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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 169


Chapter 169

We Will be Entertaining the County Princess

The matriarch felt panicked. Every time an imperial decree came, it would have a result similar to an earthquake. What would come this time?

’’Do not get too anxious.’’ Granny Zhao saw that the matriarch was forcing herself to sit up in bed. She quickly pushed her back down in the bed, ’’The doctor has said that if you get out of bed too soon, the recovery will be slower. You must listen to the doctor's orders!’’

The matriarch gasped in pain. There was no need for granny Zhao to push her back down. She herself could not even get up. All she could do was panic: ’’Quickly go see what the imperial decree is about! I can't personally go to receive it. If the Emperor were to find out, it would be a crime!’’

Granny Zhao said: ’’Master has led the young misses and concubine mothers of the manor to the front yard to receive it. He has also told the eunuch who came to deliver the decree of your situation. That eunuch was very reasonable and only said it was fine. He said for elder madam to take care of properly recovering. The Emperor will not say it is a crime.’’

The matriarch finally calmed down and stopped causing a commotion. She only silently lay in bed waiting for the news.

After roughly one hour, Feng Jin Yuan brought Jin Zhen, Han shi, An shi and Yao shi over to Shu Ya courtyard.

Because she had to receive the imperial decree, Yao shi could finally leave Tong Sheng pavilion. Once the matriarch saw Yao shi, it was as though she saw a close relative, as tears began flowing.

Upon seeing this sight, Yao shi also let out a few sobs. She had heard that the matriarch had been unhappy with Feng Jin yuan because of A-Heng. She had also heard that the matriarch had been laying in bed and crying about how A-Heng had died too soon. Although it was possible that it was the pain that caused her to miss Feng Yu Heng, she had heard the matriarch speak after the meeting with Bu Cong on their way back ’’Others are affectionate and loyal, what about you?’’

She took a step forward and pulled out a stack of medical plasters from her sleeve: ’’This was found left behind in A-Heng's medical storage room. This is all that remained. This is the medical plaster I have seen A-Heng give you in the past. Mother-in-law, use them for now. Either way, they can last for a while, and hopefully they will improve recovery speed.’’

Upon seeing these medical plasters, the matriarch was even happier than if she saw money, as both her eyes lit up. She quickly received the medical plasters then said with tears in her eyes: ’’Have you been well in Tong Sheng pavilion? Has the manor mistreated you? Now that I am sick and can not get up, it would not do for there to be people who are willing to bully you.’’ She spoke while glaring at Han shi.

This glare caused Han shi to feel wronged ’’Mother-in-law! This concubine wants to go visit Tong Sheng pavilion, the problem is can I enter? Do not push all of the blame for problems on me!’’

’’Did I not say I never want to see this worthless woman again?’’ The matriarch looked at Feng Jin Yuan, ’’Why have you brought her here again?’’

Recently, Feng Jin Yuan also began to hate Han shi. This woman previously had an appearance that was pleasant, but that suddenly changed for some reason. Furthermore, she became more and more of an eyesore. Today, however, Han shi had to come.

He was about to give the matriarch and explanation, but he then heard the matriarch say while holding Yao shi's arm: ’’Have you sent people to continue searching for A-Heng? I have a feling that she did not die. Such a diligent girl, how could she die in a fire?’’

This was the one thing Feng Jin Yuan hated to hear the most. He immediately cleared his throat and interrupted the matriarch ’’Mother, an imperial decree came from the palace.’’

The matriarch was stunned and finally recalled the matter of the imperial decree. Compared to inquiring about Feng Yu Heng, it was still the imperial decree that was most important. Thus, she quickly changed the topic and asked about it: ’’Who was the imperial decree for? What did it say?’’

Feng Jin Yuan said: ’’It is for the entire Feng manor. It's not just for the Feng manor, perhaps all the families of officials of fourth rank or higher have received the same decree.’’

’’What exactly is the decree?’’ The matriarch was a little anxious.

