behind them?’’

The palace maid replied: ’’Roughly three more.’’ He then turned around and spoke to the female guests led by the palace maid: ’’Today's banquet will be held on the small island in the middle of the lake. Everyone must sit in a boat to arrive at the small island. The officials, madams and young misses who arrived earlier have already gone over. Let us also hurry!’’ After he finished speaking, he began arranging for people to get in boats, one family at a time.

The three young misses from the Feng family naturally all went together. The boat the three were in was not large. When it began moving, there was a slight swaying. Some people firmly held a beam of the boat but still stood to take in the fresh scene.

Chen Yu stood next Fen Dai. Ever since she got on the boat, she began looking around the lake. Fen Dai watched her and knew that she was looking for someone. She then connected it to what Han shi said about her affections for the seventh prince. How could she not know Chen Yu's thoughts. She could not help but coldly help but coldly snort and say sarcastically: ’’Eldest sister, do not hold onto any feelings for his Highness Prince Chun. Have you not thought about whether or not you are worthy now.’’

’’Feng Fen Dai.’’ Chen Yu did not get angry this time, instead only coldly reminding her: ’’Do not think that returning this time because of an imperial decree will allow you to remain at the manor. So long as father does not give up on me, you will not be able to return. After all...’’ She looked to the side, ’’Above you, there is still Xiang Rong. Your mother is one who is most likely to be fooled. Do you feel, based on just this one point, do you still have any hope in this lifetime?’’

In the end, Chen Yu was older than her by a few years and had been daughter to the first wife for a few years. Scaring people was something she had a little proficiency in.

Fen Dai became angry over what she said and angrily stomped her feet;however, she had forgotten that she was on a boat. The boat swayed for a while, causing Xiang Rong's face to turn white with fear.

The eunuch in charge of the boat said: ’’Young misses, you must not move around so wildly. This boat is small. If it you were to fall into the water on this cold day, you would be regretting it.’’

These words reminded Fen Dai, as she stared at the ice-cold water in the lake. For some reason, she felt that if Feng Chen Yu were to fall in at this time and drowned, perhaps she would be able to receive her title of daughter of the first wife.

As she thought like this, her hand began to move on its own.

Unfortunately, Feng Chen Yu had noticed that her expression seemed off. When Fen Dai began staring intently at the lake, she already began taking extra care. Now that she saw her hand slightly rise, how could she not know what she was thinking.

But Chen Yu had not completely seen through her thoughts, as she carefully moved back a few steps. When Fen Dai took action, she pulled Xiang Rong over!

Fen Dai did not give her time to protect herself, as she forcefully pushed the still stunned Xiang Rong into the water.

A ’’plunk’’ sound could be heard followed by Feng Chen Yu's shrieks ’’Not good! Someone come! Someone fell in the water!’’ She shouted while looking at Xiang Rong in the water. She repeatedly asked: ’’Third sister, are you ok? Third sister?’’

The lake in the Winter was bone-chillingly cold. Although it did not freeze over, there were still bits of ice floating about. Normally, when officials reached their hands into the water, they would grimace from the cold, let alone falling in.

Xiang Rong felt herself freeze in an instant. She could not even raise her arm, as she rapidly sank.


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