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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 171


Chapter 171

Some Happy Dreams can not be Realized

These words caused everyone in the room to be confused.

Chun Palace? Was that not just the seventh prince's palace?

The seventh prince sent a set of clothes to the Feng manor, and it was for Xiang Rong?

Xiang Rong's mouth hung open in shock, as she was rendered speechless. As for the matriarch, she practically thought that it was Feng Yu Heng's soul that had attached itself to Xiang Rong.

Xuan Tian Hua treated Feng Yu Heng well, this was something everyone had become accustomed to. This was given the ninth prince's relationship, after all. But now, he actually gifted Xiang Rong a set of clothes. What would this leave people thinking?

The matriarch was stunned afor a while and then asked the servant: ’’Where is the person who sent the clothes?’’

The servant repleid: ’’They left after sending it to the gate. Housekeeper He said it was a eunuch.’’

The matriarch thought to herself that if she was not wrong, then ouside of the imperial palace, only the people of the palaces used eunuchs. She could not help but look towards Xiang Rong and curiously ask her: ’’You and his Highness the seventh prince are very familiar?’’

Xiang Rong shook her head and spoke truthfully: ’’I wouldn't consider it familiar, but I did meet him a few times with second sister. But his Highness was always speaking with second sister, so Xiang Rong does not know why his Highness would send clothes to me.’’

When the little girl said this, her face was red. Regardless of how it was said, being able to receive clothes sent by the seventh prince was still enough to cause her heart to fill with emotion.

What sort of person was the seventh prince! That was the person universally recognized as the most handsome person, and he looked like a deity. Every word he said, every move he made, and even every look he made could leave a lasting impression on others. She thought that she had already enjoyed some of her second sister's limelight by being able to speak a few times with the seventh prince. She thought this was already a happy event, but she never though she would receive a set of clothing.

The matriarch lay on the bed and did not speak for a long time. Her mind was a bit of a mess and had some things that were hard to say.Only when Xiang Rong quietly asked: ’’Grandmother, can I bring these clothes back?’’ Only then did she recover mentally and properly say: ’’Go, go. But you must be careful. The clothes awarded by his Highness the seventh prince definitely will not be of poor quality.’’

Xiang Rong naturally understood this logic. Receiving the tray from the servant's hands, she did not even dare call for her own personal servant. She personally carried it back to her own courtyard.

Only when she saw An shi did she let out a sigh of relief, but she said with a bit of joy: ’’Concubine mother, take a guess at what just happened at Shu Ya courtyard?’’

An shi naturally could not guess, so Xiang Rong's servant quickly told the story. She included the argument between Chen Yu and Fen Dai, which made for a lively story.

An shi was not too interested in what happened between Chen Yu and Fen Dai, only saying: ’’When I saw Fen Dai's appearance upon returning this morning, I knew she would be unwilling to be peaceful.’’ After that, her gaze remained glued to the clothes Xiang Rong brought back. ’’Quickly open the paper wrapping.’’ She urged.

Xiang Rong nodded and carefully placed the tray on a table. She then carefully tore open the wrapping paper. A pale blue set of clothes appeared before her eyes.

Their eyes lit up, and the servant simply let out a ’’wow’’ sound then said: ’’What sort of material is this? Why does it look like water from a lake?’’

The servant's description was very apt. This material looked like it was made of clear water from a lake that where the bottom could be seen.

Xiang Rong did not know what type of material it was either. She only stared at the clothes in shock, as her mind was filled with images of Xuan Tian Hua's pristine smile.

An shi looked at it for a while then sighed: ’’Although it is not one of the five treasures, it is not much worse. This type of material, if my guess is correct, should be the refined lake soul silk that the Empress of Qian Zhou country loves most.’’

Xiang Rong's face revealed a bright smile and subconsciously said: ’’Concubine mother, tell me, what does it mean for his Highness the seventh prince to send this type of clothing to me?’’