Only then did Feng Jin Yuan say: ’’The Emperor has conferred a new county princess Ji An. Not only has she been given a title, she also has a fief. I heard that this county princess Ji An had been given a fright a while ago. The Emperor decreede that there will be a banquet in the palace to help her deal with this fright. All officials and over standard fourth rank in the capital and their families are invited to participate. The date has been set for the tenth day of this month.’’

The matriarch counted the dates on her fingers, ’’The tenth.... isn't that the day after tomorrow?’’

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, ’’It's a bit pressed for time. The decree for our manor, aside from having invited son, it also named all of the young misses of the manor to make an appearance.’’

Han shi shi covered her mouth and lightly smiled: ’’The Emperor's meaning is that the fourth young miss must enter the palace!’’ She heavily emphasized the word must, which caused the matriarch to feel another surge of anger.

But no matter how angry she was, there was nothing she could do. Feng Jin Yuan would not fool around with an imperial decree. It said all of the young misses of the manor, then it would definitely be all of the young misses.

The matriarch took a deep breath and closed her eyes, helplessly saying: ’’Then send someone to bring her back.’’

A smile surfaced on Han shi's face, ’’Mother-in-law, shouldn't some people be found to prepare some clothes for the fourth young miss? Now that we are entering Winter, the fourth young miss is still growing. The clothes from last Winter no longer fit her.’’

How could the matriarch not understand this logic, but she did not want to prepare them. She simply felt the things Feng Fen Dai did were disgusting. Thus she fiercely said: ’’You also know that we have entered Winter! How can Winter clothing be completed in just one day? Do you want for her to wear clothes that are only half-finished when she enters the palace?’’

Han shi stared: ’’Then they should be purchased at a ready-made clothing store!’’

The matriarch nodded to this, ’’Un, there are plenty of ready-made clothing stores here. Have a servant go buy it. As for the price, either way you're paying for it yourself, so you can buy whatever you want.’’

Han shi angrily tugged at Feng Jin Yuan's sleeve and cried: ’’Husband! Fourth young miss is your own daughter! Although she is the daughter of a concubine, but now that the manor.... Dear husband, isn't mother-in-law being too much of a bully?’’

Feng Jin Yuan did not feel the matriarch was bullying others. If it were not for the imperial decree declaring all young misses must attend, no matter what he said, he would not want to bring Feng Fen Dai back.

To the side, Jin Zhen could see what Feng Jin Yuan was thinking, so she advised Han shi: ’’Elder sister, do not trouble husband any further. Either way, it's just a set of clothing. Elder sister has been in the manor for so long, it can't be that you aren't able to bring out this bit of money, right?’’

’’What do you understand? As a servant, when did you get a chance to speak?’’ It had to be said, that the person Han shi detested most in the manor aside from Feng Yu Heng was Jin Zhen. She had originally been the one most doted upon by Feng Jin Yuan, but ever since Jin Zhen came in, Feng Jin Yuan did not even visit her courtyard. It was all because this slut this slut stole all of the love that was meant for her. Han shi looked at Jin Zhen, and it seemed like fire could shoot out. She could not help but curse: ’’Lowly little creature!’’

’’You...’’ A look of having been wronged appeared on Jin Zhen's face. Using Feng Jin Yuan's shoulder for support, she began crying.

The matriarch pointed at Han shi: ’’Get out of here! In the future, you are not allowed to take a single step into my Shu Ya courtyard! Scram!’’

How could Han shi be willing to leave. She did her best to say: ’’The fourth young miss will be returning. Mother-in-law, no matter what, some more things should be added to the fourth young miss' room.’’

Feng Jin Yuan glared at her and also said: ’’Scram!’’ After he said this, his personal servant came forward and pulled Han shi out by the collar.

How could Han shi have the strength to struggle with this servant. After a while, she was dragged out. Her cries and screams became further and further away. The matriarch finally felt a bit relieved. Looking again at Jin Zhen, she could not help but comfort: ’’Don't cry. That Han shi did remind me. Winter has come. Your clothes have not yet been made. Granny Zhao, go make them tomorrow!’’

