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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 168


Chapter 168

I Will Swap County Princess for a divorce Document

Nobody thought that Feng Yu Heng would actually dare to negotiate with the Emperor. She actually wanted to swap the graces she received?

Princess Xiang felt that Feng Yu Heng had lost her mind and wanted to say a few words of advice, but she then heard the Emperor ask: ’’You don't like the title of county princess? Then what do you want?’’

Feng Yu Heng stood up, raising her head to look at him. After a long period of silence, she finally said: ’’A-Heng wants to get a mutual divorce document for my mother, Yao shi.’’

’’What?’’ Princess Xiang exclaimed: ’’Younger sister, what nonsense are you saying?’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’I haven't said anything ridiculous. In our Da Shun, there is such a thing as mutual divorce. A-Heng's mother is not living happily. A-Heng wants to acquire a mutual divorce document and hope that father Emperor will fulfill it.’’ She kowtowed deeply, not rising for a long time.

The Emperor looked at her for a long time without speaking. Even he did not think Feng Yu Heng would actually bring up such a request. After hearing she wished to change the grace, he began guessing at what the girl would want;however, he did not think that she simply wanted her mother's freedom.

A silence enveloped Zhao He hall. It was so silent that the beating of one's heart could be heard. Feng Yu Heng continued to kneel without making a sound, as she quietly waited for the Emperor to accept or refuse.

In reality, she did not know how this would turn out. After all, although the concept of divorce existed in Da Shun's laws, in her research, she had not found a single successful mutual divorce. After all, mutual divorce was too damaging to the man's reputation. They would rather take in a concubine before discussing the mutual divorce of a first wife, let alone casting away one's wife.

Recently, though Yao shi was one of Feng Jin Yuan's concubines, she had previously been the Feng family's formal and legal wife. All of the documents were still in the government offices. It was impossible to deal with her like a true concubine of the Feng family. If she wanted to separate, a mutual divorce was the only option.

Feng Yu Heng was taking a gamble. Whether the Emperor agreed or declined, both were possible. If she won this bet, Yao shi would win her freedom. If she lost this bet, she feared that there would not be another chance to leave the Feng family in this lifetime.

She waited quietly, needing every bit of patience she had, as she waited a full ten minutes before the Emperor finally spoke: ’’Forget it, I will give you the title of county princess and award you with a mutual divorce document!’’

For some reason, tears leaked from Feng Yu Heng's eyes. She was so choked with emotion that her shoulders trembled, as she remained knelt on the ground.

Princess Xiang went up and quietly comforted her: ’’Don't cry. I am also clear on the matters of the Feng family. This is a good thing. Since father Emperor has agreed, this should be a happy matter.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded and wiped her tears. Like a little child, she suddenly began smiling once more. She then faced the Emperor and loudly said: ’’A-Heng thanks father Emperor for the support!’’

The Emperor angrily snorted, pretending to be angry;however, looking at the changes in this girl's emotions, he could not stop himself from laughing. He waved his hand and called for Zhang Yuan ’’Write it up!’’

For Feng Yu Heng, a weight had finally been lifted from her mind. As for the Feng family at this time, they were in yet another mess. This time, it was because a crowd of civilians had crowded around the Feng manor's gates.

’’Second young miss was honest and kind. She saved the lives of others, but now she has died a tragic death, yet the Feng family will not even allow us to pay our respects. Isn't this going too far?’’

The people crowding around the gate shouted: ’’The Feng family must have a guilty conscience. We don't even know how exactly the second young miss died!’’

’’Last time, imperial daughter Wu Yang even pointed at Lord Feng. There must be something hidden inside.’’

A man in his mid-thirties knelt directly before the Feng manor's gates. A brazier was placed right before him, and he began burning joss paper while knelt there, ’’Second young miss saved my life and is my benefactor. I was originally already a dead man, but it was the second young miss who brought me back to life with her extraordinary skills. Second young miss is my parent in rebirth!’’