An shi saw a trace of expectation in Xiang Rong's face. She felt a bit startled and quickly shattered Xiang Rong's happy dream: ’’Don't harbor any silly thoughts! Before you, there are your eldest sister and fourth sister as lessons. Xiang Rong, I do not hope for you to continue holding onto this hope of climbing to greater heights. Princes are not existences that anyone can marry. And not all people who have married over have happy lives. Moreover, that seventh prince is pristine like a deity and appears to be kind and loving. Of course, look at the people who have been fond of him. When have they ever received any benefits? He and the ninth prince are actually similar people. You absolutely must not covet them.’’

Xiang Rong was stunned for a moment then shook her head, ’’How could that be. Concubine mother, I do not have such high aspirations. His Highness the seventh prince sending me these clothes is perhaps just because he remembered how second sister treated me in the past! Being able to receive a set of clothes from his Highness as a gift is already rare enough. Xiang Rong Rong does not have any other hopes.’’

Only then did An shi relax and gently pat Xiang Rong's shoulder: ’’Do not blame me as your concubine mother. This is all for your own good. Although the life of a daughter of a concubine usually leads to being a concubine for a son of a first wife or the head wife to the son of a concubine, it will be better than marrying a prince as a concubine. It presently looks glorious, but in the future, when the prince has many daughters of first wives, it will be hard to say who lives and who dies!’’

Xiang Rong was still young and could not understand the logic;however, she understood that An shi was truly thinking of her future. Thus, she nodded with gratitude and reached out to touch the clothes. She slightly sighed then immediately raised her small face: ’’Xiang Rong is still only ten years old. After five years, who knows what the situation will be. There is no rush.’’

An shi also knew that there was no rush, but the clothes sent by Prince Chun caused her to be a little worried. Whether this banquet would result in fortune or disaster, all was unknown.

Early in the morning the next day, the people of the Feng family had already made preparations to enter the palace for the three young misses.

Xiang Rong had accepted the clothes sent by Prince Chun. Ever since the matter occurred the previous night, it had already circulated around the entire manor. Chen Yu allowed Yi Lin apply the black blush given by imperial decree of the Empress while fiercely glaring at the bronze mirror. Tightly gripping the handkerchief in her hand, it nearly ripped.

Yi Lin carefully said to her: ’’Eldest young miss should be happy.’’

’’What is there to be happy about?’’ Chen Yu fiercely glanced sideways at Yi Lin, ’’When she goes into the palace, she receives a set of clothing from a prince. I, however, need to make my face black. How am I supposed to be happy? Stupid palace banquet, it would be fine even if I didn't go!’’

As she said this, she wanted to remove the decorations from her hair, which caused Yi Lin to quickly stop her with both hands in fear. This hair had taken a full two hours. If it were made messy, then she would have busied herself for nothing.

’’Eldest young miss, think about it. At that time, the Empress said that you were not permitted into the palace. This time, have they not changed their tune and allowed all of the young misses of the manor go. As this servant sees it, this black blush is most likely just a result of her Highness being angry. After going to the palace banquet this time, perhaps the punishment will be lifted.’’

These words had reached Chen Yu's heart. Entering the palace this time was a little outside of her expectation, but whether but whether or not she could get rid of this black blush was still an unknown.

’’Servant, you are much better with words than the previous Yi Yue.’’

’’It's young miss who has done well in teaching. This servant has been with young miss three years longer than Yi Yue. These three years have not been for nothing.’’

Feng Chen Yu nodded, ’’Un, if you understand, then that is good. Alright, alright, that is dark enough. Don't apply any more.’’ Chen Yu pushed away Yi Lin's hand and glanced at the bronze mirror once more. Angry, she put the mirror down on the table, ’’Truly irritating.’’

’’Young miss, it's time to get changed.’’ Yi Lin carried pale yellow Winter clothes over to Chen Yu, ’’This time, do not wear red to avoid making her Highness angry.’’ She reminded Chen Yu of the lesson learned from her previous experience. Chen Yu, however, did not say anything and only looked at the winter clothes in her hands. Frowning, she said, ’’This seems to be the one made for me when mother was still alive?’’

