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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 166


Chapter 166

A-Heng, You Are Really Fortunate

Granny Zhao loudly shouted: ’’Elder madam!’’ as others rushed forward.

The matriarch was dazed from the fall and did not move for a long time after being called for a long time.

Feng Jin Yuan also began to be afraid. Half-kneeling at the matriarch's side, he repeatedly called: ’’Mother! Mother!’’

Finally, the matriarch could move again, but she moved her hand to her waist. Her face also twisted, as she repeated one word: ’’Hurts! Hurts!’’

Feng Jin Yuan thought to himself that this is bad, this must be a waist injury. Thus, he quickly ordered the servants: ’’Quickly! Carry mother to the carriage and return to the manor immediately. Immediately return to the manor!’’

With all of the servants helping out, they picked up the matriarch, who was sweating a cold sweat from the pain, as she repeatedly shouted: ’’Gentler! Be gentler! Hurts! It Hurts!’’

Finally, the matriarch was put in the carriage. The people of the Feng family no longer paid any attention to the singing performer and rushed into the capital.

As for the singer and the zither player, they were direct and followed behind the Feng family's carriages, trotting. Though it caused them to be gasping for air, Xuan Tian Ge's words of doubled pay acted as stimulus. In the end, they followed all the way to the Feng manor's gates.

The two rested a little before very quickly recovering and restarting their performance of song outside the Feng manor's gates.

Feng Jin Yuan's head was on the verge of exploding, but he could not even chase them away. They used the words ’’Imperial daughter Wu Yang ordered it’’ completely blocked anything he wanted to say. They wanted him to go discuss it with Xuan Tian Ge? When had the people of the Xuan family ever been reasonable!

Without any other option, he could only bring everyone into the manor then close the gates;however, he could still hear the sounds of the song coming from the outside.

The matriarch was carried along, but she did not forget to loudly shout: ’’A-Heng! My A-Heng!’’ Looking around, her eye caught a glimpse of Han shi, which caused her to fiercely say: ’’Our face has been completely lost thanks to you!’’ But the people could not be permitted to continue singing and playing outside of their gates. The ones losing face was their Feng family. Thus, the matriarch endured to the best of her ability to ask Yao shi for assistance: ’’Can you try and have them stop singing?’’

Ever since the situation in Feng Tong county, Yao shi's eyes had been completely cold. The frigidness did not lose out at all to Feng Yu Heng when she became unhappy. Now that she heard the matriarch say this, her eyes rolled and replied without the slightest feeling: ’’My daughter is dead. Can a funeral not even be performed?’’ After she said this, she turned and left without looking back.

The matriarch watched Yao shi's parting back and sighed. The pain in her waist also flared up.

As for Feng Jin Yuan, he did not have time to worry about anything else, as he hurriedly took care of inviting a doctor for the matriarch. On the other side, Yao shi led Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Qing Ling quickly to Tong Sheng pavilion.

Only after they passed through the small moon gate did their moods finally recover a little, as they could not help but say: ’’Being home really is best. No matter if we enter through that Feng manor.’’ After these words were spoken, she quietly asked Wang Chuan: ’’Is it possible to allow me to see A-Heng? If I can't see her, my heart will not be at ease.’’

Wang Chuan comforted her: ’’Madam, do not be in a rush. You should be able to see young miss soon. Tonight, this servant will return to the palace to check on the situation.’’

Huang Quan also said: ’’Madam, just properly rest for today. First thing tomorrow, we will hear news about the young miss.’’

Yao shi nodded, ’’This is the only way.’’

Wang Chuan, however, thought of something and quickly said to Qing Ling: ’’You must remember, you must not speak a single word of this to outsiders. Even the other servants of Tong Sheng pavilion are not to be told, understood?’’