Someone recognized this person: ’’Isn't this the one who was brought back to life by the Feng second young miss a while ago?’’

The person nodded, ’’That's correct. I heard about the second young miss and originally wanted to come offer condolences and light a stick of incense, but I did not think that Feng family would not even perform a funeral for the second young miss! With no other choice, I can only kneel here and burn some joss paper for the second young miss.’’

The citizens who were shouting and screaming at the Feng manor's gates also said: ’’That's right, we are also people who have been treated by the Hundred Herb Hall. If it weren't for the second young miss' life-saving pills, we would have died from our illnesses.’’

Outside, everyone was speaking about how good Feng Yu Heng was. Everyone was the same without exception, as everyone had received help from the Hundred Herb Hall. Wang Lin had asked Feng Yu Heng long ago about life-threatening illnesses and what to do if if people truly did not have the money and whether they could provide some medicine for free. Feng Yu Heng decided to take a portion of Hundred Herb Hall's monthly revenue and use it for the poor. At the same time, every type of Chinese medical herb would have some scraps left over. Their effectiveness was actually the same, but people who had spent money would prefer some better looking medical herbs. As for these remaining scraps, they would also be given away for free as well.

As a result, the number of people who had been treated by Hundred Herb Hall continued to grow. There were even some wealthier people who were thankful of Feng Yu Heng because they had purchased her medical pills.

When these people heard that something happened to Feng Yu Heng, they went to Hundred Herb Hall to inquire. As a result, they were able to organize a gathering for today before Feng manor's gates. They would denounce Feng Jin Yuan together.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was seated in the matriarch's Shu Ya courtyard. The matriarch was in an inner room lying on a bed and crying in pain. The more she cried, the more granny Zhao told her of what the people outside were saying.

Han shi was also at Feng Jin Yuan's side. Her face had a fawning expression as she hugged him: ’’Husband, just bring the fourth young miss back!’’

Feng Jin Yuan felt upset from being hugged and threw her off. This launched Han shi a good distance: ’’I said it before! Fen Dai will never enter Feng manor again in this lifetime!’’

’’That is something you said in the past!’’ Han shi screamed: ’’The past is the past, and the present is the present! She had been chased out because she had offended Feng Yu Heng. Now that Feng Yu Heng has died, husband, why do you still care about that? Fourth young miss is also your own daughter! The fourth young miss is also very pretty!’’

’’Hmph!’’ Feng Jin Yuan coldly snorted, ’’What do I want that many beautiful daughters for?’’

Han shi was unhappy, ’’She is at least better than Feng Chen Yu!’’ She angrily gritted her teeth, ’’Eldest young miss is now worthless. Husband pitied her, which is why you did not beat her to death. Could it be that you still have hope for her? What if the truth is revealed some day, that would be a disaster that could eradicate the family!’’

’’Cease your nonsense!’’ Feng Jin Yuan's face darkened at first mention of Chen Yu, ’’My Feng family's dignified eldest daughter to the first wife, is that someone a concubine like you can talk about?’’

’’What happened to her, husband should be very clear about!’’ Han shi cried while saying: ’’If I were her, I would smash my own head and kill myself. I had already lost the face to see other people. Where would Where would I find a safe and steady chance to live! You have a perfectly good daughter who you do not want, yet you insist on wanting a wasted person. Husband, this concubine truly feels that the fourth young miss has been treated unjustly.’’

Han shi's shrill cries made their way into the inner rooms and covered up the sounds of the sobbing matriarch.

The matriarch angrily used a hand to support herself in bed and loudly hollered: ’’Feng Jin Yuan! Chase that woman out of here! Get her out!’’

Granny Zhao repeatedly advised her: ’’Elder madam, you absolutely must not get angry!’’

How could the matriarch care about this, as she continued to curse: ’’Someone who came out of the red light district actually dares to scream and shout here. Who gave her the courage? Huh? Who gave her the courage? Feng Jin Yuan! Let me tell you, that daughter she gave birth to is not permitted to enter my Feng manor's gates unless I have died. Otherwise, I never want to see them again!’’

