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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 167


Chapter 167

Your Majesty, Name a Price!

The Feng matriarch had sprained her back by missing her kick. Once her back began hurting, things became worse, as she spent her days lying in bed, afraid to move.

Feng Jin Yuan brought in two doctors for a consultation for the matriarch, but the two doctors stood at her bedside and shook their heads: ’’The medicine that needs to be prescribed, we have already prescribed. All that remains that can help is bed rest. Elderly madam's age is already advanced. Injuries to muscles and bone will naturally heal slower than for a young person, but you absolutely must not get hasty.’’

The matriarch lay on the bed and groaned. Granny Zhao quickly asked on her behalf: ’’How long must she stay in bed for before she can get out of bed?’’

The doctor said: ’’At least half a year. In fact, even a year or two is possible.’’

Upon hearing these words, the matriarch nearly lost her mind, ’’Scram! Everyone scram! You are all worthless. To not even be able to treat such an insignificant illness, what are you still doing as a doctor? Get out!’’

The two doctors looked at each other, neither saying a word. Carrying their medical kits, they bowed to Feng Jin Yuan then left together.

Feng Jin Yuan helplessly advised the matriarch: ’’Mother, you absolutely must not get too hasty. What if you get out of bed early and your body does not heal properly, that is something that can absolutely not happen!’’

’’What use is it to say these things?’’ The matriarch glared at Feng Jin Yuan. Because she could not move her body, she did not have a good handle on the angle, so when she so forcefully glared, her eyes nearly popped out. She caused her own vision to become blurry for a while before remembering to ask granny Zhao: ’’The medical plasters that A-Heng gave me before, is there any remaining?’’

Granny Zhao said with embarrassment: ’’They've been used up a long time ago.’’

’’At the time, she gave us plenty, but elder madam, at the time, your waist was hurting. You would apply four every day. While at the clan residence, they were completely used up! Originally, second young miss said that she would immediately send more once you ran out, but now...’’

’’My dear A-Heng!’’ Unsurprisingly, the matriarch once again began sobbing.

Feng Jin Yuan shot a blaming glare at granny Zhao and quickly begna to comfort: ’’Mother, don't get upset. Son will go into the palace in a moment to go find an imperial doctor. What sort of good medicine does the palace not have? It will definitely be better than the medical plaster!’’

’’Faster my ass!’’ The matriarch reached out to grab Feng Jin Yuan, ’’Go send more people out to continue searching! A-Heng definitely did not die. She definitely can not die!’’

’’She's dead!’’ Feng Jin Yuan was a little angry, ’’She has already been burned to ash! How could she not have died in such a large fire!’’

’’No matter how large the fire, it's impossible for it to not leave behind bone!’’ The matriarch could still not be considered as having gone senile, ’’How large was that fire? Even the beams of the room had been burned, so how is it possible that a living breathing person did not react at all and burn to death? Did you hear A-Heng cry or scream?’’

Feng Jin Yuan had been sitting at her bedside, but at this moment, he had been angered by the matriarch and suddenly stood up. This caused the matriarch to tremble in fear.

’’Dead means dead. Mother, please remember this. In the future, our Feng manor no longer has a second young miss!’’ His face immediately became frigid, as his face was emotionless. Even the matriarch felt her heart cool upon seeing this.

The hand that grabbed his clothes was also thrown off. The matriarch turned to face forward and looked at the canopy of the bed. She appeared deflated and helpless.

’’If there isn't then there isn't. If you have already said it, what more can I do?’’ She closed her eyes and no longer spoke.

Feng Jin Yuan glanced at the matriarch then turned and left the room.

Only then did granny Zhao go forward and quietly ask the matriarch: ’’Are you alright?’’

The matriarch did not respond, asking her own question instead: ’’If one day, I am even older and even more useless and become a hindrance to his path, will I reach a similar ending as A-Heng?’’

Granny Zhao was stunned and knew that the matriarch had been completely hurt by Feng Jin Yuan. Although she also felt that Feng Jin Yuan had been too heartless, she could not bring herself to speak the truth before the matriarch. She could only comfort her: ’’How could that be? Master is your own child. He respects and loves you.’’