Qing Ling solemnly nodded, ’’Wang Chuan girl, do not worry. Before going to Feng Tong county, Qing Yu already told us servants. Though the rules of Tong Sheng pavilion are strict, we have remembered each and every one of them, and we are happy to follow them.’’ Feng Yu Heng had given them even more payment outside of what was provided by the Feng manor. With a master like this, who would smash their own food bowl for no reason?

Seeing that Qing Ling understood, Wang Chuan finally relaxed. She knew that since the ninth prince and seventh prince had taken away Feng Yu Heng, they would have a hidden plan. It was possible that even the Emperor would be involved. She absolutely had to keep watch over these servants to ensure that nothing was leaked.

These few days, Feng Yu Heng remained at the imperial palace with her main objective being the treatment of Princess Xiang. The Emperor and Empress were very considerate and did not visit to disturb her, but they would do their best to provide some quality food for their three meals.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, would visit her every day. He would also endlessly wonder about her odd treatment methods.

For example, at this very moment, Feng Yu Heng was presently hanging up an infusion bag for Princess Xiang. Xuan Tian Tian Ming just could not understand: ’’Water can be pumped into the human body?’’

Feng Yu Heng corrected him: ’’It's not the body as you say. Instead, it's into the blood vessels. Also, its contents is not water. It's medicine.’’

’’Oh.’’ Xuan Tian Ming nodded, ’’What is this thing you just talked about called?’’

Feng Yu Heng told him once more: ’’It's called an infusion. It allows for the administering of medicine directly through the blood vessels of the body, providing the body with the necessary substances. Simply put, it's just faster than eating the medicine.’’

’’This is also something that Persian eccentric taught you?’’

She nodded, ’’That's right. Everything was taught by him.’’

’’Then these things?’’ Xuan Tian Ming pointed at her drip bottle, ’’When you entered the palace, you did not have this on you. What is this thing made of?’’

He wanted to go up and touch it but was stopped by Feng Yu Heng, ’’Do not touch it so haphazardly. Third sister-in-law has not finished her infusion.’’ She gave Xuan Tian Ming a fright and actually succeeded. Xuan Tian Ming glanced at the needle that stuck into the back of Princess Xiang's hand. Quietly rolling back him wheelchair, he still looked at Feng Yu Heng, waiting for her to give an answer.

Feng Yu Heng was very dejected. If she knew this would happen, she would not have allowed him to come.

’’It's something similar to glass. I found it myself in the palace.’’ She answered vaguely while shooting an apologetic look at Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming rolled his eyes, you won't tell? Forget it, he would not ask. Ever since the first day he met this girl, she had countless odd items. This was not his first day knowing. What was this about finding it in the palace. Where in the palace had he not played around since childhood? Being able to find such a thing would be odd.

Princess Xiang looked at the way the two interacted and felt it was very fresh. In her eyes, this ninth princes had always been alone. Nobody could manage him, and there was nobody who could control him. He was like his imperial concubine mother. He was someone who did not fear anyone or anything. Now, however, it seemed that the ninth prince feared Feng Yu Heng?

She blinked towards Feng Yu Heng and quietly said: ’’You are really fortunate.’’

Feng Yu Heng also smiled to her, ’’For third sister-in-law, healing fully is the most fortunate matter. With a healthy body, there is possibility of a future.’’

Princess Xiang nodded: ’’You are right. These days, you have been giving me medicine and these infusions. I am truly feeling much better. I am also not feeling the same tiredness I felt previously.’’

Feng Yu Heng told her: ’’This is just the start. In another few days, the days, the results will be even more apparent. But... third sister-in-law, there is something A-Heng must advise once again.’’

Princess Xiang took the initiative and said: ’’Don't worry. The medicine and infusions you have given me, I definitely will not tell anyone else. Even if father Emperor asks, I will not speak.’’

Only then did Feng Yu Heng calm down, ’’It's not A-Heng being petty. It's just that the medical knowledge taught by my Persian master is a little different from the knowledge of our Da Shun. I fear that others would not be willing to receive this knowledge for a time.’’

Princess Xiang was very understanding of such an explanation.