She was angry! If it were not for Han shi dodging when she kicked towards her, how could she have ended up lying in bed?

The more the matriarch thought about it, the less she felt at peace and began shouting again: ’’Call a servant and also have her back broken! Use a bit of strength! Beat her to death!’’

Outside, Han shi heard the matriarch's words. How could she not be afraid. No matter what, she was only a concubine in the Feng family. Concubines did not have any standing. Forget that she had given birth to a daughter, even if she had given birth to a son, she would still be nothing. So long as the Feng family wanted to punish and beat her, there was nothing she could do. Concubines were the same as servants. They were all existences without standing in this family.

Han shi listened to the matriarch's words. The more she listened, the more she became panicked. She stood up and ran away without so much as a wave.

Feng Jin Yuan, however, was still thinking about the things the matriarch had just said. Han shi had indeed come out of the red light district, so would she know a bit about what Chen Yu should do to take care of her body?

He came up with an idea and also stood up, following Han shi out.

The matriarch continued cursing in her room for a while. Noting that she did not heard Han shi's voice any longer, her mood slowly improved.

Granny Zhao quickly rna outside to take a look then return to the matriarch's side and said: ’’Master left with Han shi.’’

The matriarch firmly grabbed hold of granny Zhao: ’’Can you go invite Qian Rou over to talk with me for a while?’’ She suddenly really missed Yao shi. Previously, when Yao shi was the head wife, how harmonious had this house had this house been!

Granny Zhao, however, had a troubled look and shook her head: ’’Tong Sheng pavilion has been surrounded by people assigned by master. Forget how concubine mother Yao can not come out, it is difficult for others to go in!’’

’’It's no good even if I want to see her?’’

’’It's not that it's no good. If you insist, nobody can stop elder madam, but master... will get mad.’’

The matriarch was in a bind. That's right, Feng Jin Yuan would get mad. In the end, this family was still supported by Feng Jin Yuan. Even if she was Feng Jin Yuan's mother, she could not be too excessive.

’’Are the people at the manor's gates still there?’’

A servant girl responded: ’’They are still there. Just now, a report said they are still at the gate. Those people said that they would mourn until the sky grew dark.’’

The matriarch sighed, ’’They are all righteous people!’’ She slightly closed her eyes for a while. She then suddenly opened her eyes and said to granny Zhao: ’’Go to the kitchen and have the chef make some extra food. After the food is done, bring it to the people outside. They have been mourning outside for a long time. There must be some who are tired and hungry.’’

Granny Zhao was speechless, ’’Elder madam, those people have come looking for trouble. How is it that you are still willing to provide food?’’

’’What trouble are they causing?’’ The matriarch's face became stoic, ’’They have come to mourn my granddaughter! Jin Yuan was not even willing to spend on a mourning hall, so they are at the gates mourning and burning joss paper? Should they not? If I could still stand, I would have personally gone outside and begun burning it with them! Go quickly! Just say it's my order!’’

There was nothing granny Zhao could do. She could only nod and comply. The matriarch added: ’’Put in some extra meat. Don't treat it as dismissing beggars.’’ Thinking a little more, she continued: ’’Also prepare a fish. There are also some hearts and some.... might as well put an offering for A-Heng out there as well. Go buy some more incense. If there is anyone who wishes to offer their condolences, this will have to do.’’

Granny Zhao became confused and thought to herself, elder madam, are you wanting to set up a mourning hall for the second young miss outside of the manor!

But thinking again, the Feng family did not perform a funeral, nor did it build a mourning hall. In regards to the second young miss, this was truly too unfair, thus she nodded and silently left.

But before much time could pass, granny Zhao could be seen hastily running back. The matriarch was about to ask how had things been completed so quickly? She then heard granny Zhao say: ’’Elder madam, a eunuch came with an imperial decree from the palace!’’


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