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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 170


Chapter 170

Are You Princes Capable of Being Quiet?

Compared to the warmth of Han shi, Fen Dai's attitude was not as good. In fact, she even pushed Han shi slightly with some distaste. She then strutted through the gate with self-importance. She then took a few steps into the manor until she came to a stop before the people who had come out to see her.

The little girl stuck out her chin and glanced around with a feeling of great self-importance. In the end, her gaze landed on Feng Chen Yu.

She let out a cold snort and rolled her eyes. She did not even take the initiative in greeting her.

Chen Yu directly glared at Han shi. Intuition told her that Han shi had definitely told Fen Dai about what had happened to her in Feng Tong county.

Entering the manor after Fen Dai, Han shi noticed Chen Yu's gaze and immediately felt wronged: ’’Eldest young miss, why are you glaring at me for absolutely no reason?’’ With her daughter returning to the manor, she also began speaking with more vigor.

Feng Chen Yu had a belly full of anger, ’’What has the world come to? I am the Feng family's daughter to the first wife, and you are a concubine. You still dare to speak to me like this?’’

’’How have I spoken?’’ Han shi replied with a question, ’’There is no mistake, you are the daughter of hte first wife, but you also can not glare at people for no reason. I just brought the fourth young miss back to the manor. I have not even said a single word yet, but your temper has already flared towards me. Who am I to reason with?’’

Feng Chen Yu said with a gloomy face: ’’What you did, you should be very clear! Don't believe I can't tell!’’

’’What have I done? What exactly have I done?’’ Han shi raised her voice and began shouting, ’’Everyone, listen to some reason. What exactly have I done? Eldest young miss, your standing is high. We must give way to you. But if you are looking to cause trouble for no reason, then we will make things clear. You said that I have done something behind your back, then speak it clearly. Let everyone hear it. If I truly did it, I will admit it;however, if I did not do it, and you are still going to accuse an innocent person, I will need to go find husband and mother-in-law to make a decision!’’

Feng Chen Yu's legs trembled. How was she supposed to say it? That matter had become the most taboo subject in the manor. She could only hope that it were to have become a dream. Now this Han shi wanted her to speak it clearly. Could she speak out about it?

She turned her head away and swallowed the loss.

At this time, Feng Fen Dai spoke up. She looked at Chen Yu and suddenly began laughing: ’’Eldest sister, it has been a long time since I last saw you. It seems your complexion is a lot better than before! Tsk tsk, these cheeks, I really do not know how you got them like this. You can practically squeeze water from them.’’

In reality, these words were nothing special. If it were heard by any other young miss, they would only take it as a compliment. But when Feng CHen Yu heard it, the words held a different meaning. No matter how she listened to it, Fen Dai's words had a hidden meaning, and she was laughing at her and poking at her weak spot.

’’Han shi!’’ She fiercely gritted her teeth, ’’Father has already had the people of the manor seal their lips. If you are so willing to viciously spread it and be so malicious, I will definitely tell father about it. I will have father support me!’’ After she said this, she turned around and left.

However, she heard Han shi shout out from behind her: ’’You can have whoever you want support you! After the things you did, you want to drag someone else down with you? Daughter of the first wife! My ass!’’

Now that Han shi had become like this, she was no better than Chen shi was. Seeing her like this, An shi tugged on Xiang Rong and turned to leave. Even Jin Zhen did not want to remain.

Fen Dai glanced around at everyone before finally turning to look at Han shi and saying: ’’I have been away from the manor for so long, but your face is still so lacking. In such a large Feng manor, how is it that I have not seen you win over a single person? How can this be ok? In the future, if anything happens, there is not even a single person to help you.’’

Han shi had her own way of seeing things: ’’What good is there in winning people over? You see how Yao shi gets along well with An shi, right? But when something happened to Feng Yu Heng, even if An shi spoke up for her, what good would that be?’’

Fen Dai thought about it and also thought it was true. The relations between members of the Feng family had always been weak. They could only rely on themselves. They could not place any hope in others.