Forget about other people not being able to accept it, even she was unable to accept it at the very beginning.

The only needles she had ever seen before were for acupuncture. When had she ever seen a needle for infusion before? It had even been stuck into a blood vessel! Not only this, there was a small hole in the needle that could allow for medicine to be delivered into her body. What sorts of odd things were these!

But Feng Yu Heng was someone appointed by the Emperor to treat her. Even if she did not believe, she had to believe. Moreover, her illness had been treated for so many years without improvement. Now, she basically treated it as thought of it as giving a dead horse medicine. It was good if it worked, but if it didn't then there would not be much change.

But she did not think that after being treated for a few days by Feng Yu Heng, she would feel a noticeable amount better. After waking up in the morning, she even walked around in the courtyard. She had not been in such good condition for over a year.

Princess Xiang trusted Feng Yu Heng more and more.

Feng Yu Heng, however, was very aware of how troublesome this illness was!

The Emperor had made it clear that he wanted to see results in a short period of time, but the treatment of chronic illnesses was obviously Chinese medicine that was best, but Chinese medicines worked slowly. It was impossible for them to take effect in just a few short days.

What about Western medicine? Western medicines acted fast, but it only treated the surface and not the source of the problem. After using Western medicine to take care of the surface, treating the source will be more difficult.

After thinking back and forth, she boldly began using something other than Chinese and Western medicine. She began using an existence known as Tibetan medicine.

This type of thing was not a mass produced product. Even in the 21st century, Tibetan medicine was not widely used. In the current era, it was even more unlikely for people to have heard of it.

But she of it.

But she did know, Tibetan medicine had incorporated knowledge from Chinese medicine, Indian medicine and Arabic medicine. After a long period of time, it formed a unique medical system. Many odd and strange illnesses, along with chronic illnesses that were hard to cure could make use of Tibetan medicine to treat them to greater effect. It also would not affect future treatment.

The medicine Feng Yu Heng gave Princess Xiang were all Tibetan medicines.

Of course, she would not give any explanation of what medicine she was using. Before she could expand Hundred Herb Hall, there would be some things that only she herself would know. As for the future, it would depend on how much Hundred Herb Hall expanded. If it went roughly as she foresaw it, she would not reject the idea of using modern medical knowledge to teach these ancient doctors. She also did not discount the idea of introducing the medicines in her pharmacy to the people of this era.

’’That's right.’’ She recalled something and quickly turned to ask Xuan Tian Ming: ’’I told you to tell my mother that I am fine. You didn't forget, right?’’

Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly, ’’How could I forget. Ban Zou returns to Tong Sheng pavilion every night. Your mother is fine.’’

Only then did she let out a sigh of relief;however, she did not quite agree with Xuan Tian Ming's assessment of Yao shi as ’’fine.’’ With her not at home, how could Yao shi be fine.

Over these days, an aura of dread hung over the Feng family. Everyone had been given a gag order and obediently remained in their own rooms with their mouths shut.

Feng Jin Yuan stationed a group of guards outside of Tong Sheng pavilion. He even sent his own hidden guard for the sake of preventing Yao shi from coming out.

Though it could stop others, it could not stop Ban Zou from coming and going as he pleased.

Ban Zou came and went from Tong Sheng pavilion. Feng Jin Yuan's worthless hidden guard did not even catch a glimpse of his shadow. He was already seated in the room, chatting with Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Yao shi, yet the hidden guard reported to Feng Jin Yuan, saying: ’’There has been no movement in Tong Sheng pavilion.’’

Receiving daily reports from Ban Zou, Yao shi's heart was also comforted quite a bit. She understood that Feng Yu Heng was in the palace treating Princess Xiang's illness, so she did not rush to see her daughter. She knew that her daughter was doing something important. She just had to comfortably and peacefully remain at home. Sooner or later, a day would come where her daughter would make a grand return to the Feng manor. At that time, everyone in the Feng family would need to repent!


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