’’But A-Heng was his own daughter!’’ Tears appeared in the corners of the matriarch's eyes.

Granny Zhao sighed and said: ’’It's time to take your medicine.’’

She shook her head, ’’I'm not taking it. Those medicines don't do anything. None of these medicines are as effective as A-Heng's medical plasters. They are all quacks.’’

On this end, the matriarch was throwing a tantrum, while on the other side, Feng Jin Yuan had returned to Pine courtyard and was pondering something.

Since Feng Chen Yu still remained, he could not allow this daughter to become a wasted chess piece. But if he still wanted to use her, her sullied body would not allow her to accomplish anything.

He glanced at the hidden guard standing before him and said: ’’There are not few people of eccentric ability among the people. Go search around and see if you can find a divine doctor who can help the eldest eldest young miss... think of some ideas.’’

The hidden guard mentally disdained Feng Chen Yu for a while but still responded: ’’Master, actually, to treat eldest young miss' illness, the best doctor is not among the people.’’

’’Then where is it?’’

The hidden guard replied: ’’A brothel.’’

Feng Jin Yuan took a deep breath. That's right. How could he forget. This sort of thing was most commonly seen in a brothel. What had those old farts not thought of to have those girls bring in a little extra money. It seemed that there would be a way to give Chen Yu a virgin body, and it would not be too difficult.

’’Then just go search at a brothel.’’ He suddenly found some hope: ’’So long as it can be done, this minister will provide a reward..’’

’’This servant obeys.’’

Five days later, Feng Yu Heng accompanied Princess Xiang on a morning stroll in a garden next to the middle of the Empress' palace.

Recently, Princess Xiang could already begin walking on her own. Not only did she not require someone else for support, she could walk a little faster. Her pulse no longer raced, and she no longer gasped for air. Her feelings of dizziness had also disappeared. They had already been walking for around an hour.

She was endlessly thankful for Feng Yu Heng and sincerely said: ’’If I came to know younger sister earlier, perhaps my body would not have been in such a bad condition for so many years.’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said to her: ’’It's all part of life. Although third sister-in-law has been ill for a few years, these few years should have allowed third sister-in-law to get a better understanding of people and matters. When your body has completely recovered, there will no longer be any need for you to weary about everyone as you did before.’’

Princess Xiang nodded, ’’That's right! Previously, the person I trusted most had plotted to kill me in all sorts of manners. I have kept a clear memory of each one. Not a single one has been forgotten!’’

Feng Yu Heng smiled with her and recalled the odd way in which the third prince had treated her on the day of Lord Bu's funeral.

It seemed that Xuan Tian Ye was truly constantly looking around for a new spring board. After using one, he looked for another. The reason for his graciousness was perhaps for the phoenix hairpin she had received. Did he want to have insurance from two daughters of the Feng family? He was truly too optimistic.

’’This servant greets the two princesses.’’ A palace maid quickly came forward, her face carrying a smile, ’’His Majesty has arrived in Zhao He hall and has called for the two princesses to go.’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded with a smile, ’’You have been troubled. Let's go over there.’’

’’Princess is too courteous.’’ Looking again at Princess Xiang, she said: she said: ’’His Majesty said that Princess Xiang's body is not well. The way to Zhao He hall is too far and has specially prepared a sedan.’’

Princess Xiang, however, shook her head, ’’No need. Recently, my body has already improved significantly. I have already walked around in the yard for a long time, yet I do not feel tired. Walking over to Zhao He hall will be fine.’’

The palace maid looked closely at Princess Xiang with a bit of scrutiny. Only then did she smile and gesture for them to go ahead while leading the way.

Feng Yu Heng understood that the Emperor sending such a girl to invite them and specially preparing a sedan was really to test whether Princess Xiang's illness had truly improved. Upon hearing Princess Xiang say that she could walk to Zhao He hall and that she had already walked around for an hour, she believed that this girl would put in some good words to the Emperor.