’’That's right, Han shi went forward and quietly said to her: ’’The matter I sent someone to tell you about, you absolutely must not go about speaking about it. If this matter were to be found out, it would not be Chen Yu alone who would be ruined. Your father would also be ruined. If he were to collapse, we would have nobody to rely on.’’

Fen Dai snorted coldly, ’’I am not that stupid. Feng Chen Yu, hmph.’’ Rolling her eyes, she walked into the manor.

Han shi followed behind her for a while before feeling that the the direction they were heading was wrong. She quickly reminded her: ’’We must go to Shu Ya courtyard. You just returned to the manor and need to pay respects to the matriarch.’’

’’I'm not going.’’ Fen Dai refused frankly, ’’I woke up really early this morning, I had to pack, and I had to sit in a carriage. Tell a servant to prepare a bath for me. After I have washed, slept and woken up, then we will see!’’ After she said this, she increased her pace.

Han shi simply felt this child seemed to have become even more outrageous than before she left the manor. She felt a little uncomfortable. She feared that this would anger the matriarch, but she also felt that given the attitude shown by the Feng family, Fen Dai should have such an attitude.

Just as she was in the middle of the inner turmoil, the mother and daughter returns to their own courtyard. Han shi gave an order to the servants to take care of Fen Dai's bath and rest. At the same time, she sent a servant to Shu Ya courtyard to inquire about the matriarch's actions. Fortunately, the servant returned to tell her that the matriarch was still sleeping. Only then, did she calm down.

Fen Dai's nap lasted until dinner time. After she woke up, she got dressed and was dragged by Han shi to Shu Ya courtyard.

When they arrived, Chen Yu and Xiang Rong were already seated next to the matriarch's bed. Servants were currently taking care of their Winter clothes.

When Fen Dai entered the room, she smelled a thick scent of medicine. The matriarch had drank medical soups for a long time, so the smell of medicine was definitely going to linger. Add on the medical plasters that she had used, and the two smells combined, causing the smell to become even thicker.

’’What is this smell?’’ Fen Dai fanned the area in front of her nose in disgust, ’’This is disgusting.’’

Han shi used her elbow to prod her, ’’The matriarch's back problem came back.’’

’’Even then, there is no need to make the entire room smell like a pharmacy!’’ Fen Dai's complaints were never ending. She continued all the way to the matriarch's bedside. Only then did she put a smile on her face and bow, saying: ’’Fen Dai pays respects to grandmother. Has grandmother's health been ok?’’

The matriarch turned her head and frowned while looking at her: ’’Are you blind? If I were fine, would there be a need to lie in bed?’’

Fen Dai had been insulted and could not help but get angry, ’’Fen Dai is just saying a few words of greeting. Is there a need for grandmother to be like this?’’

’’What did you say?’’ The matriarch did not dare believe her ears, ’’Say it again?’’

Fen Dai was about to speak, but Han shi pinched her and said: ’’Fen Dai means to say that she missed mother-in-law very much!’’

’’I am not am not deaf!’’ The matriarch angrily shouted: ’’You two, mother and daughter, do not need to act before me. My back hurts, but my ears do not hurt!’’

With her shouting like this, her mood followed. Panting heavily, she wanted to sit up. Granny Zhao quickly went up and pushed her back down, repeatedly saying: ’’Elder madam, you absolutely must not get angry. Your back just showed some signs of improving, so you must not sprain it again!’’

Xiang Rong also followed up and said: ’’Grandmother, recovering from the illness and injury is most important. Fourth sister just returned. There will be plenty of time for talk in the future!’’ As she spoke, she sent a look at Han shi with the meaning, quickly take her away.

Han shi, however, completely ignored her. Instead, she actually looked at the people to the side, who were holding a few sets of clothes: ’’Oh! Are these the newly purchased clothes? Tsk tsk, they seem to be quite good, but ready-made clothes really can not be compared to clothes prepared personally. Looking more closely at the materials, they seem much less fine.’’