’’That's the case.’’ Yi Lin helped her change while saying, ’’The ready-made clothes brought back from the elder madam's did not fit very well. It's a bit tight for time to alter them now. Moreover, how can the quality of the clothes purchased outside compare to the materials our family uses. Young miss should wear this.’’

Chen Yu nodded, ’’How can a clothing shop for ready-made clothes use high quality materials. If I have not made a mistake, this was made using materials brought back from out of province by third uncle last year.’’

’’But of course. Third master dotes on young miss the most.’’ Yi Lin subconsciously spoke these words but immediately realized that she had misspoken. She could not help but tremble and fall silent.

Chen Yu did not blame her and only sighed: ’’Thinking back to earlier times, it really feels as if it were a lifetime ago!’’

Finally, the three young misses were dressed properly and standing at the gate. Feng Jin Yuan had been standing there ready since long ago.

Seeing the three daughters, with each being more beautiful than the previous, he could not help but sigh. Looking again at the refined lake soul silk on Xiang Rong's body, he began thinking even more.

Prince Chun had always been neutral. The pristine and deity-like Prince Chun actually took the initiative and gave his daughter to a concubine a set of clothing, and it was such an exceptional material. What exactly did this mean?

He definitely did not believe Prince Chun had taken a fancy to Xiang Rong. Without a need to mention that the two had not met many times, Xiang Rong was also an existence like an accessory on Feng Yu Heng. But given Prince Chun's personality, how could it be possible that he would take fancy to a ten year old girl. Within the small private meetings of officials, they all felt that all felt that even if he did not marry in this lifetime, it would be normal.

But if it were not because he had taken a fancy to her, then why was it?

Feng Jin Yuan frowned and looked at Xiang Rong. When she got closer, he changed to a smile, ’’Xiang Rong is very beautiful in these clothes.’’ He could not show an ugly face to Xiang Rong. After all, Prince Chun had shown his respect. If he could not even muster up a smile, if it became known, then it would become another incident.

Fen Dai and Chen Yu both glanced at Xiang Rong. The fiery anger burning in their eyes burned hotter than the one before.

Especially Fen Dai. What she wore were the clothes she received yesterday from the matriarch. She thought that she had chosen the best looking one, but she did not think that these two sisters simply would not wear those ready-made clothes. Given these comparisons, she became the one who was least presentable. The disparity between reality and her original intentions of walking all over the other two was too large.

Xiang Rong felt the other two pairs of eyes but did not know what she should do. She could only lower her head and remain silent

Everyone from the manor had come out to send the three off to the palace. Even Yao shi had come.

But for Fen Dai and Chen Yu, the people behind them were neither the matriarch nor the head wife. They viewed their own existences as being exceptional, so they did not turn their heads to look at the concubines.

Only Xiang Rong turned to look back before heading out of the gates. Turning to face Yao shi, An shi, Han shi and Jin Zhen, she bowed then followed everyone else into the carriage.

An shi looked at the appearance Han shi had given Fen Dai and repeatedly shook her head. She quietly said to Yao shi: ’’Why does it feel like there is a prostitute here. To be made to look like this as such a young age by Han shi. What will happen when she grows up.’’

Yao shi also helplessly said: ’’The children of the Feng family have always been proud;however, they do not know that there is very little benefit to climbing to such great heights. Of course, my Yao family had glory, but what of it now? Little sister, you must properly raise Xiang Rong. You absolutely must not allow her personality to become like those of the other members of the Feng family.’’

An shi nodded, ’’That is natural. Elder sister, do not worry. Xiang Rong has learned from second young miss, so she will not fall behind.’’

Mentioning Feng Yu Heng, Yao shi sighed once again. Her heart began to have even more expectations.

She knew that some things would definitely happen at this palace banquet. As for these matters, they definitely would not end with A-Heng eating a loss.


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