These few people chatted and laughed while walking to Zhao He hall. Upon entering the large hall, the Emperor was presently holding a scroll and reading it intently. The two looked at each other and tacitly lightened their footsteps. Without being disturbed, the Emperor finally put down the scroll after the duration of a cup of tea. Only then did they take a few steps forward then kneel: ’’Daughter-in-law greets father Emperor.’’

The Emperor looked at Princess Xiang and could not help but nod. The palace maid who led the way also took a few steps forward to his side and whispered into his ear. The Emperor's smile became even more pronounced.

’’It is no loss for you to be old man Yao's granddaughter. Sure enough, you are a divine doctor.’’ He looked at Feng Yu Heng and praised sincerely.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and replied: ’’Many thanks father Emperor for the praise.’’

The Emperor looked again at Princess Xiang and asked: ’’You from the third child's family, how does your body feel now?’’

Princess Xiang replied: ’’Daughter-in-law has received younger sister's treatment and has had great improvements. This is something I have no felt for many years.’’

The Emperor asked Feng Yu Heng once more: ’’How much longer will she need to be treated for before a full recovery?’’

Feng Yu Heng replied: ’’Daughter-in-law has more or less finished the treatment. At most three more days are necessary. After that, third sister-in-law can take medicine to resolve the illness, except this medicine will need to be taken for quite a while longer, roughly half a year.’’

The Emperor nodded. He was already very satisfied with this outcome.

In truth, he understood the extent of Princess Xiang's illness. He was also clear on why her illness reached this point. The imperial doctors who had visited Xiang Palace all reported ’’His Highness Prince Xiang is too harsh. Princess' illness has no possibility of improving.’’ Him allowed Feng Him allowed Feng Yu Heng to come treat her was nothing more than a gamble. He did not think that this girl would truly not disappoint.

’’Good! Good!’’ The Emperor sighed with satisfaction, ’’Feng Yu Heng, being able to cure Princess Xiang's illness truly has given Us relief.’’

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow. Directly calling her name? There was most likely going to be a reward.

Sure enough, the Emperor loudly said: ’’Second daughter of the Feng family, Feng Yu Heng, is of high moral standing and posses spectacular medical knowledge. For successfully treating Princess Xiang's illness, We confer upon you the title of county princess Ji An and grant you a fief.’’

Feng Yu Heng was stunned, county princess? And there was a fief?

She did not understand where a county master, but Princess Xiang got excited for her. Seeing her stunned, she quickly said: ’’Younger sister, quickly say some thanks for the grace! County princess is only inferior to the title of imperial daughter. Also, you have been given a fief. This is something nobody in our Da Shun has ever received!’’

Feng Yu Heng also knew that the county princess was minor and the fief was major. This old Emperor had actually given her a fiefdom!

She raised her head to look at the Emperor and saw that he was looking at her with a smile. In this kind face, an astuteness briefly appeared. Feng Yu Heng understood. This county princess was conferred for the face of Xuan Tian Ming. The Emperor favored Xuan Tian Ming so heavily, yet there were still people out there who said it was impossible for the ninth prince. Could it be....

She seemed to have realized something. By having everyone feel that it was impossible for the ninth prince, the ninth prince could finally escape from the competition and reduce the danger on his life. Yet everyone believed that the ninth prince was crippled, so no matter how much the Emperor favored him, it would be understood as doting on and pitying his son. Up until the day Xuan Tian Ming holds the world in his hands, there will be no need to compete. It would naturally become his.

As for now, this old Emperor began to treat her as a safety deposit box. He stored all of the valuable items with her, so when the time came that she reached the age of marriage, she would bring all of these things over to Xuan Tian Ming. The two would become one, and that would be considered truly perfect.

Having understood it all, the corners of her mouth subconsciously raised into a wide smile, and the Emperor also slightly nodded to her.

Feng Yu Heng bowed deep to the ground, but she said something that caused everyone to be shocked: ’’Daughter-in-law thanks father Emperor for the imperial grace, but may I ask father Emperor, this grace... can it be changed?’’


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