Fen Dai also began ignoring the matriarch and went to look through the clothes.

The matriarch lay in bed, gasping and repeatedly saying: ’’Get them out of here! Get them all out of here!’’

Granny Zhao turned her head and said to Han shi: ’’Concubine mother Han, bring fourth young miss back for now. The elder madam is also tired.’’

Chen Yu, who had not said a word yet, stood up and glanced at the clothing. She then gave an order to her maidservant Yi Lin: ’’I want all of these clothes. Take them and come with me.’’

Yi Lin nodded and went up to take the clothes;however, Fen Dai reached out and stopped her: ’’Eldest sister, we are all going into the palace. There are also a total of three sets of clothing. On what basis are you taking them all?’’

Feng Chen Yu coldly snorted, ’’On the basis that I am the Feng family's daughter to the first wife!’’

’’Oh!’’ Fen Dai looked at her scathingly, ’’You actually have the nerve to use that title for yourself. Grandmother!’’ Not caring about the earlier telling off from the matriarch, she turned around and asked the matriarch: ’’Could it be that you want for this granddaughter to wear the clothes worn at the residence into the palace? Fen Dai is just a daughter to a concubine and does not mind it, but when the time comes, and the Feng family loses face, grandmother, you must remember that this is on eldest sister. You must not place the blame on me.’’

The matriarch closed her eyes, not even wanting to look at this child. Although she hated Fen Dai, compared to the things Chen Yu had done, she was still slightly more disgusted by Chen Yu.

Thus, she said: ’’Each person gets one set. Nobody is allowed to take more.’’

’’Many thanks grandmother.’’ Fen Dai grandmother.’’ Fen Dai happily responded. She then set her eyes on a pale green clothes and grabbed them, ’’No matter how I look at it, they are all extremely plain. But seeing as how someone has passed away in the manor, this will be good! After all, I do not want to be like eldest sister and wear a set of red right after the madam's funeral.’’ After she finished speaking, she pulled Han shi and walked out.

Chen Yu's face turned white in rage, but the one she hated most was the matriarch. This bastard was trying to trip her up, yet she still used the matriarch. Thus, she could only hope that Feng Jin Yuan could arrange for her to have a good future. After all, after a few months, she would turn 15. That would also be the time to discuss marriage. When the day came for her to be happy and proud, the people who had harmed her before would all receive unhappy deaths!

Fiercely taking a set of clothes, Chen Yu could not be bothered with saying goodbye to the matriarch, as she took Yi Lin and left.

For a while, the only young miss remaining in the room was Xiang Rong.

Xiang Rong had never thought it possible for Fen Dai, who had been sent to live in the suburb, to not only not have repented and changed, she even became more arrogant than before. Then there was Feng Chen Yu, after experiencing that time, she could no longer keep up her act of Bodhisattva. This family became something she hated more and more.

’’Grandmother.’’ She gently walked up and leaned over to softly say: ’’Getting well is most important. The words that people dislike hearing... just treat them as though you never heard them.’’

The matriarch let out a long sigh, and tears filled her eyes. Looking at Xiang Rong, she felt that she could see some traces of Feng Yu Heng in this granddaughter.

’’Previously, when your second sister was still here, she treated you the best. In this manor, now, only you are still understanding... Don't worry. Even if grandmother it's because of A-Heng, grandmother will treat you better. The clothes this time, there really was not enough time to prepare them. When the palace banquet has concluded, grandmother will open the warehouse and bring out the best materials for you to wear.’’

Xiang Rong did not care for these. She only heard the matriarch mention Feng Yu Heng, and her heart began to quiver. She nodded her head and said: ’’Thank you grandmother.’’

Just as she was preparing to say goodbye and leave, she saw a servant girl walk in. In her hand, she held a tray. On this tray, there was something wrapped up neatly.

The servant arrived at the front and said to the matriarch and Xiang Rong: ’’A servant from the Chun Palace came and delivered a set of clothing and said it is for the third young miss.’’


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