’’This old servant has remembered.’’ The old granny complied then added: ’’But there is not enough time to make the clothes for the young misses to enter the palace. The imperial decree came too suddenly.’’

Feng Jin Yuan said: ’’Chen Yu has plenty of new clothing, so there is no need to make anything new. Xiang Rong and Fen Dai will just have to go out and see what there is in the ready-made stores!’’

An shi quickly spoke up: ’’The Winter clothes for the third young miss, this concubine has already prepared, so it will be fine.’’

’’Then let's do it like that!’’ The matriarch concluded the topic, ’’You can go back and prepare for yourselves. Go over the rules a bit more, so that you do not lose face upon entering the palace. Alright, go now. I will be resting.’’

What rest. She just wanted to quickly chase everyone away, so she could quickly apply the medical plasters Yao shi had brought.

How could Yao shi not understand her thoughts. Taking the lead, she took the initiative and bowed: ’’This this concubine will be going first.’’ As if those medical plasters were found in the medical storage room. They were simply brought by Ban Zou from Feng Yu Heng. They also came with a message. The matriarch must not fall, as she can at least speak up for the second young miss. These medical plasters also allowed Yao shi to feel at ease. This at least told her that A-Heng was truly fine.

The matriarch looked fine.

The matriarch looked at Yao shi with gratitude and lightly said: ’’Then go!’’

Feng Jin Yuan did not have much to say: ’’Then mother, enjoy your rest.’’ He turned and led the concubines out.

Seeing the people leave, the matriarch quickly waved to granny Zhao: ’’Quickly, quickly! Boil some water and wipe my back. I want to apply the medical plasters!’’

Granny Zhao laughed and said: ’’When concubine mother brought the medical plasters, this old servant already gave the order. At this time, the water is almost done boiling.’’

The matriarch smiled brightly and very quickly began sighing, ’’If A-Heng were still alive, how great would that be.’’

Granny Zhao also sighed along with her, ’’If the second young miss were still alive, how could elder madam's illness became so grave.’’

The matriarch corrected her: ’’If A-Heng were still alive, how could I have sprained my back!’’

’’Yes, yes.’’ Granny Zhao quickly agreed with her, ’’It's all because of that Han shi. She truly does not understand the rules.’’

’’If we must speak about the best, it would be Yao shi. She is a proper daughter of a powerful family. The years she was in charge of the family, how prosperous was the Feng family. Even Jin Yuan's career had advanced steadily. Unfortunately...’’ She let out a heavy sigh, ’’What path has has Jin Yuan gone down now. He has a gaggle of concubines behind him, but there isn't even a head wife. What sort of thing is this!’’

Granny Zhao's mind set in motion. The elder madam's meaning is...

’’When the palace banquet has concluded, it will be time for the Feng family to promote a new head wife.’’ Sure enough, the matriarch went down this path, ’’After avoiding the spotlight for a few years, it seems like there have been no problems with the Yao family. Hasn't Zi Rui gone to Yun Lu Academy to study! He has also become the apprentice of the head teacher. Thinking about it, our manor reinstating Yao shi as the head wife is something that should happen.’’

Granny Zhao also nodded: ’’Indeed, con... madam is the best choice.’’

Early the next morning, Feng Fen Dai returned to the manor. It was Feng Jin Yuan who personally sent someone to fetch her.

Early in the morning, Han shi waited at the gate. The other people in the manor were curious and also gathered at the gate. Aside from Yao shi, who was still in Tong Sheng pavilion, even Chen Yu came out.

Not long later, a carriage came from far away and stopped before the Feng family's gates.

A servant went up and put down a step stool then lifted the curtain. A girl in simple clothing slowly exited. She looked thin and weak, and her face was dark.

Han shi rushed forward while crying: ’’My dear Fen Dai! How did you become this thin!’’


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